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Hey, do you have any head canons about the main four? Like Stan, Kyle, or Cartman?

yes, actually! eee thank you so much for asking <3 I took a few liberties here, ahem sorry 

  • Stan joins a green club in high school to try to save the environment. He quickly becomes president and involuntarily starts a whole trend of recycling, its like the whole pc craze all over again and stan’s just in the corner like ‘wtf’ before abandoning it in a few months right at the height of the craze. It dies down in about a week without him and nobody ever mentions it again. Stan then joins the basketball team.
  • Kyle once threw a banana so high into the air it got stuck up in the rafters and nobody ever bothered to get it down and so the cafeteria just kind of smells like rotten bananas and Cartman calls him ‘banana dick’ for the rest of freshman year
  • Cartman gets really obsessed with the school’s grape juice when he gets to high school
  • after the cafeteria put a ban on over five juice boxes per lunch, Cartman started bringing them from home. Eventually he started ordering them in bulk and selling them for less money than the cafeteria does. He considers this his job and Kyle keeps yelling at him over it
  • Bonus! Kenny once ate a worm to impress this girl in eight grade but she moves away until coming back a few years later and she tells Bebe, so there’s this rumor running around school that the sex-on-legs Kenny Mccormick will eat a worm to impress people. [nobody seems to remember the events of the fat camp episode]

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like isn't henrik holm dating a minor? and his agency said they want him for a trans woman role, like trans actresses don't exist? i dont see anyone dragging his ass for that shit, but i forgot he's white, prolly won't ever happen

mate ….. its gonna get real ugly real fast if we’re gonna start keeping score of everytime the actors fuck up and use it against them, against one another.

i love the cast, i love them all, the boys and the girls. the older ones and the younger ones. they’re still kids, and they’ve still got a shit tonne to learn. at 21, i’ve still got so much to learn, so these teenagers? man, they’ve still got the world to see and experiences still to live yet, some which will be hella ugly, through which they’ll learn.

they are not their characters that i can project my anger on. they are not fiction. they are real life people just like i am, just like you are. they do good stuff, they do bad stuff. they make good choices, they make bad choices. when it comes to their personal lives and choices, i don’t care too much bc that’s THEIR life. not mine. they make those choices, not me.


SE/RWBY crossover doodles from 3 am!! im working on the crossover a bit more nd trying to redesign some of the outfits,, but for now, doodles,,,

Happy birthday to the wonderful, wonderful Do Kyungsoo!!

Mushy birthday wishes and rambling below the cut 🙃

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Unpopular opinion...

I feel like I’m the only one who DOES NOT want to play as Zelda (or any other character) in the Champions’ Ballad DLC. Like please Nintendo don’t force me to play as anyone other than Link. That would ruin it for me. I’m a little concerned that Link isn’t in the official artwork for it, and so many people are demanding that they have Zelda as a playable character. You better fucking not Nintendo. Just don’t.