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Piping up to say FUCK BOTH STEINBECK AND HAWTHORNE WITH THE SAME RUSTY CHAINSAW I think maybe the only reason they’re still taught is because they always have been? because they’re not good at all?? they’re pretentious and long-winded and readability is less than zero and all of their themes basically boil down to “shit sucks”. Stephen Crane and Emily Dickinson, there are early American writers I can get behind, and I’m consistently sad that Poe died prematurely.

and millicentthecat said: STEINBECK IS MY LEAST FAVE ALSO. EVERYTHING HE WROTE IS TERRIFYING and like 80% plagiarized

I KNOW RIGHT wait I hadn’t heard the plagiarism thing! The extent of my research on Steinbeck is that I went to the Wikipedia page about him and read it in the ignorant and sincere hope that he’d actually died in a fire, and was bitterly disappointed when it turned out he had not. THERE IS NO JUSTICE.

You wanna know something sick? When I was about 11 I read every single one of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking novels and loved them. I sure did. I devoured them. If that doesn’t tell you something about me, I don’t know what does.

I don’t think I could bear to reread them, but my patience back then was different than it is now. 


Something pretty neat I noticed in Pokemon Go (no idea if anyone noticed this first). 

So once you hit Level 5, you get to challenge gyms right? Well when you go to a gym the first time, the professor will pop up and tell you to join a team: Team Instinct (Zapdos), Team Mystic (Articuno), and Team Valor (Moltres). Now when you’re introduced, they’ll tell you about their team’s specialty: Instinct is hatching eggs, Mystic is secret to evolution, and Valor is strength in battling.

Now most average pokemon fans would probably think, “oh, those are just different aspects of pokemon training”. 

But for us Pokespe fans…well, where have we seen this before?

guys, this is probably a no brainer but be really careful if you’re playing pokemon go this week if you’re in the US - there’s a very dangerous heat wave over most the country that’ll be pushing temperatures into the triple digits over the next week. I overslept today and made the stupid mistake of going out to the park at about 2 pm, when the temperature was already in the 90s, and even though I brought cold water I only made it about 45 minutes before I had to rush home because I started getting dizzy and nauseous and felt a headache coming on - and I’m not even in one of the hottest areas. if you do go out, at least make it fairly early in the morning before it starts getting too hot out, or better yet just wait until it cools down - don’t almost get yourself hurt like I did, there’ll still be pokemon out there to catch, trust me!

headcanon: Roadhog has a set of rings saying “left” because he can’t tell left from right and it kept pissing Junkrat off whenever he got it wrong

+ bonus headcanon: Junkrat paints his nails bc Roadhog’s hands are way too big and even though Junkrat can be a bit jittery at times he’s surprisingly good with fine work like that


Good hunters are well-liked by animals

smol hunters to be ;  w ; 

hell awaits for them or maybe it’s already in their lives since smol ?! ; O ; at least with Shoot I think aaaaahhh 

i appreciate sadie’s established passion for schlocky horror films

also i bet 5 dollars the only reason she had that twilight spoof in her collection was because barb saw it in a bargain bin and bought it for her assuming it was something she’d like because it had werewolves in it

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Headcanon that Chiaki started to take less naps recently because of Pokemon Go

Do you mean to tell me that Chiaki goes out in the middle of the night to play Pokemon Go rather than sleep ??????? Bc that is exactly something she would do someone help her  

jfc can’t this girl catch a break she just wants to play games??? ~ Mod Eri