Hi guys ^^

So I decided to make my first follow forever.. today is my last day before moving and on monday I start uni and yeah.. I’ll probably be busy, so I may not be on as much, but somehow I always make time for tumblr so I’ll still be here, heh~ Anyway, these are blogs that make my dash beautiful and I couldn’t imagine tumblr without them.. Some of these I’ve followed for like.. ever lol and some I haven’t been following for that long, but they just need to be here because they’re all amazing. Even if we never talked (sorry, I’m a shy butt) or you aren’t following me or don’t even know who I am.. I still love you so.. um…. please accept my love ;; 

I also want to say thank you to all my followers for sticking with me ;u; Thank you all for following and I hope you know that I love you <3 

almantina // b-yongguk // b2ngyonggukz // bapstards // bapquality // cuddlemypikachu // d-aehyuns // daebutt // daeehyuns // daehyundemigod // demfluffycheeks // eosos // fluffybap // freakdafunk // himbang // himechans // hyosong // jackiela // jaesbrainbox // jelliedae // jongeops // junhaeng // karink-lol // lkyellow // mandakaie // matoki-project // mikseogi // seobatomic // solatio // strongbabes // tokki-nation // tokkidae // tomatoki // upboxx // yongguksneeeck // zelow 

Thank you all for making my tumblr experience so amazing~