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My familiarity with Kon-El is pretty much limited to the Young Justice series... What was his relationship with Clark like in comic canon? Also, I keep seeing things about him living in Hawaii? What's up with that?

My time has come.

Okay, to be completely honest, I have about 22 drafts on this account right now that I’ve been working on and off with which are basically the biggest metas I could possibly write up on each of the comic characters I love the most — going over my relationships with them, their canon histories, adaptation, ships, character interpretations, etc. etc., just basically giving me one massive post I can point to for a lot of questions I get.

Kon’s on that list! Unfortunately I don’t see myself getting done with any of them any time soon (I’ve had the Lois & Clark one in my drafts since December? It’s getting embarrassing — that’s the one I started with). So in lieu of that not being complete for some time now, I’ll instead impart a brief overview!

Back in the early 90s, during the event of fame/infamy, “The Death of Superman”, Clark was thought to be dead for over a year in comic time. In a world without Superman, the entire hero community, Clark’s family & friends, and all of Metropolis were in mourning, and there was an even more daunting question: who would fill the void Superman left in the world? And five people answered the call:

Mae Kent — otherwise known as Matrix or Supergirl — took the forefront, there was Steel — John Henry Irons — who was an engineer from Metropolis inspired by Superman to build a mechanized suit to fight crime with, the Eradicator — ??? — dude I know the least about but he was like a prototypical 90s superhero with the edgy attitude and sunglasses but he LOOKED like Clark enough to fool Lois for half a minute, Cyborg Superman — Hank Henshaw — who… blew up Coast City, and then a young, 16-year-old in body clone made by the mysterious organization Cadmus, a kid who declared his name was Superman.

Kon eventually became known as Superboy or the Metropolis Kid respectively and he mostly went about heroing in “the wrong way” — confusing the adoration and love of the people for Superman with the kind of love and acclaim received by fans of celebrities. He and Mae mostly alternated between coming together and butting heads over this very thing (and the fact that at the time she was in a relationship with Lex Luthor’s…clone-self-son, don’t ask questions just roll with it), and eventually Kon became awestruck when the real Superman returned and led the charge to put Cyborg Superman back in his place and pay for his crimes etc etc etc

With Superman’s return, Kon wasn’t exactly greeted well — and in Clark’s defense… it’s a little creepy to come home and have a 16-year-old proclaiming he’s your clone (or half clone rather), and doing so by really tearing stuff up a lot and not fully aware of his environment or power. But Kon did find a home when he was doing a nationwide tour with his manager (Rex Leech), friend Roxy Leech, and guardian Dubbilex and they stopped in Hawaii where Kon settled down.

Kon’s love interest from Metropolis, the reporter Tana Moon, was also in Hawaii as that was her native home, making the incentive for Kon to stay all the more. For the majority of at least the beginning to Kon’s own series, Superboy (1994-2002), Kon remained in Hawaii and was honestly rather happy there. He had his friends, his own family he made for himself, his own rogues and police force he worked with. It really wasn’t until a creative change over and about the time the Young Justice comic started that that was all taken away from Kon more or less.

Kon and Clark mostly kept their distance from each other, Kon fearing that Clark didn’t like him and Clark not really all that sure of what to make of Kon (and because editorial has a problem with making Clark a family man and usually has him keeping his associative family at arm’s length — the whole Last Son of Krypton marketing and all). And Kon really wasn’t Kon for most of Superboy, his name was Superboy, or SB to his friends.

Then Superboy (1994-2002) #59 happens and it’s kind of the turning point for Kon and Clark’s relationship. Clark is concerned about Cadmus’ cloning technology — I mean, they made Kon and their new director was shady by Clark’s standards — and this was during the time where Kon is working very closely with them. So Clark pulls Kon aside and brings him to the Fortress of Solitude for the first time. Kon’s just in awe. And then Clark… lets Kon view a piece of recorded Kryptonian history…. about their clone wars… and how cloning can be bad… to Kon… who’s a clone… And the logic is that it’s a parable to get Kon on board with being Clark’s spy in Cadmus. Which Kon would have done anyway because he looks that much up to Clark.

But out of this, we get this moment where Clark offers — after years of Kon being an established part of the DCU — to give Kon the name “Kon-El” and make him an honorary member of the House of El. Which makes Kon so happy:

Ironically, Clark keeps Kon in the dark about a lot of things for a long time — including Clark’s secret identity. Something ironic since in Superboy (1994-2002) #61 we see Kon traveling through Hypertime and he goes to the past… and realizes that Clark is the original Superboy… and thus now Superman. (Thanks, Ma and Pa). But Kon still respects the hell out of Clark so he doesn’t do anything with the information.

Which, in Young Justice: Sins of Youth makes for a hilarious moment where age reversed Kon & Clark bond and Clark tries to reach out to Kon by telling him Superman’s secret identity, and Kon’s just like “uh yeah about that.”

[Sins of Youth: Superman Jr. & Superboy Sr.]

And, at least for me, this is when their relationship evolves into something I love — the relationship they had when I started DC comics back in 2003 with Teen Titans (2003-2011), where it’s not perfect, but the two act like brothers more than the father-son thing you see pushed a lot more. And honestly that works best for me.

Kon takes the identity of Conner Kent and is raised on the Kent farm with Ma & Pa, bonds with Krypto, and he and Clark go to each other, but there’s still a lot of pressure on Kon to measure up to Clark’s extremely large shadow. He loves Clark but he fears him. And the two honestly get along a lot better for it. 

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #1]

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #9]

[Teen Titans (2003-2011) #10]

To me, they become the brothers each other always needed, and as much as I’m ambivalent to Kon’s characterization after the 2000s now, I adore this advancement of Clark and Kon’s relationship — it’s the whole reason I shifted from Teen Titans to the Superman family comics to begin with! I owe it a lot, and it becomes heartwrenching when, by Infinite Crisis, we see how much it hurts Clark when Kon dies to save the world — something that wouldn’t have worked without this relationship to begin with.

I hope that clears some things up!

Mini Camren Rant

Here’s my thoughts.

I ship Camren. I ship them so damn hard. Romantically, the friendship, even just as band mates.

I respect Lauren & Camila.

Whenever I tag a Camren post on tumblr I make it a point NOT to tag ‘fifth harmony’, ‘Lauren Jauregui’, ‘Camila Cabello’ or any of that.

They don’t really want to see that. They’ve pretty much made a point of telling us ‘just respect us, we’re just humans the same as you’. I mean sometimes the fans forget, those are just young girls who got famous. They have insecuritys the same as the rest of us.

If it bothers them, I’m not going to flaunt it in their faces, even if there’s no chance of them seeing it.

They should be able to go through their tags without being bombarded by people making snide remarks about how ‘Laurens such a lesbian’ or things like that.

I know, I’m only human and I’ve made posts similar to that in the past but that’s just for jokes. I know boundrys, and I would never purpously say something to offend anyone. I would especially never bash someone because they’re straight, but some Camren shippers do. They get upset when someone voices their opinion saying ‘I don’t think they’re gay.’ some shippers will go off the deep end!

We have the right to think Camrens real the same way others have the right to think it’s totally bogus.

Wether Lauren and Camila are straight, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, purple, green, blue, red, yellow, whatever, I don’t care. I still respect them as human beings, and I find them miraculous honestly.

The amount of shit they put up with, all the while standing up for others is just so humbling. It really is a wonderful thing all five of those girls are doing.

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There's a point where, like, you see pictures of a ship and you're like, "oh my gods they're so cuuuuute," but then like come back a few weeks/months later and you see pictures of them and you're just like, "my sons. This is my OTP They must be together for all time. No cheating. Ever. STAY PERFECT AND GET MARRIED AND ADOPT LITTLE KIDS AND AUGH THE FEELS. My sons…*squeals and cries furiously*" This is pretty much me with Solangelo. I assume it's the same with you?

Oh, man, I think I skipped the first part with Solangelo tbh.  I literally closed BoO and immediately went to AO3 to read the twelve fanfics that were up and had that “MY CHILDREN.  MY SONS.  MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD.  MY PRIDE.  MY JOY.  THE TWINKLE IN MY EYE.” mentality already.  They are so cute it shouldn’t be allowed ok. ;w;

I literally do not understand shippers who only like one half of their ship.  Like, you absolutely loooove this one character, but you want them to be with someone you don’t really like all that much?  Why?  How do you win in that situation?  I thought the point of shipping was that you love two characters, but you love them even more together.

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Ok coming from another fandom to add some insight. If it wasn't obvious enough that Tronnor is probably, most likely real with all the time they spent together, all you have to do is look at Shaun's tweets. He was such a HUGE T*royler shipper. I don't follow them closely but has he mentioned anything at all about T*royler since Connor and Troye started spending pretty much all of their time with each other? That was Zalfie. They literally spent every moment together that they could. (1/2)

(2/2) to me Shaun gave it away because he just all of a sudden stopped saying anything about Troye and Tyler. The timing of that, a coincident?? I think not. ;)

These are really valid points, but as someone who’s been in this fandom for so long, there are soooo many more reasons to ship it too. I just say we can’t outright declare it’s real because that’s unfair to them and we can never really know. Only time will tell though and I’m excited

You know I think Kishimoto does care about his characters, i really do. The problem is, he no longer has any idea what the flying fuck he’s saying or doing.

Because pretty much saying that NaruHina’s son is the “Bolt that holds them together” does not, in any way, imply a good, healthy family that is not on the verge of breaking apart. How the hell else are you supposed to interpret that?

Now, Naruhina(i say it right now, I’m guilty of this one), NaruSaku, SasuSaku, and NaruSasu, be honest with me. Should we really be fighting each other? All of our ships are tied fr being the most awfully developed ships ever: Naruhina and SasuSaku had absolutely horrid build up, and NaruSaku and NaruSasu was developed to the point of being ready on a silverplatter, yet in the end, tossed aside. To be honest with you, I think we should all be BroTPs with each other, considering how much each one of our ships were treated. Is the real enemy the other ship? Or perhaps is it the writer who made love the driving force for almost every character even after saying he was bad with romance? After he knew that love in some cases lead to romance? And yet even after all that, went along with it anyway?

To all the anons: yes, I’m aware not all the Destiel shippers are horrible people. But many of them are, and sadly, I’ve only met one nice Destiel shipper and she’s my irl best friend.

I’m not here to call out anyone, I’m here to rant about my biggest notp. If you, a Destiel shipper, haven’t done anything wrong, why bother adding comments on my posts/sending me asks? You’re only proving my point.

You ask me why I don’t hate Wincest that much. Well I am against incest but I’m also aware that this ship is shipped in fiction and the shippers are pretty chill (yes there are nasty ones but I haven’t met many of them).

I’ve been pretty lukewarm with regards to Steroline up to now, mostly because I don’t like Stefan very much (although he’s growing on me again, I think once he finally moved on from Elena and stopped being a total dick about her and Damon he became tolerable again), but oh my god their kiss gave me actual OTP feelings, like, I was sitting there giggling and smiling like a fangirl nut (which I am, but that’s beside the point).

Please, writers, don’t screw them up. Don’t make Stefan break Caroline’s heart. Don’t destroy them for cheap drama. They could actually reach the level of some of my other OTPs (maybe never quite to Delena’s level, because I’ve been in love with them for going on six years now) going at this rate, just don’t fuck it up. I am BEGGING you.

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Can you the URL thing for ruinedsilver? :D

my opinion on;

character in general: Pretty sweet. My favorite Lucius that I rp with at this point and our threads are on point. I love youuu.
how they play them: Strong, with strong feelings and opinions, but a kind heart when it comes to his family, just like I see Lucius as being. He loves Narcissa so stinking much and it’s so cute.

the mun: I love you. You are the sweetest and kindest person. Thank you for being you.

do i;

follow them: heck yeah
rp with them: heck yeah

want to rp with them: always
ship their character with mine: ALWAYSSS

what is my;

overall opinion: One of the finest people, mun/muse I’ve ever met. I hope you remain here in the Tumblr world and if not, then at least remain in me lifeee. XD

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

*Sees art of young men in their late teens to mid-twenties banging like it’s matin’ season*

Me: Niiice

*Sees art of middle-aged men holding hands and being lovey-dovey*

Me: Sweet Mary mother of God I can’t Jesus take the wheel

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A countdown finishing with The Final Countdown would be the trolliest thing that RIB had ever done!! The fandom would be in rage and the writer stans would say they are geniuses!

The writer stans already think they are geniuses so that’s not surprising.

But at this point I think it needs to be bigger than the engagement, bigger than anything that happened in 5x14 so a shot of them in bed ain’t gonna cut it anymore, they’ve pretty much set the bar really high. I think it’ll be a let down.

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their opinions on gekkan shoujo lets go

"What are you talking about––"

"Let me just say It’s one of the funniest anime I have seen in a great while. The amount of episodes was perfect, the characters are spectacular ( Points to Kashima, Mikorin, Hori and pretty much all of them ), and the art is adorable and fantastic, the shippings just rip my heart in two–––"

"Will you stop talking about your obsessions over this…this anime. I don’t even care to watch such a thing let alone hear you ramble on about it. Let’s go, good work getting her to blabber on like a lunatic."

"I’m not done––– take me back–––"

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im so glad u shit clarke & lexa

I don’t know if I shit them, but I sure as hell ship them. Although at this point, shipping and shitting pretty much feel the same. :)

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I know that you were shipping Jolex pretty hard too at some point, I'm not sure if you still do but even if you don't much anymore I'm not surprised because they haven't had a storyline as a couple for 20 episodes now which is almost an entire season and we fans are at a point where we don't know what to do anymore because all we get are either kisses or sex or nudity and the promo looks weird too and I just want something emotional for them :(((

I do ship Jolex, but I completely agree with you. There is just nothing going on in that story line anymore. It worries me, like maybe they’ve only been having those kind of scenes because they don’t know where to go with the couple anymore. I feel like Jo and Alex may actually be too similar and that could be the problem. Hope I didn’t upset you more, but I defintiely see what you’re saying :( 

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for the character thing, wolfie?? maybe? o:

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS | the best gut decision ever probably

ship with:  MIDNA, Shad, Ilia, coughGanondorfcough, I could dig Zelda for the contrast, Wyatt?? and I could dig pretty much anything tbh 

friendship them with: Everyone on the above list, EPONA, and every animal he’s ever come into contact with honestly (also LoZRP!Din they are siblings)

general opinions: He’s very important to me??? Like I spent three years building him from nothing into what he is now and he’s probably become my favorite player character at this point I used to identify myself w/ him so strongly that a friend of mine came back from a con w/ a Wolf Link pin for me bc they said they thought of me when they saw it.

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// gently baps my url here

my opinion on;

character in general:  Our shitlord and destroyer of memes, Caliborn. God, I love that asshole, simply because he’s such a fucking idiot.
how they play them: Very good! I don’t see nearly enough cherubs on this website, especially Caliborns! I love your portrayal of him, as he’s pretty much on point, in my opinion! 

the mun: We didn’t talk all that much ,but from what I know they’re a hella qt ;3;

do i;

rp with them: No
want to rp with them: Yes
ship their character with mine:
Nah, not yet, if at all. Pfft.

what is my;

overall opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.