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Hey Lesean I was looking back over your storyboards for korra for a workshop I'm taking. I was wondering if you drew the boards traditionally? They were great but Im pretty sure you knew that. Anyways have a good week.

Hey thanks,

I drew them on paper with pencil. I added tones in PS. I prefer paper. But these days the few studios left doing action-adventure preproduction prefer digital (Storyboard Pro/Photoshop). Not a fan, as I miss the pull and tooth paper gives when pressure is applied, so my quality drops. I storyboard digitally in Photoshop. But it’s easier to compile & wire to studio accounts from home that’s for sure.^^

Good luck!

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its odd how i prefer paper towns to tfios and i was so excited when tfios came out but now dont even feel bothered enough to go see paper towns in the cinema 

Why I prefer e-books

I often read comments like “ebooks are not real books” or often get weird stares when I say that I prefer ebooks. What is wrong with reading ebooks? The content on the paper book version and electronic version is the same. Is it wrong to not prefer the traditional one? 

Don’t get me wrong. I still buy paper books and like them, I just prefer the other one more. Hence, here are the reasons why I love ebooks:

📌 It is more handy. I love going to coffee shops, milk tea houses and libraries to have time alone and to just relax. What I do in those places most of the time is to read. And it’s nice that I just bring my iPad and has lots of books to choose from. 

📌 I read at night. With ebooks, I can read at night without the need of leaving the lights on. I share a room with my sister and it would bother her if I would leave the lights on late at night because I was reading.

📌 I read faster. I dunno why, but I read faster in ebooks.

📌 100+ books but saves space. My room is not huge and I live with my family so the luxury of having a bookshelf with many books is not possible. Maybe when I get to live on my own, I can pursue beautifying my room with huge bookshelves. 

I don’t have anything against those who loves paper books more. I just wish that those who do would stop judging those who prefer ebooks.

Do any of my mutuals who I don't personally know fancy being actual pen pals?

I’m bored, I want something to do. Is anyone interested?? When I say pen pals I mean actually physically writing to one another not emailing. Because I don’t know about any of you but sometimes I just prefer pen and paper.

I don’t care where you’re from because I’m sure letters will cost the same to send to anywhere :)

The Bill of Rights of Weed: 1-5

The federal government might as well free the tree too. I’m almost certain the constitution says nothing about marijuana, so there is no argument about constitutionality:

1. Having marijuana illegal denies me the freedom to to peaceably assemble with other stoners 

2. And I use it as a weapon for a multitude of things, from free thinking to relaxation, so I would like my right to bare arms

3. Marijuana has the consent of many owners to be quartered in their house, but its not allowed by law.

4. I also have papers, preferably Raw, that I’d like to have protected against search and seizures.

5. Coincidental how private property cannot be taken for use without compensation, we never compensate those that lost a means of income after police raids.

Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer (live-to-read-another-book) and I’ve been on Booklr for a couple of week (??) now I think. 

I’m 17 and Scottish (sorry, I was a big Yes voter in the independence debate). I head to medical school in September, but I’m backpacking round Europe for three weeks before that. I have no idea how I’m going to cope with only a couple of books!

I can find something I like in most books, however I’m a massive Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Carrie Ryan and Terry Prachett fan. I’m up for any book, play, film or musical suggestions at any time! 

I also read non-fiction, but it tends to be space books, astronaut books or autobiographies of people in the space industry (you can sense a theme here).

Although I have a Kindle, I prefer paper books and would usually buy a paper copy anyway.I don’t have a favourite genre (I don’t think?), but a book based on a life-or-death kind of world is usually a winner for me. 

I can’t think of anything else I want to say, so I’m just going to finish here and say I can’t wait to meet everyone.


Okay! Leopard the Redux! I wanted the same color scheme because I really liked the previous- of course watercolor doesn’t behave the same way twice.

I had wondered with the bear and a few other pieces if sanding the ground super smooth was having an effect on the absorption of the watercolor. It does say on the manufacturers directions that “for a hot press paper feel, sand smooth with fine grit sand paper,” and I prefer hot press watercolor paper so I’d been sanding away… well- the directions are a lie!

My wrists hurt so bad after sanding two boards that I decided to just not bother with the remaining two boards and instead throw a super thin mixed with lots of water coat on the ground to level out the brush strokes. And I left it. And I put the leopard on it and went “oh well let’s try this and see.”

And I threw water on the piece after masking it off and then started adding color and I smooshed color around with my brushes and attacked it with the sponge and… Suddenly wet-in-wet on the ground wasn’t pulling teeth and running, but was blooming and granulating and doing all the super exciting things I like for backgrounds. Adding more water didn’t immediately lift my colors and I didn’t need to be super gentle.

So now the tiger- Hahahaha- I get to go home tonight- transfer him over to the other non-sanded prepped board and reprep the board he was on so it behaves like this one for another painting.

It’s been an adventure.

I also have a tent to put up tonight and clean out so it can be taken back down and borrowed.

Times like this I’m happy that Paper Mario is getting another game of sorts. Though I kinda wish it was its own game, but honestly its a bit selfish on my end because I preferred Paper Mario in its own and I never got into the Mario & Luigi games. But to be honest…I’m actually willing to give this a try. Hell at least Bowser talks in the new one…hopefully.

Why do people give more attention to digital art way more than traditional art? I’ve noticed this for a while now, something that was drawn on paper, versus the exact same drawing, painted digitally, will get significantly less notes.

Honestly, I appreciate both, they both take a lot of work and time, but I always prefer the paper version. With digital, you can manipulate so many thing, create different effects and textures that would be nearly impossible for someone to recreate on paper. And the fact that digital artist are very often praised more so than other artist doesn’t seem right to me.

The city of Fukuoka in 5 pictures (ramen land)

For most gaijin (that’s what they call you if you’re not born Japanese), the most iconic city of Japan is either Tokyo or Kyoto. Well, for my 2 friends who has lived in Japan (one is gaijin and the other is pure Japanese), they still think Fukuoka is the best city to live in Japan above all.

Fukuoka has everything a city could offer. Delicious food (famous for Hakata ramen and gyoza), wonderful ume (plum flower), not too cold temperature (for the position is in Kyushu, southern part of Japan), and incredible view.

I headed for the famous Hakata ramen in front of Hakata station. The location is in basement 1st floor. The booth is so personal that you cannot even see the waitress. It was like some kind of election booth. You just need to fill the preference paper they gave you and press the bell. I called it preference paper since instead of all kinds of various ramen they provide, you fill the precise ramen dish you want to eat. Example: soft noodle or a bit hard, with leek/no leek/lots of leek, double portion of noodle/not, etc.
After you finished doodling, you just need to press the button and the waiter will came to your booth (which set with shades so you cannot see each other) and take your order.
Trust me, once in your life, go try some famous Hakata ramen.

Ps: There is also a good place near Tenjin station (one stop after Hakata station if you’re riding subway) with basic ramen just around ¥170

Another thing to note about Fukuoka’s greatness is how you could go to the airport in a short distance with subway. Since I find Kansai international airport is located so far from Osaka’s downtown (it’s located in a set up island), I think this fact has become one of Fukuoka’s great point.

If you went to Fukuoka in March, make sure to stop by at Dazaifu temple and have yourself a spectacular view of ume flower blooming all the way. Yes, I also thought that Japan only famous for sakura while ume belongs to China.

Aside from that, Fukuoka has a great beach. Of course, all beaches in Japan has a great view and clean waters, but Fukuoka managed to have it all.

Do I dare to go again to Fukuoka?
You bet!

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I'm trying to decide how to take notes for my upcoming courses, either in notebooks or on loose paper..what do you prefer? Please help!

I prefer loose paper because it means i have all the information for each sub topic on one piece of paper :-)