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More hitchhiker!will/gentleman!hannibal pls

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  • Will is legally underage, this is the difference between running away and leaving home and Will cannot take waiting another year with his dad (In Louisiana it’s 17 years old, so Will is 16 with greasy hair and gangly limbs and his voice cracks every third word and he’s got a surprise party in his pants at the most mortifying times and he’d really prefer not to be invited
  • He’s very smart and ambitious (really he’s desperate to not end up like his dad and the surest way to do this is to get the hell away from the little straw town he’s stuck in)
  • The only friend in the world he has is the little stray dog he found two weeks ago, her ribs poking out and timid in the most telling way that makes him both angry and sad (he can picture the hits, can feel himself striking her and he vomits before he manages to get himself together enough to call her over, he takes her in and hides her from his dad, he names her ‘Marlene’ and gives her half his food every meal)
  • Will is a lonely kid, but with Marlene it’s not so bad (but the breaking point is when his dad finds Marlene and knows and Will knows exactly what his dad will do so he runs, his backpack ready to go in his room)
  • Hannibal sees all this (Hannibal who is in his mid twenties and about to finish his residency early, who on a whim stops his car for this strange boy and his dog)
  • Will expects the worse (has experienced his dad’s friends eyeing him, but never outright saying anything, you don’t exactly hit on your friend’s boy after all)
  • Will is on the defensive despite Hannibal having done nothing but let him in his car and give him an un-opened bottle of water (Will bites and his eyes may not meet Hannibal’s, but they sear in his skin and his curiosity is peaked)
  • Hannibal turns out to be kind, or at the very least a gentleman (Hannibal talks lightly, his voice a low rumble, and although his accent is thick and one Will has never heard before, he finds his voice calming and Will relaxes. No longer afraid of this man will expect something from him, he let’s his guard down and starts to enjoy his time in an air conditioned car with leather seats and a man who is interesting and gives him water and food)
  • Marlene sleeps in the back seat, she smells and Will worries Hannibal will kick them out, but Hannibal merely smiles (they make a pit stop, Will watches as Hannibal walks Marlene and blushes because he can’t believe his luck)
  • Hannibal let’s Will pick the music, and watches with more feeling than he’s at all used to as Will falls asleep (’sweet’ is the word that pops into Hannibal’s mind, unused to feeling such tenderness)
1D Hiatus: Day 220

* Pictures and a video of Louis and Danielle outside the cinema in Los Angeles last night come out

* A few video previews of Louis on America’s Got Talent are released

* The episode of America’s Got Talent featuring Louis airs on NBC

* Louis Walsh speaks up about the boys’ future as a band and says they’re ‘over’

* Pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ about two weeks ago come out

* The Mirror publishes an article about Niall’s rumoured girlfriend Celine ‘receiving death threats’ over a leaked photo of her with ‘another guy’

* #1DMemories and #LouisStayStrong trend on Twitter

It’s Jul 20th, 2016.

As in Champagne

Oh, hello … This is part one of two, and was inspired by this picture that ducky17 posted, like, three months ago. I started this right after she posted it, and then a few weeks later she posted her first chapter, and I put this aside, but then feels came back and I figured the stories are different enough. (And my motto is ‘Everyone write it!’ so I should heed my own words, I guess.)

Anyway, like I said, this is the result of on and off writing for a couple of months … And I do plan to post a second part, which I’ve only JUST started. So, not sure when it’ll show up. But I think this part is about as done as it’s going to get, and I hope getting it out there will free up headspace for part two and other fics I’ve been working on.

Also, I figured with all the angst over episode 1, maybe it would be nice to have a clean slate/tabula rasa type fic, where they’re only just meeting each other. *shrugs* I don’t know, I just hope you like it! (Tags are at the bottom.)

* * * * *

Rae has just finished re-alphabetizing the punk section when she feels something warm curl around her ankle. She tenses momentarily before realizing who it is.

“Back again, Sandi?”

The cat purrs, rubs its head once more against her ankle/ and then leaps up onto the bins, surprisingly nimble for an animal of its size. Laying back across a row of CDs and pulling its paws up to under its chin, the cat knows exactly what it’s doing.

Rae reaches out to scratch it behind the ears briefly, a rueful smile on her lips. “I know what you’re after …” She makes her way over to the break room, and opens the door that reads: “Employees Only! KEEP OUT” glancing behind her. “Well? Are ya comin’ or not?”

The cat jumps to the floor and pads through the doorway like it was one of the crew at ShipWreckords. It’s been coming to the store almost every day for the past three weeks, having walked in with one of the customers the first time, surprising Rae when it sprang onto the counter and rubbed its whiskers on the corner of the till.

She had been a little annoyed at first, but the cat was so friendly and affectionate, purring and trilling and butting its little furry head against the back of her hand to be petted, she couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love.

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Two years ago I went through a kind of earth shattering break up, the kind that haunts you, and @sashayed, in her infinite wisdom, just sent me facts about animals. Like one or two a day. For weeks. It was an A++ Friend Move and I wrote a post about it somewhere.

ANYWAY two weeks ago my parked car was totaled while I slept and no one’s insurance wants to cover it and it’s become this total nightmare, and the animal facts began anew. They included a picture of a bunny at the start line of a bunny race (WHICH IS A REAL THING) and I expressed the desire to see him always as like “start your day! You can do it!” But his dimensions were wrong to set as my lock screen.

Long story not so short, I just got these in my inbox. There are actually 12 of them, but this is a small and perfect selection.

Anyway, may we all be so blessed.


A year ago, I was checking my email when I saw the “taylorswift is now following you” email from Tumblr, and I completely lost it. I literally checked each letter of her name because I couldn’t believe it was really her. After two likes and five weeks after following me, Taylor reblogged me and I sat on the floor crying while she lurked on my blog and liked my posts. I couldn’t believe it because I was just a small blog no one knew about, but somehow she did.

I always imagined that if I ever got a picture with Taylor, it would be at some red carpet event and that I would just be another face in the crowd. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would track me down and know who I was, but that’s what happened at iHeart Radio Music Awards. Being the awesome person she is, she had liked some of my posts throughout the week but never the ones about the event because she wanted to surprise us. 

Thank you @taylorswift​ for giving me the best year of my life and for giving me an experience that I will forever hold dear in my heart. Those 10/15 minutes were everything. When I hugged Taylor that day, it was the exact moment I was finally able to relate to Clean because there was so much that I was still holding onto, and that day I was able to let it all go.. From the relatable lyrics and speeches to the amazing swifties that I got to meet this year, and for giving me the chance to meet you for the first time, thank you Taylor. I can’t wait to see what you do next, and for the Grammy Awards so you can add 7 more to your collection :). Love you :*