imagine honey lemon getting into an argument with gogo and girl just takes gogo’s jacket or some other belonging of hers  and puts it on the top shelf no not even there she puts it on top of a cupboard that’s way up high while looking her straight in the eyes and being like “what now bitch what now”

just imagine

Do you have a tumblr?

And you’re not watching Cucumber/Banana/Tofu?!?!

Well then my dear friend, I am afraid that you are missing out on possibly one of the greatest shows of 2015, maybe even the decade! 

This is a show that displays LGBTQ relationships as they are; normal. It’s been given a prime TV slot of 9pm-10pm and it’s doing a lot to educate people and display the issues faced by LGBT community! Plus there are a range of characters of different ethnicities, ages and sexualities. It’s so representative and informative and I really just love it. Plus the shows take different approaches to extend to lots of different audiences - banana is pretty much skins with LGBTQ characters! 

Pretty please if you have the means to watch this show - then do! No matter what your stance on the LGBTQ community is whether you’re an ally, a member or even opposed. I challenge you to watch Cucumber/Banana/Tofu and not enjoy it or at least feel more informed on the lives of LGBTQ members! 

Also if you are a fan and want someone to discuss the show with, then please just send me a message. I’m in love with it and I’m totally open for a wee chat! :)