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and here’s the original version of it

It’s time for some vanity

So the fantastic @chrishansenfromdatelinenbc tagged me in this ‘get to know me better’ meme thing and I’m super excited. Now you can see how boring I truly am.

Rules: Answer this in a new post and tag 20 people you wanna know better! Make sure you tag back to the person who tagged you so they can see it.

Name: Crying Over Kaz. It’s on my birth certificate and everything, I was born weeping for Kazuhira Miller. My real name begins with an R, but I won’t say any more (maybe unless you guess it? Idk I’d be curious to see if anyone gets it, it’s a fairly bog standard name)
Nicknames: I don’t have one and I REALLY WISH I HAD ONE. The closest I have is the ‘mountain goat’ because I got super drunk wearing giant heels and got upset when my friends asked if I could manage in the heels. I started telling them that I had the agility of a mountain goat and started climbing things to prove it.
Star Sign: Aries
Gender: F cis
Height: 5 ft and half an inch. The half inch really matters when you’re small. People like picking me up and carrying me around but I insist I’m heavier than I look.
Favorite Colors: Forrest green or dark red
Time Right Now: 21.50
Average Hours of Sleep: I’m up to 7 hours now, which is nice because I used to have insomnia
Last Thing I Googled: Solid Snake ass (don’t judge me, blame @bkazuhiramiller )
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: One
Favorite Fictional Characters: Asides the obvious? Princess Carolyn from Bojack Horseman (which everyone should watch); Yakul from Princess Mononoke; Madame Gina from Porco Rosso; and Bodie from The Wire. Idk there are so many to choose from, this is just a shortlist. kazkazkazkaz
Favorite Books: Love by Toni Morrison; Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut; Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson; Waterland by Graham Swift; and International Commercial Litigation (2nd Ed.) by Richard Fentiman (that’s only half a joke because I have a major intellectual crush on this man).
Favorite Bands: The National, Mac Demarco, Kendrick Lamar, Alt-j, Arcade Fire, Moon Hooch (they’re so good and underrated– two sax players and a drummer playing crazy energetic ravey music and they are amazing live), EL VY, Beirut, and Cigarettes After Sex (also really underrated, but super atmospheric sexy music) 
Dream Job: Ornithologist. I’m not joking, I think birds are fascinating and I’d love to work to either conserve their numbers in wildlife or rehabilitate abandoned/abused parrots (of which there are plently). Shame I went down a completely different career path LOL 
What I Am Wearing Right Now: Jeans and a t-shirt with Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons holding a sign for ‘Earth Capital’. I’m a massive Simpsons nerd.
When Did You Create Your Blog: This winter, I think?

Current Amount of Followers: I have followers? 51.

What Do You Mainly Post About: MGS shitposting. Mostly Kaz, BBKaz, VKaz, Solimiller. Apparently I like to think of Kaz getting some.
Your Blog Hit Its Peak: Lol.
Who Is Your Most Active Follower: ??
Who Made You Join Tumblr: Matt Berninger and Bianca del Rio because I wanted a place where I could indulge my fangirling.
Do you get asks daily: Lol nope, as if. I wouldn’t mind, but I have literally nothing interesting to say. Feel free to drop me an ask.
Why did you choose your url: because that’s all I do on tumblr.

Ok, so I don’t know if I can manage 20 without worrying about annoying people, but these blogs seem cool and I’d love to know more about you guys (in a totally non creepy way):

@bkazuhiramiller @foreverbagels @we-dont-kinkshame-comrades @warmsierramist @lady-halibuts-chambers @trashdaddykaz @saintambrose@veedog@marmod@vkazs@howling-alligator@en-lumine@howling-alligator @metalgearquinn @arsenal-gear

I’ve literally just scrolled through my notes to see who’s liked anything of mine recently/picked names I remember from my head. Please feel free to ignore if you think this is creepy, or go ahead and do it even if I haven’t tagged you because I’m an idiot.

violet-der-tod asked:

OH MY DEAR GODNESS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LIKE SRSLY AJSKDNALKSNFLAKLASNF I just ended season 3 and I was... Literally in tears, talking with a friend about how all of it destroyed me and at the same time was the most beautiful and worthy ending... And I found your blog in the depths of my hannigram search! I've seen all your posts (not even sorry) and I have to say: YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND I LAUGHED MY SOUL OUT HERE, PLS NEVER STOP! Really, I love you <3 thank you so much, xoxo!

lkngldfnsdñmk -squeezes you in a hug- omg it makes me so happy to read your message! You’re really kind and I’m glad to know my weird humor made you laugh. After such a beautiful season finale that breaks your heart every time you think about it I think it’s necessary to keep things brightened up with some crack :p

anonymous asked:

Sorry if I'm really late to the whole Gtop in Paris thing, I was caught up with rl, but the thing that really seemed weird to me was that, even as friends or band members, it makes no sense they didn't spend at least some time together. It has nothing to do with shipping them romantically but it really makes you question the state of their friendship at this point and it's weird. If it was any other member and they went to the same place at the same time, I would have had the same reaction.

idk i just don’t know. like yeah it seems weird as an outside party but i can also come up with reasons to justify it to some extent? like 1) i dont like the argument that they aren’t friends. i think it’s an unfounded argument and a lot of the time it’s presented by gri shippers to explain away gtop ever having the potential to be real or it’s brought up by gtop shippers whenever they aren’t close in public. like…. we know they are close… we know they are one of the closest pairs in the group outside of a stage setting…. nothing in the last year has given me any indication they have stopped being friends so it’s hard for me to get to the point where they are’t friends 2) we don’t know what they were doing off camera?? out of the public eye?? they couldve gone out to dinner or stayed in or been at different hotels or shared one bed… like we literally have no idea… just cause nothing public happened doesn’t mean anything. yes if gdyb or gri for instance had gone to paris together i wouldve expected an instagram picture cause that’s the kind of friends they are… idk i just didnt expect anything from gtop at all so maybe that’s why the no public interaction isn’t alerting to me?? 3) idk to me the fact that they stayed so awol and obviously NOT TOGETHER is what the bigger picture of the whole thing was

kuro-09 asked:

hey i completely understand that you find the mentioning phil thing creepy and weird (so do i) but you were kinda unecessarily harsh to the person who replied. sorry for bringing it up again but it annoys me.

hey sorry for some reason i also get asks like this every time i reply to people and pls pls realise that i deal with dozens of pointless, condescending, rude and patronising comments on my posts a week. it gets really tiring to be nice when people are purposely trying to dispel what i’m saying or adding pointless comments that rile me up. i don’t really appreciate asks like this either?? bc it makes me even more uncomfortable when people try and tell me how to act. i really don’t need to be told to be nicer honestly…. this is just my personality. please don’t tell me i’m unnecessarily harsh, bc i comment in the way i think is right and at the end of the day that’s what matters to me?? 

it gets really tiring to be nice when it doesn’t seem like others are trying very hard either? but thanks for the ask and i’m not angry or targeting you i just really need you to understand that it’s not as obvious as it seems!!

fezofrassilon asked:

About that shipping post- can you do Cashildr?

I forgot about this I am sorry D: (also it’s Clashildr, not Cashildr)

who’s the cuddler: They both are, but Ashildr/Me has lacked affection for so long she initiates it more often.

who makes the bed: Ashildr volunteers, but there is no way Clara will ever let that happen. It’s the control freak thing.

who wakes up first: Clara, having learned to appreciate every second of each day. 

who has the weird taste in music: Ashildr, having experienced every genre of music at the time where it came on the scene. She therefore likes some very weird genre fusions, like glam folk. Clara’s taken to wearing earplugs.

who is more protective: Claraaaaaa. It’s just in her nature, and being a companion intensified it.

who sings in the shower: I’m gonna go with both, because I cannot decide, but can imagine both of them doing it for different reasons.

who cries during movies: Clara’s definitely the crier. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Ashildr. Because Clara budgets. 

who kisses more roughly: Hmmmm. I actually think it would be Ashildr. Clara prefers more teasing kisses. 

who is more dominant: Look, there are very few ships you can put Clara Oswald in and not have her be the domme. This is obvious.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 (I was gonna go with 9.5 but screw it)

astrologyandmarchingband asked:

I'm new to your blog but have you ever done any posts about the signs as specific instruments, like symphonic/orchestra instruments + vocal/musical ranges? (Sorry if you get this question a lot or anything)

Good question! It’s really more like an astrology blog, for instruments, as in, I’ll do the same thing as the typical astrology posts except with instruments instead of star signs. So for example there may be a post like “the instruments as weird furniture” or something (not the greatest example, my brain is fried lol).  Except, life is crazy, I’ve got a busy college schedule, and don’t also make posts as regularly as I’d like. So in the between-times, I try to reblog generic band/orchestra/choir stuff.

  • Is This A Spark?
  • Julia Maddalena

A wild original song appears! I’ve been working on this for a few weeks because I have ~inspiration~! Sorry my annunciation sucks but it’s the only time i was able to get through the whole thing without screwing up lmao. also i just made up the name it didn’t have a name before i recorded it that’s why it’s weird. lyrics under the cut

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Thank you everyone for the support and sweet messages!

I really do appreciate everyone for talking to me about this thing…I’m sorry for worrying you with my post but i really just wanted to talk to some people who were/are in the same position as me and I found some people, many who recovered from this. I still feel weird but not physically emotionally, I still get very sad out of the blue and most of the time I feel nothing .. hopefully it will go away soon.

On the bright side I decided to work more on edits , affiliate  and draw a bit more while I still have the time.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time and sending me the sweet messages and talking to me.

i like my dad

he gives legitimate input
not just “yeah it looks really good” 
he’ll say “his eyes look the same, and it looks like there’s some detail under the nose you left out, but it’s definitely the same person” 

and he agrees on the hair thing

it’s time for your band to be done when your tootman manages to look like he’s moved backwards in time while the rest fell victim to the 90′s

i was tagged by @great-deku !!! :}

Name: big hunk of man cat

Nickname: bumblebee, lil’ paint bucket

Starsign: aquarius

Gender: cat chirping sounds

Height: 5′4″

Sexual orientation: pan as fuck.. its wild

Fave Colour: dark red

Time Right Now: 3:27 pm

Current location: minnesota

Average hours of sleep: 7 and my sleep deficit grows daily

Lucky Number: 9

Last thing I googled: weird monkey thing witcher

Number of blankets I sleep with: 6 and its not enough

Fave fictional Characters: chrona from soul eater, louis de pointe du lac from the vampire chronicles, who i also named my hot dog car after, and riku from kingdom hearts because we’re both giant babies

Fave bands/artists: portugal the man, dir en grey, tame impala

Dream Job: a job where i use artistic and technical skills to make stuff. like a concept or storyboard artist would be cool but also like, creating props or set pieces i dont know. secretly i want to travel the ren fest circuit and sell my art under some made up medieval persona. a gallery or museum tour guide would be fun too i think. in any case its gotta be art related. okay actually my dream job is to live in the scottish hebrides and make a living off my art. my friends are sheep and the ocean and i’ve never been more at peace.

Random Fact: i’m really indecisive. i have a difficult time accessing my sense of self outside of my perceptions of others’ perceptions of me. i hate wearing bras but i feel vulnerable and uncomfortable without them and my nipples get too cold.

Do you have any other blogs?: yeah i have too many side blogs. they barely ever get used but i got em. almondbarks is the best one though, it’s where i put art references and inspo

When did your blog reach its peak?: when i got that anon asking me to tag that photo of woody from toy story

What made you decide to get Tumblr?: a friend from high school wanted me to get one. i can’t believe im still here though

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: i sure don’t

Why did you choose your url?: sinister is latin for left/left handed. gauche is about the same in french, besides their other negative connotations. and then i changed it to gouache which i think looks better anyway. gouache is a type of paint that im really bad at

i tag @freakannoyance, @desertvictories, @altalentigo, @phantasphagist, and anyone else who wants to do this!!!!!!!! thanks for the tag!

oh man time got away from me. I was tagged by @korrasato

Please say 5 positive things about yourself and then, after posting them publicly, send this to ten of your favorite followers other than me! Go!

1. I have a great smile!

2. I know to much about chickens haha

3. oh man this is getting more difficult, um I’m tall?

4. I have a weird sense of humor but it makes people laugh sometimes so I’d say its a winner.

5.  I know a lot of random facts!!

ok so I tag @tylakarp, @dalish-defender, and @hotelbowser

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Then tag some people.

i got tagged by @xaxidoro, i already did this already but its okay

1- OMN - In Quiet Rooms
2- Caro Emerald - Pack Up The Louie (Caravan Palace Remix)  
3- Vektroid - Nobody Here
4- 11 Acorn Lane - Spend My Time With You (Electro Swing Remix)
5- Studio Killers - Jenny
8- Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
9- OSCOB - 観光スポット
10- Nujabes ft. Shing02 - Luv(sic) Part 4 (Instrumental)

my music is a weird mash of many things. sorry

i was gonna add in another electro swing type song but MMMMMMMMMMMMFUCK (yeah i picked out all of it… sorta…??)

i tag nobody

I’m sorry I might not post on here or respond to messages for a while. I have some things going on and a lot of appointments this month so I’m very busy. I’m having some weird numbness in my dominant hand that I need to check out so I want to rest my hand a bit. I’ve been spending the majority of my day sleeping lately so I really don’t have much time to be on here. I don’t really want to speak publicly about my illnesses here but I don’t mind talking privately if anyone is interested. I don’t want everyone think I’m not really sick because I’m too young to have so many problems if they find out what they are, and some are very gross so I don’t want others to be upset from reading such things.
I wish everyone good health this year and I hope you all do well!!!

mellifluous-cicadas asked:

Hey, I've been following your blog for a while and I just wanted to say that what you say strikes a chord. You're able to phrase what you're saying so eloquently and capture the complexity of emotion really well. I'm sorry that you've had to experience things that allow you this insight. Sometimes we are able to see into the eyes of the world through them... Anyways, sorry if this is weird.

Not weird at all - thank you!

I’m glad you found the post good. I read it through several times before publishing, trying to decide whether it was a good idea or not, so I’m so grateful people are reacting well to it

(Sorry, I don’t have much time to write, I’ll try to post something soon I promise)

BUT congrats to Obsidian for winning ! It’s nice to see a different name and come on Shadow, let’s win this month, kay? ♥ I’ll make motivational edits or scenarios for Nevra if it’s what it takes but we’ll do it goshdangit!

(Also, the item of the month is pretty for once! If someone sells it for less than 1100, let me know ((I’m so broke haha))