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You art is wonderful and your chibis are amazing, I stared at your chibi Dorian for a good 10 minutes just smiling and giggling because his face is perfect, the chibi is perfect, you are wonderful and please don't stop doing what you do, I look forward to your work all the time, it brings joy to my little heart <3

Daw thank you so much! I also tend to stare at my chibis too haha, they are just too adorable with their big googly eyes and stubby noses <3

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I wish I could do this myself but alas, not much talent/lack of materials. So I just sit and watch Nicolle’s Dreams on Youtube working her magic, but hey, you had a great star for a first time :D

Thank youuu! *____* Although this was technically my second time trying… but that doesn’t make me any less of a beginner, lol :D I love Nicolle’s Dreams videos, too! *____* I learned 99,9% of what I know about face-ups thanks to her channel <3 and noooooes, don’t say that D: tools are fairly easy to find (except for Mister Super Clear, but, as you will notice from this post, I’m using an alternative :D ) and as for talent… well, the main issue is that face-ups apparently require a VERY steady hand which I don’t have either, especially on small dolls D: pretty sure that with a bigger bjd heads things would be much easier… pity that they cost a shit-ton of money .___. other than that, though, I think it’s all a matter of practice 8)

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That’s amazing paint work.  What are you using to paint her with?  I’ve been struggling with my own little vinyl repaints for Thomas and would love tips from the masters

D'aaaaw, masters :D *feels super honored* thank you, dear! :D 

Also… here are the tools that I used for the face up:

  • Acetone-free nail polish remover (mine is… ehrr… strawberry scented .___.) I searched THE WHOLE FRIGGIN’ CITY to find an acetone-free nail polish remover that didn’t cost a shit-ton of money, and this was the best I could find -___- probably not the best choice for anyone who wants to repaint a resin doll, but it does its job pretty well on MH dolls… better than the regular acetone nail polish remover that I tried, which only left ugly stains. Plus, this one leaves a nice strawberry scent on them, lol XD
  • Liquitex Matt Varnish spray. There’s no way I’m going to pay 80 euros on MSC (because that’s apparently the price you’re gonna pay for it if you live in Italy), so I went with the first sealant I could find. Having never tried MSC, I can’t really compare, but so far, looks like this thing is pretty good. Tried it on my first MH repaint, her face-up is still in place three years later… and she only has, like, one coat XD 
  • Acrylic colors: nothing special, guess any acrylic brand will do :)
  • Pastels: I kind of broke them into pieces and used the dust to do the contouring, pretty much as seen in this video :D (only that I didn’t use sandpaper, I simply rubbed them on a plastic plate that had a rough bottom ò__ò)
  • Watercolor pencils: tried both Derwent and Staedtler. Staedtler sucked, all I got was dirty, barely visible lines and dust. Derwent pencils, instead, worked like a charm *____*

Also, these are the brushes that I used: 

(The brand is Borciani e Bonazzi. Not sure if they can be found anywhere outside of Italy D: these ones are syntetic and their sizes are 1 and 4)

For more tips and tricks, I highly recommend the aforementioned Nicolle’s Dreams channel on Youtube: not only she does beautiful repaints, she also offers many useful suggestions for beginners! :D


(lol it’s like a before and after a glo up or something lol)

Thank you to the lovely @sugasweet for giving me a reason to post selfies <3 I recently redyed my hair and it looks hella fire ay

aight, imma tag whoever the heck wants to do this cuz y'all already know who I’ll tag anyway….screw it, tagging mutuals lol

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I wanna see all your beautiful faces. Lemme be able to have your beauty on my blog <3

I’m thinking about Zayn’s injured hand. The way things are, if Zayn punches somebody in the face, i would almost feel sorry for the person, lol. Except for Simon, Mcgee, Griffiths (the list is long, unfortunately). But my opinion is, when everything is too much to handle it, he goes and punch a wall (or whatever) to send a message.

Like that time in Las Vegas, 2012:

And we all know what happened behind the scenes. 

Or that time with Perrie, after another “cheating scandal” took the papers in early 2013:

Before and after, a few days apart. :((

And now with Zigi:

I bet it’s suffocating, but like the other times, he’s going to persevere. But the message is sent. He’s done. Enough.

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Hey, you! Would it be too much trouble to ask you some of YOUR favourite Joker imagine/fanfictions that you've read? :)

Nope, I will give you the links to my absolutely favorites! :D Warning, please just read if you’re okay with smut. :) And a big thank you to all the writers, those storys are amazing as hell! <3 Hope you enjoy them as much, as I did and still do. <3

1. http://imaginedatboi.tumblr.com/post/148979432383/smile-doll-face (both parts)

2. http://xxemoji-ogxx.tumblr.com/post/149091135583/insane

3. http://rigormorton32.tumblr.com/post/148705975480/your-first-taste-of-love-is-always-bittersweet  (If you like her work, you totaly should wait for her sequel, I’m so excited for that one!)

4. http://ramblingthoughtsofayoungadult.tumblr.com/post/146046211978/queen-trumps-joker-joker-imagine

5. http://fandxm-world.tumblr.com/post/149190200572/maid-joker-x-reader-imagine-part-2-an-ok-im

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Gin it was so cool learning all this about you! How many immediate family members do you have?

The cat makes five!

Brother’s pretty cool (he’s an awesome gamer too I buy him games I can’t play so I can watch _(:3」∠)_ ) mom’s really petite she steals my brother’s jackets and I, well, I steal the rest of his clothes. And father is a huge nerd his fav tv show is Big Bang Theory… AND THE CAT IS PRETTY FAT 


because ya girl finally has an excuse to post 2 out of the 20 something dog filter selfies saved on her phone!

i was tagged in a variety of tags but decided to do the filter one! so thank you to @woozisvt @nowjunhui and @rebelcoups for tagging me to expose my face lol. you three are so pretty, your selfies have blessed my entire existence! ♡ ♡ ♡

now i tag: @jisoostar @adorexuminghao @charmingscoups @ftcoupss @heoni @jeonkwons  @4jmin and @minegyuu (i don’t think i’ve introduced myself to 6/8 of you peach puffs, but hi, i’m denise and i hope we get to know each other!)

and as always, feel free to opt out! (´。• ᵕ •。`)


my lance afest selfies!! check out my marco and akaashi ones here

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