P l e a s e. Bts fans, don’t shit on uniq! Uniq fans, don’t shit back on bts!!!

BTS deserves the win. I understand that! BTS has been around for 2 years now. They’ve successfully established a large fanbase quickly. They are all talented musicians who all work 22 hour days to perfect their craft. They should earn a well-deserved win!! They are all great people!!

However, what people don’t seem to understand, is that UNIQ deserves the win also!! Uniq has worked hard to debut!!! They have worked 22 hour days as well!! They’ve worked even harder for their choreography where they had to flash their abs, constantly toning and dieting. They are all great people as well!!!

The point here is, neither group is more deserving of the win than the other. Bts may work hard, but Uniq does as well. Uniq may work hard, but Bts does as well. Please don’t shit on either of them and try to support both groups and get your faves the win next time!!!!


dave strider everyone

Who the fuck do you armys think you are, going into bts biased blogs and giving them hate for supporting uniq???? Are you really that shallow???