About Homeworld (Steven Universe)

So the last episode (”When It Rains”) brought up a few interesting details about Homeworld and the gem civilization that got me thinking.

First off, there’s the fact that Peridot didn’t know what rain was. Not that she’d never seen rain before, but that the entire concept of rain was entirely alien to her.

Now, rain isn’t exactly a rare phenomenon. Pretty much anywhere that has a thick enough atmosphere, it tends to rain something. Some planets rain sulfuric acid, or glass, or diamond, or ammonia, or molten steel, but the overall phenomenon of “rain” is everywhere. So it’s especially odd that it apparently doesn’t rain on Homeworld.

It may just be that Homeworld just doesn’t have that much of an atmosphere (rocks don’t have to breathe, after all), but when you couple that with more details in the episode and in other episodes, a very intriguing possibility comes up:

“Homeworld” may not actually be a planet, per se.

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  • friend:I just started watching anime
  • me:oh welcome to anime hell
  • friend:anime hell? more like anime heaven
  • me:you've obviously haven't been here long enough

Feanor against the Lord of Balrogs by Evolvana

Undertale fandom

*Points at the Mystery Man* Is he Gaster?

*Points at River Person* Are you Gaster?

*Points at the bed spoon in the lab* What about that? Could that be Gaster?

*Points at Shyren’s Agent* Gaster?

*Points at the clam person at the water fountain* Gaster?

*Points at the River Person’s dog boat* Gaster?

*Points at the talking rock in the beginning of the game* Gaster?

*Points at the asterisk before all the dialogue* Gaster?

*Points at the snowman* Gaster?

*Points at Gyftrot* Gaster?

*Points at Frisk* Gaster?

*Points at Sans* Gaster?

*Points at Annoying Dog* Gaster?