Peridot theory (Steven Universe)

Thought I’d contribute. After the last episode (Friend Ship), I noticed something kind of interesting about Peridot: She has absolutely no idea how her own gadgets work.

I mean look. Here she is being completely surprised that her stasis ability even works:

And here she is being shocked by the power of own arm cannon:

And even though we’ve seen her helicoptering around for a while, she still seems to be inexperienced with it:

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Apparently 'Deez Nuts' was accepted on the Iowa and North Carolina ballot because literally anyone can submit a declaration of candidacy, and no one checks to see if it's authentic. It's only after a candidate raises over $5,000 in campaign funds that they ask for a legal name and other verifiable information. Any lower than that and no one even checks to see if the given address even exists. And that's how a 15-year-old won nearly 10% of the North Carolina polls with a prank.

“Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I’ve ever encountered in my life. What a guy! I honestly (couldn)’t trust him more. Not evil in (any) way, Bill is a true gentleman.”

im wrapping my mind around the fact that when ford said this he was being genuine.

  • friend:I just started watching anime
  • me:oh welcome to anime hell
  • friend:anime hell? more like anime heaven
  • me:you've obviously haven't been here long enough
  • Current Disney cartoons, season 1:Light, harmless, and somewhat naive, populated with simple challenges and easy-to-swallow morals. Sometimes it dips its toes into something more nuanced, but not before retreating back to a watered-down funland of happiness and the power of friendship. Everything is always fine in the end.
  • Current Disney cartoons, season 2:Everything you know is wrong. There is nothing but hopeless despair and an ever-increasing sense of dread and disillusionment. The galaxy is on fire. The universe is splitting in two. Lives are ripped apart and families are torn asunder. The good guys may win, but not without losing something they hold dear. The whimsy is still there, but it is a charade; a weak, reassuring smile to distract from the inexorable march towards the inevitable destruction of everything that once was. As everything burns, you begin to realize that all the whimsy and friendship of before was all along just an act to placate those who needed protecting from the terrible truth. Nothing is, will be, or ever has been, fine.