⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌-Youtubers animal squad in Anarcute !


Yea i’ve drawn anarcute stuff for dah entire week. (✿´◉◞⊖◟◉`✿) Don’t mind meh, i was waiting for this game to be released on steam for few months .i’m going nutz with the amazing soundtrack. 

If you like kyote animals and destruction, feel free to take a look to this freakin’ amazing piece of gold game . it’s not free tho’ but it totally worth  the price ! -Coup de coeur à la frenchy !-//wink wonk// ⋋(‘Θ’◍)⋌ :.。✯*


So close to being done with my first Assassin’s Creed embroidery piece for my recent cosplay but I ran out of thread! The right was the first side I did and I don’t really like my technique there but I like the left and top sides. I’m going to put beads and stuff on it so I don’t think it will be so obvious. I have some more embroidery designs for the rest of the tunic now too!

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I’m Eric, I am 17 from Michigan. 

Interests: I love playing music, I am an absolute music nerd, I play: acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard and synths, bass, piano, drums, percussion, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, organ, and a few others. I love all things instrument related, music theory. Anything.

I’m a decent gamer, I play on Xbox one, mainly overwatch and smite. But I have a few other games. Also I play some mobile games, Clash Royale and Pokemon GO, which I am currently addicted to. 

I skipped a few grades and did some dual enrollment, so I am already in college. I am currently a biology/chemistry double major with a focus in pre-pharmacy. 

I LOVE the Walking Dead! both the comics and the TV show. Also, I am in love with the Blacklist. Bobs burgers, the 100, dance moms, AGT, and Survivor are also good shows. But I currently am very addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. 

I don’t really mind age, gender, sexuality, or religion ( I do love talking religion and learning other peoples religions and talking about it) But please message me!!!!

Kik: ctkjjjv      (<—— preferred method)

snapchat: eric_duguay

Tumblr:  SqueezeTheL3monx

I’ve been playing overwatch since it came out and all I’ve played are the player vs AI.
I’m honestly too nervous to do competitive play because I’m afraid of failing my team as mercy or hanzo. ;; I have no idea how to get the courage to play competitive. Do any of you have advice to help me with this?

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i play overwatch on xbox and i frickin love the game but for some reason, everyone in competitive mode is INCREDIBLY fuckibg stupid. i really want to steal a computer so i can play overwatch with competent people. please fucking kill me before my 9 deranks do first.

I’ve noticed that teams are totally out of sync more often in competitive than normals. I’ve decided to wait it out for awhile and work on playing a lot of quick play to get super good at some heroes and have a better chance in competitive than I do now. I’m sorry :(

Things my friends and I say while playing Xbox

Part one of many:

-what if Obama was a goat?
-“do you have gravy? I could have sworn I smelled gravy!” “We’re talking through headsets”
-“quit riding my ass!!” “When you put it like that it sounds bad”
-*singing* I fucking diiiiiieeeedd
-“where are you?” “Over here” “you really cleared that up”
- “watch this” *fails spectacularly* “perfect”

I’m gonna try to get more online multiplayer games because I wanna play with subscribers. What are y'all playing! I have Xbox and PS

funny story, so last night I was out with a friend of mine in the village at this place where you can play board games and all sorts of cool shit.

so we are playing “life junior” (basically life for little kids) and you pick up cards and answer the question on the card for yourself and i picked up a card that read “what was the last toy you played with?”

i read it out loud and we both just kind of stared at each other for a solid 5 minutes, blushing like mature adult women and she giggled “you don’t have to tell me the last toy you played with if you don’t want to.”

my response with the biggest fucking grin;
“xbox. i played with my xbox the other day.”

if this isn’t an accurate representation of me than idk what is.

Looking for friends to chat with

Hey! I’m Mia, I’m 19 going on 20 in October. I’m lesbian, I like drawing and pretty much anything creative. I also like playing my Xbox halo and destiny are my favorite games. anywho just looking for some cool girls to chat with, I’m on kik as WolfGal55. so if you’d like to get to know me feel free to message me :)

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What are some things you would like to do with A, as in activities?

I want to:
-walk our dogs
-go shopping
-go grocery shopping
-play the guitar together
-visit him at work
-talk a lot
-go hiking
-play xbox

I want everything but with him.

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You're beautiful, what do you game on? You have great choices in games! Dark Souls and Gears Of War are amazing 😆

Awh haha thanks 🙈🙈 I play Xbox at the mo but might be getting a PS4 😁 mainly FPS games but my all time faves are Skyrim & GOW … which is why I’m reluctant to change to playstation cus I can’t miss our on GOW 😉😂 but thoroughly enjoying Dark Souls … I like a good challenge 😉😂


who do y'all main in overwatch and what platform of gaming are you on?
I play as mercy and when I get the break from her I’ll play as hanzo. I also play on the Xbox one. I’m only asking because I don’t really have anyone to play with also I was curious and I was hoping I could maybe fine some people to play sometime when I’m on.

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99. Are you afraid of falling in love?

Definitely not afraid of it. Do I think I’m capable of it though, that’s a different story. I truly think I may be missing the part of my brain that would allow me to feel that madly in love with someone feeling. Even my ex, we were engaged, and I just… I was sad that we weren’t together but I think I missed playing Xbox with him and the friendship aspects more than the romantic ones. And I imagine if I have to wonder whether or not I’ve ever been in love then the answer would be that I haven’t been. For someone who’s never been single for more than a few weeks (until this last break up in February I’ve decided to just be by myself for a while) I find it strange that I’ve never connected to someone in that way before. I would absolutely love to be in love. When I see my fave celebrities like the spn cast or Andy biersack talking about their wives and their love, I’m envious. I’d love to adore someone so much, but I just never do. Outside of Spencer Reid, I don’t know. Not afraid of it at all. But just not capable maybe… Idk.


Ok, so I was playing Xbox earlier and responded to a post asking if Gays were born gay. I defended the integrity of gay people, sayinf it really doesnt matter and that they were as entitled to a happy life as anyone else born on this earth. Almost immediately I got responses. Backlash from “Christians” who would rather curse me and hate on me then accept gay people into society. It got to the point where several of them were spamming me with religious posts. I asked them to stop…they didnt. I blocked a few of them, but then one attacked me. I dont think I did anything wrong. I just asked them to stop and gave them a reason as to why I asked…

It’s really a shame…all this hate abd negativity going on, and all some people can do is spread more of it. I didn’t even know people like this were on Xbox…it’s kind of disheartening.

(I’m the one in Green)