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47. "No one needs to know". I'd love Joker/Shepard, but that never seems to work. So any pairing/situation of your choice works for me. :)

House arrest


Not exactly. Not for Shepard. She’s in Alliance HQ, probably trying to make new droids out of solar batteries and drinking straws. Williams is there, new-decorated and still pissed as hell, if the comms aren’t lying. Tali, if EDI is to be believed, is very busy in Quarian space and Garrus–well. Paladin has him. Joker wonders if he’s bored. 

Joker is bored. Not the good sort. The kind where you end up drawing schematics on your casts and think, yeah, anything is better than this. The kind where you find yourself in training academy with kids throwing things at your head and being all smile, Moreau, smile until you’ve fractured your wrist on someone’s teeth and your GPA makes even the worst instructors mumble that, yeah, maybe you’ve learned something. 

This bored is the sick kind. Where you’re too much of one thing (alive, stuff to do with hands, not-in-a-cell) to feel what you’re feeling (cold-sweat shaky, skin-too-tight, trapped, pissed off, scared) and the result is inertia.

Grounded or not, he has the Normandy. And EDI’s plan, which she is enjoying way more than she should. The harmless-AI routine is pretty sweet, but he’s half sure he can taste her glee. “Tone it down,” he’s told her. 

I am operating at 37.25 per cent capacity, Mr. Moreau. Words on his omnitool. Nothing out loud. Too much risk. With this comes a 46 per cent reduction in illumination. 


He has the Normandy. Shepard died so he could have the Normandy. Well, not just that. It was more that…not the point, Jeff. Shepard died and she shouldn’t have had to, and Joker wonders if she has nightmares about surgery as much as space. 

Even sped-up and with sleep mixed in, grafts hurt. Shepard moved like it didn’t, touched her face like it did. New-grown fingertips on new-jointed skin, the cybernetics shifting with her emotions in a way the med techs should really have fixed up, if you thought about it. 

Hard not to think about it, though Shepard did her best. Her whole distracted zen thing. Building things. Keeping her hair in that harsh post-resurrection buzzcut because she said it kept static electricity shocks down by half. Also made her eyes look huge and her ears…well. 

She laughed about that, too. Ran her hands along the fancy leather of the captain’s chair just to make him squirm, and each loopy smile said that they were okay, that it didn’t matter, that she had life to live, even if she knew her guardian angels were on loan from Cerberus and were probably rigged to explode. 

She laughed, and it was hard to remember Hannah Shepard’s po-faced alliance brat on Arcturus (Joker isn’t sure the Commander remembers her, or if she ever stops to think that someone else might). She looked out Joker’s windows with a set jaw and sweat pooling in her collar, saying no, don’t change the display. Just one more second, and–

–She’s on the ground now. Joker has the Normandy. Shepard has shitloads of time and an angry new Lieutenant, other friends scattered among new and old stars.  And him, if he can work out what that means. 

You are being maudlin, Mr. Moreau. 

“Nobody asked you, EDI.” 

If you did, I would point out that it is possible for me to encrypt communications between Normandy and Alliance terminals without undue risk to my ‘cover’. Tali’Zorah vas Normandy and I have been in correspondence for some months. You could talk to her.

EDI probably couldn’t see a smirk on her current settings. Didn’t matter. “Who, Tali?”

And now you are being obtuse. 

Joker watches the pixels flare and settle on his screen. Tiny heartbeats of light. 

You and Shepard can talk to each other, EDI writes. And no one needs to know. 

IDOLiSH7 Anniversary Chapter [Drunk Sougo]


This is a spoiler. Read this at your own risk.

Tsunashi Ryuunosuke
“Sougo-kun, are you okay with your body tilting around?
……I meant, why are you leaning on me?”

Osaka Sougo
“This position is high……”

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listen. if you know me and we’re friends and you gotta crush on me you better SPEAK up cause good chances are i might have one on you too if not i’ll still think you’re cool don’t fear rejection

  • There’s currently a game campaign where the Love (aka how many times you can play before you have to wait) is now recharging at half the speed (i.e. it used to be 30 minutes but now it recharges in 15 minutes). This campaign will last until the 26th of Aug.
  • There’s also an explanation of how to perform a combo and a “memory feature”.

( Srsly there’s nothing more beautiful than hearing the Athena saying “Prepare to attack” and your team is slowly turning into this:

Like it started with 3 players being Junkrat and without saying anything we all knew what we had to do. Give in to the chaos. This happened like 3 times to me now & I honestly gotta say with a team like this it’s always most fun. )

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I don't know much about gaming and Kojima, just tell me will it be cool or not? :)

it’s ok, you’re not really behind on this because even gaming enthusiasts and journalists have no idea what Death Stranding is xD

Kojima’s pretty much a legend in the industry. I think most people are very optimistic because this is the first game he’s doing without studio interference, and he’s clearly trying to oversee every step of the process. He hasn’t made any flops yet so I’m fairly confident DS will turn out fine - but the anticipation for this game seems unreal already, which is good and bad I guess. It’s hard to say anything until we get gameplay footage, or at least a full trailer.

After several shitstorms due to out-of-control expectations I’ve seen in gaming (Destiny, No Man’s Sky, most recent Ubisoft games, etc), I’m hesitant to judge DS so early on, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried about it becoming a victim of the hype train as well.