I’m really tired of people saying they want to date me, never asking me on a date or even TRYING, and then being mad at me/ending up hating me.
If you say you want to do it, do it? Just ask me on a date. Don’t just post/talk about it a bunch and then get hurt when nothing happens and blame it on me.
Also consider: I’m a real person with real feelings. I have school and a life and it sucks to get a million messages calling me a bitch because I didn’t answer a message immediately after receiving it. I sometimes don’t check my phone all day because looking at the number of unread texts really overwhelms me and I can’t deal with that and class at the same time.

honestly what cracks me up with hxh is like

it starts like a normal shonen with a deadlike exam, then the zoldyck family arc that is honestly still quite accurate to its story, and the heaven arena is more typical shonen stuff

and then we switch to a Mafia/Noir story with tricks and mental games 

and just after that you’re in a bright and colorfull video game in which you collect cards

and then you get the gore and disturbing arc with the ants that eat people and will bring the end of the world

and then a story about politics involving furries + family issues

all in the same manga I love this manga 

I’ve seen a bit of Markiplier’s let’s play online and…I dunno. With only seeing the 1st chapter, it’s a little early to really judge what kind of horror game this game is going to be. The aesthetics are interesting, and I still hope it does well, but at the moment I still don’t have a whole lot of interest checking it out.

That Bendy and the Ink Machine song actually got me to easily go to sleep with it’s funky murderous rhythms. Thank you, insanely catchy song, for curing my two weeks of insomia.

Although, I should probably give credit to the fact my nephew finally came home from the hospital yesterday– so my anxiety wasn’t at full compacity either. BUT I AM GIVING CREDIT TO THE SONG! 

every time someone tells me to not play mccree/switch because im bad I laugh

it’s like i don’t know or something