zest??? zest!!! 

there are a lot of good experiences in my life i associate with playing muted video games while listening to other stuff in the background

what comes to mind first is listening to alex jones’s show while playing diablo 3

i think i came close to exiting my body that day

Five years ago..

Five years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life…
it was a situation I didn’t think I could get out of.
I smiled, I laughed, I played the game.
I didn’t want to walk down the aisle.
But I did it.
Four years ago I was scrambling for a way to get out.
I’m so happy I took a chance and made it.
I never thought I’d be where I am today.
It is possible. You can do it too.

One of the most memorable and proud moments I’ve had (other than the obvious getting out) was I had a few others friends come out of the woodwork who built up the courage to get out after listening to my story.

If you need someone to listen. I am here.

let the cannon tell the heavens
and the heavens tell the earth
that death is drinking to my health,
so I can play his game
a little longer. he wants to make sure
I am judged
—  @thefias-co

Screenshots from TOAD’S GOT SOME MOVES | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe #3! :D

I love Seán’s Mario Kart videos so much! :D It brings back so many memories I have of playing Mario Kart and it makes me feel better seeing him have almost the same thoughts I do when I play. xD Except for me change the hate for Toadette to Donkey Kong. :P But yeah I love watching him play this game because I think even when he gets frustrated at the game he’s still having fun with it and I like seeing him genuinely having fun with the games he plays. Plus it’s hilarious seeing become super competitive towards the characters in this game, haha! :)
Also holy shit Seán’s impression of Toad is good! xD Toad has one of those voices that’s really hard to imitate because you pretty much have to make your voice crack to do it. But Seán’s impression is very spot on and I love hearing him do that voice and making Toad swear and say things like “fuck you bitches!” xD God I love these videos so much! ^_^

Alec Martinez - Jealousy

anon request: Can you write an alec martinez imagine where you’re out with the team after a win or something and he gets jealous so he becomes overprotective and you think it’s cute?

okay so i know literally nothing  about the la kings and their players so i hope you liked this anon. 

i know i  havent posted in a while but i am working on a few right now and next should be a matthew tkachuk fluff coming up soon!!!

requests are open:))

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so here i was playing a game of call of duty with johnny. “ha!” i laughing clicking the right trigger and getting the perfect headshot on jonathan. “not so quick anymore, are ya?” i laughed loudly.

my phone began buzzing with text messages from the one and only alec martinez.


'i’m bored plz answer’



i finally had enough of the buzzing and called him. “i’m in the middle of cod babe"i sighed over dramatically, obviously. then i continued talking. "johnny sucks at this game, holy” i laughed as i got him down once again.

“it’s just you and johnny there?” he asked with an uneasy tone in his voice. “yeah, is there something wrong al?” i asked holding the phone tightly between my ear and shoulder. the sound of gunshots was loud from the tv speakers and i could only imagine it was loud i alec’s ear.

“uh, no not at all. ill be home soon” he said and hung up quickly. i looked at my phone oddly and put it down. “are you okay” johnny asked, i nodded. “are you sure?” he asked sliding closer to me. “i think alec is jealous” i mumbled. i shook my head quickly then looked back at johnny. “lets get to playing loser” i tried to keep a smile on my face but alec was rarely jealous, it was odd.

after a bit johnny left and alec came home. “hey baby” i smiled walking up to him and placing a light peck on his lips, “how was your day?” i asked and he just shrugged. “want to have a couple of people from the team over and go in the pool or something?” he asked and i nodded excitedly because it meant all of the WAGS are coming and i love them all so much.

once eight o'clock came around many players and WAGS had arrived and we were all sipping on beers while sitting outside near the pool, the fairy lights around us were illuminating the kind of dark night.

“y/n come in the pool!” johnny called me over, i could see alec giving him a dirty look and i didn’t want to make him more mad than he already was, “maybe later” i smiled softly at johnny and i looked over at alec and saw his shoulders relax slightly as he was engaging in conversation with one of his line mates.

“so how are you and alec doing?” nicole, dustins wife asked. i shrugged, “were doing good but he’s starting to get jealous of me and johnnys friendship” i said leaning back in the beach chair taking a sip of my beer. “i can tell” nicole leaned back also. “i think you should go join johnny in the water and tell alec to come too, ill come also we’ll get a game of pool volleyball going” she smiled and stood up grabbing some people and coming to the pool.

i quickly striped down into my navy blue bikini and jumped into the pool, i started a small conversation with johnny about one of the basketball games that was on the other day. “alec are you coming in?” i asked, he looked over surprised and nodded sending me the cutest smile.

“what’s up baby” he said after he jumped into the water and went under then resurfaced. “i just wanted you to come in” i smiled, then leaned into his touch as his arm slipped around my waist. “i-im gonna go talk to anže” johnny said suddenly feeling awkward with the whole situation.

once he walked away alec swiftly turned me around so i was facing him and he pulled me up and on to his lap. since we were in water i was “extra light” according to him. “finally i can have you be my girlfriend and not be johnnys” he sighed nuzzling his head into my neck.

“what’s that supposed to mean?” i asked pulling his head up so he looked at me. he sighed and would make eye contact, “it’s just lately you have been spending so much time with him” he paused for a moment than contributed, “its feels like your more his person than you are mine” he said shyly.

i put my hands on both side of his face so he was forced to look me in the eye, “you listen to me alec martinez” i said sternly. “i am your girlfriend, i am your person and you are mine. if you want to play xbox with us, or with me you come and play but remember i’m your girl” i pulled alec in for a kiss that lasted long and was interrupted by a splash.

“get a room!” someone yelled and everyone laughed. “don’t be jealous baby, i’m all yours” i smiled then splashed him in the face with water, and the night went on to the hours of early morning with many beers and laughs, but it was filled with love and no jealousy.

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I was playing a board game with my Bro and his friends and the board game has a character named Father Rienheart like from Overwatch, then one of my bro's friends told us the story of when a Father Rienheart came out of nowhere and bulldozed a healer that the friend was waving at off a cliff. After that we played the game and I won because I became a horrorterror.

Oh my go d


16 miles. First eight using the Apple Watch workout app. The return back 8 miles using Cyclemeter which does not share its workout with the Workout/Activities app but shares to Strava. And then Strava shares to the Workout/Activities app. Leaving some data out, lame. I feel like I’m playing the fitness telephone game. Hey makers of Runmeter, Walkmeter and Cyclemeter, get with the friggin program it’s 2017 share your data directly with the Apple Watch and the Apple activities Apple like everybody else does.

i went to pick up my new modem and the lady was insisting i didn’t need a 1t internet package and she kept asking what i do online and forced me to admit in front of two other customers that i play games what kind of hell


I seem to play this card game every time I go to a convention nowadays.  And this time, Silver Quill gets to be the Psychotic Bunny :)

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They are hiring Nintendo Ambassadors for Canada in my city!!!