So I’m staying at my sisters house for some family business and guess what I find out; my brother in law has Overwatch for PS4! So they let me try it out a bit, which was awesome! It’s so cool to play as the characters I’ve been drawing all this time!
I won’t be posting much this week, hope you understand. Take care y'all!

P.S: I uh…never actually thought of what my blog description would be once I played the game. This is a bit awkward…..

Story time: Ink Bendy spawned at the end of the hall with the poster; I decided to play a little game with him. Let him see me, I jumped into the little hole next to the elevator on K, thinking I’d have time to jump up on the barrels before he caught me if he followed me in. Music suddenly died, like when he gives up the chase, and ink veins slowly started disappearing. I thought he lost me. I cautiously hop up on the barrels to peek around the corner–only to find the big creep waiting for me right around the corner and going into attack mode.

Big bastard tricked me.

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I had no idea Hat Kid was an alien. I just thought she was a snappy dresser on an adventure. I seriously need to play this game now.

She’s described as a “human-like alien”. And she has a space ship. So fair enough, y’know.

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Lutz!! You're amazing!!! What's your favorite thing to do when you're at home! <3 -Positivity Anon

“I’ve practically been playing video games since they were invented! So I always kept up wit the trends and popular games! So far I haven’t been beaten in Mario Cart, hah!!” 

Inktober Day 16

New set of cheapo pens finally came in, so have a much darker lined entry, ha ha.  It’s the most relatable main character from a jrpg I’ve ever played as, Neku Sakuraba.

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ok so i absolutely love your legacy and its definitely inspired me bc I've always struggled with using normal gameplay pics as well as trying to tell a story/use poses n stuff but you seem to blend both seamlessly and its really helped me in telling my own story so ty<3

i am so honoured and happy to hear this omg!!! thank you so much for this message. i always struggled trying to figure out how i wanted my legacy to be because i really love just playing my game, but for certain things i NEED poses!!! so i just go with the flow and i know it’s not perfect but i’m super glad you can relate and it inspires you and has helped u with ur story!!!

thank you again for this message and i’m so so so glad you enjoy my legacy!!! have a lovely day!! 💛

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Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I love all your DnD art! I have been trying to find a group, but it doesn't seem any are close to me lol. Do you know of other places besides comic book stores that might have groups?? (sorry for asking you this, I really am a noob when it comes to this game)

That’s ok! So confession time, I have never ever been to a real life DnD session. All the ones I have ever played have been online with friends! I prefer it that way honestly as I am more likely to in character with not one looking at me. Haha!

As far as finding a group, I’ve just been lucky I guess. If you get an account with roll 20 ( which is where I have always played my games. There are other sites I am sure that you could do this on) there are always games looking for players. That might be a good option.

I’d invite you to play with us, but we have such a big group as is it would be hard to squeeze you in n-n”

We Know The Devil




Clearly this liveblog is starting off on the right foot. WELCOME FRIENDS, as I journey into this … whatever it is. I’ll say up front that I’m playing this game not just spoiler-free but context-free. I vaguely know that it’s a visual novel type of game, and … and there is no and.

So, to that end: PLEASE NO SPOILERS OF ANY KIND. I’m coming at this game without any knowledge beyond what I’ve played so far. If I’m off-base, if I’m interpreting it “wrong”, if I’ve missed something, if I’ll learn differently later, literally anything that could impact my experience to the positive or negative are things I don’t want to be told. PLEASE HOLD THOSE THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS. Spoilers only ruin the experience for me and the point for you guys, and they are nobody’s friend.

Finally, this liveblog is being sponsored by @skylineofspace. So if you’re loving that this is happening on the blog today, make sure to drop them a note of thanks!

I’ve got the game installed and ready to run. I will strive for your vengeance, O Bicycle. I WILL TRY.

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It must feel so weird to see skeletons without clothes after you play undertale and crap am I right??

To Be Honest..I Never Played The Game, The Only Time I Found Out About Undertale was from a Youtube Video Called DropSkeletonJapes (Drop Pop Candy Undertale Parody Music Video) My Friend NocturnalRavers Showed Me on Facebook. and Seen Fandom Artworks, I’ve Seen The Game Play Way Back of Undertale, Now Looking Back at the Game Play and Fandom Arts. It is Kinda Weird a Little, But at Sametime, It’s Normal