I’m having a good time painting today with the sunshine. I love my cute fuzzy bees I’m working on in my new painting “Pink Lemonade” 💗🐝🍋 Nothing but cuteness on these little guys! And for the first time ever I’m giving them a little glitter in their eyes for a little added bling bling ✨😊 Im so happy that I didn’t go full blown flu so I could do some painting today. Hope you are all having a great day and I hope these fuzzybumbles brighten your day too💖#blingblingbees #glitterisbetter

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I recently saw a lady who lives in the UK and paints on radiotherapy mask and molds for a local children’s hospital and I thought it was an amazing gift to those children. 

I reached out to the Phoenix Children’s hospital to set up a meeting with someone down there and try to work out the logistics of me doing this here in town.

We’ll see how it goes

anonymous asked:

How's college and your wrist, darling?

College is hard!!!! ive never been so tired in my life!!!! WHY DID I TAKE THREE STUDIO CLASSES AT ONCE????? I just finished two paintings and a long ass banner thing for my drawing class and i gotta say my time is LIMITED for fun stuff. 

My wrist is okay, it flares up every now and again but im getting back to what i used to be able to do. Just a bit more carefully, haha;;;;