Hey guys! Recently I hit 3k followers (I still cant believe you guys follow my messy, lame ass) and I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been on this site for a long time and I’ve made lots of wonderful friendships that really complete my blogging experience. To commemorate 3k and all you beautiful people, here’s my favorite blogs and favorite people!

P.S. since there’s been so much drama in the fandom, many people changed their urls so I’m sorry if I forgot anyone

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Thanks for making tumblr so enjoyable for me! If anyone ever wants to chat feel free to leave a message. Love you guys


Hi everyone! It’s been a week since I went on hiatus but since my birthday is tomorrow (actually in like 1.5 hours lol) I decided to end it. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this blog and the fandom as a whole. Although I thought about deleting this blog, I’ve decided to continue to post. My love for B.A.P will never change and I’ve made some of the most amazing friends here that I don’t think I could leave. I really missed you all so much, especially those of you who responded to my hiatus post:

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updates then im gonna sleep:

  • i am a teacher now w/ a filipinx program geared towards K-12 but there are some teachers in the program who teach at the college lvl. i made friends and peers and while i have my own personal criticisms (as yall know me), i am glad to be with mostly likeminded folxs. 
  • school literally starts on wednesday, i got my student loans (i am abt to fuckin cry lmao), and i am settled in SF for those who didnt kno
  • uh yeah thats p much it actually………………….
  • i would type more on my teaching experience but i might make a blogspot or a non-tumblr blog bc again, not rly feeling tumblr anymore
New Pastel Blog

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the pastel blog community and I need some new blogs to follow. Reblog this post if you post the following:




If you guys follow me then I’ll follow you guys back!

Thank you so much!

P.S I know I made another post that was similar to this, but this is the better version of it..I guess.

Happy 2 Monthiversary! :D

Omg how in the world do I celebrate??!! Today marks the 2 monthiversary of this blog and I woke up to 800 followers!!!!! :DDDDDD This is so crazy because first off I never expected to even reach 100! I remember starting this blog (on June 20th jsyk hehe :P) and thinking to myself “I just want to post these texts I made real quick and if anyone likes them cool!” I literally thought it’d only get like 13 likes idk why that number but that’s what I thought so! It really warms my heart to see you guys requesting and talking to me and liking my texts!!!! I’d be perfectly happy with having 10 followers to be honest so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVEN FOLLOWING ME FOR WHATEVER REASON!!!! I wish I could do like a cool giveaway for you guys or something but I don’t wanna eat ramen for the rest of the week so I hope this post is enough to show my appreciation for you all!!!! 😅 I LOVE YOU GUUUUUUUUYYYSSSS!!!!!!

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anonymous asked:

i divorced spn about 4 years ago, but about a month ago i discovered your blog and decided to do a rewatch of the earlier seasons. I am now on 10x15 and stalk your blog through every episode. your blog made me enjoy this show again and since it was my first fandom love, i just want to thank you <3<3<3

Wow, I’m not sure I should be delighted or apologetic for dragging you back in when you’d got out :P SPN is one of my long-time loves as well even if I only found the fandom probably around the time you were quitting, or later (Hm, I think I’ve been here less than 3 years?) 

I love this show so much and I’m ecstatic I can share that…

… on the other hand my season 10 tags are sort of lawless and over-emotional because I’ve never really been back to it since they aired with hindsight opinions, and it was my first over-excited year in fandom. I feel like where you are right now? I really need to warn you the whole reason I dedicated my previous summer to rolling around in all the early seasons and making my blog into a big resource celebrating them (that then inevitably wandered as far as Carver Era :P) is because I ended up very disappointed with the end of season 10 at a time when a LOT of people also divorced the entire show and never came back… I re-ignited my OWN love of the show over that summer going back to the start, so try not to take my gloom and bitterness in my 10x23 tag too seriously because there’s mood whiplash when season 11 starts on my blog and you skip all that time and catch me reinvigorated and happy to keep watching if you go right from one episode to the next :P Season 11 is all full of love for the show again and since it was my second season watching with the fandom, I’d learned a bit more about keeping my head and not being so influenced by potential negativity or wild hopeful speculation, or that I could agree with criticisms without having to cut my own arm off over it. I had some character development of my own still to go at that point >.> 

This might not even effect you, especially if you’re watching all of this new and with less expectations, and can go right into season 11 after so you’re not going to get as caught up on it as it felt watching it all as it aired. I hope so anyway >.>

Only warning you because I just realised if you’re reading along for the love on my blog, there’s a couple of episodes at the end of s10 where that disappears briefly, but I fought to get it back because this show has been a part of my heart for so long I couldn’t bear losing it, which is what you’ve mostly read from me about seasons 1-5 on this blog. 

Eurgh I should probably go re-read my season 10 tags and tidy them up a bit :P Maybe when I get there in the rewatch… 

Team 7 Headcanons

I made these a long time ago before I deleted my first blog. :p I’m going to do it again because Naruto will always be one of my fav animes. 
I rewrote this a really long time ago and never posted it! So, here you go! 😊


He’s a very ticklish bby. At first tickling made him super uncomfortable because he wasn’t really used to it. Mostly Jiraiya or Iruka tickled him. So it turned into a thing of love. While he doesn’t really enjoy being on the receiving side all that much, he loves to give them! He likes making people smile, also he find it pretty entertaining. Him being the ler doesn’t last long before they easily turn the tables. 

His most ticklish spots are his neck, sides, and stomach. 


Least ticklish person on team seven, not saying she’s not ticklish but she’s the least ticklish. Of course her parents tickled her, but she received her fair share of  tickles from Ino when younger. She’s kind of neutral to being tickled if no one’s around. She is violent when tickled tho, and people have become even more cautious of that since she became scary strong.

Her underarms are crazy ticklish.


He may not look like but he’s v ticklish himself. If he got any tickles they were from his mom and they were p quick. He hasn’t really been tickled. Which is good because he doesn’t like it anyway. No one really knew he ticklish except for Naruto, (SAkura knows now), and Naruto took full advantage of it! He poked Sasuke to get his attention all the time. Of course Kakashi picked on it and did the same.

He’s a ticklish bby, lol. But his back is super ticklish, along with his legs and thighs! 


HE WAS/IS SUPER TICKLISH. His dad tickled him all the time. The torch was then passed to Obito and then Gai! He doesn’t really care for being tickled. And was also, like Sakura, pretty violent about when he was younger. He’s calmed down but he definitely has to try his best not to hit and kick. Oh my gooood I forgot Kushina, how can I forgot her~ She loved tickling Kakashi! It was pretty cute too and Kushina could be a ruthless tickle monster when she wanted to be! 

I think his ribs were p ticklish. 

Gai still likes to tickle him tbh.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask, is there a specific reason you don't use this account anymore?

not really!

i’ve kinda just grown away from tumblr phandom, i guess?? there’s too much unnecessary drama (i mean, it’s on twitter too but considerably less) and tumblr made me extremely overly sensitive to everything.

(also everyone freaks out over the smallest irrelevant things, such as d&p not sharing a hotel room in the ditl, the diss track video, which i find kind of frustrating)

i still use my aesthetic-shitpost blog occasionally, though (@cactushibe)

radical-ocean  asked:

I love you I love you I love you, you're the best you're my favorite blog and everything you post is so great and it's amazing that you're so in touch with all these other great artists and writers 💜

///p.s you do so much, I’m sure no one minds if you take a day off 💛///

This was such a lovely thing to wake up to 💖💖💖💖 thank you so much, it’s made me feel a little better 😊💕

one time *** made a post that said something like ldr aren’t as good or real or fulfilling as irl relationships and im just like lmao bc i have no doubt in my mind that me and jay are literally soul mates and are gonna be together for years and just hatereading their blog its obvious thats not what they have with their bf who im p sure they’ve been with the same amount of time as me and jay? and they’ve broken up with their bf so many times and they make so many posts about how much they hate him and stuff and i literally knew i love jay after like 3 months and havent stopped loving them since then

shag-me-senseless-watson  asked:

I just found your blog and holy shit it looks amazing on mobile.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I’m so happy you think so! I made this as an aesthetic blog to try out cool themes with, but mobile is a bit harder to work with. So I’m so happy you think it looks good on mobile too!

autistictavkat  asked:

( morby art request anon from a while ago here! thanku for calling me 'kind anon' it made me smi l e ) ur theme is beautiful and the side image resonates with my soul, dyou have the full image anywhere? ps i wanted to tell u that ur p much my fave blog and i just, love your art style so much ok

heheh, thats cute. im glad it did. :)

full size, btw! ^

also youre too kind, thank you! i hope you have a nice day, dude! <3

rinrynren  asked:

Waaaahhhh CONGRATULATIONS YINNIE!!!! You deserve all your followers and more~ I'm so happy I made it into your top 4 followers!!! And thank you so much for mentioning Pocket- Aroha too!!! I can't wait to see this blog grow big and be able to say I was practically here from the start!!! I'm going to try my best to keep myself in the top 4 follower spot too lol ;P

Thank youuu !!!! I hope I really deserve them, at least I do my best to keep them, but I know pocket ASTRO do most of the work for me :’) Just thinking about tiny is so cute already ~

I hope pocket-aroha can grow big along with my blog and pocket-sized-sanha !

Don’t worry, you’ll always be in my Top 4 people who support me the most ! ♥

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I generally hate these kinds of blogs because they advocate stealing and editing photos, act high and mighty, and actually end up miscoloring photos and not keeping idols true to their skin tone and call it melanin!activism instead of what it really is: just as bad as white washing. All this to say, it's refreshing to see someone who has the courtesy to use pictures with PERMISSION and not spit on everyone in the community. You're a good person and I like you. ^.^

My dear anon you totally just made my night. Thank you so much for liking my blog. I like you too! ❤️
One thing that I want to point out is that I always make sure that I have permission from the fan site in order to edit a picture. I’ve gotten most of my pictures from the ‘p:editable’ tag that FY blogs provide for us. I’ve seen times where fan sites get tired of seeing their pictures being edited without permission to the point that they would prohibit others from reposting them to other forms of social media, and I know that we all love looking and saving pictures of our bias that it would really bad if that’s taken away from us, international fans. Therefore, in order to not feed into their hate, I made it a thing to always be sure to have permission from the fan site before editing a picture

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my day was great!! I went to art camp which was p cool and had lunch at my fave place! (idk r u still doing blog rates soz)

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comment: you were one of the first people i started talking to here, and you’re so cute. like a tiny bean. adorable. 

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(Hunk headcanons because I wrote them in my notebook and mcfucking forgot to post them)

- Hunk had a lot of plants pre-garrison

     - He misses them a lot

     - They were mostly cacti and succulents

- His family has three dogs, a fish, a rabbit, two frogs, and way too many cats

- Hunk is a huge fucking book nerd and loves the harry potter books

     - His favorite character is Hermione, because of S.P.E.W

- Disney fan

     -He likes Tangled and Brave best

- He doesn’t swear irl but in his texts, he swears every five words

- Hunk doesn’t get pissed often, but when he does, hoooooly shit

- Was a little intimidated by Keith when they first met because “Who the fu c k drives off a bloody cliff-”

     - Now loves this dumb emo nerd to death

- Very talented kazoo player

- Has accidentally punched through a wall because he thought he heard a ghost

     -It was one of his family's cats

- He got his cooking skills from his father, who had been teaching him how to cook and care for himself since he was really little.

     - His dad owns a diner

- Hunks family was fairly well off, but relatively small in size, having him as an only child.

     - Thus the enormous amount of animals

- Hunk met Lance in high school, after standing up for him when a dude was harassing Lance for being on the cheer team.

     - Lance describes their meeting as a start to one of those really bad high school romance movies

- He likes wolves, pit bulls, and sharks because they’re misunderstood, sweeties who deserve good lives and are the best

- Always kills the spiders in any relationship, platonic, or whatever

     - Doesn’t actually kill the spiders (he takes them outside)

- He doesn’t like cinnamon, but he loves red velvet type things

     - and sushi

(feel free to add on!!)

alexenderslamilton  asked:

Ok but like I love your blog in every way and would therefore like to apologize for my gay ass reblogging your last hundred posts. Also you make me think of Narcissa Malfoy my Queen cause you're cool and pretty and speak French which is one of my Narcissa/entire Black family headcanons. Ok sorry this is getting embarrassing you're so cool bye. P.S. Draco Malfoy deserved better.

SDJKLJG thank you im glad you like my blog!! and tbh never apologise for this kinda message (and for the compliment) it made my whole entire day kajflksjgkjgsg ♥ (ps. i agree)