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Ok so I just saw Chloe's latest response to an anon and I'm going to make it my mission to find Adams blog

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thank you for being *one of the first* people i've seen on this site use women of color for any sort of kpop ship/relationship edit, bless u

Thank you so much for appreciating what I do as much as I do. If you have any requests, feel free to send them my way. P.S. I just joined a blog that also celebrates women of color called @kpoppocmoodboards so you should check that out as well. 

Below are some blogs that I absolutely adore, and I highly recommend you look into, that also involve Kpop fans of color within their moodboards or writings:
















So Guys...

Today (in my time) officially marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF APHABSOLUTENORDORKS!

Thank you all for staying with me for so long! We’ve been through A LOT on this blog- but I wouldn’t have if any other way! Creating it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me! I wouldn’t have made so many wonderful friends or met my lovely partner!

Thank you all so so much!!!!

~ Charlie xx

P.S Happy Valentines Day to you all!!! Love you guys!!!

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!!! Thank you so much lip reading anon! I really appreciate your answer. I've been wondering about this for years. So maybe Jared wanted to "refuel Jensen" for one second? Since That's the brother fighting episode, you know. I love this little scene because Jared didn't look playful and Jensen just leaned on Jared so naturally. Thank you anon and thank you Sera(can I call you Sera?). I love this blog.

Hello, dear anon!

You can absolutely call me Sera, if you so wish. I know many already do and I’m starting to recognize it to mean me. :P Thank you so much for the love!

By the way, great assessment! They’ve said the scenes and storylines where Sam and Dean don’t get along are hard for them, so it would make sense for Jared to offer comfort. How a moment like that made the gag reel is another question entirely, though!

My sincerest gratitude to the lip-reading anon as well! Both of you anons are a blessing upon my humble little blog. I hope the coming week with turn out prosperous for you both!

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Seriously speaking here, how much money do you want to make a part 2 of that Reborntale fic? I will actually pay you HOW CAN YOU CLIFFHANGER US SO HARD

Funnily enough, the continuation is already funded? Just need to finish someone else’s commission first. I’ll try not to leave the cliff hanging too long!

If anyone still feels the burning desire to pelt me with spare change, there’s always the tip jar hanging out in the blog description. :p The description also has my commission info linked, if there’s something else I might be able to write for ya. As always, reblogs/recs/comments/likes/kudos/pouring one out for a homie are always appreciated, too. 

I love you guys. You make a marsupial feel really special. 

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How did you find the courage to transition? P.S. I love your blog!!

Living a life that was clearly not mine and made me super unhappy not being able to be myself was a major factor. I think the tipping point came when I realized that I totally couldn’t see myself in this distorted, wrong reality in a 5-10 year time scope, so unless I finally became true to myself there was not rly a point to keep going. Idk if courage had that much to say on it, it was kinda my only option if I’d want to still have a will to go on.

Glad you like my blog, thanks. 😊

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I know I'm not a MM blog but you're so nice and you answer the asks you get so I figured I could ask you anyway. I was wondering what I could do to get more people to see my account? Thank you so much~!! P.S I really love your blog!!! Your imagines are fantastic!

Thank you, sweetie!

Hmm, I wish I knew (・_・ヾ

Just keep at it. Keep posting and keep tagging! You could also reach out and start talking to other photography blogs. Make some new friendships and that might help! Your photos are very nice ^^ they made me a little nostalgic because I lived in AZ for a bit. I wish you the best of luck hon!

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I've followed you from my personal account for a while now, and I have always enjoyed the content you put out. You're incredibly creative and well organized. And though the whole community motivated me to change my previous study habits, your blog really inspired me to create a studyblr of my own. Keep up the gorgeous work. It's helping others get their shit together.

wow! this is a huge compliment! thank you so much.. p much when someone compliments my organization, i glow.


can pls do one for BTS texting to pick u up after u finish work? Thank u so much

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(In case you missed the news, I made a personal blog of my own pictures if you’d like to check it out it’s @my-hwayangyeonhwa)

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Firstly, thank you so much for your blog. Allowing me to indulge in my fantasy. Secondly, when did you find yourself becoming attracted to your son? Thirdly, are you hoping that your son takes charge and makes a move on you? Thus the rape scenario?

1) You’re welcome :P

2) I only realized my attraction in the past 2 months or so.

3) I’d love it if he made a move on me but I am not sure what ‘rape scenario’ you are referring to.  I reblog lots of stuff that is mom/son related but obviously don’t want to be raped :X 

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Did they really badly misunderstand that post or is that anon trying to say you were being racist towards white people? Anyone who sees your posts can tell you mean well and have an open mind. That anon wants to start a fight, they are probably racist themselves. I thought your blog was for people who like snakes not nazi sympathizers : P Thank you for taking care of the T mistake as well. Things are so much nicer when we can admit we goofed!

I was thinking the same thing! Like was it a troll or what? Hahaha. And no problem friend! I know when I’ve made a mistake, and even if it was a typo it could be seen as incredibly offensive so I wanted to make my mistake incredibly clear :)


Made myself a pattern for my blog and thought I could share it cuz I’m happy with how it turned out and how much fun I had making it >v<
(I’m surprised it works, I usually suck at making these XD).

You’re free to use it for your blog if you want to.
Credit’s not needed but would be highly appreciated ´w`~ <3
(and yes, Kylo’s helmet turned out too small - maybe that’s why he’s so pissed *snort*)


“Oh darling, it’s not a problem at all! My ask box is always open if you, or anyone, needs to talk. I just hope people aren’t being barbaric with you and respect your personal space!”

ft. Toy Bonnie :p honestly asks like this are half the reason I made an ask blog in the first place! I want to help and inspire people as much as I possibly can! I’m sorry to hear that you have such a medical condition :< I have patellofemoral pain syndrome which basically means the cartilage under my kneecap is damaged due to overuse/injury. It never really went away either and sometimes when I get up I cant use one or both of my knees at all, so I know first hand how awful joint pain is and I cannot imagine what it must be like to have that EVERYWHERE >.<

♥Please do not tag as kin/me or steal my art!! thank you guys I love you all!♥

Ah yes the vent blog

I made a vent blog finally!!!!!!
Not gonna share it here tho is really personal, you can ask for it in private message, no anons no asks just that way pls, don’t share with others, if I choose to give it to you first is still the same :P
If I choose not to give it to you don’t feel bad, that means I don’t want you to worry that much about me or something x3 I think I might exclude non mutuals only :P old mutuals are free to ask if you want it too, anyways this is too long than expected :P
Have good night/day/morning everyone!❤

So recently I hit 1,00 followers which is a huge deal to me. I am so grateful to each and every one of you, You have no idea how much you all mean to me. Honestly, making this blog has been such a great experience for me because I have met so many great people. I wish there were a better way to show  my gratitude, but this is all I can offer. Thank you so much to everyone who follows me. You have really made an impact on my life.


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So, I got tagged by @chenria

Shall we begin?

1. When was this blog created? No idea. Best guess based on my first ever post: August 22nd 2015.

2. Current number of followers? 43

3 When did your blog reach its peak? As far as I’m concerned, ‘My Blog’ and ‘Peak’ don’t go in the same sentence. :P

4. What made you decide to get a tumblr? Two close friends talked me in to it. You both know who you are ;) Plus it was hard to resist following talented Artists that, as far as I know, only have Tumblr Blogs.

5. How many blogs do I follow? 46 ATM. There are more I’d like to follow but between my job, managing a Deviantart account + Tumblr blog, supporting the artists I already follow, and still finding the energy to work on my own art… I don’t engage as much as I would like to.  

6. Do I get asks regularly? Regularly?! I’m lucky to get any asks ever XD I’ve only got the one in my Inbox which I haven’t answered yet because I’m struggling with how to. I’m a terrible coversationalist.

I tag @noctuaalba @faith-less-one @ooachilliaoo @neorukix @notabasic5hurl

Please be assured you’re all not under any obligation to answer these :)

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Write positivity on skullheist! :P

Send me a URL and I’ll write some positivity for it.

I think that might be cheating, anon. :p Though I do appreciate you sending this in.  I guess, if there’s one positive thing I would say about this blog is that I genuinely love my character and try to give him all the love and development that I think he deserves.  I always love seeing muns who are passionate about their characters - it’s what made me want to start roleplaying too.  I feel like I’m really compatible with Ryuji as a muse and I’ve very very much enjoyed my time playing him and my time in the Persona fandom, too.  I’ve had the chance to meet so many great people - all great writers who clearly love their characters and put a lot of thought and care into backstories and headcanons for their characters.

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(I read the first line and was already about to say you got the wrong inbox. But then the ‘toilet humour’ bit made it too specific to be any other Carlos. LMAO!)

OMG STOP WHY DO THIS TO ME? I don’t even know what to say besides that I’m an innocuous bitch unless provoked??? But I’m glad you appreciate my mildly entertaining toilet humour (that’s 90% of this blog LBR). YOU ARE TOO LOVELY!! WHYYYY?? 

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts! :’)