HULLO EVERYONE IT’S UR GAL ZEE!!!! my trash ass blog just hit over 2k?!?!?!?! wowowow!!1!!!1! not to be dramatic but im about ready 2 combust from happiness n excitement 😭😳😲🔫  i only started this blog a few months ago but i’ve made so many pals && every1 is so niCE and i cant believe how much love yall give 2 my blog and 2 my gifs/edits etc. I LOVE U ALL SO V MUCH AND I’M SO GRATEFUL!!! i just wanted to thank u all for making tumblr so fab for me &&& for inspiring me on the daily … much lov n appreciation 4 all u lovely people xoxoxoxo 💖💘💗💝💖💘💗💝

(p.s. talk 2 me whenevr u guys want bc i lOv makiNg frIENDs &&& tell me ur ult. biases bc i will ruin ur lives by tagging u in posts 👀 )

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Dear Followers,

Next week will be the 2 year anniversary of this blog and I currently have 192,000 followers (which is insane literally) When I hit 100,000 followers in June I made it my goal to have 200K by then and it looks achievable now so thank you all and I appreciate you so so much :D

I’m giving away a Harley Quinn “Puddin’” choker from her Suicide Squad outfit! This is definitely the nicest version of this choker that I’ve seen so far and it’s also the one I wear for my cosplay! (You’re not getting mine though, I still need it!) 

The choker measures 16.5 inches and is made of pleather. The letters are metal and are made of bronze with gold finishing. It buckles nicely in the back, like a belt. I love this choker so much (and there’s no reason you couldn’t wear it for non-cosplay purposes). You can check it out closer on the Amazon sale page located here.


  1. Unlimited reblogs 
  2. Likes count
  3. Don’t have to be following me (but if you like Harley Quinn, you might like my blog too).
  4. Giveaway ends February 29th, 2016 at 11:59 p.m (Leap Day!)
  5. No giveaway blogs
  6. Will ship prize internationally
  7. Must be 18+ OR have explicit guardian permission to enter.
  8. Winner will be chosen via random number generator 
  9. Winner will have 48 hours to respond. If they don’t respond within that time, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

(6/31) Sorry I made a mistake in my post yesterday. THIS is actually best ship :’3c Also! I’ve always really liked Dezzy’s art style and the Aero blog is one of those few things that’ve been able to get me teary-eyed, I like it so much :’3     I’ve definitely tried to mimic  Dezzy’s style in some of my pics, if you can’t tell :p


can pls do one for BTS texting to pick u up after u finish work? Thank u so much

Req by: anonymous

(In case you missed the news, I made a personal blog of my own pictures if you’d like to check it out it’s @my-hwayangyeonhwa)

LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO @cartoonjunkie-art !!  THIS IS BORDERLINE PORN! pfft..xD

 I was the one that asked you if i could draw pleasure faces for CJ, and now i dont know what to do with myself! ssdafjfgkjgkjkgjdfgd!!! >////_////>”

There is some serious shit wrong with me.. oh my god.. xD

If this is too much just let me know and I’ll take it down!

oh! and also I had made a thing for you before, (Draw yourself with the artist) but i dont know if you seen it.
Just search cartoonjunkie tag on my blog and you should be able to find it.. :P

i’m back with my 3rd follow forever !! (i’ve made so many already aosidfhokls :””))) thank you so much for 2k !! i honestly can’t believe this like i remember making my ff for 500 and 1k followers and i just ??? i can’t believe you guys follow my like seriously !!! thank you SO MUCH! also i follow 200+ people so this is rly long sorry p.s., thank you @milkhues for the banner! :-)

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Heeey! Umh my name is Lena and this is my first follow forever (I’m deeply sorry for this crappy edit but I was in a hurry when I made it) and I finally got my lazy ass off my bed and made this as a celebration of my 10,000 followers! *throws confetti at you*

When I made this blog I never thought I would go this far and I would like to THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH because I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for you. Thank you, I truly love you every single one of you <3

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i recently hit a big (?) follower milestone and while this isn’t much, i wanted to make some kind of gesture of thanks. i’m infinitely glad to be following so many people who brighten my days right now, and whether i’ve followed you for only a short while or since i made this blog back in september, i’m happy to have followed you. ❤️

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Thank you guys so much for liking the blog and submitting all the incredible fanart and cosplay you’re making! I love this show and I’m glad I get to share it with such cool, talented, original, lovely people! :)

[I was thinking of making a list of other otgw blogs to add a link on my page so feel free to let me know if you’re a otgw blog (or a blog that posts cartoons with otgw included) and I’m gonna write your name down.]

          i believe this is the first giveaway i have ever done in this account since i
          made it which was back in march 2014. so yes - i reached 1,500+ a little
          while ago and holy crap, i never expected this amount of people to follow  
          me, this is the most followers i’ve ever had on an account like ever. i think
          my highest was 1,100+ on my once upon a time blog. so i deiceded to do this
          giveaway to say thank you so much for this !!! you’ve made my experience as
          roleplaying peggy for the past 11 months truly amazing and i love you all for
          sticking with me through this.

                        R U L E S
                             1) you must be following me, that is the whole point.  
                             2) must be a roleplay blog ( canon or oc )
                             3) reblogs & likes count.
                             4) this will end on 30th january 2014

                          P R I Z E S
 one winner
- 500 icons of any muse.
                               two winners - 300 icons of any muse.
                               three winners - 200 icons of any muse.
                               four winners - 50 icons of any muse.  

                   E X A M P L E S 

                           GOOD LUCK !!!!


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WOW! I am extremely excited about this development :P So I made this gifset to celebrate! I have to say how incredibly thankful for each & every one of you though, especially all the people that talk to me regularly, have encouraged me to keep this blog going and/or have sent an appreciative/kind/adorable/sweet message, it’s just been the best. I’m also very proud because this is probably my greatest achievement ever! :D THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


To celebrate reaching 9k followers, I decided to honor the people I follow. If you just reblog posts or you make edits and gifs, it is all the same to me because my blog wouldn’t be much if it weren’t for you.


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These are the best of the best. I follow too many blogs to put them all in this ff. So here is my blogroll.

Well.. the week is over guys!!!
And I just wanted to say THANK YOU
It has been grate, you’ve all made awesome work and you should all be proud!!!

Hope you had fun and enjoyed the works as much as I did <3

I’ll keep reblogging stuff I may have missed, so if you’ve made something for the week that hasn’t been reblogged don’t be afraid to contact me!!!

Also I’m thinking to keep this blog a little alive reblogging betakids themed art/fiction/cosplay taht pops up into my dash what would you guys think?

Thanks again guys, hope you’ll keep doing awesome!
See ya! ;P


Well, I finally made my first follow forever. I was really busy with school, I only get time to use tumblr app instead of using my computer. But I have to thank for my wonderful followers for following my blog. Teehee. /throws much loves.

Blogs down here mentioned are precious, they always made my days. Thanks for existing, you all are precious.
P/S: I didn’t really socialize with everyone down here but I still love their blog. Sorry if I missed anyone. <_< 

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I don’t know what to say down here but thank you for existing, as you and your blog makes people happy!


((previously yoongiflavor - yoongiboy - triptvch))

I meant to do a six month anniversary follow forever back in January, but yeah, well, that didn’t happen because…. I kept forgetting? Anyways, I’m holding off the official follow forever until the one year anniversary of this lame blog.

But I did want to take a second and thank a few amazing bangtan blogs for keeping me happy. I had thought about deleting twice; once about a month after I made this blog and two months after BTS debuted because there were close to no BTS blogs around, and even less fun things. I decided to hold out and met a special little snow flake that soon became my first BTS friend (yeah that’s you Rix) so I stayed. And then again around November, but I realized how much I wanted to keep up with Bangtan and the most convenient way was through tumblr. So yeah, thanks for being awesome!!^^
p.s I follow over 400 blogs so it’s possible i may have missed some people, please forgive me!!

Special shout out to the homies that put up with my shit
steoulen // rapmon-dongsaeng // northkoreanswagger // rainahhh // vipblinger // lacingpromises // ohxmega // yeobae // hanbiyeol // milkkeu // cherrykei

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It’s been close to a year since I made one of these, so it’s definitely time to update with changed urls and new blogs. Thank you SO MUCH to all my followers! This fandom is a roller coaster to be a part of but you guys make running this blog worth it.


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All these blogs are active, and are either avatar-specific or post a lot of it along with other fandoms. Please check out my blogroll for even more quality blogs! Thank you again! 

100% John Murphy trash

I have recently finished the second season of the 100 and now I can’t get enough of the characters, especially my trash boyfriend, John Murphy.  I just made this blog yesterday, so my dashboard is empty, so if you post any of the things listed below:

  • the 100
  • richard harmon
  • murphamy fics/drabbles
  • bellarke fics/drabbles
  • mythology
  • Or you just really love Murphy and want to talk about how he deserves to be happy

Like or reblog this post and I will check out your blog.

(This isn’t a sideblog, so I can follow all of you back.)

I would like for your blog to have some kind of tagging system, so I won’t be triggered by something you post

p.s. my other blog is here so if you want to pop over there and check it out, I will appreciate it so much. (and I’ll follow you back on that one as well)

x B O M L I C I O U S  1st  F O L L O W  F O R E V E R x

Hello everyone! Since I’ve reached a cool amount of followers and I keep running this blog for the past 2 years, I thought It would be nice to do this follow forever and thanks all of the amazing people who made my dash amazing all this years.

P.S: If you aren’t listed here please don’t be sad, I love every single amazing blog that I follow and you can see them here.

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And last but not least, I want to thank you all the amazing people that follow me and are still here throught all this time ♡

140114 | thank you :) :

i have promise to my self in every this day i will always make follow forever..and it seems like i should to be very thankful to this blog because always made my day wonderful and not boring hehe.. and i must always say thank you..because some of you want to be my friend and want to talk to me and heard/read my problem [bolditalic: you special to me..thank you :D.really thank you very much :) | this is amazing and inspiring blog …

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