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Do you happen to like chocolate? Also, Sailor Moon R the movie: Promise of the Rose recently came out. If you had already seen the movie, what are your thoughts? Especially, comparing it to the 90's dub. Also, did you ever get into the Yu-Gi-Oh series?

Who doesn’t love chocolate sis?.

Whoops Valentine’s day is around the corner and I forgot to get a bae.

Promise of the Rose is my favourite Sailor Moon movie, I even own a VHS of that movie lmao.I loved it back in the day when it came out and I still do because that movie is flawfree.

I’ve always watched that movie in japanese so I can’t really tell you about the new dub (hopefully some good sis who has will fill us in about that).

I’m sure it’s pretty good, I think the new voice actors are doing a great job and you don’t have to pick a better version when you can have both and enjoy both of them!.

And as for Yu-Gi-Oh, I watched one episode and decided that it wasn’t my cup of tea. That show needs more magical girls and more common sense in hair styles.

I kinda ship this tho.

Over this week , I’ve been re-watching some of the anime’s I liked from when I was a child.

So I drew Lum from the popular 80′s to 90′s anime called Urusei Yatsura. I love her rainbow hair in the manga .

I also added this VHS effect to my drawing as I remember owning some VHS anime , Like sailor Moon and Pokemon , and it had these lil glitches scattered about .

anyway hope you like it.

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How do you create all this stuff, do you hack into old equipment, or literally just use old cameras?

Hi there! When creating new content,
I use a lot of different tools.
Let me go somewhat into detail here:

Today, my main cameras are a EOS 550D, my Phone, a CCD surveillance camera, and when I need high resolution or have to film footage from CRT monitors, a Black Magic 4k camera, I own together with a friend.

I also often use old pictures, I made since my early 20s, with all kinds of cameras (Polaroid, Kiev Medium Format Camera, 35mm, Super8, MiniDV, Hi8, Video8 etc.), - and on rare occasions, footage made by my parents / grandparents.

I do manipulate the images in many different ways, printing them in bad resolution, scanning them and use the scan as luminance layer, change the color data with software, convert them to film emulation color profiles, add grain, add dust, reduce sharpness, replace the sky with gradients etc. 

I work with analog / semi-analog, standard definition video gear very often. I also own different VHS machines for different applications. The ones with dirty video heads are the best for manipulating content, the clean ones are best for multiplying master tapes.

The following image shows the setup I used for the new series, that started yesterday and is now uploaded to the queue:

Computer Non-Linear editing software ▶ Canopus ADVC110 (Firewire D/A, A/D box) ▶ VHS in LP mode (LP, Long Play, will give you more VHS characteristics due to recording in lower quality). After I recorded all footage to tape in LP, I do playback it into a ▶ Modded / circuit bent video mixer, then into a ▶ glitchy old video mixer for color boost, then into a ▶ TBC (time base corrector), then into ▶ another VHS machine recording on LP. Then I rewire the setup to go back into the computer. From the second VCR into ▶ the TBC, from there into the ▶ Canopus ADVC110. After being digital again, I take 1 second blocks of the footage, export them as PNG sequences and create GIF loops from these.

When doing pixel drawings I mostly work with Grafx2. From time to time I also create 3D source images in Blender. I also did a video, using a vintage 3D software called Virtual Reality Studio / 3D Construction Kit.

In general for creating images or music for my personal projects, I try to collect / discover as much interesting old hardware / software as possible to use it in my work. Let me throw some more keywords:

Virtual Machines with DOS, Windows 3.1, DOSBox, old Sound Cards (OPL), Synthesizers, typewriters, CRT monitors, tape decks, composite video hardware of all kinds, old computers, CCD surveillance cameras, Beamers, diffusion lens filters etc.

I often visit thrift stores and flea markets, but a lot of this old hardware have become very rare around where I live. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you have to resort to online auctions.

Old gear is really inviting to experiment / play around with, and just a lot of fun!

I hope you can get some useful information from my rambling!

Best Regards
Fornax Void

1. A cartoon you remember that nobody else does.

the ask meme says animated films count so i’m just gonna go with… 

the ‘crayola presents’ adaption of the ugly duckling.

i have NEVER seen a single human being casually mention this movie exists. i owned it on vhs as a kid and it’s one of the most obscure films i know 

8. A cancelled/forgotten cartoon you would bring back to television.

i haven’t actually thought abt it that much?? i’d say really any cartoon that got the axe before its story could be finished/loose ends could be tied (like hey arnold pre-2017 jungle movie) if that makes sense? 

and uh. i know it’s not over YET but y’all already know what toon i really would want to bring back from cancellation

14. The best episode of a cartoon you really like.

i was gonna restrain myself from talking abt Fave Cartoon too much but honestly?? clarence’s millions was iconic and (almost) nothing can top it. 

…okay there are a lot of just-as-iconic/excellent episodes. nevermind

Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost (1999)

MoM’s 2015 October Movie List: October 25th

One of my favorite animated Scooby Doo movies, Mystery Incorporated goes to Oakhaven, Massachusetts with a famous horror writer to investigate the ghost of a witch who is terrorizing this small town. It’s the second in a 4 movie series, the first being Zombie Island, third and fourth being Alien Invaders and Cyber Chase, respectively. I owned all but this one on VHS when I was younger. This is the one with the Hex Girls - their name is a link so you can go listen to the beauty that is their self titled song from the movie. Apparently, the Hex Girls still exist on some version of Scooby Doo, but I don’t like the idea of that so I’m rejecting it.

Rating: A. I love when Scooby Doo’s monsters are real.


Lessons Learned trailer (2014)

A new short film by Toby Froud: goblin kidnapping victim, puppet maker, and son of Brian and Wendy Froud.

I grew up on The Dark Crystal. I have owned that movie on VHS, on DVD, and as a comic book. I have two versions of the soundtrack. A collaboration between the next generation of Froud and Henson is incredibly exciting to me. I hope there’s a lot more to come.

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What Barbie movie is your favourite? Mine is Barbie and the Nutcracker. (I used to own it on VHS)

wheezes that was my SHIT. okay so my favorite Barbie movie ever is Princess and the Pauper

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List your favorite Sailor Moon movies from most favorite and the reasons why


This is a really hard question…I owned all of these on vhs as a kid <3

#1 Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose (English title) is how I watched it as a kid. The beginning was so adorable and I remember as a kid getting so upset over #jealousboyfriend Fiore showing up. The girls were extra badass in that movie with their moves and getting stuff done. There are so many scenes that just are so beautiful, like Sailor Moon getting shoved down the hill, only to turn around and see her friends swallowed alive by the seething mass of plants. And the end, even completely exposed and vulnerable sailor moon never stops and Fiore sees just how beautiful her heart really is and what her and Mamoru have. And when every prays for her and the dub MUSIC WAS SO AMAZING IT MAKES ME CRY, and then MAMORU GETS SO SAD AND IT’S SO EMOTIONAL. Yes R is my favorite.

#2 Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts in Ice (English Title) This is number 2 because I just love Human Luna and the artwork to this, all the pretty colors and the snow dancers and everything. There is Santa! Tuxedo Mask, which, is, like, pure gold. But it also highlights Luna and Usagi’s relationship and gives Luna a personality that was interesting. Kitty crushes may be weird, but I thought it was adorable. It was a learning experience for both her, Usagi and Artemis even. The general fighting and interactions were also pretty hilarious at times.

#3. Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie-Black Dream Hole (English Title) Now I wouldn’t say this one is really my least favorite because it’s an amazing Usagi and Chibi Usagi movie. It illustrates so much about their relationship and personalities and just how much they are truly related. (The doughnut scene >.>) I really enjoyed the ending to this when Usagi has to rescue her future daughter, it’s so touching and heartfelt and fierce. Like you don’t fuck with her, especially when she has homemade cookies of love. 

“When I was young, the only Disney VHS we had was of “Beauty and the Beast”, and I watched that tape so many times I lost count. When I was about 9 or 10, money was tight, so my mom sold a bunch of VHS tapes and books at a Half Price Books, my beloved “Beauty and the Beast” with it. I cried for two days, I was so distraught. I don’t own a VHS player anymore, but if I ever find “Beauty and the Beast” on VHS when I go thrift shopping next, I plan on buying it, just to regain a piece of my childhood”

“I hate being broke, because I feel like I’m not a real Disney fan because of it. I work hard but I live paycheck to paycheck a lot of the time, and without having ever been to the parks, without any merch that didn’t come from the thrift store and with most movies I own being on ancient VHS tapes, I feel like other Disney fans are looking down on me”

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I'm really sorry if this has been asked before but, do you own the DVD set or something? Absolutely beautiful screencaps, and for the life of me I can't find a reliable place online to watch all of the series! When I was much younger, like 15 years ago, I only watched parts of the seasons, and I own the movies on VHS, haha. But I recently watched those movies and realized I don't know the plot! If you could direct me somewhere to watch them, I'd be very grateful. Thank you again for everything!

Hello! If you want high quality episodes you can check this site out http://www.sailormooncenter.net/

If you want to watch Sailor Moon online, there are many sites out there, you just have to google, for example, here’s a site http://www.watchsailormoon.com/

Like.. Hello.. Hook, Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Flubber, Jack etc like I think I owned all of those movies on VHS. It just seems like he was a near constant presence in my childhood and I didn't even realize it

Juburi ga Ippai Korekushon Bideo Keisu (Ghibli Complete Collection Video Case) Japanese VHS Collection I have wanted this forever because of the really cute artwork on the box set carry case with handle! The “Juburi ga Ippai Korekushon Bideo Keisu” or Ghibli Complete Collection Video Case was only available to purchasers of all ten numbered “Ghibli ga Ippai” VHS tapes. The bonus collection VHS was also only available by buying all 10 Ghibli Collection eidition VHS and contains a trailer reel for all of the Ghibli films and other Ghibli content. When i opened it up i found a printed letter in Japanese inside, im thinking this is the letter they sent to each person who redeemed the offer for the case (feel free to let me know if you have the required skills). Of course i dont own a Vhs player and these arent subtitled in English but i just think theyre really cool looking collection items of a time gone by :D how cute is Mei on the case?! Arukou! Arukou! Watashi wa genki! :P as always check out more of my colleciton below… ジブリコレクター Ghibli-Collection

Possibly An INTP Thing

I was heading to a building I had never been to before for an appointment, and got distracted by a cart that said “free books” on it.

I ended up taking a book about a scientific analysis of the human eye, a book about psychopathology, a book a book about the art of scientific writing… And Romeo and Juliet (staring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) on VHS.

I don’t even own a VHS. (Does anyone anymore, honestly?) And I’m pretty indifferent towards R & J. And actors / actresses in general. And yet… I felt the need to take it anyway.

Oh, and I wound up running late for the appointment, hahaha.

How many times have I paid for this same movie?

I own it on vhs ,
dvd x2,
hd dvd (lmfao)
Blu Ray x2,
two different Amazon accounts,
Seen it in theaters recently
and seen it many times when it came out .


No regrets.
Probably not the last time I’ll buy it honestly

Proud to be able to recite it word by word


as a child, i owned a VHS tape called “TMNT - The Making of the Coming Out Of Their Shells tour”. it’s about thirty minutes long, and it sticks with me to this day, because it’s such an incredible, bizarre representation of what brand management and franchising and marketing was getting up to and into in the 90s, with a level of ludicrousness that’s just hard to really wrap your head around until you actually watch it. i never got to actually see the tour in person myself. i don’t know how or why i ended up owning that tape, only that i watched it at least a dozen times as a kid.

leonardo plays a guitar with one string. enjoy.