Yellow roses symbolize unbridled joy and the promise of a new beginning.

Week 13.4

Inspired by a request from allthatulovewillbcarriedaway, I’m going to be doing a full set of Johnlock rose pics, at least one drawing of it per Sherlock week.

Lavender is here.
Blue is here.
Light Pink is here.
White is here.
Dark Red is here. 


The gang’s all here! (Figured since I’d drawn 3 outta 4 of ‘em out digitally tonight I may as well add the leader too and make it a team shot :D)

–Team Cotton–

Cloud Merino | Thistle Culvert | Yolke White | Null Murine



favourite costumes → Merlin (part one)


emmadaughters: ALEX TURNER making me swoon @thelastshadowpuppets @mileskane wowowow too blessed

I’m going to have a bunch of cut-out dress up dolls like this one available for sale at gridlockdc in early August!  I should have a good collection of characters, and two to three sheets for both John and Sherlock <3

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I just woke up from a dream that reminded me why I liked Undertale so much in the first place.

I couldn’t be more delighted.

#Fraction didn’t turn Hawkeye into a joke#the boy has always been a bit of a joke lets be perfectly honest here#and I say that with as much love as I can because i don’t think you’ll ever meet a girl who loves a fictional archer more than me#What fraction did was show a human side to a hero#and show it in a positive way#like#Clint being clint is still a good person but he doesn’t always do good things the best way#and that is ENTIRELY in Clint’s character#oh no mafia is taking over my building?#gonna go and kick the shit out of them and then buy it#whoops that caused a bunch of problems i didn’t expect#I adore human flawed disabled Clint more than anything else in the world and I will always love Fraction for giving that to us in his comics#He’s not flipping around and being badass but he’s still being /Clint/ which is#muy importante#(and the joke of him being Iron Fist isn’t becausehe’s blonde and blue eyes#it’s because Fraction and Aja had worked on an Iron Fist comic previous to this#and the way Aja draws Clint is very similar to Danny#so it’s more of an in-joke between Fraction and Aja than anything else)#AND LETS BE REAL HERE KATE BISHOP AND LUCKY#ARE THE FUCKING BEST#*bro out* ( -via hellhathnofurylikeahulk )

This just in: Fraction’s Hawkeye is amazing.

astridapples  asked:

Suitors Starbucks / Coffee shop choices ... I have my thoughts on this one...

We were looking for the mention of coffee in the game but they were all for tea lol. A confession: I don’t actually remember how food or drink I consume tastes like XD. So these are from the Starbucks website for uniformity’s sake, and because I haven’t drank most of the brews anyway. XD **


Alyn: Caramel Macchiato
Leo: Caffe Latte
Giles: Espresso
Louis: White Chocolate Mocha
Byron: Caffe Americano
Albert: Salted Caramel Mocha
Nico: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Sid: Caffe Mocha
Robert: Cappuccino


Alyn: Strawberries and Creme
Leo: Java Chip (because it’s my fave lol)
Giles: Espresso Frappe
Louis: Oprah Cinnamon Chai Crème (because it sounds fancy)
Byron: Coffee Frappe
Albert: Cinnamon Dolce
Nico: Cotton Candy Creme
Sid: Caffe Vanilla 
Robert: Mocha 

*Immediately draws fanart of @nerdgasrnzSun/Sage/Neptune fusion design because it’s just. So good?? Oh my god??*

(I might draw the other two at some point if that’s cool but for now I rlly oughtta sleep cause it’s like 20 past midnight oops)