A few less-popular cartoons’ progressiveness.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, has featured three kids with equal roles in their career. Has shown two of the main male characters say they love each other (without adding any “no homo” junk). Have a female and male character at an equal level of friendship of the first males (she’s also a main character), without any romantic tension. Many of the female characters on this show have diverse body types and characterization. They once had two minor characters get married with the woman proposing to the man.

Wander Over Yonder (created by Craig McCracken, who you may know for creating the PowerPuff Girls), shows how helping and accepting anyone leads to positive relations and outcomes. Has two main characters who are female and male, who have one of the closest bonds I’ve ever seen, and they have no romantic tension at all. The main character Wander, is constantly helping others and loving and accepting of everyone because he just knows its the right thing to do. Even the person who keeps trying to kill him he holds no ill-will to.

Star VS the Forces of Evil, showcases a female protagonist who is incredibly out-going and self-secure. She’s really silly but can fight when need-be. Her best friend Marco is always at hand (think Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, only not as much “romantic tension”). The show really gives the vibe of just being yourself to kids, and the same idea that Earth (where the main character isn’t from), is this wonderful place with people, where you’re free to do whatever (which is another lesson Steven Universe has been showing).

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, has two teenage protagonists that act pretty much like that; teenagers. It’s one of the most accurate portrayals I’ve seen of kids entering high school. Because of this, they’re not very clever, and get into plenty trouble considering they’re trying to protect the world. This show lets kids know it’s okay to make mistakes (LOTS of them…), but never give up no matter the odds.

Clarence, has shown multiple characters with different family settings, including divorced parents, poor house-holds, and even same-sex couples. The main character even has a single mother who is dating someone who he very much admires as a parental figure. Another of the main characters has OCD who has two mothers, and the other lives with a family of 12 siblings. The first time I watched the series I found it incredibly relatable from multiple character’s perspective. Not to mention the array of body types for both children and adults.

The first 4 shows air on DisneyXD which Disney has said is targeted at pre-teen boys (though the staff on this show might say otherwise, Disney is targeting the channel at young boys), which makes these shows even more important, since we have a show staring a female as the main character, multiple series that show it’s okay to be opening loving, and accepting, and so-on, being shown to young boys.

Just because a series isn’t the most popular thing out there, doesn’t mean it’s not progressive.

And not every progressive thing needs to be mind blowing, because sometimes a kid just needs to be shown a cartoon character that has the same family-structure as them, or that it’s okay to make huge mistakes without being the end of the world, or that they can tell their friends they love them without it being romantic, or that it’s okay to be nice even if someone else isn’t, and that it never hurts to help.



I’ve been busy this past year working on my thesis film, and I finally have one final shot that I can show

With only 11 weeks left (screams), I’m looking for any students from Sheridan Animation who are interested in helping me with colouring animation! If you’re interested, please email jessica.mao@live.ca! 

And if you’re a fellow student, come to the meet and greet on Feb 3rd, and say hi (I’ll be the awkward one in black)


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Limitless - 1x13 - Stop Me Before I Hug Again

“The FBI has to catch bad guys, and sometimes it’s scary and we use scary words but…what else are we supposed to do?”

I have no idea what The 100 is - I don’t even know the basic premise of the show, and dashboard osmosis has been strangely low for me on this particular front - but there has apparently been some really gay swearing of fealty recently? and suddenly and miraculously my interest is piqued.

We’ll see how chapter 12 goes. I think, at this point, that will help me decide whether or not I’ll keep up with this show…

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evan please make a video about how it takes 4 beards and a baby to closet them and people think this new team or whatever is a good thing like harry is back to being a cheater, on a kardasian of all people, how is that a good thing? we literally have 4 beards and a baby called melbourne monsoon and drama blogs are talking up a new team. please.


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Hello! First of all, I'm IN LOVE with your blog and your gifs! I was just wondering, do you think there's any chance of Thomas being alive somehow??

Thank youu :)

Oh god im so torn about this you have no idea. I gave it a lot of thought over the past few weeks/months, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t really believe it’d be a good idea to bring him back. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’d LOVE to see Thomas alive so he and Flint could have this fairytale ending. I would legit die from happiness. But from an objective POV, I don’t think it would work well with the show. Especially now after everything Flint and Miranda have been through. It would kind of erase these past 10 years of their lives. Flint went mad over everything that’s happened and Miranda is dead. What was it all for, you know? And how do you even incorporate him into the story now without it looking extremely cliched? Thomas in Flint’s dreams, that I’d definitely want to see. What I NEED to see. Both him and Miranda sort of haunting Flint for a while, mixing things up and challenging him. It has a stronger impact, more meaning and makes sense in Flint’s current story. But bringing Thomas back out of the blue now, 10 years later, it’s just ??? I think Flint will eventually need to move on if he’s to survive. He needs to find a new purpose, turn the page and start over. He’s been looking at everything through his past for too long. I’m not saying he needs to forget, just accept it, bc he’s already gone half insane. It’s dragging him down. If Thomas were alive and he came back, the shock would probably break Flint completely. Irreparably. I just want him to be alright, and if that means putting the past aside at some point because it hurts too much, then I’m okay with that. 

(tho i’d still kill to see them reunite bc my trash shipper heart is romantic like that.. so im really being torn between what would look right in the show and what i would want to see) 

I started to watch sense8 there is like 2 days ago (I only have one episode left) and I just wanted to say that this show totally changed the way I see things in my life. This show totally transported me, it’s insane because nothing is real, it’s just a show you know? But I don’t feel the same anymore, idk how to explain how I feel, I’m overwhelmed by my feelings due to this show, it never happened to me before, that’s insane, I know I’m a little bit drunk but I’ve been thinking about it all day, it made me question on everything, it’s insane.