Oh no, I forgot that this week’s Princess Leia was the last issue in the series.

Come on, Marvel. I know we’re getting a Lando mini, but can we please get another women-led SW comic, please. Please. It’s not like you don’t have any characters to choose from.

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Hi! I love your art and always great to find more Kuvira fans aha~ Anyways I wanted to ask you do you know of any other shows/anime that I will experience the same high I felt while watching Korra and Attack on Titan.... i love these shows q.q~~

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Ok I was looking for a cool reaction gif and I couldn’t find one but I came across this and I just needed to share it with the world I’m so sorry

But I’m YELLING thank you so much!! I’m so honored you like my work!And yes, Kuvira trash stick together! You will find many other people here who are trash and who are hella more talented than I! We re a huge trash family <3

As for show recommendations, unfortunately, I’m not so good at that. I found LOK because I watched A:TLA as a kid, and SNK because someone told me to. But badass women in cartoons, heck ye. These are my two main fandoms and it’s hard to get me into a new show. But if you haven’t seen A:TLA, GO DO THAT NOW. And I hear Tokyo Ghoul is good; and Naruto and Bleach? IDk if you’re in the mood for a really long thing

Morning so far: left late, traffic was backed up, no breakfast, store isn’t stocked because yesterday was end of the month inventory, the store isn’t clean, and ROMA order hasn’t showed up yet. Oh, and I only have one dough. Great start to the day.

*Requested* - The failed surprise

Requested by jkherrod - Hey. Can i have a shawn imagine where i surprise him on tour but he is sick?? Im julia thx

S- not long now till we see each other, I only have one more show then I’m on the next flight home
Y- ahh I can’t wait to see you again, I’m so excited
S- I’m just as excited as you are, I have to go now, I have sound check, love you bye
Y- okay bye love you too
You kissed into the phone before hanging up.
Little did Shawn know, he would see you a little bit earlier than planned. You have arranged with the concert organisers to surprise Shawn on stage in his last show.

-few days later-

You picked up your little red suitcase that had clothes to last you till tomorrow and you drive to the airport. You went thought all the check ins before boarding the plane. Several hours later you finally landed. You got a taxi to drive you to shawns hotel. You had previously arranged to get a key to his room after ages of trying tell him that you were his girlfriend and not some crazy fan. You walked into the reception and gave your name, the man behind reception gave you the key and you headed to the room. You opened the door to see his clothes all over the floor and his bed. Typical Shawn. You placed your little suitcase on the spare bed. Next you headed to the stadium. You knew that by the time you arrived he would already be on stage performing. It was about a 15 minute walk from the hotel to the stadium.

-at the stadium-

You arrived at the stadium and was guided behind stage. That was when you noticed Shawn.
“Wait, why isn’t he on stage?” You asked yourself whilst whispering. You hid behind the door for a minute to see if Shawn would walk on stage. After a few minutes you gave up, as you started to walk you saw Shawn get up and grab a microphone. You quickly his behind some stacked speakers. You hid there for a few minutes but then you noticed Shawn coming back in. You knew something was up. This plan wasn’t going to go well. You saw Shawn take a seat with his back to you. You head him start coughing. It wasn’t a nice cough either. You knew something was up. You started to come out from behind the stacked speakers. You made your way over to Shawn.
“Hey Shawn” you beamed.
“Y/n, what are you doing here?” He coughed.
“More like what are you doing here, you should be up there, but I see- are you sick Shawn?” You asked taking a seat next to him.
“Yes, I feel terrible, I threw up several times, I came here to apologise to the crowd, I told them I’ll arrange another date and charge them zero dollars” he said.
“Well at least you apologised, that’s the best thing you can do, I’m sure they fully understand why you are unable to perform, I’m sure they’ll forgive you seeing as though you’re arranging another date for them to come see you” you said.
“I feel very bad for them, I’m 100% sure some of them came from abroad” he said.
“Look Shawn, you’re ill, there’s nothing you can do about it, would you rather want your fans to listen to a poor show or come back and listen to the amazing Shawn Mendes?” You said.
“The second one” he said slightly laughing.
You both got up and went back to the hotel.
“So y/n why are you here may I ask?” Shawn said whilst laying down on the bed.
“Thought I’d surprise you by walking on stage on your last performance” you said whilst handing him a tablet and a glass of water.
“Aw, you’re such a cutie, I’m sorry the surprise didn’t go as planned” he said.
“Shawn, stop apologising, it’s not your fault okay” you said.
“Id kiss you but then there would be two ill people” he said laughing.
“Yeah please don’t, I don’t fancy coughing my guts up all day” you said laughing.
“Hey, not fair” Shawn said.
“Oh shush, get some sleep Shawn, you’ve been on the road for several weeks now, sleep might help you feel better” you said.
Shawn did as he was told and laid down.
“Love you” Shawn mumbled.
“Love you too” you said back and placed a kiss on top of his head.

-hey hope you liked it x

I did it. It finally happened.

Standing at the foot of my bed, I felt the power of my youth within me as I gazed upon my comforter, strewn haphazardly across my mattress after a restful night’s sleep.

I grasped two corners, lifting them high above my head quickly enough to be rewarded with billowing air beneath the blanket like wind in the sails of a majestic ship. It landed slowly, lazily, and when all was done and my room stood still I stared upon a perfectly made bed. In one fell swoop, without movement of legs and one precise movement of my arms, I had created a masterpiece I had only seen in teenager movies and television shows. I have never felt so young, so alive, so powerful.

Young Justice fans problem #224: Young Justice being cancelled

Request by Anonymous

Image source: Bentfire

Source: ComicBookMovie

A recent Press release omitted Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series from its returning show roster, leading to speculation the shows had been cancelled. Now, we have official confirmation that both shows will not return after their current seasons.

Jake “WaylonJones” Lester

 - 1/28/2013 

It really sucks to be in this fandom..

I know a lot of people are leaving the fandom because of Delphine but I will be here until the end and if you guys are following me I hope we’re cool because I will spam your dash with Orphan Black but if you’re gonna unfollow me that’s cool too. Totally your choice.


You okay ?

Steven Universe built its universe more effectively than anything I’ve seen, and the reason is because of all the continuity. 

Ok, I take that back. ATLA. ATLA. But ATLA is also an exception. 

I mean it’s built its universe more effectively than most adult TV shows ever manage. 

Literally everything that’s ever happened in any episode has either come back to be a relevant plot device, plot point, or at least referenced. 

It’s not this discordant mess of sounds, songs, and images. 

Even if it doesn’t start off that complex in the beginning, there’s a lot of hidden depth that is explored later, or at least, we can assume will be explored later. 

The universe has clear rules and restrictions and there’s a whole history that’s constantly being referenced. 

So you know that every episode is crucial in some way to that universe.

I just think it adds a lot of depth to the show, really. 

Like I’m a fan of Spongebob (classic SB, tho, because the humor has gotten so weird on that show), but nothing on that show is permanent. 

Everything is erased by the next episode. And that’s fine, because SB is just a comedy and rule of comedy: brevity is wit. 

But in SU, you do have to watch most of the episodes (most; some aren’t as important honestly), because if it’s not building its universe, it’s building its character.

And I can’t help but thinking of how every character’s motivations and back stories are referenced subtly (and sometimes not) in just the frames, in their emotions, in the way they act, speak, think. 

Like remember when Sugilite was going out of control and Pearl’s doubting herself and you realize that she’s horribly insecure about herself? 

Not only does her character remain consistent, it’s later mentioned that she always pledged to protect Rose Quartz, but was so weak she was constantly getting destroyed. 

Which would also explain why being impaled by her own holo-pearl didn’t seem to bother her as much as Steven being alarmed. 

And in the Sugilite episode, before you even know about her and Rose’s past, she glances up at Rose’s image on the beach and gathers strength from that, because the small amount of self-worth she got was from her. 

The only reason I noticed was because tumblr spoiled most of the more complex relationships before I even watched it. 

So I was super attuned to the subtle references to the future relationships. 

I just think this show is amazing and it’s really, really funny, even in the more depressing episodes. 

And everyone is just so darling. 

It was also a really good idea to build up their characters through comedy and THEN breaking them and revealing that for all their cute, hilarious actions, all the misunderstandings with “human” ways, their usually humorous reactions to the weird adventures Steven gets into, there’s a dark past that is revealed when real trouble arises. 

I just…. love this show and can’t wait to see Steven 3.0 and I’ll get to watch it on TV with ya’ll for the first time instead of watching the fandom from a distance and debating whether or not I should watch it. 

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Yohn Royce returns again for season 6, so that means we'll see more of the Vale. If Sansa returns there, having nowhere else to go, doesn't that make her entire S5 plot complete filler? Also, what will happen to Theon now that there's no Stannis for him to go to? Will he join Sansa to the Vale? That's such a big mess.

Anonymous said:

Did you know the vale will play a part on season 6 of Got? Image if after scaping Winterfell Sansa just goes back to the vale and her storyline is resumed, like nothing ever happened. That would be so infuriating.


Infuriating and a big mess, indeed. Her season 5 “arc” (or lack of it, for that matter) is a disgusting filler only meant to further other characters’ arcs, and to add some good old shock value, no matter what happens next. That was all. It wasn’t about Sansa, and it certainly wasn’t about establishing the North plot: they “loves the Northern plot”, and felt obliged to include Jeyne’s plot in the show (but devoided of everything that made her story about her, so they just kept the rape of a child, which let’s face is all they were interested on), but failed to address anything else about the North plotline: no unhappy lords opposing the Bolton rule (except those two who got flayed at the beginning of the season) and joining Stannis, no secret plot against them that would result in actual incresing tension within the walls of Winterfell that’d burst just in time for Stannis’ siege, no mysterious killings, not a real threat from Stannis who’s a great tactician and has the support of some Northern houses and clans. Anything that would have made a good story line is gone. Not even Theon’s character development. Not only did they ignore any actual plot (and not for lacking of screentime), but they actually warped logic to accomodate this plot. The North doesn’t remember, Sansa is not married, everyone involved is utterly stupid, and Ramsay and his twenty good men can do anything. He’s the real protagonist of this plot, after all. Nothing from the North plot is used in the show. Except the rape of a child. That’s the one thing they thought deserving to make it in the show.

Sansa, of course, is nothing but a prop here. She has no character development (how can she, if she’s repeating a worsen, more brutal, simplified version of her King’s Landing arc, but, again, with no growth, no narrative aim, no agency –they did deprive her of the little agency she had in previous seasons), she has no character arc. One of the most despicable tropes ever is used in the most senseless way. She has no agency at all, and she being in Winterfell has no narrative point either. Moreover, the very few scenes she has after the rape only show that she’s actually deprived of the very things that make her Sansa Stark.

They apparently didn’t consider the Vale plot worth of the show. She’s deprived of her plot, that revolves around her (shocking!), and around her growth, for nothing. This is not about “I want Sansa happy and safe” (I mean, I DO want that for her), which is a point I’ve seen made: Sansa in AFfC and possibly in TWoW is not safe. Baelish advances and overarching manipulation and influence on her is worrysome by itself, but she’s also surrounded of more dangers. She’s not safe, but she’s in a position in which she can use in her agency and learn. Grow as a character. She’s the protagonist of her own story.

The fact that they discarded her plot for one story line that was going to have no impact in the narrative, nor her own development (I bet it’ll be as if nothing has happened next season –like with Cersei in season 4) is infuriating by itself. Now that the arc is closed, we can say out loud how senseless and pointless this plot was –no one can tell us now that “we have to wait and see how does it play out”. It doesn’t, this was never about her. I do understand the difficulty of portraying an arc that is mostly internal, but, let’s face it, they didn’t even try. (Check Jaime’s season 5 plotline, if you need more proof). However, what’s the thing that was more easily translated and could be used to delve on Sansa’s arc? The Vale politics.

Thinking on the possibility of having the actual political plot of the Vale in the season 6, after this drag of a plot, is too much for me. We still don’t know how big Yohn Royce’s role will be in the show: whether he will have an anecdotic role in Baelish’s plot, or whether he will play a bigger role in whatever will happen in the Vale. I somehow thing they won’t explore the plot in any depth (I mean… they can’t explore anything in any depth, let’s be honest). But either the idea of having this political plot without Sansa, when she’s the freaking protagonist of that arc is pretty telling of D&D’s regards for her (spoiler alert, they looove her). Having Sansa going back to the Vale makes ever less sense, and renders all the Winterfell plot even more pointless, if possible.

 I did read about it yesterday, and it honestly made me so mad I can’t quite articulate my thoughts. Luckily for me, I have zero hopes for season 6 (and even less for Sansa’s plot), so I think it’s hard to be disappointed now.

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Have you noticed that the show has Dany seem a bit demented at times? For example when she had her dragons burn and consume one of the masters(who was not even found guilty) she was smirking the whole time, like it was giving her pleasure. Do they do it on purpose because they know Daenerys' endgame, or is it just lazy writing?


I know what you mean, yes, show!Dany’s portrayal has been inconsistent and changing, and that scene in particular is quite absurd, first from a characterization point of view (this is the woman that would state that “she’s not a butcher”, and that makes a point on having a fair trial for one of the former slavers only some episodes prior that scene; or, afterwards, shows her disgust when the fighters kill each other in the pit), and for continuity sake (she wasn’t able to control her dragons before, and now they completely obey her). Book!Dany goes through a struggle with regards to both her role as queen, and her father’s true nature:

She was the blood of the dragon, but Ser Barristan had warned her that in that blood there was a taint. Could I be going mad? They had called her father mad, once. (Daenerys II, ADwD)

However, I don’t think this was an actual choice they made in order to explore this key conflict for Dany. I might be too harsh, but I can’t take D&D’s writing seriously. I think they simply don’t care. I think they don’t pay a lot mind to these inconsistencies in characterization, I think they thought that was badass. I think they thought that was empowering. And, of course, this scene is even more absurd when you consider how Barristan actually talked about Aerys’ cruelty when it came to deal with dissent in ruling in the previous episode:

BARRISTAN: He burned men alive with wildfire and laughed as they screamed. And his efforts to stamp out dissent that to rebellion that killed every Targaryen… except two.
DAENERYS: I’m not my father.
BARRISTAN: No, Your Grace, thank the gods. But the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved. And each time, it made him feel powerful… and right… until the very end. (s05e02)

However, she doesn’t reflect on this, she doesn’t remember Barristan’s words, she, as far as we know, is not conflicted by this that can only be called arbitrary murder. She said she is not her father, and due to these words she decided to have a trial for the Son of the Harpy. Two episodes later, she killed who might or might not be involved with the Sons of the Harpy, without a trial and in the most cruel way. And in a way that eerily resembles Aerys’ “trials”, with fire and his champion. This could have been a really great moment to dig on this struggle, to bring Daenerys’ fears (albeit a very different struggle than the one she undergoes in the books). However, she doesn’t have a moment to reflect on this exchange and what she did. That is why I don’t think this was meant to be a building character moment. I think this is just lazy writing. And, in this case, these huge inconsistencies in characterization come across as the actions of, as you say, a demented person. 

Without knowing Dany’s endgame (I know a lot of people think she’ll turn into a villain at some point; though I personally disagree), it’s hard to say, of course. But I personally don’t give them any credit in character building. I wish I could, but they have proved time and time again that they either can’t or won’t work on the characters –and even will willfully ignore every instance of character growth in canon.

This is just my opinion, of course :) That might be biased by the incredibly dissappointing writing in season 5.

JS&MN finale things...

I liked how the finale had callbacks to and paid off little moments from previous episodes, like:

  • Norrell yelling ‘Childermass’
  • Segundus using the spell from the first scene in the show
  • The spell Jonathan used to bring the King back.
  • The show coming full circle with the magicians of York (including a return of Mr. Tantony)

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"The cops who arrested Dylann Roof treated him to a Burger King meal when he complained of feeling hungry just 16 hours after the shooting." This has been proven wrong. C'mon, nigger, do a little bit more research :-)

Wrong by who? Tumblr anti-sjs? Right wing blogs? Cause multiple articles have reported it? I’m only posting this to show how eager anti-black fucks want to play this whole situation off.


#racial slurs

1. Dating with allergies.

If you’ve ever had a friend with allergies, you know that a certain set of rules apply when they come around. You can’t eat peanut butter around Maddie, you can’t offer pineapples to Katia, and so on. Luckily for them, they have very understanding boyfriends. But for those who aren’t so lucky, an online community awaits. Singles with food allergies caters specifically to singles… with food allergies.

2. STD dating.

The stigmas surrounding sexually transmitted diseases may be just as irritating as an outbreak. Positive Singles is where people living with STDs can look for romance without ridicule and sex without shame. The site’s “unique features” include information on STDs, STD treatment stories, support forums, success stories, and “inspirational stories.”

3. Supernatural dating.

Writer Meg Favreau may have said it best when she wrote, “This is the only dating site I have ever seen that shows a picture of an 80-year-old man, but no couples.” She’s not exaggerating. In addition to a big, purple backdrop, the Supernatural Dating Society homepage presents viewers with a photo of an older gentleman wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a pinstripe suit, his chin resting on his hand. The man is the Amazing Kreskin, a mentalist who launched SDS for those whose interest range from aliens and haunted houses to contacting the dead.

4. Clown dating.

Clowns tend to freak a lot of people out. So it’s understandable that the idea of going to bed with one could be downright terrifying. Luckily, there’s a place for these folks to find friends who won’t be fearful. Clown Dating offers clowns, clown wannabes and clown lovers a place to chat, have fun and arrange dates.

5. Amish dating.

This one will probably take a few readers by surprise. The name alone seems like an oxymoron; aren’t the Amish supposed to steer clear of certain technologies… and flirting? Maybe they do things differently in Canada. Amish Dating, a Canadian-based site, promises users the opportunity to “get in touch with devoted, diligent and caring singles from the Amish community.”

6. Ugly dating.

This might be the most depressing site on the list. Not many people want to identify as ugly. But if you feel it, own it. Ugly Schmucks claims, “Our Ugly Dating is geared towards people who may feel unattractive or uncomfortable in their own skin and is designed to help them succeed in meeting others who value genuine personality over outer appearance.”

7. Tall dating.

If Tinder has taught us anything, it’s that height matters. At least to some people. But there are less superficial reasons to be concerned with height. Date Tall People “makes it easy for taller guys to find taller girlfriends.” The site explains, “if you’re a tall person and have always felt awkward about dating someone who isn’t the right size for you, come chat with tall ladies and tall handsome gentleman at the biggest tall dating website on the web.”

8. Prison dating.

Discovery Channel’s “Prison Wives” gave viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to fall in love with someone behind bars. It also got a lot of viewers asking, “How do these people even meet?” Turns out, the Internet often plays a helping hand. Though, prison dating isn’t quite like the other sites on this list. In this case, it’s the person on the outside who arranges the correspondence.

9. Furry dating.

If you haven’t heard of “furries” before let me give you a brief education. This community is comprised of individuals who have an affinity for anthropomorphic animals. They dress up, they go out, and they gather. So really, it was only a matter of time before this tight-knit community put together a dating site.

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