Under the cut there are exactly #150 #184 gifs of musician (one half of Twenty One Pilots) Tyler Joseph requested by Anonymous. They are what I deem to be roleplayable. All of these gifs are from interviews, or from him talking in general. I only created the last 34 gifs, the rest are not my own. I simply cropped and resized them. I took some of the gifs from the following gif hunts x x x x. I also got some of the original gifs from here. So credit to Morgan! If you see your gif here and would like to be credited, please message me privately. Please like/reblog if use or you’re an rph.

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leni-ba  asked:

Does shipping come easily to you?

That is a really interesting question…

I think it must come easily or else I wouldn’t have a whole damn armada worth of ships by now 😝

Getting involved in a fandom is a little harder. I ship DOZENS of things but I only read fic and/or seek out art for a select few. And I only create fic/gifs for even fewer. Not really sure why certain things capture my imagination more than others (although in some cases I know it’s at least partly because canon has been so unsatisfactory).

It’s also not always easy to deal with the FEELS (because life stuff just has to keep happening - ugh) but the payoff has almost always been worth it. I’ve said it before: one of the things I love most about the fandom life is the opportunity to fall in love over and over again.

Thank you for the ask, Leni 😊❤️