tfw u lose a bet on whether your idiot manager friend is gonna actually talk to the new waiter

Mattsun: I win!

Iwa: Shut up, I already know

Mattsun: I know, babe
Mattsun: I just wanted to rub your face in it

Iwa: You have exactly two seconds to get out of my kitchen.

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Liam missing Zayn when they're apart?

The skin over Zayn’s forehead scrunches into a frown as he stares at Liam’s caller ID brightening the screen of his phone, his thumb immediately tapping ‘accept’. He knows it’s late in England, or early — nearing four a.m. in contrast to the time in America. Worry rushes through him as he brings the phone to his ear, his tongue wetting his dry lips as he hears the phone connect.

“Liam?” He asks, concern tracing his expression as he grips the phone anxiously. “Are you alright, babe?”

There’s silence on the other end; adding to the irregular stutters of Zayn’s heart.

“Li? Babe, if you’re there please say something — I’m kind of freaking out right now.”

Another second passes before Zayn hears a shaky sigh poured against his ear, and another before Liam whispers a soft “Hey”.

“Are you okay? Is everything alright?” Zayn demands, voice rushed and hasty.

He shakes his head at a member of his team who’s looking rather worried herself, shooting her a brief smile before wandering over to the studio door. Glimmers of sunlight stroke over his skin the moment he exits the room, a little comforting — like the familiar warmth of Liam’s hands when they brush against his skin.

“Yeah, I’m okay — sorry,” Liam mumbles to Zayn on the other end, voice quiet.

Zayn’s eyes fall shut momentarily, a sigh of relief exhaled into the hot air.

“I was about to send out a search party… the police or summat,” Zayn half-jokes, biting at his bottom lip.

“Sorry,” Liam repeats, the word frail and splintered through the speaker of Zayn’s phone.

He frowns again, clutching the phone a little more closely to his ear.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, voice soft. “Why’re you up at this time?”

Liam’s silent again, aside from his fractured breathing.

“Babe?” Zayn prompts.

“It’s stupid,” Liam whispers into the phone.

Zayn squints into the sunlight, his heart shattering a little in his chest at the weakness and sadness dwelling in Liam’s tone.

“If something is wrong I can —”

“I just,” Liam cuts him off, voice strangled into a half-whimper for a short moment. “I had this dream, like — about you, Zayn. You were just here, with your — um, with your arms around me and — I just, I woke up and the bed is empty. I, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

Zayn sits back onto the step below the fire exit door, bringing his knees up to his chest. He can’t help the guilt seeping into his veins; he feels sick at the thought of Liam alone in their house.

He swallows the sharp lump tangled in his throat, a heavy breath exhaled into the palm of his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, heart heavy in his chest. “I, fuck. I wish I was there with you.”

“Me too,” Liam utters softly; sadly. “I miss you so fucking much.”

Zayn closes his eyes, sighing.

Liam mumbles a laugh moments later, a broken whimper following. “Why did we think it’d be a good idea for me to stay here while you’re recording eleven hours away?”

A wrinkled smile is pulled across Zayn’s lips, a shrug of his shoulders as he listens to the raspy tone of Liam’s voice. “I don’t know, love. It’s torture.”

Liam hums on the other end of the call while Zayn chews harshly over the chapped flesh of his lower lip.

“I’m writing some sick stuff, though, Li. I reckon this album is going to better than the first.”

“Didn’t think that was possible,” Liam mutters quietly, and Zayn smiles. “I wrote another track today, too. Gonna sample it with Julian in the studio tomorrow.”

Zayn licks over his lips, almost grinning. “That’s amazing, babe — I can’t wait to hear it.”

“I’ll send you a snippet in the morning,” Liam promises, words muffled towards the end from the languid yawn circling Liam’s lips.

“Tired?” Zayn asks, his eyelids closing again. There’s an ache deep in his chest; a longing to be beside Liam, curled beneath a heavy duvet against the familiarity of their mattress with Liam’s fingers running through his hair and scratching over his scalp. Long, protective arms tangled around Zayn’s waist while their noses brush awkwardly — foreheads touching on a shared pillow with an exchange of soft kisses in between squabbling over which film to watch until they’re too tired to sleep.

“Mhm,” Liam says while yawning, and Zayn can almost picture the wrinkle of his nose and the crinkles drawn intricately around his eyes. “You can blame your mum for that; she kept me up talking until two.”

Zayn smiles, fondness clinging to every thought. “You were with mum?”

“Yeah,” Liam answers softly. “And the girls; your dad is away for the weekend with work, though.”

Zayn isn’t sure his smile can stretch any further; they live over two hours away from his family home, so he knows Liam didn’t merely drop by.

“I’m actually kind of in your bed,” Liam giggles under his breath. “Trisha didn’t want me driving home so late, so I’m currently beneath Power Rangers sheets.”

Zayn laughs, unable to feel any more love than he’s currently feeling.

“S’ why I’m whispering — Wali is just next door.”



“I love you,” Zayn whispers, his jaw aching from smiling. “So much, I can’t wait to come home.”

“Two weeks,” Liam swallows, sighing. “Can you believe it’s been a month already?”

“Feels like triple,” Zayn sighs, his smile fading. Not much longer, Li. I’ll be home soon.“

Liam yawns, humming into the phone.

“Sleep, babe. Mum’ll no doubt be up at the crack of dawn with a tray of breakfast f’ you,” Zayn teases, tugging at his lip. “I’ll ring you when you wake up.”

“Night, babe,” Liam whispers, exhaling. “I love you.”

“Love you,” Zayn whispers back, wishing that he could press a soft kiss to Liam’s temple where he’s most ticklish and hear gentle giggles buried into his neck until he’s asleep.

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Another day, another word: caramelised I think this is a really nice one:)! Have a lovely day!


AU where harry is a baker, and Louis comes into his bakery like three or four times a week because he lives in the neighborhood. They’re both attracted to each other, but Louis is shy about his attraction and Harry sort of misinterprets that as Louis being aloof, which ends up making most of their interactions halting and embarrassing for both them.  They’re always blushing and not talking and then talking over each other and they always both replay the entire scene in their head after it’s over and cringe. 

And then one day, Harry is complaining to niall about how hard it can be to make caramel right, like to heat the sugar right and everything and Louis overhears.   And he doesn’t come back to the bakery for two weeks and he walks up to the counter and Harry’s like, “long time no see!” and then feels like a loser. But Louis laughs and then gets sort of shifty then he like blurts out “I made you caramel!” and shoves a plastic bag with several tupperware containers inside it across the counter.  And Harry’s like ???? and it turns out Louis is chemistry professor at the university in town and he spent all this time perfecting the caramelization process and making Harry a whole sampler pack of different caramels and milk caramels and caramel sauces etc etc. 

Harry is like allllll blushy and flustered and flattered and Louis feels a little embarrassed about overdoing it, but be he still offers to teach Harry his science recipes because he has a big huge crush on him and wants to spend time with him.  And Harry says yes, of course, and Niall is dying in the background, frosting cookies the whole time. 

And then Harry goes to Louis’s lab for lessons and they awkwardly fall in love doing food science together.  They kiss for the first time once when Harry pops by in the afternoon with some muffins and Louis has a safety goggles outline on his face and it’s really romantic.  

A Moment of Triumpth

It’s always a good morning when you listen to “Theme of King J.J.” before you have to play your solo for orchestra class. To be honest, I haven’t been practicing my viola solo all that much so I plugged my phone to the orchestra’s stereo and pulled up my piano cover for JJ’s theme. With my viola, I played the melody.

Best orchestra class day ever~! Those damn first chair violas–who thought I was a bitch for speaking my mind against their horseplay–had their jaws dropped. Today’s a good day. Thanks, JJ. Your song’s inspirational lyrics helped this broken person feel whole again.

“I will break the walls
Now look at me
Fools will be the blind side of the enemy
This is who I am
Just remember me”

Todos luchamos nuestras proprias guerras privadas.”

“We all fight our own private wars.”


She Moves….

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So Jonghyun’s solo music is my exact style of music and  literally love EVERY song he has come out with.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I would have been able to go to Korea to attend his solo concerts. I will be so emotional watching the fancams (i will watch every single one i can find from every angle possible).

And the fact that he will probably most definitely be shirtless and unbelievably sexy for the stages, kills me even more.

PS: Sorry for this, Ive been thinking about this more and more since the concert days have been approaching…..