I think this is my first drawing of the year omg, one thing after another happened, tablet broke… phone broke … so all my hobbies pretty much just stopped in that first week of January, despite my tablet still being broke, i powered on through this drawing lol 

madd-ayfordayz asked:

I have a serious question.. My school is doing a talent show and auditions are soon, I'm planning on doing it but I don't know which song to sing. Any recommendations?

ok, well, I don’t know what you’re into singing, but I’ll put some of my favorite songs below;

strange love, halsey

dollhouse, melanie martinez

all star, smashmouth

magnets, disclosure ft. lorde

for him, troye sivan ft. allday

gin & juice, snoop dogg ((in case ur into rap idk))

dear porcupine, melanie martinez

milk and cookies, melanie martinez

omen, disclosure ft. sam smith

arabella, arctic monkeys

as u can see i listen to music a lot oops lol

good luck!! <3