Exams finished yesterday which means today is the day I:


I never thought I’d be so excited to work out and make gains but here I am ready to go even harder and build upon the half a stone in muscle I’ve gained so far!

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Can you elaborate on Jericho's humbling? I was 9 at the time and really know nothing passed you saying X-Pac helped him adjust. Thanks.

I mean he got shut down by Rock in his debut promo. That made him look small time right off. Then he struggled to find his footing and was working with, like, a reduced role Ken Shamrock and Road Dogg, given Mr. Hughes as a bodyguard (which was never a good thing), and X-Pac was assigned to help him learn the WWF style. He also did win the IC title fairly quickly, but he was booked in a co-champion role with Chyna, feuding with Hardcore Holly. AJ Styles won the WWE title in months. It took Chris Jericho two and a half years and a lot of stop-and-go pushes. But it worked out.

On that note, I’ll never forget the nerd community losing their minds at Fully Loaded 2000 when they gave New Blood guys Jericho (HHH), Benoit (Rock), and Angle (Undertaker) matches with established top WWF guys, and they all lost. They had ALL been “buried”! Their careers, of course, never recovered.

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Thoughts/opinions on DCP

Mod Lissy: Never did it, and I sincerely wish I did. It never really worked out for me in terms of my major, which is now just collecting dust in a box because I’m doing something totally different now…I did get to do some time at the Disney Store though, which was fun :)

Mod MJ: I think it’s a great opportunity! It’s definitely what you make of it though. I went into mine with the expectation that it was going to be a whole lot of work with little pay and I think that mindset helped a lot. I learned a lot on my program and made some amazing friends that I’m still very close with. If you ever get the chance to do it I highly recommend it!

The tutoring place that I was excited to work at that I thought had never contacted me back?
Turns out they sent me an email two weeks ago that I somehow missed
So i could have worked there! and its entirely my fault that I can’t now!
This was going to be a great job opportunity and I completely fucked it up great job merc

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How can I do clean lines, and fix the lines if they turn out to be shaky? I'm talking about with traditional art and pens. My main problems is that my hands are hella shaky because of health issues, and I'm constantly needing to move. I always try to make my lines come out nice, but it never really works out how I hope it will. Any ideas? Honestly anything would help. I just want to try and improve my art the best I can, even with my obstacles.

I’m the same way! I use a lot of stim toys and take breaks. I also do a lot of wrist exercises and that steadies your wrists. It also helps with stimming BC it’s flapping your hands for a purpose. I used to also wear wrist guards too! I wish you luck and im really glad you’re not giving up on your hobby! Good luck!

-Mod Cat


Alex Vause is just endlessly amused by Piper Chapman




Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


happy!dean week → favorite overall happy!dean moment

hey girls who haven’t dated any or many girls: 

your first relationship might not be perfect. your first couple relationships might not be perfect. teenagers don’t tend to have very long lasting relationships and with the added stress of being a f/f couple, it might not last very long or work out well. this doesn’t mean that you’re never going to be in a long lasting relationship with a woman, just that this one ended quickly

every girl who isn’t straight isn’t going to be the right girl for you. you might start dating a girl and then realize you’re not actually into her, or she might feel that way about you. this doesn’t mean you’ll never find a girl you really like who really likes you back, just that this wasn’t the right relationship

there might be issues in your relationship. you might have different expectations, different needs and desires, different interests. you don’t need to change yourself or pretend to be something that you’re not to make the relationship work, you’ll have other chances

given how few other lbpq girls most of us know, i know that a lot of the time it feels like your first relationship is the only chance you’ll get and that you need to make it work out. don’t force it. don’t pretend to be or feel something you aren’t/don’t for the sake of the relationship, don’t let her cross your boundaries because you’re worried she’ll break up with you and you’ll never have another chance at dating a girl if you don’t let her

this is coming from my personal experiences- the first time i dated a girl, i did everything she wanted to, ignored my own preferences, pretended to like what she liked, let her do whatever she wanted. this didn’t make the relationship last longer or be better, it just made it lopsided and unhappy. she wasn’t right for me, i wasn’t right for her, and that’s alright. just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean i’ll never date again

you’re going to get another chance. you’re going to date another girl. everything doesn’t hang upon this first relationship

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Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You’re important. You’re loved. And your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not. You’re going to be okay. 


09/18/2016 • my preliminary writing classes start tomorrow, so i’ve been packing everything i’ll need earlier today. it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that i’m going off to university, but i’m buzzing with excitement about starting a new chapter in my life. i really hope that uni will be good to me and that i’ll make lots of wonderful memories in the next years. 


Finally drew a new blog header for myself! ^ ^ Everyone is happy and no one is dead, yes? ;D

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Don’t give up on yourself, okay?


sansa and arya + happiness sort of

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