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Is there anything you dislike about davekat and/or any fears you have about davekat when we get to see more interaction ??

anything i dislike? post-retcon, no not really, but then again i still need to see them interact more in order to fill in the gaps better. but its all pointing to it being rly balanced and healthy and hilarious and just A++++++++++. but pre-retcon, yeah. theres reasons i didnt get into davekat too much before the retcon even tho i did ship it. i feel like Karkat would have always been hung up on Terezi to a certain extent, kind of like Kankri never really being able to move on from Latula? im so glad my crabby son wont have to worry about that because there is nothing more than i want in hs than for him to be happy.
things im worried about? while im THRILLED that theyre confirmed red, i feel like if Hussie sweeps the whole transcending quadrant thing under the rug and doesnt even address it i wont help but feel disappointed. i mean he kind of did that with Rosemary, remember how Rose asked her to show her all the quadrants and it may have seemed that way? and now theyre seemingly just matesprites. but since Karkat is more tied to the idea of romance, and maybe since Hussie realized what he wanted to do with his romance arc, maybe he just didn’t want to repeat the same thing with rosemary? idkkkkk
but if that IS the case and we do go into that, if transcending the quadrants is about being in multiple at once, then i feel like explaining all of that in their convo might muddle it up instead of getting to the point, yknow?
another thing im worried about is either or both of them not being affectionate as much, especially Karkat. as it stands expisition-wise its been leaning heavily towards Dave, with the Roxy love/kisses thing, and now Davepeta’s realization, but Karkat hasnt really implied much himself. maybe this will get balanced back out again if Karkat confesses that hes mainly red but wants him all to himself and gives every reader diabetes in exchange lol

id go more into detail but i gotta go to work yooo