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Do you think he accidentally revealed that he had a nine picture deal? Because he looks so contrite every time it's brought up? His reactions are so cute

I don’t think he ‘accidentally’ revealed it. The very first interview where he announced it is here and ever since then, people never forget to mention it to him and I guess it gets tiring to hear after some time? and yes! his face always looks cute when he got asked about this. In fact, there’s a gifset of it here

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Finale Preview: How Regina Became the Most Important Hero - Today's News: Our Take | TVGuide.com

Fuck this asshole reporter. Her proclaiming Regina as “the most important hero” is stupid and annoying enough, but her reference to Rumple’s “evil plan” is SICKENING.

First things first - the idea that Regina is selfless and practically saintly is for shit. I don’t care how popular she is, she’s no hero to me - I will NEVER forgive her for ripping Belle’s heart out. I’m really tired of all these Lana interviews and this one takes the cake, with her speaking for Regina and whining that no one understands her.

That alone made me angry, but THIS shit?! I need someone to tell me how Rumple trying to save his wife and unborn child is evil, how this is a ploy for power? I get Lana speaking in interviews as Regina portraying Rumple negatively, but this “reporter” is Leanne Aguilera-like.

***“but she’s still the best asset Storybrooke has to prevent Rumpelstiltskin’s (Robert Carlyle) evil plan. ”

“Regina has more than earned the time to figure herself out, but she may not be able to have it as Gold begins his latest ploy for power.” ***

30 Seconds To Mars Interview Shannon Leto 2012 - YouTube

I always miss the good stuff (freakin time zones) and I never get tired of this interview. Shan is funny, sarcastic, shares lots of stories and seems pretty intelligent. I wonder if fame got in the way of him being more introverted? Sometimes the more famous a person gets they realize that they don’t like all the attention, criticism, trolling etc. BF is a great direction for him to go since he can step out of the spotlight and can’t drum forever. Like everyone says intelligence is measures in many different ways. I’m a ding bat with anything related to math but I’m a great writer and am often complimented for my intelligence (way more than my outer beauty btw). Sorry to go on and on I just 💜 Shannon like a big bro.


cingh2015  - thanks ;)


I would imagine that if a person is an introvert by nature even before fame, that is not going to help him come out of his shell - quite the contrary actually. 

Plus, age does take its toll, and changes a person. Maybe these days he just is completely fed up.

Toon Reviews: Glued, Where's My Bob?

In the 100th episode of Bob’s Burgers, the family tries to get Bob off of the toilet after a prank gone wrong thanks to Louise. Meanwhile, they help prepare him for an interview from a famous food magazine which was set up by a famous chef who likes Bob’s burgers. I think this is easily one of the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers ever. I like how all the characters were portrayed in this episode, especially Bob & Louise. This magazine interview is like a big thing for him, and he wants it to go well because he’s tired of his resturaunt’s never ending streak of bad luck. This probably makes him feel like a failure and a loser (it doesn’t help that he’s stuck on the toilet too). Louise on the other hand, keeps dening that it was her fault and that if Gene sat on the toilet instead of Bob, none of this would’ve happened. She’s trying to put the blame off of her because she feels guilty about costing her father this magazine interview, so I can sympathize with her. In the end, when the magazine people decide not to do the interview, the family and everyone in the restaurant (even Jimmy pesto) starts defending Bob. This was a good moment for the show because it tells me that even if ur a loser, there are people who’ll still support you, like friends or family. A month later, Bob’s burgers eventually does get a magazine review. I love this episode because of its great moments, and the amazing song we heard in the middle and in the end credits. A great way to commemorate the 100th episode of this piece of adult animated art. I rate it a 10/10!

real talk, i’m so tired of interviewing and interviewing and getting my hopes up and nothing panning out.

and then tonight my manager told me when i got in that basically, managers spoke about me and im not “performing as well as i have been in the past”.

which is a lie.  i spoke with a few other co-workers about it, jsut for fun, and he told them the same thing.

i talked to another manager.  they never once spoke.  i’ve been getting nothing but praise and compliments again.

so it’s a lie.

there’s talk he’s planning to fire a lot of the older employees, and hiring new ones (why, idk).  i get we’re hurting financially, but don’t take your stress out on employees who already go above and beyond everyone else.

i need to get out, and i really want to quit.  it’s so toxic lately.

So I went to bed at an early hour last night, but of course I had to get some really bad growing pains that caused me to get barely any sleep :’( And I’m tired of laying around in my bed, waiting for sleep that’s never gonna happen. My Gamestop interview is at 10 am and my Best Buy interview is at 5 pm so I’ll just take a nap in between. Why does stuff like this always happen to me ;~; Also, I’m really bad at remembering to watermark my photos so that’s why you’ll see some pics that have none.

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Trey has a very bad week……
Gen. Dana Chipman, Trey Gowdy’s former Top Counsel, and I am guessing someone who will never appear on FOX again, commented four times that the Military did all they could the night of the Benghazi attack. I know that comes as a shock to the folks at FOX, or not. These comments were made to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his former Defense Department Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash.
Coming on the heels of the Defense Dept. telling Gowdy they were getting tired of his increasingly inane requests for interviews of their staff, I think the Treyster has just had his Lucy moment…By the way, Gowdy said the Defense Department’s comments were a “partisan attack”…Partisan indeed.
I would wonder how this will affect the FOX approach to the “E-mail Server” ….issue. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” would be the betting man’s choice.
As for Mr. Gowdy, I think Robert Duvall’s lines towards the end of the movie “Jack Reacher” say it perfectly…”Suck On it!!”