Things I will never get tired of
  • Pictures and gifs of Taylor being cute/pretty/intense/goofy/etc
  • Pics of fans in Loft or at a M&G
  • Original costumes and signs
  • Surprise guests singing with Taylor
  • Surprise b stage songs (especially old ones)
  • Taylor speeches and advice. Also, interviews
  • Taylor candids that she posts randomly
  • stories about meredith being a brat
  • New songs and videos being released
  • lyrics captioning photos perfectly
  • watching the Red tour on youtube
  • watching Journey to Fearless and the candid video blogging
  • Fan Videos from 1989 concerts
  • “I was invited to Loft” stories
  • Pictures with the other members of the swift clan
  • swifties giving other swifties support and encouraging e/o
  • Taylors shoes. and skirts. and hats. and makeup. and purses.
  • Blogs about how TS music has made your life better
  • Seeing Taylor being genuinely happy with her friends and boyfriend
  • how good her band and dancers are
  • Blasting Taylor in the car and singing along
  • Taylor winning all the awards she deserves
  • i sound like a stalker i swear im not.
I need help!

((I’ve been avoiding asking for help like the plague because everyone has their drama and everyone has their reasons, but just, hear me out first and decide later.

I have a really sour position with my boss, who is also believe it or not my dad. He got sick and tired when I constantly came home empty handed with no job to speak of. I would put in the application and go in for the interview, but I would never get a call back, and when I was the one calling back, they said they weren’t interested in hiring when two days ago they were. The easy answer to him was to hire me into his business, and quite frankly it’s been hell.

If I could I’d be doing something else with my life, but whenever I try to leave the business he takes me on a mountain ride of a guilt trip and forces me to stay with the company. Even if I did get another job it would not be enough to pay for my rent and my utilities. When I got a Netflix account he demanded that I hand over the login credentials and not wanting to be hit or worse I forked them over on one condition: that he has to pay for half of the Netflix bill. He hasn’t paid a dime. When I asked when when I was going to be paid back he stated “why should I pay when it’s already being paid for me?”

Currently I have enough money to slog me through two more months at my current apartment, the rent has to be delivered on the first of every month with no delays or else there are going to be unkind words from my landlord. I don’t want to be kicked out on the streets, and if I move back in with my parents, I have to surrender my cat Pepper to the humane society as my dad refuses to live with cats.

Pepper is a source of mental stability for me, living at home with an older brother and a younger sister who took joy in bullying me and pushing the blame and other horrendous deeds onto me all the time certainly didn’t do me any favors either. Only some of my closest friends know exactly what I’m talking about. If I lose Pepper I don’t even want to know what’ll happen, most likely I’ll fall back into depression. I didn’t get an apartment for nothing.

Just recently I was put on penalty for “fucking up one too many times”. This penalty is a 100 dollar fee from my paycheck at the end of the month. “Fucking up” includes forgetting the simplest things (I have short term memory), not matching up to my dad’s standards (keep in mind, he’s been been his own boss and been doing this for 30 years, I’ve been doing it for 3), and a multitude of other things that he doesn’t like or doesn’t care for that involves me. In short, he hates me and he hates that I work for him and just wants to make excuses for not paying me. Knowing him, he’ll just continue to make them up to the point where I’m working for free.

I can’t go back to that household, I’d rather die before my foot hits the threshold. And I certainly don’t have the funds to move elsewhere. Currently I’m only looking for $2,800. This will get me until December to figure something out or find a different job. I have a paypal button in my sidebar now, or you can donate directly at moonstarthefox2@mac.com.

I can also do some writing and drawing commissions if anyone would be interested. All written commissions will be $5 and all drawn commissions will be $10. I have a sample of my writing up at fanfiction.net called Warrior Cats: Snow in the Fire (<– clicky clicky!). It’s something I’m still working on, and I’m just about to come out with the next chapter. As for my art, here are a few examples (ps, thank you for reading, if you read all of it!: ))

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You know what's funny though? I feel like everyone gets tired of Jennifer Lawrence sooner or later. Even her co stars josh and Liam. There are interviews where they both look annoyed as fuck and tired, but joshifer or jiam shippers will never admit it because it would pop their delusional otp bubbles. Like I can't take it anymore this is a repeat of the twihard fandom all over again but worse.

It’s worse because Jlaw is actually a terrible person, with a horrible personality, and an atrocious case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Okay one thing that pisses me off more than anything else is people saying that Jensen is homophobic because he’s kind of awkward when people mention destiel. What the fuck.
WhAT ThE fuCk seriously I’m probably the furthest thing from homophobic, but if people were always talking about me fucking my best friend, and drawing fanart of it and sending it to me 24/7 and asking me about it in every interview I had and basically generally NEVER letting me hear the end of it I WOULD BE PRETTY AWKWARD/ ANNOYED ABOUT IT TOO!! Jfc people are putting him in uncomfortable situations and then saying he’s homophobic because he’s gets annoyed or doesn’t know what to say jUST LEAVE HIM ALONE it’s not his fault he plays a character that may or may not be gay but the show is not his real life JESUS fucking Christ
Sorry for the rant but I’m just so tired of this
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At what point

Am I allowed to give up on getting a job in my field? I have been job hunting for a year and have only gotten three interviews and obviously have passed none of them. I am so tired of trying and constantly getting rejected. I am in so much debt from getting a masters degree that now I feel like I will never be able to get rid of. I honestly don’t know what else I could be doing right now to get a job. Sorry for the whiny bull shit post I’m just like really frustrated right now.

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Happy fanfiction author appreciation day, Akashi-kun! I don't think I do nearly as nice a job of letting you know how great your writing is (I'm STILL trying to catch up on Seirin Week... *nervous laughter* I mean, you won the AkaFuri contest for crying out loud! Which is amazing! Your stories are always so well thought-out and organized and flow so smoothly; they're always fun to read. I never get tired of reading your work. You're also the best friend ever. Keep being amazing. c:

You are too kind!!!!!! This is so sweet, thank you so much!!! You are just the best I wanna hug you and squeeze all the air out of you (why are you far away??)!!! I’m still a little bit in a daze that I won the AkaFuri contest, by the way. 

(Although, funny story. In my interview a few days ago, one of the women was asking, since I like to write so much/have a lot of writing credentials on my resume, if I wrote “on the side”/non-work related things. And I said I did, and mentioned that I had a half-written novel – that needs tons of editing – and that I won a writing contest on my favorite blogging site. I did not mention, you know, the part about it being gay fanfiction. She asked if I won a prize and I didn’t want to explain about winning doujins, so I told her I would get “comic books” as my prize XDD!) 

Aaanyway. It took me ages to catch up on Seirin Week too! I finally did right before I got super busy again. I still have a bunch of fics I haven’t read and/or reblogged yet though (including AkaFuri contest stuff that I read for the voting but never put my comments on). 

Uuugh you are such a good friend and I could say it over and over again and still never say it enough. I’ve told you so many times that you changed my life in the best possible way and yet I can’t stop saying it because it begs repeating. 

Love you, Kuroko-kun!!! 

How I Feel When I Hear My Song On Radio - Sound Sultan Reveals

How I Feel When I Hear My Song On Radio – Sound Sultan Reveals

Superstar musician Sound Sultan has revealed that he never gets tired of watching himself on TV or hearing his songs on radio. The Naija Ninja made the revelation during a radio interview alongside DJ Xclusive at The Beat 97.9 FM Ibadan ahead of Last weekend’s Star Music Trek #IbadanRocks concert at Trans Amusement Park, Samonda, Ibadan. Speaking to Afternoon Show host Lolu, he remarked, “I have…

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My brother is getting on my nerves

He comes in my room asking questions when I never feel like being questioned unless it’s an interview. Then he says he’s gonna call my dog triple c (crazy crackhead chihuahua)
First of all fuck no. Ppl abuse the fuck out of triple c’s. Second my dog isn’t crazy or a crackhead and doesn’t even act like a chihuahua most of the time. Her name is Vixie. Not triple c or fucking yoda and I’m very tired of him and his bitch friends making fun of my dog. I don’t tell him what to do with life so if he could leave what’s in mine alone that would be great. He wants to sit here and complain about going to Greenville tech when I told him before he even applied that it’s high school #2. He doesn’t want to listen to shit so I don’t tell him shit. That’s how I learned and I guess he’ll figure out that just bc you know different things than I do doesn’t mean you’re smarter.
I can wait to leave this fucking house.

“I Feel Like An Upcoming Artist Every Time I Hear My Song On The Radio”: Sound Sultan Opens Up On #Starmusictrek

Superstar musician Sound Sultan has revealed that he never gets tired of watching himself on TV or hearing his songs on radio. The Naija Ninja made the revelation during a radio interview alongside DJ Xclusive at The Beat 97.9 FM Ibadan ahead of Last weekend’s Star Music Trek #IbadanRocks concert at Trans Amusement Park, Samonda, Ibadan. Speaking to Afternoon Show…

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Touko was never one to take breaks – breaks were a waste of time for someone so determined. The only reason she would was her Pokémon, who were feeling quite tired. Vendanturf Town was up ahead, and it seemed like a quaint, peaceful place, so she decided it would be alright to rest there.

After healing aforementioned Pokémon at the center, she was intrigued by the amount of people there. For such a small town, there were a lot of people – she didn’t see any reason for tourism, but that was only for a moment. It was then she noticed they were all standing by a building with a sign that read “Contest Hall.” Out of curiosity, she weaved her way in the crowd to take in someone interviewing what she could only assume was a Coordinator (her knowledge of Contests was very limited – Unova didn’t have any Contest Halls, and during her cross-region travels, she’d never bothered to check one out up close). Hearing the woman clad in blue speak so vibrantly, it almost made her want to try it out.

The woman left after another moment or so, and the crowd dispersed, leaving her and only a few others there. She hadn’t been paying attention to the woman’s words as much as her tone of voice and actions, so Touko still was in unfamiliar territory.

    “…what was that all about?” She murmured, mostly to herself.

‘I Feel Like An Upcoming Artist Every Time I Hear My Song On The Radio’ – Sound Sultan

Superstar musician Sound Sultan has revealed that he never gets tired of watching himself on TV or hearing his songs on radio. The Naija Ninja made the revelation during a radio interview

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