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"The last time I checked" wtf are you saying she always in every interview said that directioners are so sweet to her & I never understood why some people would say that she did otherwise. Dont fucking believe in everything you read. I'm sorry if this come out a bit angry but I'm so tired of the hate she gets along death treats etc.

When do they even ask her about 1D fans anymore is my question. The last time they did she didn’t have nice things to say and I haven’t seen a interview where they asked her and she’s said good things. I asked for a link but no one has given me one so I’m assuming y'all are lying and she never said such things.

You can’t discredit legitimate interviews just bc it puts someone in a bad light. If we can’t believe anything we read all the “loving boyfriend” stuff they write in magazines about zerrie must be a lie bc that’s not what he says on camera.

Also I’ve never sent hate or death threats to anyone.

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Jesus christ. just listened to a norman interview from the radio. I didn't notice how sexy his voice was before. why is he doing this????????????????

i can listen to the sound of his voice all day and never get tired i promise

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Did SY get double eyelid surgery? In their newest interview (Glance) I noticed he had double eyelids but I always thought he had monolids. Unless I just didn't notice before...

I doubt he has? Maybe you’ve never noticed before? I’m not a very good judge of these things. Haha. He’s always had a slight crease at the corner of his eyes, maybe it’s just gotten more prominent (what with makeup and all)? 

I know my eyelids, whether I have single or double depends on if I get a good night’s sleep, or if I’m tired, or if I slept with my face smashed into my pillow. XD 

Fanfic - Inside Bea’s Head - #15 in series

381 words

Inside Bea’s Head

A confidential interview series. 

Tell us about yourself. 

Hello, people of the internet! Hah, I never get tired of saying that, even when I’m taking an internet break. How are you all? I am doing great. Just great! Fine! And! Dandy! That’s me. And Hero. And everyone. And, yes, Ben. Yes. Ben. I have finally learned how to say his name without blushing :blushes: okaaayyyy maybe I have not but, um, a girl can hope. Arghhh ok. Look. Yes. I admit it. I may just have had the summer of my life and it may be partially, a little bit, maybe to do with a certain lanky presence. Yes. You know who it is. :pause: It’s, a giraffe. 

Tell us something we don’t know

At this point I no longer assume that people know anything and so it would be against my MO, agenda, and general policy approach to let you know anything other than telling you face to face because that way, my friends, trouble lies. Oh yes indeed. :looks sombre:  

Oh fine. I did not throw That Flamingo into the mangoes on purpose. :mutters: wish I had though

Also, I am still pretty much right about everything, in case you were wondering. I realise you probably already know that if you were paying attention at all in the past year, or that you should. But just in case. :points at self: Me. I’m right. Oh yeah. 


Bea was so very, very in love with Ben, she was afraid to even think about it too much, even when she couldn’t help it. She worried about everything inwardly. She worried that Ben’s easy acceptance of it all would mean he would easily let her go. She worried that they had too much fun; that they were too happy. She worried about this most when they couldn’t come to an easy agreement about where to be and what to do over the next two years. She felt better that they could at least agree not to talk about it until they had to. And when that time came, she had to admit, if only to herself, that Ben had been right - the future she was worrying about was not at all terrible, and in fact so much better than the best she had imagined. 



Previous instalments: HeroBenedick, Claudio, Tibbles (a.k.a. Might), Verges, DogberryMeg, LeoFloyd the Flamingo, BalthazarCora, Robbie, John, Ursula

My interview went perfect. They laughed at my jokes and it seemed they liked me. I had hope. And that was something I didn’t have for a long time.

I feel lower than shit. I tried my best to get through all the anxiety and everything, put on my mask to face them, but it wasn’t enough.

It’s never fucking enough.
I’m tired of giving my hopes up.

I even PRAYED for this to work out.
I have no more strength for this.

I sometimes feel like an awful person because when I was in school I would hate celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift purely because it was popular opinion. I never even listened to their music and I never watched any interviews and such to see what they were like as a person and what they stood for. Like idk that’s a really shitty thing to do, and I wasn’t even aware of how awesome they, along with many other celebrities, actually are! So even though no one on here probably cares, I want to apologise to Nicki and Taylor, and the other celebrities who I can’t list because I just can’t remember, and by extension, the fans of these people who were affected by the words of the haters, and especially the ones who stopped listening to/watching their favourite celebrities because of those haters. So… Sorry to you guys :P

So its clear that I can never be enough for these boys. So its clear I need to step my game up. Im about to embark on round two of becoming a bad bitch, because anyone who knows me knows that Im not at all.
Or maybe I should kiss a girl. Im so tired of these dudes and their BS.

I also have a job interview in St Louis today and Im gunna rock the fuck out of it.


I’m beyond stressed.
I’m too much of a dweeb to get the courage to go to the doctors and get a blood test even though my health has plummeted in the last week alone.
I know I have an illness but I’m in denial because I’m a child who doesn’t want to face shit.
I’m stressed out my MIND with all the revision and constant reminder of GCSE’s.
My fucking back is so fucked up its constantly killing me.
I’m freaking about college- I still need to get an interview for the photography course and I still need to confirm the place.
I’m permanently tired but I can’t sleep, I’m dizzy 95% of the time and I can’t function good enough to get my words out anymore.
I never want to leave my bed but I have to to ensure I actually get to college.

i honestly just want to kill myself. i’ve felt like this for the past 6 months and nothing has changed. i have ultimately no friends and i’m alone in my room by myself at least six days of the week. i’ve went to three interviews for a job already and i didn’t get any of them. i don’t know what to do anymore, i don’t want to be here. i have too much anxiety. most months i’m just hoping things will get better, but it never does. i’m sick and tired of feeling like this all the time.

And I’m the best at getting interviews. I never tire of filling out applications and so I will do ten a day until I get back five responses at least. I’m also an awesome interviewer, usually. I almost never get passed over once I interview. But I haven’t even been able to interview for anything out here. I need a scooter

My sleep schedule has never been very stable, but after this weekend with bitecon it’s just fucked. I barely managed to get up at 10 for my interview and then I fell asleep at like 7pm and woke up just after midnight.

And now it’s 4am and I’m still tired but awake and I guess I’m gonna be driving to Milwaukee tonight or something, so that’s gonna be great.


‘Question’ in a query letter hook...

I occasionally see this come up, and as a writer, it’s tempting to use a rhetorical question as a query letter hook.  Yet it’s almost never a good idea, and I’ll offer my personal reasons as to why. 

- A query letter is first and foremost a business letter. Treat it like you would a job interview.  

- Agents want to read a letter, not answer a quiz.  Since they read hundreds of queries a week, they want the author to get right to the point.

- Using a rhetorical question as a hook is a pet peeve for most agents, who consider it a tired trope.

- A query should only contain the bare essentials necessary to get the agent interested in reading your novel.  Does the question do that?  If not, then leave it out.

- Asking a question gets a person thinking inward and not outward. You want the agent thinking about your book, not about how they personally would answer a question. 

 - Often times the question has an obvious answer. “What would you do if you could save the world?”  Ummm… I’d save the world.  Next?

- Other times the question being asked is something that would get a different answer from each person that answered it.   What’s the point?

- Last, and most important, the hook needs to entice the agent so that they request the full manuscript. Getting them to think about their own answer to a rhetorical question won’t do that.  

Can there be an exception?  Sure.  If a person can come up with a question that totally blows away an agent, then it may actually work. But I would get the query properly critiqued before even attempting it.  

As writers we all want our query letters to stand out from the crowd, but the way to do that is with great writing, a killer hook, and a succinct query.