Remember when I was making some fan-art for Skye in the Inhumans movie?

Well… I’m expanding my cameo ambitions for her hahaha.

This time I tired to go for that marvel poster look: super duper grossly photoshoped.

I’ll make one for Inhumans using the same style later.

translucentbug asked:

hey! I found you on Instagram a while ago and I've been following your tumblr for a bit too. your style is so unique and dark. but definitely beautiful. such a huge fan. I never get sick of looking at your art.

thqat’s so sweeeet  thank you so much !

okada self-titled gets a new look

I’ve never been a fan of album art with text. Most of the time the designer can’t meld the artwork and the text well for various reasons, and if they do, there are few good examples. The worst offenders are those that choose some default font and plaster it over some great art, effectively rendering the cover art useless.

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