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Any advice for people who aren't going to uni when everyone else is?

Don’t get lonely. Find other stuff/people/things to connect with that will provide you with a context. And relish your lack of debt, I guess

Everyone please block/report the blog http://steven-universe-edits.tumblr.com/

They have been editing not only actual screenshots of the characters, but people’s own fanart and gemsonas as well. What they do is make them all thinner, change the skin color to white, ect. Then they say it “looks better this way”, or “is more realistic”

They have also posted a very racist edit of steven several times that lies right up there with those two awful drawings that hotdiggetydemon did, if you remember. (CW: Antisemitism, Racism, Slurs)

They are obviously just trying to piss people off and rile everyone up, you can see this just by reading the blog description

I don’t know if they think this is just a funny prank or if they think it’ll be funny to see people freak out or what, but a ton of pissed off people coming after them in their inbox is most likely exactly what they want, and honestly you could do more damage by reporting them and hopefully getting them deleted. Send a message to them if you want, but from what I’ve read through it won’t fix anything. They’ll just have a shitty response and continue with what they’re doing.

some bubbline for the soul :y

I just realized

I’ve posted frequently about Giant Sailor Moon Fan Phoenix Wright

but what about the opposite?

Usagi Tsukino plays Ace Attorney

why is this the first I am realizing this?

Usagi CANONICALLY LOVES VIDEO GAMES she is all over this. She loves Phoenix because he DEFENDS THE INNOCENT and BELIEVES IN HIS CLIENTS and she also loves Maya because hello RELATABLE (not just for loving All The Food but also holy crap talk about being born to a responsibility she does not feel at all ready for).

Her texting Ami for help and poor hopeful Ami thinks Usagi is finally asking for tutoring but nope, she’s just having a tough time with this testimony. Being Ami is suffering.

And dear god when she gets to the emotional cases LATE-NIGHT SOBBING CALLS TO REI, ALSO BEING REI IS SUFFERING.


hi, so since i don’t really have inspiration for new edits but i still want to do something, i thought i could draw you? 

i’ll make something like this: x x


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200+ followers - Thank you!

I gasped when I saw that I had reached that milestone this morning! I was originally going to do a follow forever, but as I wrote I kinda realized that I would only feel horrible for leaving out someone or maybe forget someone, and I know the feeling of being left out of follow forevers ect– I’m too nice to select a few to write things about, and to write about every single one of you would take days.

So instead lets do a ramble about how grateful I am instead! I’m already in tears due to all the kind words you’re throwing at me today, I take every to heart and cherish them highly. For me it is just as much joy to spread good words and nice things than it is to recieve them, I like to give and never expect anything in return. So I’m just gonna say that I’m forever grateful, and I’ll continue to look at your sweet words when I’m feeling down.

Since this is going to be a wall, knowing me, I’ll just put it under a read more. THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, I LOVE YOU.

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Can you just post gifs from the show again? This shipping stuff is getting a bit out of hand.

look, i’m not your dog, and i’m not a machine that churns out gifs. i have always been a shipper in this fandom and it’s never been a secret. lately, i’ve received a lot of shipping questions, so basic laws of supply and demand come into play. i’ve run my blog like this for years and you can browse imgur instead if all you want is gifs with no brain behind them. alternatively, you can make your own teen titans blog and run it how you like.

So, from the Trespasser trailer, it looks like the nobility of Ferelden and Orlais want to take down the Inquisitor.  Which isn’t a surprise.  Why would they want the Inquisition around, being more effective than them and making them look like chumps?

What I’m dying to know is… what do the common people think of this?  The ones who the Inquisition has saved?  The ones who think that the Inquisitor is a holy messenger?

Do they just not matter?  Or does this turn the people of Ferelden and Orlais against their nobles and threaten the legitimacy of the nobility? 

SIGH.  I am going to miss doing spec like this.  If only I gave a shit about Fallout 4.