Not my main pair but I had this thought that McCree would absolutely wreck the pop gun game stall at festivals. I can see it now:

“Check this out babe. It’s HIGH NOON.” 

All the prizes at the pop gun stand simultaneously explode. The booth worker and two passerby fall over dead.

Was talking to @dietcloud some time back about her Gangster!AU, and usually when I think of gangsters the stereotypical tommy gun-wielding, well-dressed kind comes to mind so I ended up sketching this out during my trip to Amsterdam, hope you like it buddy. <3


good words for the headstone.

I really want to give up on a lot of stuff

WOW, guys. When I joined this fandom at the tail end of May 2015, I wasn’t really expecting to get this far. I wasn’t really expecting to be here for OVER A YEAR and still be happy to be here, for my portrayal of a character I’d never played before to end up interesting enough that FOUR HUNDRED PEOPLE would follow Allen and I. 

So here’s a big THANK YOU to every single one of you for making the last year and a half enjoyable and I hope the next year and a half is just the same. And here’s a few specific people who have made my time here especially enjoyable and kept me from going crazy in the mean time.

BIG SHOUTOUT to @49scribes who is not only one of the people who have stuck with my from the very beginning, but was also the FIRST PERSON to express interest in interacting with my portrayal of Allen and the person always RPing on my dash that made me want to join the community in the first place. Thank you SO MUCH, Kit. You’ve been a good friend and, to this day, Siren’s Guard is still one of my favorite threads.

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anonymous asked:

can you pretty please put your new fics on ao3? it'd make it so much easier to retrieve,I feel like I'll never be able to find them on your blog

Mmmmaybe. idk I don’t really feel like it’s worth putting them on AO3 since they’re just old drafts, and mostly pretty short. I suppose I could just shove em all in the one fic, but then I feel like it’d be weird to have a description that’s just ‘here’s a random bag of my old shit.’

I was having a pretty crappy morning and then ‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire came on the radio in my freezing studio as I was painting and…well you CANNOT be glum when such disco cheese is playing it is simply impossible mwha and you can bet I was boogying round my studio like a tit with a brew in one hand and paintbrushes in the other

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