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V: If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

omg i definitely know this one. a sequel to surprise, surprise by @jiminniemouse would murder me. i need to know so many things lmao. are they dating, how the oc deals with jimin being a stripper, does jimin take her concerns seriously? bc if not i would love to have the oc give some random guy a lap dance in front of jimin just to prove her point and have him boil over, bc jealous smUT. ahh ok sorry i’m making up scenarios inside of my head now lol

fanfic ask game.


AU Meme  — Four months after Louis’ accident (x), he was still having trouble remembering everything close to him. The closer he grew to Liam, the farther Harry was pushed back, still finding it too awkward between them since he couldn’t remember a single thing about their relationship. 

Harry loved Liam for being there for his boyfriend when he couldn’t be; yet he hated him at the same time. tbc.


This Hotel Transylvania 2 teaser is exactly the adorable video you need to make it through the week. Look at Dennis, Drac’s grandson! While I was hesitant to even watch the first one, I’m actually very excited for the sequel (turns out Hotel Transylvania was pretty good after all, if you haven’t seen it). Want to know more about the plot via Sony Animation’s YouTube page? Read more after the break below.

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

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“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

.pumpkin. (Joker x Reader SMUT!)

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  hellooo , you could make a imagine where the Joker kidnaps you however he realizes that you are so insane as him and he falls madly in love ? ( Can end in smut if u can please ) thank you <3

I need some joker smut ///-: anythin ur down for

A/N: tbh there are soooo many joker smut requests that i cant fit them all in one fic. so i’ll make a bunch. i really tried on this one, still aint feeling it, but eh, i cant keep you guys waiting forever. i plan on majorly improving in the future. sorry for the rough start. stay tuned for more… ALSO! if you guys like it, lemme know!
Warnings: smut

Inspired by: sortha sequel to my previous imagine [x]


The tights leather straps burned your skin, the cotton bandage around your lips ticklish. The room – wet and cold - didn’t stop you from giggling silently, your (color) irises roaming the darkness in search of even a glimmer of light yet you found nothing. You budged against the restraints – the chair underneath you groaned. You sighed, a slick smile spreading on your itchy face. The screeching of a metal door opening caught your attention. The lights in the warehouse lazily flickered on. You noted a man strolling to you, your heart leaping in your chest as you recognized the familiar batch of green hair.

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trying not to get lost [listen / keep] for chop shop girls and their red perils. (a 1960s themed gaby and illya mix)

01. solomon burke - cry to me | 02. maurice williams & the zodiacs  - stay | 03. jr. walker & the all stars - shotgun | 04. swinging blue jeans - you’re welcome to my heart | 05. the beatles - komm, gib mir deine hand | 06. dusty springfield - the look of love | 07. the four tops - i can’t help myself (sugar pie honey bunch) | 08. ben e. king - will you still love me tomorrow? | 09. astrud gilberto - fly me to the moon | 10. the del-vikings - come go with me | 11. the turtles - you showed me | 12. the kinks - you really got me | 13. the monkees - i’m a believer | 14. rita pavone - come te non c’e’ nessuno | 15. the drifters - up on the roof | 16. the contours - do you love me? | 17. betty everett - it’s in his kiss | 18. the isley brothers - twist and shout | 19. the troggs - wild thing | 20. singing guitars (Поющие гитары) - sumerki  (cумерки) | 21. matt monro - from russia with love | 22. daniel pemberton - the unfinished kiss


“I don’t need to jump off a building to feel I’m alive. I can get that playing with a puppy. ”                                                                                                                                                            - Norman Reedus



Genre: pure smut (the things i do 4 u guys)

Warnings: swearing, strong D/s dynamics, blowjobs, daddy!kink, public teasing, dirty talk, facial (oops)

Word count: 1416

A/N: i promise you guys that this was consensual and dan is a fuckin tease. also i’ve been working on pbb which is why im kinda adskagerga, but yeah. i did leave the end sort of open, so if you want a part two, let me know! otherwise,  enjoy the fic and enjoy yoselves <3

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This is Numbuh 1995 and I’m here to remind everyone to sign the petition to make Galactic Kids Next Door a reality on Cartoon Network. 

Ever since we got our teaser trailer with the animation drafts for this series, we’ve been losing our minds because we’ve been recommissioned after so many  years of being away on the field.  

We need all hands on deck on this mission now. We must help make this series a reality not just for OUR happiness but for future generations of operatives. We must pass the torch onto a new generation someday, and what better way then with the sequel series airing on Cartoon Network for everyone to enjoy with each generation. 

So PLEASE if you haven’t signed this petition yet, here is the link to where you can sign and after you do sign, please reblog and spread this transmission around. 

Mission Pledge (Petition Link) HERE

Just remember. We. ARE. THE. KIDS. NEXT. DOOR. 


They announced the Ant-Man Sequel.

Ant-Man and the Wasp. This allegedly moves Black Panther to Feb. 2018.

I’ve kinda had it with them shifting around Black Panther to make room for other shit. It was supposed to be out Nov.2017 but they decided we needed another Spiderman film so they bumped it to July 2018. Now with this Ant-Man sequel they’re moving it UP to Feb. 2018.

We get it Marvel Studios, you don’t actually care about Black Panther.

Better Lester?

Summary: Dan and Cornelia haves an argument on who is the better Lester.

Genre: fluff!! yay

Warning: mentions of sex, swearing

Words: 696 oolala

A/N: wow look something original!!! Negl I enjoyed writing this god bless. Im also sorry if it’s just a drabble, I’m still not done on writing 24;;’s sequel sOZ (thx cornflakeslester for reading through god bless u)

“No- no, no, listen here Cornelia,” Dan took a sip of his coffee and stared straight at the woman’s eyes, making sure his words would come across serious. “Phil is such a nerd.”

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 I’d just be obsessed with a movie. I’d need more. So we’d make Super-8s at home. It’s funny I should remake Halloween, because one of the movies I made as a kid in high school was a sequel to [Carpenter’s] Escape from New York. Later, you know, I moved to New York to go to school, got kicked out, and worked as a bike messenger and on Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and then started a band. Making movies seemed like, ‘How do you do that? I don’t even have money to eat. I’m not gonna make movies.’ It’s great now for kids, make some goofy movie, stick it on YouTube, and you’re a hero. Back then, it was like: 'Man, I can’t wait till I can save enough money to develop the film.’   – Rob Zombie

Every horror movie ever
  • Parent:Welcome to our new home
  • Kid:I had to leave my friends and school for all of this
  • Parent:Oh you know we had to move here for financial reasons
  • Kid:There's something going on in this house
  • Parent:No there isn't
  • Kid:No seriously
  • Parent:You're making shit up
  • Kid:No seriously
  • Ghost:Boo
  • Parent:Holy shit
  • Kid:The fuck did I tell you
  • Priest:I have come to save you
  • Ghost:Boo
  • Priest:There is a demon I cannot save you from
  • Parent:I will find out for myself why this demon wants me
  • Parent:Omg the demon wants my kid
  • Kid:What
  • Ghost:Boo
  • Parent:We should move out but we need to stay here to battle this demon
  • Ghost:Oh no
  • Kid:Oh no
  • Parent:Oh no
  • Ghost:There will be a sequel
Xiuhan Fic rec:2/?

He's Special
by mineseok Luhan doesn’t know how it started. This is a story about Minseok through Luhan’s point of view
Touchy - the sequel Minseok likes Luhan. And he likes that Luhan likes Minseok
Opinion: this fic is so sweet, touching and realistic,
it make you feel like you're reading a xiuhan biography,
i don't know, it's just so perfect,
definitely one of the best fics I ever read and if you're a Xiuhan shipper you need to read it,
i promise you'll never regret
PD: I based a little on the trailer to the edition ^^
and you can see it here
Why Zootopia 2 Should Not Focus On Wildehopps

So I ship wildehopps A LOT, but focusing a sequel around their relationship entirely is a terrible idea. Zootopia is such a huge world it needs to be explored more. Having the whole story around a romance and interspecies prejudice is a cool idea but would make the plot go way to slow. This would cause us to miss visiting a lot of new scenes and not create the moments that made the first film so amazing. I’m not saying that the two shouldn’t be together in the story, I’m saying that it shouldn’t be the focus; let the relationship be a subplot that develops on the side. Their feelings would mean the same and it also doesn’t take away from the main action/adventure story the movie would be trying to tell.

That’s just my thought on the sequel. If anyone agrees or disagrees I would love to hear you opinions. 😄


Jack would question: why need a mistletoe to make out with your girlfriend?

Buy her breakfast maybe. Her favorite beverage would do, too. Or you could always do both.

But the most efficient way, Jack would say, just ambush your girlfriend before the dinning table. 

To mysexualityisastrid for secret santa event!! Their favorite is anything Jelsa!! So I grab the chance to draw an inspired one from this picture:

Sorry I have problem tagging you in the post and I might miss the Christmas in your timezone. I also wish this isn’t too much for you. I was thinking of doing a sequel for this scene but, yeah, I have concerns.

Merry Christmas anyhow!!