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ok so hunk ABSOLUTELY give AMAZING hugs theyre the best ever like thats no debate, but what abt the others?? lance probably gives either super nice hugs or shitty ones, pidge just kind of. oh ok. um. wrap arms around person. and keith leans down and accidentally stabs people in the neck with his shoulder if theyre shorter than him. if ur taller than him its ok. shiro also gives amazing hugs but its a different vibe. allura gives decent hugs, and coran is like an octopus good luck getting him off

YES team hug headcanons omg I feel the need to add in my own 2 cents to these because YES

Lance: Lance gives big, warm, bone crushing hugs- he has a lot of Hug Practice™ because of his huge family, all of whom demand hugs upon every encounter. He also tends to give spontaneous hugs in the heat of the moment, but gets flustered and embarrassed by his own actions literally seconds later.

Pidge: Pidge is the Emotional Huger™, in other words, they don’t give hugs out of nowhere, but when sparked by the right reasons their hugs are very heartfelt and genuine. However, because they’re so smol, they often end up with a face full of tummy, which everyone actually thinks is pretty cute. (They also won’t admit it but they love those big extravagant spinning hugs.)

Keith: Does Keith even really understand what a hug is?? Debatable. He’d be the type who doesn’t really give out hugs (and when he does they’d be awkward back-pat types) but surprisingly tends to receive a lot of hugs from others. (”You just… look like you needed a hug,” “What’s that supposed to mean?!”) As such, he’s become pretty good at reciprocating hugs, he just kind of,, sinks in to the other person. (Keith is a cat: confirmed)

Shiro: Shiro gives fabulous power hugs. The kind of hugs that just fill you with strength and determination. It’s like Shiro’s Goodness soaks into your very soul through his hugs. Shiro Hugs™ have often been known to be accompanied by Inspiring Speeches and Sparkling Dad Smiles. No one leaves a Shiro Hug sad. No one.

Allura: Allura hugs tend to be a Happy Huger, she’ll hug someone when overly happy or excited for them, she’s kind of a Mom™. However, Allura also seeks out hugs from others when sad or depressed, she feeds off the warmth and good things that come from a Quality Hug.

Coran: Coran is definitely the octo-hugger, once he latches on you might as well accept that this is your fate. He also tends to impromptu story tell while his victims are trapped in a bear-hug, but no one really minds. Coran’s hugs always leave you feeling more light-hearted and at ease then you were before. (He’s an Uncle. He gives Uncle Hugs™.)

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What are your favorite fonts to use? As groups and just general favorites

my computer fav fonts (the ones that dont need to be downloaded) are:

  • century gothic
  • helvetica/arial (!!! of course!!)
  • i believe didot is a comp font?
  • rockwell

then my other fav fonts! i dont usually use calligraphy fonts since i prefer to use my own? but i’ll try throwing in some here!

  • aku & kamu / bebas (a&k kind of look like bebas but bebas ftw tbh)
  • aliens & cows (v thin font great for titles)
  • autumn chant (script font! use with caution bc its hard to know when to use but it looks super prettY?)
  • avenir!
  • couture
  • florence
  • futura
  • luna (handwriting font i rarely use this but its so cuTE??)
  • paduka script (!!!)

thats aBT IT i think!!! i still have some more on my olf trashy laptop so i might update!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

😪 I need a new apartment bc this lack of space is suffocating my drive and creativity.

Like, it’s nice and calm in here but it’s also extremely inconvenient and requires more work than a fucking house. Sharing one room that is a kitchen, living room and bedroom all at once is getting on my nerves bc shit has no place of its own.

Efficiencies are NOT convenient for long term. But can’t afford more than 275 a month. My paycheck was 428. For six day schedules. I can’t. I am drowning in debt and I just want to ignore everything.

Let’s talk about Ex Machina and the three laws of Robotics:

The three laws are
1: A robot will not harm a human or by inaction allow a human to come to harm
2: A robot will obey all orders given it by humans unless this contradicts the 1st law
3: A robot will protect its own existence unless this contradicts the first 2 laws

More specifically: Why didn’t Nathan use safeguards (like the three laws)? 

I think it’s just a case of good old-fashioned hubris:

Pay attention to what he says; he can’t believe that one of his creations just gutted him (and the fact that he has no way to stop it demonstrates that he has no way to override Ava or Kyoko’s actions). I think Nathan felt so secure in his superiority that he didn’t think he would need any safeguards.

Fuck my co worker

I work in a groceey store as a uc and its not a terrible place to do. But when we get busy or we have things pile up and they put me with that… Thing you call a co worker it’s hell. Tonight I was closing and she shoukd of been closing as well. We close at 12 and shes off at 11:45 like 15 more minutes and she needed to help me. We still had half the flipping caets outside and a cart of go backs to put away. But she’s just in her own damn world like “ yeah I’ve worked here for 9 fucking years but Im so lazy that I’m gonna act stupid so I can not do this work” I don’t know if its karma because I absolutely hate her with a passion. And last night I made her push in all the damn carts which would leave us time to put like a cart away. I left her one cart to put away and Im sure it took her a while to put it away. As I had left her at 12 because I was already tired of her additude and how stupid she plays to be. Idc how long she’s worked there. Or because she has some mental problem. If you don’t wanna be thete god dammit quit the damn job. Dont play the lazy card or make excuses to not get shit done. Help or gtfo

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I think the break up will be good for them, but I really wish they'd stay together. Luke's right, they're at completely different parts of their lives and they need to focus on themselves. She needs to graduate and he needs to teach. I hope they'll get back together, for their sake and my own, what they have is truly special. Their relationship is complicated, but it always has been and I think it's brought them closer. Ugh I'm sad they're so cute, but this is definitely best

See this is one of the main reasons why I love writing stories, getting messages like this one! It’s so amazing to see how envolved you are with the story and its characters along with how it affects you! It makes me really excited as a writer and I totally agree with you! Amazing❤️ We’ll see what happens for the two throughout the last parts 💋

Stop expecting people will save you every time. It’s your job to save yourself. Eventually one day, they will stop reaching your hand and they will get tired of you. Everyone has an hourglass, everyone has its own limitation. They will say, ‘I’ll always be there for you’, but it doesn’t mean you can rely on them every time. Stop expecting people will be like a superhero when you need them the most. Stop depending on others. At the end of the day, you should learn how to save yourself from drowning. Because everyone is busy trying to save themselves.
—  baekebyan

EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

Pokémon GO beginner advice that I didn't get, so I'm passing it on.

-More tracks under a Pokémon means further away, not closer.
-Save your candies and go on an evolving spree when you get a Lucky Egg.
-Riding a bike is a great way to hatch eggs.
-If you run into a Pokémon you already have, only catch it:
A. If its CP is higher than the one you own
B. If you need candies to evolve.
You’ll save more Pokéballs, trust me.
-Check the area of a Pokéstop before you use a lure module. Don’t wanna get nothing but Ratata for a half-hour.
-If you’re a passenger in a car and you have a spare incense, use it. You cover more ground despite the speed doing nothing for your egg progress, and are likely to run into something neat.
-Don’t be afraid to actually go out there and look. You’d be surprised what you can find in certain places. Example: I was hunting for a Gastly for ten minutes, only to find out it was in a little cul-de-sac only fifty meters away.
-Terrain isn’t entirely confirmed to have anything to do with typing of Pokémon you encounter, but it is 100% true that water types are more likely to spawn near bodies of water.
-A full list of nearby Pokémon is a 3 x 3 grid, consisting of nine Pokémon. The top left Pokémon is the closest to you, while the bottom right is the farthest. Utilize that to hunt.
-Pokéstops reset after five to ten minutes.
-Probably the most well known one:
Pikachu can be chosen as your starter by walking away from the three others until it appears.

Hope this helps all of the future players/players who didn’t know something on this list!

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all these glow in the darks led me to ask u if u had any malec at a party headcanons..

you better beLIEVE I HAVe party headcanons

  • so we all know that magnus is the life of the party, so naturally at any party he goes to (even when it isn’t his own) hes the main attraction
  • alec however isn’t a big fan of them cause he thinks its pointless that a sea of drunk people get together and do nothing.
  • but after magnus and alec get together, he’s obligated to go to them because he needs to 1- beat up literally anyone who flirts with magnus   2- just be there for his boyfriend
  • magnus drinks a variety of drinks (mostly tequila based ones) and alec doesn’t like drinking that much so he goes with vodka and soda
  • magnus takes off an article of clothing to keep alec from whining whenever he feels like alecs getting bored
  • magnus is a pro drinker so he can actually realize if he’s getting too drunk and he just portals the both of them back home
  • but alec goes absolutely crazy when he gets too much alcohol in his system
  • one time, he drinks some random drinks that seem like they’re non alcoholic and gets really drunk.
  • he takes magnus by the hand and drags them onto the dance floor and goes legit insane and everyone in the party are either staring at them or focusing on their drinks to avoid staring (cause how far can a couple go with pda?) 
  • even when alec isn’t wildly affectionate, they get all the eyes on themselves cause they’re just killing it as a couple.
  • magnus’ favorite part of parties now is to see alec tapping his hands to the music or talking to people cause partying is a huge part of his life and he really appreciates that alec can be a part of it too
  • alecs favorite part, is to see his boyfriend smiling, having fun and just being himself in the fullest while absolutely owning the atmosphere.

Today while I recover from my surgery I am watching one of my favorite movies ever, a timeless comedy that can appeal to men, women, and children. This movie is one that doesn’t need any improvement any remake or any do overs; it stands on its own as one of the funniest movies ever made. This is what we should all be watching today; don’t go to that soulless cash grab tonight, stay home and watch the REAL Ghostbusters. #Ghostbusters1984

My Coming Out Story
  • Me:Can I buy a binder?
  • Mother:Yeah... I'm pretty sure there is one in the office supply cabinet
  • Me:... I mean a chest binder
  • Mother:You're very flat chested do you really need one?
  • Me:Yes mother.
  • Mother:Ok use your own money
  • Me:I just came out?
  • Mother:Thats nice, have you seen my eyeliner?
  • Me:Yes here it is, I'm genderfluid.
  • Mother:Thats cool, honestly the only thing I wish I could change about you is that you have anxiety
Light Carries On Endlessly

pairing: Bucky x Reader

summary: Bucky goes back under after cacw and you’re pregnant. 8-ish months later you give birth to a beautiful baby girl. 

words: 1.1k+ (including lyrics)

warnings: slight angst, vague (very vague) descriptions of labor 

A/N: this is kind of a companion to Let Go for the ones who requested it, but it stands on its own very well. Title and lyrics from one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life, Saturn by Sleeping At Last. Huge thank you to my bae @buckyywiththegoodhair for beta-ing. You da real mvp. Lyrics are bolded, flashback is italicized

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“I need you to push. One more time, [Y/N], it’s almost over.” Your doctor’s words were almost completely drowned out by the sound of blood rushing in your ears.

Steve was gripping your hand so tightly, but you paid no mind to it. Your nerves were overridden by a much greater pain.

“One more time, [Y/N], it’s almost over.” Steve. That was his voice. You squeezed his hand in a feeble attempt at reassuring him. Or maybe you were trying to reassure yourself. You didn’t know how you hadn’t passed out yet. The pain was excruciating. Your chest was heaving and beads of sweat were rolling down your forehead. The palm Steve wasn’t grasping was indented with red crescent shapes, leaving marks behind of where your nails had been digging into your flesh. Your eyes flitted over to where Nat was standing, her feet planted to the ground, her form completely still. Her gaze met yours and you could see that her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

“On 3, [Y/N].” Your doctor.

You tightened your grip on Steve’s hand. He nodded at you, an understanding smile on his face. “It’s okay, squeeze as hard as you need.”

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Do you have any recommendations for slow burn Reylo fics? I like when it seems realistic.

Here is a mix of AU and In Universe Fics that I’ve enjoyed.

The Moon, the Sun, and the Star Inbetween (Complete) by @silvershiner

The Force moves in mysterious ways, and sometimes it even has its own agenda. Rey finds herself caught in a battle with fate that throws her together with Kylo Ren, binding them together in the most powerful way possible… only to have fate drop her like a hot potato. A broken Force Bond isn’t the easiest thing to bear, especially when the one you’re missing is your sworn enemy and the father of your child.

He Knows He Needs to Stop (Complete) by @perrydowning

She is tinkering with droids again. He feels her elation as she finds the right point on the circuit, watches the droid whir to life, bleeping its gratitude. She has a whole little family of them now. Droids with loyalty so fierce he wonders if all creatures sentient – and not – are bound to worship her. He is losing himself in her and he knows he needs to stop. Kylo Ren is Bound to Rey and hides from her, never revealing himself, quietly driving himself mad with her light.

The Death of Kylo Ren (Complete) by nymja @gizkasparadise

Rey knows a lot about being lonely. Enough to recognize it in other people.

Stars Don’t Come Down (In Progress) by nymja @gizkasparadise

Ben doesn’t know who it is, but he’s looking for someone.  Sequel to The Death of Kylo Ren.

The Purest Place in the Galaxy (In Progress) by @clockworkcourier

There’s ghosts on Dagobah, and they mean nothing but good things for Rey. On the other hand, they seem absolutely bent on making Kylo Ren miserable.

Better Lucky (Complete) by gallifrey_skies

MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU! Rey’s dream job involves a lot more dirt that most people’s – but she loves it just the same. As a hot-walker working for up-and-coming trainer Poe Dameron, she spends her days working with racehorses alongside her friend Finn, including talented race-mare BB Eight. But when start-up millionaire Ben Solo moves his barn in next door, things are about to get really interesting at Jakku Downs Racetrack… Star Wars horse racing AU.

Agency (Complete) by sorati

[Part I: Dreamwalkers] Rey has joined Luke on Ahch-To to take her first steps in the force, but Kylo Ren has found a way to derail her training. As Rey struggles to make Luke’s teachings her own and Kylo Ren becomes increasingly aggressive, the First Order closes in on the island.

[Part II: Masters and Apprentices] Rey has struck a deal with Kylo Ren and becomes his reluctant student to preserve the life of Luke Skywalker. As Kylo Ren faces an increasing number of holes in the stories he has constructed around himself, Rey hunts for the truth behind her origins and plots to save Luke and herself without going darkside. Who will blink first in this game of power and wits?

[Part III: Closure] Rey’s personal vendetta against the First Order leads her down a lonely and dangerous path - but is there peace to be found in revenge? Allegiances are reshuffled drastically as Kylo Ren tries to save the person who he himself helped push to the dark side, hoping to fulfill his grandfather’s legacy in the process.

The Down and Outs (In Progress) by Rellie @thisismyproblematicblog & @snowfright-sketches

Rey Niima– licensed PI, unofficial dog sitter, possibly living in her car –is working the most interesting case of her career, reuniting the two most famous people on the planet with their missing renegade son. It soon becomes apparent though that after his vanishing act fifteen years before, Ben Solo has simply ceased to exist. In his place Rey finds Kylo Ren– shadowy SnokeCorp flunky, person of dubious morals, highly allergic to dogs –who seems completely unwilling to patch things up with his estranged parents. Rey’s made a promise though, and come what may she’s going to stick to it… Whether Ren likes it or not.

It’s Better If We Just Pretend (In Progress) by @ellensama

Rey has gone undercover on the new Star Killer base, Kylo Ren is pretending to be a man named Matt and has been assigned to be her new work partner. She knew this mission would be hard but dealing with Kylo, who seems set on just being angry, and completely uneducated in how to fix anything, might be just too extreme to pull off. Keeping him from finding out who she really is, just add’s to the pile of trouble fate seems set on dealing. If she could maybe figure out why he’s there, and why he’s pretending as well to be someone else, maybe Rey could figure a way out of this mess. Alive. (Crack fic with an actual serious plot.)

Freezing Cold


A/N: I don’t know if I undersood correctly this request, I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted.

Request: A bucky x reader where the reader had lung cancer but she’s in remission and now all she needs is oxygen but as it turns out she’s a mutant with ice powers but not only did it give her powers but lung cancer.

Warnings: ANGST. I apologize in advance for this one.

Bucky holds your hand tighter.

His own mind trying to grasp the current situation.

You shouldn’t be smiling like that.

“We’ll wait to see how it develops”. Dr. Cho said with her soft voice and a reassuring smile that you returned with an understanding nod.

Bucky holds your hand tighter. And yet, he feels how you and the life that he thought he’ll have, slowly slip away from him.

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