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A friend of mine would like to gift me a knife/dagger she already owns, but has never used n has left inactive. Is it alright to use it bc some say used ones might have negative vibrations/energy? If so, I think it'd need to be cleansed separate from n before any consecrations. If so, is there a special ritual cleansing, n what steps would I go through to cleanse it in a spiritual sense so that nothing from its past is attached to it? I feel like just consecrating might seal in something?

That all depend on you. I’m totally cool with using thing from thrift stores and free boxes. I cleanse most stuff to give it a nice once over in its new home but there are very very very few things that I fuss with consecrating because it just seems too formal for me.  However, I would also stress that a tool as a gift from a friend is a special gift. You might want to make sure some of that gifting grace sticks around.

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Salam, I've been waiting for my question to be answered within a week... Yet I still haven't found my answer from anyone. I only need your opinion or some facts about age on marriage whether it's good to marry at a young age.. or after you graduate college? or somehow get a diploma.. This answer may be opinionable from you but I don't mind. I just need to know some great details or facts about this discussion. This is my third time asking you.. again JazakAllah.

Walaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

This is the question that you have to ask yourself that whether you are ready for marriage or not. Are you able to take responsibilities because when you say yes then you have responsibilities that you have to fulfill and if you shortfall you have to be accountable to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Marriage has its own trials that you need to be patient with the shortcoming of your spouse and emotionally, one has to be able to deal with situations when there is a disagreement that you have to be patient when other gets angry. Age is just a number and if you think you can take the responsibility then go for it. It’s better to get married because there are so many temptations nowadays and it completes half of the deen.

May Allah guide us to the straight path.


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squeee you did a set for the conquest!! its so great! i saw that Edd put out a call for a photoset and i was thinking about doing one for fate...I'm so glad you did one!

Omg doooo it! Fate is also so amazing, it really needs its own set. I’m absolutely positive he would love it, right dolorousedditor? PLUS his current going rate is a thousand kingdoms for a photo set, which isn’t too shabby imo.

Give in to the peer pressure your mom always told you to ignore… DO it do it!

thomosronin answered: Why is Glaceon the adaption to cold climates and Flareon to hot, and not vice versa?

Interesting question… Although one would assume Flareon would be much more adapted to the cold environments with its huge fur coat, I can only assume its fur is used as some sort of heat container, and uses its long fur to retain the heat it would use for battle. I assume that the internal air sac that Flareon uses for battle would need to be kept at a higher temperature, or its attacks would be weak.

Likewise, with Glaceon, it is said to control the surrounding temperature by using its own internal temperature. I assume that like Flareon, Glaceon would require a cooler body temperature to utilize its cold ice-type attacks to full potential. This might suggest why it is a blue colour, and doesn’t seem to have any long fur - to help keep its temperature down.

Hope this helps!

people conveniently forgetting that time robin saved regina from a flying monkey. or from a burning door in rumple’s castle. or when he got her heart back from zelena. or how about when he THREW HIMSELF into the darkness trying to stop it from sucking the life out of regina. OR when he saved her from evil snow in the alternate reality. 

Wilder Minds - stylesforstiles - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik
Additional Tags: Teacher Louis, Student Harry, but its in university, flirting fluff and banter, side ziam and niall wanting to be their child, smutty talk, harry banana antics

After a mild flirtation, Louis and Harry both figure out they have a crush

It’s a problem

a student/teacher uni AU

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Wtf, too poor to afford your own shit? POS

amazon doesnt accept paypal n i dont have a credit card bc im 15, i also dont like it when my parents get me stuff 

like i said before no one needs to buy me anything its just there for people who actually want to lol why are you so bitter tons of people have wishlists xx

stop hating on new blogs that pop up for a popular character just cause you may be insecure 2k15!!!!!!!

none of us !!! own these characters!!!! you have no right !!! to tell someone that so and so is better !!! or that they don’t belong here!!!!

Simple Existence (Acoustic Split)
  • Simple Existence (Acoustic Split)
  • State Champs
  • The Acoustic Things

Simple Existence acoustic split - State Champs

The left channel is the studio version from The Acoustic Things and the right channel is an acoustic performance found here 

*Headphones highly recommended*

Hello, I am back. So this one was kinda hard as it was almost impossible to line up the guitars so there are some rough spots through out. I use headphones when I make these so I imagine it sounds awful without them, fair warning. Let me know what you guys think.  Also, I miss you boys and I can’t wait for the new album. I hope you like it and come back to CT soon <3 statechampsny

yeah like if ur able bodied and u think u know anything about being disabled, well, ur wrong. i dont care how many disabled ppl u know, i dont care that u broke ur leg one time and had to use crutches for 4 months, i dont care if the spirit of a disabled person possessed ur body once. unless u are disabled, u have no idea what its like and u have no room to comment and u need to stay in ur own lane, thanks

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Dan doesn't really propose to Phil. He just hides the ring in his own cereal box because he knows Phil is gonna steal his cereal sooner or later anyway. He's anxious for days. Has Phil not seen it? He couldn't have swallowed it, it was in its own box. Did he accidentally throw the whole box away? But then one day, when Phil is up earlier, there's a muffled shriek from the kitchen and Dan knows. He doesn't even make it to the kitchen because Phil already tackles him in the bedroom doorway <3


oh my god someone please write a phanfic about this whole hiding ring in the cereal box thingy i need it now :((

also “He couldn’t have swallowed it” xDDDD


I don’t really make a point to collect taxidermy, though I do own a few older pieces that have come to me over the years. One of my favorite mounts is this fox squirrel with malocclusion. It was given to me a few years ago when the mammal division of my hometown museum was cleaning out parts of its collection that it no longer needed. I assume this mount had no collection data: no year, no location, and therefore, not a whole lot of scientific value.

It’s not often you see a rodent — dead or alive — with malocclusion this severe. Most likely, this squirrel was kept in captivity as its incisors grew longer and curlier. In an ultimate twist of cruel irony, it was mounted holding an acorn, a meal that, with teeth like this, the squirrel couldn’t possibly have eaten. 

things i learned in high school:

  • it’s okay to cry at school, more people will help you than judge you
  • if you need to leave the classroom, just do it.
  • turtleneck sweaters are comfy as fuck, don’t let anyone make you feel like they’re too ugly
  • your style is your style, in the end no one’s opinion matters except your own
  • failing tests is NOT the end of the world. you have 4 years to graduate high school. failing a few tests along the way isn’t a big deal - just remember to get back up <3
  • boys are complete shitheads in high school. BUT! there are some very nice ones. try dating a dorky guy or two, they’re actually worth your time more often than not (and they usually become really hot like DAMN)
  • don’t let anyone stop your passions. when i got into 1d, i wore 1d-related clothes everyday for two weeks once and didn’t give a shit. it was so much fun
  • i used to be a popular kid- i can tell you it is NOT that much fun. i stopped caring around the middle of junior year and made way more friends that way. the more you learn and accept who you are, the more real and genuine friends you’ll make
  • it’s not uncommon to stop being friends with girls/guys you’ve been close with since elementary/middle school. THIS HAPPENS. i actually ditched all but two of my friends because they were jerks and i made a ton of new friends.
  • take classes that interest YOU. don’t take ap chemistry for that hot guy or because your best friend wants to take it. your days will be much better if you take classes that suit your interests.
  • there will be teachers and students who just don’t like you, for whatever reason. don’t let that get to you. high school can be a time of struggle but that’s mainly because people take others’ judgements to heart. 
  • be confident in your decisions. if you don’t want to party, DON’T. i have friends who gave into that and got arrested and started getting in all sorts of trouble. i also have friends who didn’t go to a single party and became incredibly popular for who they are. 
  • along with the above point, don’t curse/drink/smoke/etc. if you don’t want to. HOWEVER, don’t let the whole “guys don’t think girls cursing is attractive” nonsense get to your head. if you’re fucking excited about harry styles, be fucking excited.
  • make sure you enjoy everyday. take lots of naps, study hard, and hang out with friends. MAKE SURE YOU EAT LUNCH EVERYDAY, and save up money because you never know where life will take you. find a job, make new friends, and enjoy these years.
What is hard about translation is not–as those who have never tried it imagine–finding the right word. The right word is always there, it just can’t be used: inevitably it starts with the same letter as the three words on either side of it and, in a translation, pulling four oranges says fake, not jackpot. Line by line, the wrong word is always, unbearably coming to the rescue. The sureness with which translation taps fate puts the I-Ching to shame: the word needed at any one point has somehow always just been used in the previous clause to cover for some other right word that would not fit. If translation were just pinning the tail on the donkey it would be easy, but the donkey is running and the translator is riding another beast, going in some other direction: each language, and each and every word, has its own momentary vector. […] Since the right word was always waiting, and had to be left waiting, this translation is made of whatever else was handy: a carrot for the nose, lightbulbs for eyes, some feathers for the mustache. Propped on a bench in the distance with its back to the sunset, perhaps it even looks alive. But it is not to be leaned against and neither will it bear all that much scrutiny. In German this book is almost too interesting to read; for those many passages in English where this is no longer the case, where it was just not possible to find any  better way to do it, for the many sentences that were each finally accepted as not really but sort of what it means, I can only say, it was not for lack of trying.
—  Robert Hullot-Kentor, “Translator’s Introduction” to Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory.