This morning I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Mr. Nimoy and the wonderful life he’s led, and how he’s shared it with all of us. His performances over his long career have inspired countless people worldwide, as well as my own enthusiasm for astrophysics and space exploration. One of his films, Atlantis, was one of the first films that got me thinking I’d like to make movies, which has lead me to my ultimate passion. 

Even after 60 years, Star Trek, is nearly as influential and meaningful as it first was, which comes through in the ridiculous and strange popularity of this blog. Though we’ve made some funny posts, we’re catching the drift off a larger, more important idea and cultural artifact that has changed both our society and our lives. If you read any accounts of Mr. Nimoy on set or in any stage of production, you can easily see that he became a positive and active force for this idea and what Star Trek could mean to both the present and the future. Thank you. 

Farewell, Mr. Nimoy. You’ve lived very long and prospered. 


Favorite BSG Episodes - as voted by my followers

#25. Final Cut (2x08)
wr. Mark Verheiden, dr. Robert Young

i just need to talk about a few things, specifically in response of what i have seen in the issues people take with clarke & lexa as a relationship. im not expecting to convince anyone, nor even trying to. i just need to articulate some things about it for my own peace of mind.

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Its hard to not see myself as like. A list of negatives. Like im told i shouldnt but i feel like if i dont see these negatives then im a bad person cuz then im ignorant to my own faults and im not fixing anything.

I feel so obnoxious. I feel so inconsiderate and shitty to be around. I a have a warped perception and i cant tell if its all in my head or if im rly the intolerable asshole i see myself as. Like i just wish i could shut the fuck up for once. For once. And im sorry to people who have to put up with me.

My dad said i should try to stop feeding these thoughts but its hard. I feel bad if i dont. I feel like shit if i do cuz even though i feel like such an obnoxious, annoying, worthless addition to any conversation or group, somehow i cant seem to catch myself in the act and stop. So if i try to ignore those thoughts i feel guilty, if i do acknolwedge it, its like “wow yeah i am garbage why do i speak” and i just hate myself more. Its like a shitty cycle. I dont know how to feel ok with liking myslef. I feel like i shouldnt. That i havent earned it. Im not good enough to like myself. it feels like if i like myself as i am, then im just gonna make everyone else miserable.


  • It’s FRIDAY—HELL YES! (I don’t know why I feel like this needs its own bullet-point but it does). 
  • Last night I went on a sneaky sort of ‘double date’ with one of my pals and two cute British boys which was actually quite fun and brought back lots of UK memories.  We drank Guinness, had some pub chips, and bread pudding and though I think I was in a food coma, it was pretty much worth it. 
  • I have 3 more hours of work and then I’m a free bird! Time actually has flown by today though because my ‘boss’ (he’s only 28 and before I became his ‘intern’ we were pals) came into my office and chilled for like an hour and we talked about bands that we like and what-not, so yay for fun time-wasting? 
  • On my lunch hour I tried to Skype my Dutch boys but my camera wouldn’t work—but I got to hear their voices and it made me happy (I sound like a creeper, but hey)—and we began planning the summer Eurotrip. YES. 
  • Tonight I’m volunteering at this high school lock in thing for kids who are going abroad so that should be cute&stuff. 
  • And hopefully doing some yoga and going to sleeeeeeep early—granny status! :) 

Hope your days are swellll—-happy almost weekend! xx

I bought this sweater at a Benetton in Georgetown, a sentence that fills me with horrible dread on literally every possible level, but I have owned it for going on four years now and I can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made! I love things with different colored sleeves! I still have an obey hoodie from 2008 that I spilled bleach on because of that! I mean!

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I love the MCU films. They all have so much heart and the casting for them has been spot on. Marvel have created a universe I wanna live in! The only film that disappointed me was Thor 2. They should've given Loki has own film and let Thor have his film to himself. It's still a great film but it could've been SO MUCH MORE if they hadn't weebood Loki so much

i’m not entirely sure how to respond to this? uh

yeah tdw had its flaws (though i still enjoyed it deeply and couldn’t be happier with all the scenes between thor and loki like wow a+) but the very last thing i want to see out of the mcu is a loki movie, sorry :/ he’s a great character and all, one of my faves, but he doesn’t need his own movie.

Strangely.. I find that reblogging these bits of art and love for our late, Honorary Grandfather, Leonard Nimoy, are making me feel better.  No more tears.  Instead, there’s a profound sense of connection.  Everything is Star Trek and nothing hurts.  We all miss him as one.  But we come together to remember him fondly.  I am thankful.  This is the fandom, much like the Tolkien fandom, that - for the most part - treats its fans as though they’re in the right place.

I understand the need to tag each post for those who don’t want their entire dash taken over by the loss, and I respect that.  We all grieve in our own way.  But sometimes recognizing that it’s happened is what we need.  By this, I can only speak for myself.  Accepting it, I can embrace that it’s happened and honor him in the best way I can.

He truly embodied all that was best in humanity.  And I am thankful and honored to call myself a Trekkie.  I grew up with TOS already in syndication.  But that didn’t diminish the message.  Or the power.  I grew up with the TOS movies and cherished each and every moment of them.  I cried at the end of Wrath of Khan, much the way we are now… his loss was felt keenly, despite it just being the character.  And I cried at the end of Undiscovered Country, because it was the end of an era.  We lost both De Kelley not long after, and James Doohan during.  So truly, at the end of Undiscovered Country, it was an ending of sorts.

Thank you, fellow Trekkies, for making me feel like we can all grieve together during this time.  I know we should not mourn, but we will definitely miss his presence in our lives.  It’s up to us to make sure the next generations know of this gentle soul.  And keep our sights set on the stars.  LLAP.

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Hi! I have a String of Buttons plant that is very leggy and has a dry, fragile stem. I went to move the pot slightly and part of it broke off in my hand. Any tips for propagating this plant?

I apologize in advance for the long answer! Well there are three ways to propagate String of buttons, and I wanted you to be able to do whichever one you choose. The three ways are:

  • Pups are when the plant starts to reproduce on its own and you help it by cutting the baby plant loose.
  • Stem cutting is when you cut the stem into segments and reroot them.
  • Leaf cutting is when you pluck a leaf from the plant and it sprouts a new plant.

The order they are listed above is from most reliable to least reliable. Pups already have their own leaf and root system, so all they need to do is callous over the removal wound. Stem cuttings have leaves, but they need to produce a root system to survive. Leaf cuttings have only one parent leaf and no roots, so they need to develop a whole new plant with only the energy stored in their parent leaf.


  • Pups: These guys grow from the base or roots of the parent (if they’re growing from further up the stem then they’re a branch and should be treated as a stem cutting). Wait until your pups are 1/5 the size of the parent plant before removing them. Uproot both mama and baby and find the point where they’re connected. It is best to make sure the pup has roots of its own before removing it, but not necessary. Get a sharp, clean knife/scissors and separate the two.
  • Stem Cuttings: On a String of buttons you want each stem cutting to have at least 3 leaf pairs. You can chose to cut your plant in half, or into as many segments as the leaf pairs will allow. Use a sharp, clean knife/scissors to snip the stem.
  • Leaf Cuttings: Leaf removal is a bit harder on a Crassula Perforata because their leaves are fused together. Chose which leaf pair you want to propagate then twist it like a bead around the stem. Only do this to the ones you’re removing, because it snaps the tiny threads that connect the plant to the stem. With your knife/scissors make a single cut from the outside of the thin joint where the leaves meet to the stem. Now gently pull this cut apart and slip it off the stem.


  • All cuttings: need some time to heal, because they all have wounds from the knife/scissors. Set them on a dry window ledge in partial sun for a week while they callous over. There is bacteria in soil that is usually too weak to be a problem for your plants, but when they’ve got a big open wound that bacteria can more easily infect them.


  • Pups with roots: Now that they’re healed over they can return to their old life. replant them in their soil and water them like you do their parent plant.
  • Cuttings without roots: These guys need some time to sprout roots. Succulents only send out roots in dry soil, so do not water them. besides, roots are the organ that absorb water, so watering wont do a rootless plant any good. It could take them anywhere from a week to a couple of months to sprout roots, so be patient!


  • All cuttings: Now that your propagations have roots you can water them like normal. Succulents should be watered whenever their soil has had a chance to go completely dry. (note: the surface will dry faster then the soil at the bottom of the pot. Make sure it has dried all the way through). Most soils dry in 5-7 days, but it varies based on pot size. Make sure the planter you choose has drainage holes, or else the water will be trapped and the soil will never dry. Don’t be stingy with your water! Pour it in until you see it coming out the drainage holes.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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May I ask you what's your school? I've never head of any where you can learn taxidermy o.o

I’m no longer in school there but I graduated from my own state university, they didn’t teach us taxidermy but we were allowed to work with just about whatever medium we wanted in the art program so taxidermy found its way in a couple of times for me. To go to school to learn taxidermy you’ll need to take a dedicated taxidermy course, which often isn’t taught formally at an actual school but by a private teacher. You can also ask to apprentice in a shop if there’s one convenient for you that will take you on.

I had to learn pretty much on my own, and while my professors could offer suggestions it wasn’t their area of expertise, and the vast majority of the taxidermy related items I made in school were… well. Not biologically accurate, we’ll just say that. I’ve gotten better since then, but the last thing I properly “mounted” was a ringtail cat that was far from perfect but had a cute face. That was over a year ago now though. Most of my taxidermy related stuff is now just masks, capes, cuffs, headpieces and other wearable items. I DO however have a black squirrel that I’ve got supplies ready for but I’m terrified to touch it yet.

Update on the status of my defective body

I was finally able to get the MRI to find out what’s wrong with my spine, and it turns out that I have not one, but two herniated disks… The doctor said that considering my young age and the fact that I didn’t fall off a ladder or have any particular injury to my back, I probably have a degenerative disk disease. Great, just what I needed, ANOTHER genetic thing wrong with my body! Jeez mother, you should never have been allowed to breed with your shitty genes!

He also said that it’s not likely to get better on its own at this point, so I’m going to need surgery to decompress the nerve that’s being pinched. Well, the operation only requires a 1-or-2 inch incision, a lot of people can leave the hospital the same day, and afterward I just have to stay off my feet for a week or two, so really it’s not as bad as it could be. Honestly, despite needing surgery, I’m grateful that this is something at least somewhat fixable and not one more thing I’ll have to adapt to and tolerate for the rest of my life.

In other news, I finally got a cardiologist who has actually been helpful. I’ve been having my heart tested by different doctors for five years, since I have an autonomic glitch where my heart rate speeds up when I lay down to rest instead of decreasing like it’s supposed to… Of course it never acts up in the doctor’s office, and I’ve had portable monitors stuck to my chest so many times that my friends started calling me Iron Man >< The problem is, it isn’t an arrhythmia. My heart beats properly,  but it goes faster as though I were exercising, when I’m really trying to sleep. This makes it impossible to sleep and the test results indistinguishable from normal exercise, so doctors have kept telling me there’s nothing wrong… but I finally got one who paid attention to the fact that the high heart rate happens when I lay down,  not when I’m exercising, and he gave me some pills that taste awful but the past two days, I’ve gotten the best sleep I’ve had in years. I don’t wake up feeling like I didn’t rest at all anymore. Thank you, Dr. Das :-)


Watching this video realllly makes me miss that wig. it shed seriously half the fibers :c and it didnt do it immediately but I could tell early on it was shedding a lot so its not like I could have returned it. luckily though it was only like $18 off ebay. I still have it, its sitting in my room and I once did shironuri makeup with it in a twin bun style kindof thang cuz thats really the only way you cant tell its super thinned out but its not decent enough to wear into public u ,u .I can probably buy one extremely similar to it. I have one sortof similar to it already but Im not entiely sure how im going to style the bangs yet and I already know its not as long :T 
I also own a mock rhapsody mint green wig and a real GLW rhapsody periwinkle wig and the mint one is already cut with straight across bangs. I like the effect the bandana has on it… I need to wash the few bandanas I have I guess. 

Do you ever get so sad whenever you think about how One Direction are actually so good and have so much potential, but are constantly shit on by their own team and no one there apparently knows how to manage them and do what’s best for them but instead are constantly worried only about “gay rumours” and how many girls has harry been fucking lately… it’s just sad