Things I adore about Monsta X
  • Their genuine friendship and the way they care about each other is so beautiful x x x x x x x x
  • You ask them to take a group picture and they do this x x x
  • Every single one of them are gorgeous, every single one x x x x x
  • I don’t know why Starship keeps allowing them to do self mvs at this point x x x
  • They are literally such dorks it’s hard not to love them x x x x x x x
  • They’re all 100% done with each other x x
  • They will find a way to take everything too far x 
  • Their performances on The Remix were so good x x x
  • LISTEN their cover of Mirotic needs a whole appreciation post of its own they slayed me x
  • So they once played arcade basketball. Shownu got angry. Wonho yelled at himself. Jooheon swore. All this for arcade basketball x
  • Hyungwon didn’t understand a game and they got so frustrated, Minhyuk was on the verge of popping a vein x
  • Apparently to Monsta X, switching their parts in songs means going crazy and Changkyun almost bursting a lung x
  • They make the best facial expressions on rides I swear x x
  • So humble and just great people I mean they do so much for the fans and their relationship with Monbebe is amazing
  • They all take so much bs from each other, regardless of age or whatever and yet they still have a level of respect for each other.
  • Every single time they end a video, either they’re pushing each other or saying random shit I don’t understand x x
  • Safari in Monbebe World. No other explanation needed really. x
  • Once decided that piling on top of a sick and frail Hyungwon was a brilliant idea x
  • They won’t stop climbing Kihyun like he’s a tree :( x
  • The concept they have for The Clan trilogy is incredible they just keep bettering themselves
  • Monsta X when they were babies PLEASE x
  • They’re all talented and contribute so much to the group
  • Claimed to be bad at sports but ended up breaking the ISAC archery record
  • They’ll get impressed if you kill a moth I mean x
  • They get so proud of each other’s accomplishments, months after they still listen to Kihyun’s OST, Hyungwon encouraging Wonho to talk about his song, watching Shownu on Hit The Stage etc x x
  • Such weirdos honestly x x
  • They keep toys and gift given to them by fans in their rooms x
  • They have inside jokes that they still remember and laugh about together x
  • They drew pictures and hand wrote letters for Monbebe to congratulate us on our first year
  • Hoo! Monsta X!
  • They are such hardworking, talented, kind, funny and amazing people. They really work so hard and manage to stay humble and positive; not to be as cheesy as Wonho but honestly stanning them is a great decision, the amount of pure happiness they bring is insane.

anonymous asked:

Thanks for the tips before! So, a more specific question would be...How do you distribute the layers? Do you use a different layer for each color or shade? What about the lineart?

  1. Sketch layer: The time to ‘go loose’! Deciding my character pose, perspective, attire, rough BG (if any)
  2. Lineart layer: Correcting the sketch, such as anatomy, details. I need to be careful with this one since after I start painting, it’s difficult to go back and make big changes lol
  3. Coloring: Each ‘part’ gets its own layer here, sorted into one Color group. Around this time I also decide where the light source is coming from (in this example it comes from right), so I know where the dark and light parts go
  4. Coloring 2: Finishing up the color. I start from skin, facial features, and hair, then move onto other parts like the clothes.
  5. Shadow layer: I paint on extra shadow layer for emphasis. It’s kind of like if you look at your hand now, you can see the form of bones or knuckles, from lighter and darker skin areas. But if I hover my hand over the other, it will cast an additional shadow.
  6. Apply Shadow: Putting it on top to see how it looks. Normally I just paint it with the color layer on since it’s faster XD
  7. Rimlight layer: I like this step for some reason?! Makes the character stand out.
  8. Mood, Texture: I add extra layers if I want to apply additional color or texture filters
  9. Effects, BG: More layers for effects that go on top of the entire picture, and for simple BGs that go below the picture. Sometimes I work with the BG before the coloring stage to set a color mood

Hope this helps. Some artists might only work on 1 layer, or work in different steps, but do whatever works for you :D 

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what do you use to make your to-do lists?

I use Google Tasks! It’s not the fanciest to-do list app ever but it works for me, especially since I ALWAYS have gmail open on my home and work computers, so it’s always at my fingertips (plus there are apps to manage googletasks from your phone). 

To access Google Tasks, click the little red down arrow next to the big red GMAIL on the upper left of your Gmail page and select Tasks. A little to-do list will pop up in the lower right hand corner. You can let it hang out there, pop it into its own window, or close it down and then call it back up when you need it again.

In Google Tasks, you can make a single long list, or you can make a series of lists named different things – right now I have one for every day of the week, one for all the writing stuff I want/need to do called WRITING, one called MOVING listing all the shit I need to do to prepare for my eventual move, and one for all the Christmas shopping I need to do, called XMAS, which at the moment is just a list of names of people to shop for. (When I was packing for Disney I also had a DISNEY list that was a list of shit to pack on top and a list of shit I’d packed on bottom.)

What I like about Tasks is that a) it’s always present when I’m working and b) it’s fast. At work we officially use Asana, which is more comprehensive but much less efficient (you have to do more mouseclicks/keystrokes to do basically anything) and I hate Asana, so I use it very perfunctorily and only for large projects. Tasks lets you quickly enter a reminder to do something, it lets you move stuff between lists easily, and it lets you assign deadlines if you want to but doesn’t require you to do so or nag you if you’re over deadline. 

The thing about organizational apps is that I will only use them if they’re fast and easy – if I have to do ten things to get one thing done, I won’t bother. So Tasks, which is crude, simple, and efficient, works much better for me than a task manager where I have to fill out a goddamn form just to enter an item into my to-do list. 

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Where are you watching Trick R Treat? And what other horror movies do you like?? There's no fall weather here and I don't have cable, so I need to watch things online to get me in the mood this year. 😕

omGGGG I LOVE TRICK R TREAT ITS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE I AM WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW im watching it online because its not on netflix i dont think and i dont own it

other good ones hmmmm

From dusk till dawn isn’t much of a halloween movie per se but its supernatural so i categorize it as an october movie

The cabin in the woods is really good!!

personally I’m a big fan of Scream there was also a tv series and i binge watched that and it was amazing

Halloween is good!

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is so great….its a horror but its also really funny and its amazing

I’ve heard A girl walks home alone at night is really good but i haven’t seen it yet im going to watch it sometime this month!!

I’ve heard the Babadook is good too–i heard its not really scary but like its a really good movie nonetheless

Hush omg its so good

also this website has a list of movies that i am planning to watch all of them because they sound p cool so 

im only recently gettting into horror movies tbh, when i was little i used to freak out at them and lately i realized that now that im older i actually really enjoy them so my list will probably grow a lot this month!!! 

also non horror halloween movies ok

Halloween Town

Hocus Pocus

Monster House

Coraline (shit i was obsessed with this book in 6th grade so when they made it into a move wWOOOOOO)

Donnie Darko


The Addams family

Also anything tim burton tbh


“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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How to make succulent babies!

Step 1: Pick leaves
Gently twist the leaf near the base, it should snap off the plant cleanly. Good cuttings will be slightly rounded at the ends, and have no ‘open’ wound:

Bad cuttings will not grow, you need to make sure the whole leaf comes off in one go. Bad leaves are jagged, torn, or cut:

Step 2: Lay all cuttings inside on a piece of cloth.
I usually put a piece of old scrap material down on my desk and lie all the leaves out in rows. I try not to pile up the leaves, as this tends to promote rot. Do not water at all. AKA no misting the leaves, no watering the leaves, nothing. Everything the baby succulent needs to grow is stored in the mother leaf, watering may rot the leaf before the new plant is big enough to survive on its own! Make sure the leaves aren’t in direct sun, as they will wither before they form new plants. Filtered light from a window is strong enough!

Step 3: Waiting
After about 4 weeks you will start to see the first signs of life. The leaf may send out roots first, it may start to grow with no roots. Both are okay! 

Step 4: Planting (Start watering once a week at this stage)
After 6-8 weeks the baby succulents will be big enough to plant outside! I do this by placing the leaves on top of loose, sandy soil that has not been compacted. I do not bother burying the leaves, as it tends to do more harm than good (you may snap roots/damage new shoots in the process):

I place all the plants together, they don’t really seem to mind! These is how they look after about 10 weeks:

When the plants are big enough, the mother leaf will shrivel up and start to die off:

TADA! You’ve created baby succulents :)




Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

happy birthday, self. _ノ乙(、ン、)_

Stop expecting people will save you every time. It’s your job to save yourself. Eventually one day, they will stop reaching your hand and they will get tired of you. Everyone has an hourglass, everyone has its own limitation. They will say, ‘I’ll always be there for you’, but it doesn’t mean you can rely on them every time. Stop expecting people will be like a superhero when you need them the most. Stop depending on others. At the end of the day, you should learn how to save yourself from drowning. Because everyone is busy trying to save themselves.
—  baekebyan

they finally have a working prototype of the bbq sauce cologne

What’s really interesting about Jasper’s appearance in this episode is her escalation of behaviour. When we first saw her, during her fight with the Crystal Gems, she was rough and intimidating, but not unreasonably violent.

She didn’t kill, she captured.

Now in this episode, Jasper is ready to shatter Steven because Lapis won’t fuse with her. And I think this, more than anything, shows that she really really needs help.

Jaspers are supposed to be ‘huge, loyal soldiers’ but being Malachite has screwed her over so bad that any loyalty she had for Homeworld got eradicated. She doesn’t care about Yellow Diamon or her mission, she doesn’t care about anything except getting back the one thing she thinks she needs to be strong.

Malachite has messed her up and manipulated her beliefs so badly that she doesn’t even realize how much it fucked her over.

Help her.

Hey, folks. Spike here. 

Rabid hyper-capitalist porno-pusher that I am, I don’t usually go to bat for other publishers, because I want all your sweet, sweet dollars to line my solid gold Lamborghini with. But I’m making one big exception, today.

The Fresh Romance Kickstarter really, REALLY needs your help.

Its got 6 days to go, and over ten thousand dollars to make. And it’s having a rough time helping itself, because the project organizer, Janelle Asselin, is chronically ill. She was feeling fine when the project launched, but she’s been in hospital for days now, and probably won’t get out until it’s way too late to save Fresh Romance through her own efforts.

Janelle launched Fresh Romance last year in an effort to revive the romance genre, a genre with a long and illustrious pedigree in North American comics, and a genre permanently deep-sixed by Dr. Fredric Wertham’s 1954 anti-comics smear campaign and the resulting Comics Code Authority. Before Fresh Romance, the last romance comics published in the US went out of print in the 1970s. The last time you saw a romance comic was probably on a museum wall, as traced by Roy Lichtenstein. And that’s fucking ridiculous.

Don’t tell me people don’t like love stories. And that’s what Janelle’s got. Fresh Romance comics are love stories. Love stories of all kinds, written by lots of women, drawn by lots of women, and getting those same women paychecks for their efforts, which is sadly a lot more than a lot of projects in this industry do. And as an editor who has employed some of Fresh Romance’s roster in my own efforts ( @kateordie​, @swinsea), I know it’s good stuff.

Please, please, pleez take a look, folks. And if you like Smut Peddler, if you like the creators involved, if you like idea of supporting marginalized genres and creators? Toss a few bucks their way and spread the word. Fresh Romance deserves a print run.