A little bit of Shiro in my life

A little bit of Allura by my side

A little bit of Hunk is what I need

A little bit of Pidge is what I see

A little bit of Lance in the sun

A little bit of Keith all night long

A little bit of Voltron here I am ♫


I made a music video! This is TRAP HOUSE…. Xo



I don’t mind a country life baby
We say fuck the money we get high lately
& U kissed me for the very last time in a trap house

I’m coming back now
I don’t need the money
I don’t need these clothes
I don’t need em to love me

Tell me I belong

Say I can come home
Say U’ll be good
Say I’ve been so wrong
Tell me I should

Ginger Bronson loves U so
But I lost him
I can’t go home

I need more pink shirts/clothes because it’s one of the colors that suits me best. Pink on brown skin complemented by brown eyes…I’m here for it

im abt to make a new paypal and then i might open it up for donations bc i dont have a job yet and i need clothes, shoes, and more binders so that i can 1. go to court in a week and not be in pajamas and 2. go to job interviews and not be in pajamas 

Saitama is so blunt and practical that I’m pretty sure the first time he wore Genos’ shirt, it was more out of a “Well all my clothes are in the wash or soaked in monster guts and I have to wear something don’t I” reasoning than anything else. But when Genos sees him and promptly drops a plate on the floor and fills the kitchen with steam, Saitama takes a second to put two and two together before resolving to wash all his clothes at once more often in the future.

Donate to a broke autistic guy's transition fund!

My name is Eren. I’m 15 years old and I have absolutely no source of income. I’m offering commissions but thus far nobody seems interested, so I’m making this post! The fact that I’m not cis passing really kills me. I can’t handle being misgendered on a daily basis, and I can’t handle explaining myself to literally every person I encounter irl. I need money for clothes, packers, a legal name and gender change, testosterone therapy and eventually top surgery. Which is. Well. A lot of money. Every cent counts, and every cent donated is going to be put towards making me more comfortable in my own skin. Donate to my Paypal here or reblog this post to help! Every reblog helps!

anonymous asked:

im leaving for uni next month and i need more clothes to bring. do you know any cheap stores that have really nice clothes???? pleaseeee

yes thats so exciting!!! and yeah, this store is so cheap its amazing, and I like this one too. they both have great clothes I love them

and if you need new tops, this one its so pretty!!! good luck in uni!

@feynites have some drowsy idiots


so I did a small thing, and now I have a Duskwight. His name is Sasha Delacour, he has a wiki page, and a tumblr. He’s a healer who dabbles in dark magic, and hates the sun. He’ll let you believe all Duskwights are vampires (and ever so slightly abnormal), just don’t offer him a bite. 

I’m keen to make other Elezen connections, both Duskwight and Wildwood– he grew up in the Shroud, so he’s no stranger to his fair share of discrimination, and I’m really excited to see how he handles it. So please get in touch if you’d like to plot!

#justbeifongthings, opal is the best sister ever and it’s hard to get to the hair behind the ears

aka a redraw of this, which is a year & a half old! art style (& clothing style) can change a lot in that time, i guess :V