idk what this tag is (again lmao) but it’s everywhere and i was tagged by venus aka @yoonohwhat who literally said the sweetest thing about me ❤️and i hope i didn’t disappoint you👀probably did but okay

i was going to put a photo of hansol, but i always do that and i wanted to use this photo instead bc taEyOnG IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND FEEL LOVED but also bc im running out of photos of hansol to post lmfao sm pls debut the poor guy🙃❤️

 im going to tag a few ppl so @suhsexual (bc ily a lot and i feel blessed everytime you message me tbh👀) @nctreactions (bc i love ur ass and don’t leave me😽) @chani-babe (we need to talk more🙃) @yutaricano (my fave yuta stan) @oppafeels (bc i still feel so blessed i am 1/12 of the ppl u follow) @marksbuttertarts (still can’t get over how pretty u r so pls bless us again) @chittaporno (u r my saviour and i need to see more of u) @antiwhitewash (ive never seen ur face b4 also pls msg me lol) @markleetrashh (ur face is too cute) and anyone else who wants to do this! obvs not compulsory but it’d be sweet to see your faces 😇 i always tag the same people istg👀i need more friends or something literally

I needed to get this out of my system. 


I love them.


just me in different filters but same angles. PLEASE DONT RE*LOG. i jst havent taken pics of myself in months so i thought to update my selfie tag. again pls dont rb / they-them pronouns, ok?

Hi! I’m Mitsou and this is my selfie for snowflakefaces-day x) <3 (As if I would need another reason to post nerdy selfies)

My favourite is, without question, Baz. I have several reasons. He is a sap, a drama queen, bamf, hot af and so so so pining all the time it makes me cry.

My favourite quote.. sigh…

“It’s all right, love.”


Got tagged for the six selfies thing by that loser moonbyulswife i’m not mad tho cause damn i look good~ i picked 6 of my most fav selfies from recently!! (he/him pronouns!) 

As for taggin ppl mhhh 666andonehalf princessconfetti aaannnnddd themcnobody B))) do it ya cuties.


got tagged by @siopaogal and @asngrl to do the top 6 selfies of 2015 but…. this is a part one because i like more than these so…i’m gonna split these in half and only tag ppl in this one

I tag @gradientlip @mybfjimin @arabianspice @daeure @butternutcream @vuey @sadfastens @1dog @officialumji @bunniegorl @1253pm @hwun @catrightsactivist @crual @cpkyu @sonofapiccolo @vhoi @vonossa @bethnya