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It had been an uphill battle for Oswald to exact his revenge on Edward. From the river, to the greenhouse, to the mansion, and finally to the 35th floor of a luxurious skyscraper full of traps and peril, Oswald was downright tired. How had Ed managed to get himself taken in by the Court? Did he turn himself over to them, for some reason? He had always been incredibly self-destructive when someone wasn’t there to level him out… and Oswald had been that person to him.

He had to admit that there was some measure of pride he felt at the anarchy Edward was managing to spread under his new moniker, even if he personally felt it was pretty sloppy. The elaborate traps he set, the careful manipulation of both the general public and the GCPD… It was thrilling to watch.  But Ed gave himself up too easily, made it too easy for the authorities to track the crimes back to him. It was like he wanted to be caught; but Ed craved attention and validation, and without Oswald giving him constant praise, he had apparently gone off the deep end. He supposed without constant companionship, Ed had to fill his needs elsewhere.

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I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn’t want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept — as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!
—  Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23.

You need me Edward Nygma!
Just as I need you!

After all the thousand times I’ve told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me?…I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn’t want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept—as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!
—  Edward Cullen

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Edward- “Please Louis, may you leave us alone for a few minutes so I can talk to Mc alone?” Edward asked his butler who nodded his head and left the room.  Edward closed the door and turned toward me as I continued to pack my bags.  “Please my lovely rose goddess,” Edward began, “please stay.  Let us talk this out.  I do not know what I will do without my princess around; I need you here by my side.”

“It-it is too late” I said, “I am heading home today; it is not like I want to go but–umm… you know what happened.”  I kept my eyes glued to my task; I knew if I turned toward him I would break down.  I heard Edward’s footsteps approach me and his hand on my shoulder.  “Ed–” I began but was cut off by a pain in my shoulder as he forced me to look at him.  “Ow,” I nearly screamed in shock.  This was the first time Edward had ever touched me like that.

“Stay,” Edward said and my eyes widened as I stared into his eyes.  I never seen Edward look that angry before; his eyes did not look purple anymore, they looked black.  “I need you Mc,” Edward whispered as he stepped toward me.  Without thinking I took a couple steps back anxiously.  I had the sudden urge to yell for help, but what would I say; I doubt anyone believe me if I said that Edward was scaring me.  Who would?  It is angelic Edward we are talking about.

“Edward, can you leave me alone so I can finish packing?” I asked.

“I can’t leave you, you are my beautiful rose,” Edward responded as he put his hand in his pocket and walked closer toward me, “I told you I will never leave you, so I can’t let you leave without me.”  That is when I saw Edward pull something out of his pocket, it was a syringe.

Wilfred-  “Stay,” Wilfred said and I jumped.  I turned around to see Wilfred standing at the door entrance staring at me with warm eyes.

I turned away and said, “I am leaving, it is too late to try to stop me.  You should have thought that before.”  Wilfred walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered something incoherent in my ear. “Wilfred, can you please get away from me,” I said with an annoyed turn, “I can’t pack if you are holding to me.”

Wilfred tightened his grip and said, “never, I told you once before that I will never let you go.  You belong to me.”  Wilfred buried his face in my neck as I grabbed his arms and tried to pull them off of me.

“Let go of me Wilfred,” I nearly yelled but he just tightened his grip even more, “stop you’re hurting me.”  After a few seconds Wilfred loosened his grip enough so I could turn around and push him away from me.

“Hurting you?” Wilfred muttered, “do you know how much you are hurting me by leaving?”

My eyes widened as I tried to walk backwards, “you were the one that cheated on me.  Don’t act like it is my fault.”  Wilfred ignored my words as he pushed me back onto the bed and hovered above me.

“I love you Mc, why can’t you understand?  It was an accident,” Wilfred said, “and if I can’t have you then no one can because no one will ever be able to love you as much as I do.”

“Wilfred–” I began but he striked me against my face.  I had a metal taste in my mouth as I stared at him in shock; he pulled something out of his pocket.  I blinked my eyes in disbelief, it was a gun.

Glenn-  “Why isn’t he answering his phone?” I wondered as I called Yu.  Yu told me to call him whenever I was done packing for the move.  To my surprise I have yet to see Glenn today either.  The only person I saw was Alan who was delivering a last message from Glenn asking me to stay with him; this was the first time Glenn asked someone else to deliver the message.  He has been trying to get me to stay since I said I was leaving to go home.

I shook the thought from my mind as I went back to focusing on my original task and looked down at my phone.  Where could he be?  Was he doing his butler duties?  I walked out of my room into the silent corridor and began to search for the missing butler.  I tried to call his phone multiple times and finally heard its low ringing.  I followed it toward Glenn’s office; so, it was official duties then?  But wait… why is he not answering the phone?  The only reason he would ignore the calls if it was a meeting, something that he said was not happening today.

I put my ear to Glenn’s office door and heard no noises.  I put my hand on the door handle and turned it, locked.  I knocked on the door and heard Glenn’s voice cursing something.

“Who is there?” Glenn called and I hesitated to respond.  The tone of his voice made me anxious; I was tempted to stay quiet and walk away.  I could not hide forever though, and I really wanted to leave today.  If I waited too long it would be too late and then I would end up staying the night.

“Glenn, is Yu in there?” I called through the door and I heard the sound of something falling.

“Wait a minute,” Glenn called.  I waited in front of the door for a few minutes until the door was finally unlocked.  What took him so long?  Glenn opened the door and said, “he will be here in a few minutes.  Why won’t you come in?”  I agreed nervously as I followed him inside the room.

My eyes widened as I looked around, “what happened in here?”  The usual neat room was a complete mess.  Glenn turned toward me smiling, a smile that made a shiver go down my spine, and I gave me an urge to run out the room screaming.

“Umm… I was searching for something,” Glenn said as he walked toward me, “are you still going to leave today?  Why not stay?”  I tried to leave the room but Glenn ran over and locked the door before I could reach it.

“I am going to go get Yu,” I stated as Glenn walked closer.

“He is here though,” Glenn said.  I looked at him confused and turned my attention to the room.  There were only two people in the room– Glenn and me.

“Wha–” I began to ask until I saw the fresh dark red stain on the ground.  I turned toward Glenn to see him taking out a stained knife from his pocket and I backed away from him.

“I could not let him take you away from me, he does not love you like I do,” Glenn said blocking the exit, “you belong to me Mc, only me.”

Roberto-  “Don’t go Mc!” Roberto yelled as he burst through my bedroom door and latched onto me.

Alberto followed him yelling, “your highness, be more professional.  I understand you do not want Mc to leave, nobody does, but this is not the way to act.”  I tried to shake Roberto off of me but his grip was too tight.  Part of me felt bad for leaving Roberto like this; I know it was not his fault, but I really had to leave.  I needed some time apart from him.

“Can I at least have some time alone with her Alberto?” Roberto asked his butler as he kept his face pressed against my shoulder.  Alberto groaned but still allowed it as he left the room and closed the door.  Roberto looked up from my shoulder and stared at my filled suitcase.  “Do you have to leave?” Roberto whispered into my ear.

“I am sorry Roberto,” I replied, “it is not like this is goodbye forever.  We might see each other again in the future.”  Roberto sighed, he did not believe me; to be honest I would not believe myself either.

“Please stay,” Roberto said as he let go of me, “I need you to stay.  I do not know what I will do without you.”

“Roberto, I nee–” I began as I turned toward him and stopped when I saw his expression.  Something seemed off.  “Roberto, are you okay?  Something seems off,” I asked.  He avoided my gaze and looked away from me.

“You really do not plan on ever coming back, do you?” Roberto asked and I sighed as I looked down, “it was not like I did this all on purpose.  I love you Mc, nobody will ever love you as much as I do.”

“R-r-roberto” I said in a bit of a shock.

“You can’t leave, please,” Roberto said as he cupped my face and forced me to look him in the eyes, “you can’t leave Mc.”  I gulped nervously as I looked into his eyes.  I felt terror intrude my soul as he let go of my face and reached into his pocket.

Keith-  “Wait, Luke leave us alone for a few minutes,” Keith said to his butler.  Luke opened his mouth to say something against Keith’s orders but shut it and left the room with my bags to avoid getting into any trouble.  Keith watched as his butler shut the door and turned toward me with a bright smile on his face.  I sighed as I looked around the now empty room; it looked bigger now that all my stuff was out of it.  Keith walked toward me and cupped my face in his hands with a sad smile on his face.  “Do not leave please, please forgive me,” Keith muttered, “I know it might be a little too late–”

“It is too late,” I cut him off, “I am already packed.”

“You can always unpack your bags,” Keith said as he lowered his head closer to mine, “I need you to stay.”  I raised my hands and pushed him away from me.  Keith’s eyes widened as he gazed at me.

“No, I am leaving you asshat,” I said as I went to walk around him.  Keith stretched his arm out and stopped me from walking any further.  I turned toward him and noticed something off in his expression; it seemed sinister.

“Stay,” Keith said staring at me.


Keith smiled, “that was not a question, you have no choice in the matter.  You are going to stay with me even if you do not want to.”

“Keith–” I began to yell but stopped once I saw him dig something out of his pocket and pull it out.  It was shiny.  I stepped away from him as he raised the small dagger.

“No one ever says no to me,” Keith stated as he took a step closer to me, “so, I always get everything that I want.”

Joshua- ‘Can we talk before you leave?  Meet me in my office.’  I reread the text before looking up at Joshua’s office door.  This would be the first time we will be alone since before he cheated, and it will be the last time we probably will ever see each other in person.  I knocked on the door and Jan quickly opened it.

“Come in Miss,” he said with a smile.  I walked in the room to see Joshua pouring cups of tea for the two of us with a sad expression.

“You are excused Jan,” Joshua said and the butler bowed before exiting the room.  The door closed and the room became completely silent.  “Sit down,” Joshua said gesturing toward the empty chair across from him.

“What did you want to talk about,” I asked as I walked over and sat down.

“Do you want some tea?” Joshua asked and I picked up the cup, “I just wanted to see you before you go.  Are you completely sure you want to?”  I nodded my head as I took a sip of the tea; it tasted sweeter than usual.  “Well, if that makes you happy,” Joshua said as he looked down at his cup of tea.

“I’m sorry Joshua,” I said as I looked down at my own cup and took a long sip.  The sweetness tasted both addictive and made me feel nauseas at once.  “What is in the tea?” I asked curiously as my eyelids began to feel heavy.  I began to have trouble focusing on Joshua and felt my body begin to relax into the couch.

Joshua turned to me with a curious expression, “I didn’t know it would affect you that quickly.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused as I placed the tea on table and went to stand up.  I quickly fell back down onto the couch as exhaustion washed over my body.

“I couldn’t let you leave, Mc,” Joshua said as he stood up and walked over and sat beside me.  He put a hand on my cheek and I tried to move away; I was too exhausted to get away from him.  “I need you to be with me, I can’t let you go and end up some other guy,” Joshua elaborated, “no one else deserves your love.”  I wanted to yell for help, I knew Jan had to be close by, but I could not even whisper.  How much of whatever drug did he put into the drink.  I am so tired.  My eyelids slowly began to close as I watched him lean toward the table for something.  Everything went dark.

Tell Me About Truth

Hawkeye pays the Elric-Rockbell household a rather unexpected visit. She needs to talk to Edward about something, and the topic is the as surprising as it is painful. 


Ed had to admit that he was surprised. When he’d opened the door to find Riza Hawkeye smiling nervously at him, he’d honestly thought he’d been dreaming. It wasn’t until Winry yelled from her workroom about who was there, that Ed snapped to his senses and invited Riza inside. 

“I’m surprised to see you here in Resembol,” he commented as he set to making them tea. Winry came into the room before Riza could reply. The two hugged tightly and chatted excitedly about their lives. Ed listened contently as he boiled water and pulled their tea box out of the cupboard. He set everything on the table, smiling at the two women followed suit. 

They slowly quieted down in the next couple minutes until the three sat in comfortable silence. Hawkeye cleared her throat once she’d finished her cup of tea. She smiled apologetically at Winry before she spoke.

“I’m sorry to ask this, Winry, but I need to talk to Edward alone for a few minutes.”

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Love Triangles
  • Gale: Katniss, I need you
  • Peeta: Katniss, I need you
  • Edward: SHE'S MINE
  • Jacob: SHE'SMINE
  • Will: You take her!
  • Jem: No you Take her!
Moonlight And Bare Feet

This was requested, and I suppose it was semi-fulfilled.

She couldn’t, she wouldn’t, ignore the pebbles being thrown at her window. Glancing at her alarm clock, it was nearing 1:00 AM and she couldn’t have smiled wider if she tried. Flipping the covers from her body she softly placed her bare feet to the hardwood floor beneath her.
She grew up in this house, never lived somewhere different. Therefore, in seventeen years she’s perfected the tip-toe to the window. She knew every floorboard that creaked and every door and window that squeaked.
Now, slowly making her way to the window she reached out her arms and grabbed the glass where she knew she had to before slowly sliding it up and open.
There was only one thing she loved more than a summer night in Tennessee; and that was Harry. So as the smell of burnt charcoal and firewood swept over her, she was even more delighted to see her boyfriend staring up at her. She leant out her window just dodging a pebble Harry threw before he realized her blonde hair swinging over her shoulder and her smile; so white and bright it lit up her backyard along with his heart.

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