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I so often want to message you and just randomly chat about yoi and other nice things but I get so shy and worry you find it to be a bother or something ;~~; you seem like a huge sweetheart though legit im just so paranoid about that stuff

askdjfklj this is honestly the most relatable feeling though
you can talk to me about yoi!!! I’m always happy to talk about yoi. you can even send me memes tbh, I’m just happy that you’d like to talk to me at all ;v; 

late night confessions: I’m kind of becoming concerned with the growing amount of kermit memes in my camera roll atm 


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also me thinking about the actual interview:

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Prompt: Lucy and Wyatt break Flynn out of jail. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Anonymous said: Fic prompt if you’re up for it: Lucy and friends breaking Flynn out of prison and their angsty reunion

The black site is somewhere in the ass-end of the California desert, miles from anywhere, surrounded in a jungle of barbed wire and KEEP OUT signs, a complex of low military buildings designed to blend into the scrub. You could be a hundred meters away and still have trouble actually seeing it. The GPS went out several miles ago. It is a long dirt road to nowhere, and as they edge the pickup forward, Wyatt driving, Lucy clenching her knuckles white in the passenger seat, and Rufus typing madly on his laptop in the back seat, trying to hack into the local intranet and shut things the fuck down, everyone has one last chance to consider what a terrible idea this is. But they honestly have no other choice.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace,” Wyatt says under his breath as he rolls down the window and scans the stolen badge. At this rate, they have to be successful, or spend the next several years (or decades) in the next cell over. Lucy hasn’t seemed to breathe much since getting back from her mom’s, telling them what she learned. They thought about going to Denise, about trying to explain to her what an awful mistake she made, but Lucy is too angry for it, and doesn’t trust her to understand. Being used as unwitting bait will do that.

And so, here they are. About to bring things around and steal a time machine in turn, get hold of the Lifeboat and carry it off. Homeland Security isn’t going to help them. Rittenhouse is pissed that they’ve lopped off a few of its middle-ranking limbs, but the head of this hydra is very much alive and kicking. They quite literally have no time to waste, and in the most murderous of all imaginable ironies, there is only one man on the planet who can help them.

And he, of course, now absolutely hates their guts. And is a prisoner in a secret government facility, accused of the most serious terrorism charges the law can think of (they’re lucky he isn’t in damn Gitmo), and they have thirty minutes to break him out. Nobody said this was going to be easy. But this is suicide.

After a nerve-shredding moment, the scanner beeps green and the gate cycles up. Wyatt lets out a breath and drives through, keeping carefully out of range of the security cameras poised like gleaming beetle eyes at every entrance and exit. “You said you were jamming them, right?”

“Working on it.” Rufus’ fingers fly over the keys. “Come on. . . come on, you piece of junk… okay. Oh shit, okay. Override is launching. Takes effect in 3…2… and we are on the clock.”

“Just as usual, right?” Wyatt opens the door and jumps out, as the monitor attached to Rufus’ laptop scrolls down from 00:29:59. “Let’s do this.”

“Yeah,” Rufus mutters. He is not a fan of this plan at all. “Let’s rescue Señor Psychopath. Fun.”

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I am going to try to be more talkative on my blog > : I !


I AM CALLING OUT @oceaxereturns FOR

  • being such a fucking CUTIE PIE that seeing her face DISTRACTS ME FROM ALL ELSE
  • being such an awesome cool queer aunt that she puts the actual adults in my life to SHAME. SHAME I TELL YOU
  • BEATING UP my anxiety monster with her kindness and validation and general loveliness
  • being probably ILLEGALLY smart, has anyone alerted the authorities about this??
  • writing fic that give me unasked-for FEELINGS (um rude?????)


Today I remembered that back at school, in one of the music rooms, the bell would be EXTREMELY loud and would always make me violently startle. Even though I periodically checked my watch during the end of the lesson so I could prepare myself for when the bell rang, it literally never worked and only made the bloody desk shake because I flinched soo hard
Everyone was always like “wtf”
Man I wish I had known about the whole autism thing earlier….


     Lately people have been apologizing for replying after a while in chats, or taking time to get to things. STOP. You do not owe me, or anyone for that matter, immediate answers or replies. You have a life you need to take care of, or perhaps just have something you wanna do so why should you apologize for doing something you wanted to? You shouldn’t. And if people give you shit for doing so? Fuck ‘em(but not literally cause you know, they don’t deserve you in that case)


Arrow's sins.

I made a resolution mid season that if I didn’t have anything good to say about an episode of Arrow, I would keep it to myself and just focus on the positives. Positives included Thea and Felicity teaming up to take down SW. SW getting fired. Sorry I have no sympathy for the woman. That’s it. Well, I could probably come up with more but I’m just too frustrated right now. All I’m going to say about Oliver is that I am on the outs with him right now. He’s been annoying me for a few episodes now, mainly because he’s been acting dumb. This latest episode just took the biscuit. I just…I can’t with him right now. The hypocrisy is infuriating and I would really love it if the writers could return our Oliver please. This dude is an imposter. Don’t get me wrong, I would never say that he is perfect and I am well aware of the bad decisions he has made in the past, but this season is just too much. SW asks if he’s the GA, he jokes it off and seriously thinks that will be enough to throw off her suspicions about him. Oliver, she is a reporter. That ain’t gonna cut it, buddy. Then when she tells him that she was fired, that someone hacked her laptop and discredited her, Oliver is completely justified in being upset for her. However, she then goes on to inform him that while she was dating him, she was investigating him. That she knows about Bratva and that he wasn’t always on the island the whole time. Not to mention her thinking he was the Green Arrow. Now, if this was Oliver Queen, the character that we’ve all grown to love over 5 years, alarm bells would be ringing and his fingers would be twitching ready to snap some necks to keep his secret. I know he’s come a long way, but he did snap someone’s neck in 5x01 so he hasn’t changed that much lol. I know he’s trying to move forward and be better, but this isn’t just about Oliver anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. If he is exposed, the whole team will be too. So how can he be mad at Felicity (Step off, Sunshine) and Thea for doing exactly what he would’ve done? He should just be glad that Thea isn’t still pit crazy with bloodlust or else SW would be wearing 3 arrows in her chest. I know I’m probably being irrational about this, I blame SW. She just bores me. I’m so ready to just move along and lose the deadweight. I’m bored. Also, it’s nice to see the writers sticking to their word about writing away from romance on the show; SW and Oliver have no romantic chemistry whatsoever. It’s like watching paint dry. Actually, that would be more entertaining. End rant. Sorry. Just scroll past this. I needed to get it out. Going back to my bubble. Ending with a positive.

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