so like… can we please stop acting like mentally ill people are always the abusive one in the relationship, or thst mentally ill people are inherently abusive, or that their illness is negatively affecting/hurting the abled person theyre with more than them.

like when did good ideas like “mental illness isnt an excuse to be abusive” quickly become “mentally ill people are all abusive,” and “i couldnt be with a mentally ill person, theyd abuse me”

when did “abuse is never okay” become “ableism is okay”

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Bandstand was the most underrated show of this season because not only is nobody out of the Broadway community talking about it but nobody in it is either? It had some of the best choreography I’ve seen in literal years (and it won best choreo but still) and the music was beautiful? The characters were all complex and fantastic and it covered mature subject matter without shoving its message down your throat. The accurate various depictions of PTSD and it’s effects were subtle yet obvious and the staging and lighting were INCREDIBLE touches. Also it is an extremely needed tribute to our WW2 veterans that is being completely overlooked? The music was jazzy and fun but emotional? The actors are so talented and play instruments on stage and are impeccable at them? Like? Why? Does? Nobody? Talk? About? Bandstand?

What I like about Touken is that their feelings are mutual and they genuinely love each other.

When I first started shipping it, I remember thinking that only Touka felt so strongly toward Kaneki (mainly because he was the hero™ and Touka was the main girl™). I was afraid their romance would eventually happen but only given that Touka was created to fulfil the role of love interest.

Much mixed feelings. On one hand my otp would be canon but on the other hand, they’d only be an item for the sole purpose of being one.

Oh boy was I wrong.

I really appreciated how Ishida made us witness Touka’s growing love and Kaneki’s response. Granted, it is not a shonen so Kaneki is not an obvious dork who only wishes to save his comrades. However, his lack of reaction made me think he just wasn’t interested in romance generally speaking.

(That and I didn’t think Ishida would actually write romance!)

Then Haise happened. First reunion happened. I’ll see you later happened. Are you a virgin happened. Chapter 125 happened.

(The chair™ happened).

Ever since then, we have seen more of Kaneki and how he felt about Touka. At first, he just wanted to protect her but now he wants to be with her. He loves her and I’m pretty sure Ishida has been indulging himself with this. While we all were made aware of Touka’s feelings, Ishida decided not to dig this any further. Her feelings were made clear, why not focus on Kaneki instead? And Kaneki has never been more obvious. He has been longing for her (should I say craving?) and given each Kaneki did so, it wouldn’t be far stretched to assume he harboured those feelings for a very long time. Part of me believes him admitting his love for her means he’s finally being honest with himself.

In the end, Touka waited for him to come back and Kaneki did come back (and took her with him). Now let me just finish by saying that Ishida should write more romance because having the male protagonist cherishing so tenderly his significant other gives me life since our girls generally speaking definitely deserve this love and recognition (cough not that the fandom fails to provide it cough).

To put it simply I love that Kaneki loves Touka. Now if they could not die that would be great.


I really wanted so much more for Crowley. He had so much potential for terrible and amazing things and interesting story archs and good scenes and scenarios and all these things he was originally capable of doing,,, but his creators were too focused on other overused tropes to utilize it and its just really sad and im mad as hell

Okay so the Boxfam attending the gala thing has been on my mind too long so heck that I’m gonna list my sloppy headcanons out until the day I have the time to draw:

  • So Boxman is a manufacturer. The Head of Boxmore, the boss of a factory which supplies equipment and weapons and robots to villains-
  • -hell, of course he’s gonna get invited to a Business convention AKA where all sorts of Villain merchandisers, suppliers, weapons-makers and etc gather in a secret location to show off their products + exchange information about the business world or hero gossip
  • Boxman gets an invitation and cue Boxfam getting ready to attend the event - including Raymond and Shannon putting Darrell in a proper outfit for the show, sibling bickering, Ernesto being a good elder brother and fixing up Jethro and Mikayla
  • Also Boxman is sweating bc oh god the invitation is from Professor Venomous and he’s panicking
  • Boxfam rides the Boxcar™. More bickering, Ernesto driving until Boxman looks at the time and going SHIT bc they’re gonna be late and takes over the wheel 
  • They manage to reach the entrance in time - imagine the fanciest, biggest mansion or like a secret passageway as they pull up to the front gates and escorted to the event
  • “Alright, the lot of you, don’t wander off on your own or else. And no weapons.” “Ok Daed/Yes Daddy/Sure Lord Boxdad”
  • They wandered off anyway.
  • Boxman spots Venomous in the crowd with Fink and he starts sweating harder as he argue with his inner voice whether or not he should approach hi- and oh boy Venomous already spotted him and is now approaching him
  • Meanwhile the rest of the Boxfam Siblings are like, having the time of their life exploring the area - Ernesto sampling the oil selection with the other robot employees of other villains; Shannon, Darrell and Raymond stick together as they wade through the crowds of people and shenanigans happen
  • Meanwhile Mikayla and Jethro are having their little adventure separated from the rest. Jethro is riding on Mikayla as they snuck into backstages or prohibited rooms and generally having fun
  • Back to the trio, Darrell bumps into some other snotty minions and shit happens one after another. A fight breaks out, but since weapons are prohibited bc its a truce/neutral area, the minions, Darrell, Shannon and Raymond had to sneakily sabotage each other as they navigate the ballroom
  • In between there’s segments of Boxman and Venomous being nerds to each other. Fink picks a silent fight with Boxman, until they bonded over thwarting a snobby villainess’ attempt to approach Venomous.
  • Including: Shannon stabbing lipstick into their eyes, Raymond duking it out using plates friskbee, and Darrell and minion jerk™ hanging off the chandelier and had to not draw attention to them as they fight
  • The huge ass chandelier snaps and crashes into the middle of the room
  • Darrell is completely unharmed 
  • “What exactly have you three done?” “Oh shit it’s daddy-”
  • Then the actual boss of the jerk minions stepped forward and started passive aggressively dissing on Boxmore and it’s owner, all condescending and head held high, and until they made a low blow
  • Boxman starts fuming and fuming until you think he’s gonna burst, and then he suddenly deflats before laughing. Like, full blown snickering 
  • And then he tells Shannon, Raymond and Darrell that they have his “full permission” to go all out, since the rules are void now that the other decided to attack them, and to “show them what exactly the Boxmores are”
  • Venomous is sort of staring wide eyed at Boxman bc hot damn
  • We get a full front row seat of the trio working together kicking ass, using their environment to their advantage, Mikayla and Jethro pops out from a vent in the ceiling and knocks out the minion in the process, then joining the brawl, and at the same time the audiences of villains are impressed at the live-demonstration of Boxmore Robots
  • Ian let me dream of badass Boxmore Family 

so we’re just not going to talk about how Niall got off the plane to Australia looking like a hot, rich boyfriend who just finished backpacking around Europe and now he’s back to finish getting his MBA from Columbia?????!!!!!!!