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a tldr for anyone who cant be bothered reading everything

  • dan piggybacked phil across the stage, he also dabbed, he also impersonated dat boi
  • phil is extremely soft
  • dan is extremely soft

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right so, i am on episode 12 of my second lucifer binge viewing in a week, and it’s the one where they’re investigating the murder of the girl by the satanists, and lucifer just discovered that chloe makes him vulnerable, and he’s walking five feet behind her/trying to avoid getting too physically close

and she’s already annoyed that she’s been calling him for three weeks and he hasn’t answered, and now she literally asks “what are you doing back there” and is furtherly confused and unsettled when he’s not right by her side (because i have been watching the earlier eps and laughing at how their natural and default position is tucked right up against each other)

chloe, honey, have i got a lady named emma swan for you to talk to, in re: pretending you don’t want that handsome british asshole right where he is and feeling upset when your walls/defenses actually make him back off, and then being like “WAIT NO DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU THERE”

because she is acting exactly like emma did in 3x18 when killian had been kiss-cursed and backed off (i.e. immediately started opening up and trying to bring him back). and i need help.

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I was thinking about what kind of dogs Voltron would have (because I have no life lol) and I think Lance: Jack Russel Terrier, Pidge: Corgi, Hunk: Mastiff (but like a really gentle and sweet one), Keith: Doberman Pinscher, and Shiro: Black Lab/German Shepard mix. I really like the idea of Keith and the Doberman tho it will be the end of me

This is so pure what the fuck

Lance either named his dog something like “Fluffy” or something like “Han Solo,” there’s no in between. Pidge and the corgi are one of those pet&owner duos that look scarily similar to each other. Hunk’s mastiff would be the most well-trained, cuddly beast on the planet, and you bet your ass that even when the dog’s fully grown, Hunk is scooping it into his arms like it’s still a puppy. Keith’s dog is a grump but Keith just. loves his pointy friend. Shiro’s dog would definitely be a sweet, reliable service dog who keeps Shiro company and helps him on bad days and makes everything easier for him.

Hello all the boos *waves meekly* 
kinda feel awkward posting anything now. I hope you boos are all doing fine. I miss you guys even if it’s a few days.
Just wanted to share what I’m working on. It’s a weta competition of a steampunk korea, and after borrowing a wacom from uni today - this is how much i did today haha

I’ve never steampunked before 

anywho, I’m going to bed, spending three hours on this and 9 hours in the city for uni has really killed me.

I just really hope everyone is doing well. Love you all.

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I'm not sure if this counts as a request but I'm just curious as to how Betas stand in the Alpha, Omega line up? Are they higher than omegas but lower than alphas? How are they affected and affect others in the world they exist in? Lol sorry it's 2am right now and I was just wondering:) If you do consider this an ask or request I sincerely apologize and I'll try to send it in at a later time :)

No no it’s no prob anon! I love talking lore! >:3c Also pls go 2 sleep bc it’s not gud for ur soul (what am I saying I’ve been sleeping consistently at 2am for the past week)

Hm okay let’s start from the beginning.

Before society became progressive, the hierarchy went with Alphas on top, followed by Betas, followed by Omegas. This tended to be the order in which employers employed their employees, since there was the ingrained mindset that Alphas were the top dogs, that they’re the ones who make the best leaders. Promotions come easily to Alphas (even if they may not be all that deserving of them).

Betas, true to their status as the “middle child” amongst the natures, were largely ignored by society. They’re pretty commonplace, and they just silently filled occupations in society that didn’t require leadership positions. They’re left alone for the most part, until an Alpha starts to exert their authority and muck up whatever they’re doing. Betas had a difficult time getting promoted, mostly due to workplace bias.

However, after multiple campaigns calling for people of all natures to be treated equally, their efforts were rewarded. Alphas, Betas, Omegas and anyone in between began to receive equal rights in the workplace and in society. Unfortunately, there are a couple of people in the Older Generation and some “elitists” [often entitled Alphas] who despise the revolution that took place in society and want to go back to the ways of old :v

Currently, Betas are valuable members of society since they don’t have to take time off to deal with heats/ruts, so they won’t incapacitate an employer’s ability to do business! They’re also pretty prevalent in childcare centres (along with Omegas) where A/O couples can drop their kids off before going back home for a week of fucking each other silly.

Workplace bias isn’t fully eliminated, however, but Betas have a far higher chance of receiving a well-earned promotion in today’s context as compared to the past.

Betas are also pretty big protectors of Omegas against unwanted Alpha advances! Both in the past and present, an Omega ought to have at least one Beta friend to defend them and chase off pesky, overly-persistent Alphas since they’re unaffected by Alpha pheromones.

Something I seem to notice that I do with my original works is that my characters always come in pairs, at the very least.  Not necessarily a romantic pair, but narrative pairs.  

Every main character usually comes attached to a secondary character that provides some kind of dynamic to make their scenes more interesting, instead of just monologuing to themselves during a scene.  Sometimes character swap their pair or they double pair with someone else, but there’s always some kind of pairing up happening in my story.

I don’t know what I’m trying to prove here, I just thought it was interesting that this is something trademark to my original writing.

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Since we are delving into abo lore, how about we discuss ominics in the abo universe? Like how would that go down? Like would an ominic be able to satisfy an omega during heats, perhaps via artificial knot? Or vice versa act as an omega for a rut?

Yes someone has finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Okay so one of the major reasons Omnics weren’t considered sentient used to be the accusation that they didn’t have natures at all. Of course, there was a huge commotion when it was discovered that Omnics were, in fact, capable of having natures. The only thing is that 99.9% of Omnics can be considered Betas/Gammas, since they have no need for reproduction due to them being created by the Omniums. However, as society (or at least, part of it) changed and became more accepting of Omnic-Human relationships, some Omnics were able to/chose to adapt their AIs to mimic Alpha/Omega natures, and get the appropriate hardware(for lack of a better word ahahahah) for their new natures.

In terms of Alpha/Omega Omnics, they should be able to satisfy their natured partners! However, one really big difference is that scents won’t really play a big role in the relationship, since Omnics originally didn’t need to reproduce, so they don’t really have scent glands to do any scenting. It may take their human counterpart’s body to get used to the concept of getting claimed by an Omnic, but apart from that it should go on pretty well!

I hope this answered your question aaaaa

affirmation to myself

people are allowed to have opinions that are opposite from me and that does not invalidate my own opinions

i don’t have to feel guilty for liking things that my friends and acquaintances dislike.  

my opinion is not invalidated by someone else’s. 

i don’t have to take anyone’s opinions about things personally.

I need some Pinescone au set in the ‘60…

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Tbh I'm so glad there are people like you out there who stand up for Preston. Yeah he's a fictional character blah blah but he means so much to me and some of my mutuals and he needs a defense squad. He's the character I've been waiting for so when people started shitting on him I was so let down.

holy moly thanks ; v ;

like he was the first character that grew on me and i didn’t even know that he existed before i played the game, there was so little content for him outside of either That Meme™ or character hate, and seeing that he’s genuinely such a nice dude it shocked me that this fandom was so shitty towards him

i don’t want to be quiet about it ya know? this kind of stuff happens so much in other fandoms and i’ve even seen it make ppl feel unsafe to engage with the fandom bc of how horribly preston is treated, it’s totally unfair and it needs to be talked about