Friday Rundown 4-14-17

On the Docket for the Weekend

  • This weekend is Easter, of course. This weekend I’ll be staying at my sister’s house, which means shaaaaake up! I’ll probably think of a few special posts over the weekend. I know it’s the holidays, but seriously there’s only so much family I can handle at one time so I’m definitely still going to be on social. Just saying! I might just not be able to stalk my Tumblr buds as closely. 
  • No fear, there will be some food shopping and meal prep activity to share with you guys. It will be for the weekend only, with a special “how do lactose intolerant people survive at a house that may as well be a dairy farm” angle. Then, when I return for the week I’ll be able to give an example of what meal prep looks like around here when coming home from a trip. 

The Successes

  • Walking was killer. It was pretty nice this week, a bit cloudy at times–but nice! I exceeded my step goals most days but was able to keep my nutrition appropriate for those activity levels for once, so I didn’t overdo it and exhaust myself.
  • The gym was good, too! I didn’t write many logs this week because I felt it would be redundant to say “did cardio, here’s approximately the same Fitbit log.” I really wanted to get some major movement this week leading into a road trip. Sitting for four hours with maybe only one potty break seems so impossible. I really do constantly move some days. I’m going to be crawling out of my skin. Maybe I should bring dumbbells and do and bicep curls in the car. Am I really going to be that person?
  • NSV. My workout pants are now too large. Particularly, the compression pants. I have tons of other active wear that fit, but I need these for running so I’ll have to go down a size ASAP. I looked at my Old Navy yesterday but they didn’t have any high-waist ones on the sale rack. It’s kind of convoluted, but I need this very exact cut and material to run because of my loose skin. Mid-Rise doesn’t give the support I need. So, I’ll have to look again sometime soon and just suck it up–literally–for a few runs. It’s not super terrible because most of my skin is in my limbs, but it will affect my performance until I get them replaced.

The Not as Successful 

  • Caffeine. I’ve already talked about this one a lot this week, and ultimately it’s not a dire situation. I’m typically not someone who “needs” it to wake up. I still don’t, but I definitely do enjoy it. At least I know I can easily abstain for a while when migraines are flaring up. When I “came off” it two months ago I only had one withdrawal headache, though it was legit the worst migraine I’d had all year. 
  • I am so beyond bloated. You know, that might say something more about exactly how loose the workout pants really are, because I’ve also been dealing with an uncomfortable amount of bloating this week. It’s just–fun female times. It’s making it a pain in the ass to exercise as efficiently, but damn it I’m doing it!

Little Rambles

Ugh, just more porn blog drama. A lot of us know the drill. They reblog your photos and leave those “join me on cam” messages with flapping dicks everywhere. Every time a post of mine starts showing up on the tags I use; dozens and dozens of them start interacting with my account. Every single morning, I block every account with pornography on it and file a report if my face has been reblogged to it. Some days it makes me not want to post pictures of myself, and I’ll never share photos of my nephew because of this bullshit. I complain about this a lot, but I wish Tumblr developers would make it faster to get this kind of crap taken down.

It takes 2-3 days to get each request fully addressed. It’s genuinely the only thing that annoys me about this website. I’ve never had anywhere near the magnitude of these problems on any other social media website as I do on Tumblr, and I use Soundcloud for shit’s sake! I’ll keep going through this charade even if I become the “crazy lady” in the Tumblr support queue. I don’t care. I just what’s left of my privacy respected.

I do find at least a little humor in it now. I mean, after awhile you see so many dicks against your will that it turns from ‘Oh, God. Why?” into, “WTF? That looks like a gourd!”

This is Thursday-through-Thursday because I was a sneaky twat and queued this post last night. A-ha! By the time this goes live my sorry ass is probably sitting in the car. In other news, what the Hell happened to Sunday!? 

Turning Anon asks off

*Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you for this amazing support - I mean, wow! This blog isn’t even two months old and we’ve just reached the magical number of 1,000 followers! We’d never thought this blog would spike this much interest, but obviously it did and we couldn’t be any happier and more excited about it!

As a result, however, we believe it’s better to turn the anon asks off. While some of the anon asks have been the most interesting to answer for us, we hope that we can reduce the amount of asks we receive by this a little bit. Right now, there are far more than 100 open asks in our inbox and while we’d love to answer every single one of them - even if it was just a private message. But anon asks can’t be answered privately and we kinda don’t want to text wall this blog and keep the drawn answers a priority instead. This way, we can reply to you a bit easier. However, there is no guarantee that we can respond to every single one of them. Once again… a lot of asks.

Just be patient. And don’t be disppointed if you don’t get a reply. We are just people and we’re doing this for fun, so… no pressure. <3

Moreover, you don’t need to repeat your ask if it doesn’t get answered after a few days. Sometimes we answer older ones as soon as we have the time. Just. Please don’t spam us. Thank you for your understanding and your amazing support!


“You’re really walking better today,” Kíli assures his brother as they walk down the hallway on their routine exercise lap. Lifting a hand he brushes his hair back, adjusting the strap across the top of his cheek when he nudges it.

A few dwarves pass and Kíli nods at them, looking ahead toward the large stone doors that are open to let a bit of sunshine into the mountain. “How’s the pain?”

“Not too bad.” Adjusting his grip on Kíli’s arm a bit the blond dwarf smiles. He didn’t take his walking stick today, preferring to use his brother for the bit of support he still needs sometimes, depending on how good the day is. “I think it’s the weather. The snow is finally melting and I really think that helps.”

Kíli hums in agreement and watches a few dwarves that have paused along their way to look outside. “Soon it’ll be nice enough that we can make trips to Dale to escape Uncle and his council,” the brunet says, winking. “Official business to see Bard, of course.”

“I like that.” Fíli smiles and squeezes Kíli’s arm. “I bet we can find some good reasons to go. His coronation will be soon so I bet there is a lot to do.” They come closer to the gate and Fíli frowns at the dwarves gathering there. “What is going on? The sun alone can’t be so interesting.”

“Let’s check it out.” The brunet leads his brother through the small crowd until they get to the front. A sharp gasp of surprise slips from Kíli and he places his hand on top of Fíli’s and gives it a squeeze. “Fíli…”

A pair of ponies are making their way up the path, their riders drawing the crowd. Dwalin wears a look between his usual gruffness and happiness but both boys are focused on the second figure.

Dís sits tall on her pony and laughs at something Dwalin says, blue eyes turning toward the mountain and the dwarves gathering there to greet them.

A bright smile spreads on Fíli’s lips at the sight of their mother. “She’s finally here.”

Dís stops her pony as her eyes fall on her sons. Dwalin says something but she doesn’t even listen. Slipping off the pony’s back she just stands there and stares at them a bit longer, tears in her eyes, before she breaking out into a run, tiredness forgotten.

A joyful laugh fills the air and Dís is upon them seconds later, throwing her arms around them both. Kíli’s laugh is muffled into his mother’s traveling cloak and his arm comes up to wrap around her, squeezing tightly as he buries his face in her neck.

“My boys,” Dís mumbles over and over again, kissing both their heads and holding them tight for a long while before she finally pulls back a little bit. Lying one hand on Kíli’s cheek Dís brushes her thumb along the edge of the strap that lies there. “What happened to you?”

Leaning into the touch Kíli smiles brightly. “I just got even more charming, Mama.” His hand holds tightly to her cloak, like he doesn’t want to let go.

“While saving my life,” Fíli adds and Dís’ eyes widen.

She shakes her head at the two of them, patting Kíli’s cheek a few times before turning to Fíli. She can tell by the subtle shifting from one leg to the other that there is something wrong with his leg but he shows no signs of pain or discomfort, which is exactly something that Fíli would want others to think.

“And you, my sunshine,” she murmurs, lifting her hands and cupping his face. “Tell me what has happened.”

“Just got in the way of an orc,” Fíli says and leans into her touch, one hand coming up to place it over hers. “It’s not so bad anymore. Everything heals well.”

Sliding her thumb along Fíli’s cheek Dís gives him a watery smile, Kíli draping himself against his mother from behind and giving her a hug. “We missed you a lot.”

“We really did.” Hugging her again Fíli smiles into her fur collar, one hand intertwining with Kíli’s as he reaches around her.

“I missed you too.” Holding both of her boys close Dís closes her eyes and takes a shaky breath. “So very much and I’m so very glad to have you back.”

Kíli grins and tips his head up to smile at Fíli over Dís’ shoulders. “We’re glad you made it safely,” he says after a few minutes, pulling back and taking her hand and one of Fíli’s. “Come on, let’s go find Uncle. He might even take a break to greet you properly.”

Together they step back through the gate and enter Erebor. Now, with their mother finally there as well, it will really become home.

I’ve been following @ask-spiderpool for a lil’ while now, and I really like their interpretation of Wade and Peter and the story they’ve been building around them. It’s just… it’s really good holly hell, I need to re-read the entire blog sometime soon, but it has really nice characterization (both of them have their good sides and their flaws, their hopes and their doubts and just. They feel very complete), it has character growth, it has plot! It has a supporting cast of other great characters! It has humor and drama! It’s great. AND the art is adorable.

However, their anons/askers can get kinda… uhm. Obsessive? I’m not sure how to put it, but it’s a bit like. The author has a story going there, and it’s a really good story, with slow character development and growth and just. It’s really good. And sometimes I feel like a lot of those asks just run along the lines of “just kiss already!!!1!11!” without any consideration for how they’re trying to handle the characters. I mean, it’s hard to judge, of course, because we only ever see the asks that get published, so maybe it’s not as bad? But it’s a bit… It’s like people want to skip all the plot points and jump straight to the smut, even if it’s out of character at that point in the story.

… maybe I am feeling bad for fictional characters getting pressured into smooching by relentless anons. Put like this it’s a bit silly? I don’t know. x_X

Traveling to space? All you need is a fried egg 

hi everyone! thank you so much for all of your kind messages! I feel absolutely honoured to have your support! Really appreciate it!! and really really sorry I haven’t been able to answer all the mails, I have read them!! I will get to that very soon! I promise! 

I am trying to make a FAQ page so if you have any questions about my art or me or bunny or alien? lol feel free to drop me a message here! Will try fit everything :)))

If you have been following my blog for sometime you have probably noticed that I haven’t been making as much gifs as I used to! (and the Barcelona project have been on hold half way…shhh) well that is because I am working on something that has almost taken over my life atm! :O I can’t reveal it but I will defo show you guys when its ready! 

Meanwhile there will still be doodles :3 (you can also find me on instagram where I post doodles,photos and my face on occasions lol ) my handle is @ yoyothericecorpse. AND! there will be loads new products dropping in May!! keep your eyes pealed (>3<)/ 


Yo xo 

(personal: feel free to ignore)

I’m so happy I have a psych appointment tomorrow. Mentally going downhill lately and sometimes I think I need to be hospitalized again but that costs money and my family won’t do it so hopefully they’ll give me a new medicine or something because I’m getting tired after years of nothing working.

Not gunna sit around forever while doctors play pill roulette with me for years. I’m a financial drain on everyone around me and that’s not fair to them. I don’t fucking know what I’m gunna do….

EDIT: Doctor is going to increase my medicine soon so hopefully that helps a little. Thank you guys so much for the support 💕