Working Out - Part 9

Mr. Gold/Belle French, Teen+

Summary: Mr. Gold, hopelessly in love with Belle French, the town librarian, overhears a conversation between her Ruby about the appeal of well muscled, beefy men. Misinterpreting that this is Belle’s type of man, he joins the local gym to work out. Rather unsuccessfully. Based on a prompt from an anonymous benefactor. :)

Chapter Summary: Gold apologizes, Belle responds, and progress is made.

Notes: I think this chapter is very much needed after the start of the new OUAT season. I hope everyone is happy with our two idiots. They may just get on the same page yet. Also this chapter is hella long. Sorry.

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Belle looked up from the book club list to see a very surprising patron standing just inside the doors of the library.

“Papa?” she said, stepping out from behind the circulation desk. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, Belle.”

Moe French had set foot in the Storybrooke Public Library exactly twice before this. The first was when he helped Belle move her meager belongings into the apartment above the library that came with her job as librarian. The second was the day of the grand re-opening. He stayed long enough to have a piece of cake and glass of punch.

This time he was still in his work uniform and hat, and holding a small vase of a half dozen white roses, her favorite, as it happened. He looked as though he was making a delivery, but that didn’t make much sense. Who would he be delivering them to at the library?


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Evolution of watching the 100
  • Me last year:I don't know if I want to start watching it, it seems good but...
  • Me after the first episode:Okay, this is a good show maybe I'll keep watching
  • Me after season 1:Damn this show is amazing! Clarke is my favourite, she is my child! I need more!
  • Me after season 2:LEXA! CLEXA! My poor baby Clarke, where are you going?...God this show is taking over my life
  • Me re-watching season 1 & 2 before season 3 premiere:I'm too invested in this show, I have no life any more
  • Me currently:Is it Thursday yet??? I NEED MORE EPISODES!!!! I'm officially clexa and the 100 trash. Checking Tumblr for The 100 posts. Crying over characters. Annoying the shit out of my friends by talking about the show. S e n d h e l p

Shep689- Engaged as of last year

Troyler- kissed this year

Shoey- kissed last year, and was reunited this year

Phan- hugged for the first time in forever

Pentatonix- went on there first european tour

Scomiche- started there own channel as of last year

Zalfie- canon as of last year/ fake engagement this year

Shane dawson- making his first movie NOTCOOL

Joey graceffa- Storytellers season 2 

Troye sivan- TRXYE (I think thats all I need to say) 15/8/14 

Tyler oakley- raised 500,000 dollars for the trevor project/ won his first award

Paint (jon cozart)- made After ever After2 this year

Todrick Hall- going on his first tour and was in/choreographed blow by beyonce


  • Teacher:I know that there is only 4 days of school left... But don't forget that you still have 2 exams, 8 worksheet packets, an essay, a powerpoint, and a book to finish.
  • Band Director:I know that marching season hasn't officially began, but I want to start practices early this year. So everyone needs to stay after school every day.
  • Mother:Since school is almost over, and band doesn't start yet, you must not be busy. So I need you to clean the entire house.
  • Father:I don't get to see you much, so I want to spend some quality time with you sometime this week after school.
  • Me:...
Football Luke Smut

You watched from the stands as the whole team walked onto the pitch. It was an important game, the one that would decide whether they go into the final, and Luke was NEEDED for both games.

But there was one problem.

He had a short temper.

And 2 yellow cards.

1 more and he was out for the rest of the season, and most of the next season.

“Be good,” You told him before the game started,

He just rolled his eyes and nodded his head mumbling “I will, stop worrying.”

But you were worrying, because his worst enemy (and your ex) was on the other team and knew all of Luke’s buttons.

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- I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
- I’ll tell you exactly what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna start listening to us. The world is a better place because of what we did, Elliot, and you’re gonna realize that one way or another. Now, here’s what I need you to do. You’re going to walk to the subway. You’re going to get on your train. You’re going to get off at your stop. You’re going to go home. You’re gonna sit at your computer, watch and enjoy the beautiful carnage that we’ve all created together.


Hello, fellow Rooster Teeth fans! I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m having a Red VS Blue Livestream Marathon this Saturday and Sunday (April 12/13)! Here’s a break down of the weekend:


  • Season 1
  • 5 min break
  • Season 2
  • 5 min break
  • Season 3
  • 15 min break
  • Season 4
  • 5 min break
  • Season 5
  • 5 min break
  • Season 6


  • Season 7
  • 5 min break
  • Season 8
  • 5 min break
  • Season 9
  • 15 min break
  • Season 10
  • 5 min break
  • Season 11

The stream will take place here and you will need an account if you want to participate in the chatroom. A suggestion would be making your tumblr url your account name (as I made mine micoovav) so you can recognize other users and follow new ones you meet and connect with. I will be starting the stream at 9am EST both mornings. If we need more breaks or if you all want them longer, that can be arranged. Keep in mind that it will take quite a few hours to get through each day, but it will be a lot of fun! I hope you all can make it!!

!!! if you’re learning Spanish and you totally missed over the whole “i should probably practice listening” phase, definitely go check out Coffee Break Spanish on Spotify!! As far as I know it doesn’t even play any ads which is so nice! If you need practice with conjugation and grammar, definitely check out Season 1&2, but if you’re just looking for listening practice that starts off slow and steadily gets harder while also giving you GOOD, not forced conversation, skip to Season 3+. They explain everything they said, albeit in short spanish descriptions, explain harder vocabulary !!IN SPANISH!! (my fav way to learn new words), have an “intermission” where they teach a tongue twister and a useful way to make your Spanish sound more natural/not just simple phrases, and finally end with explaining harder grammar concepts that might have appeared in the listening. The best part about it all is if you get confused by what they said, you can go back and hear it again, or you can skip over stuff you might already know. I know they have a website with notes on all this, and I’ll try to find that and post it later!!! 

haruka nanase is not a prize for your fave. i don’t care who you ship him with. he is not an object to fight over. i’m tired of seeing posts arguing about why he’d never end up with A and why B is his soulmate. haru is his own three dimensional character who doesn’t need to be in a ship to be appreciated.

haruka nanase is an introverted teenager who loves water and whose passion is swimming. socializing is tiresome for him because he doesn’t know how to act around people. by the end of season 2, he’s learnt that it’s ok to talk about his feelings and that he can rely on his friends. he’s started recovering from depression and overcome his anxiety. he loves mackerel, can draw well, and makes silly jokes a lot which his friends often take seriously by accident. he loves his friends a lot.

haruka nanase is a person. a fully established, three dimensional character. he wasn’t created for your shipping material. stop treating him like it and start treating him like an actual character.

Baseball player takes 2 days of paternity leave. Sports radio goes ballistic.

“Quite frankly, I would’ve said, ‘C-section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day.’”

New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy has been getting all sorts of flak on sports radio today for missing last night’s game against the Washington Nationals. Why? Because yesterday was his second (and final) day of paternity leave, which is apparently one too many.

Murphy got word late on Sunday night that his wife was in labor, and rushed to Florida to be with her. He was there for the birth of their first child the next day, Monday, which also happened to be Opening Day. The Mets had Tuesday off, and Murphy decided to stay with his wife Wednesday before flying back in time for today’s game, also against the Nationals, which he played in. Murphy told ESPN that he and his wife decided together that it would be best for him to stay the extra day. “Having me there helped a lot, and vice versa, to take some of the load off,” he said. “It felt, for us, like the right decision to make.”

For a number of sports commentators, however, Murphy’s decision seemed ludicrous. New York-based radio host Mike Francesa kicked off the outrage yesterday afternoon, devoting his entire WFAN show to asking, exasperatedly, why on earth a man would need to take off more than the few hours during which his child is actually born. “For a baseball player, you take a day. All right. Back in the lineup the next day. What are you doing? What would you be doing? I guarantee you’re not sitting there holding you’re wife’s hand.”

“You’re a major league baseball player. You can hire a nurse to take care of the baby if your wife needs help,” he said. “I don’t see why you need…What are you gonna do? Are you gonna sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for two days? What are you gonna do?

Repeating this question at least five more times over the course of a 20-minute segment, Francesa also continued to confuse maternity and paternity leave. Noting that it’s possible for the lucky few to stagger their paternity leave rather than using it in one chunk, Francesa was dumbfounded: "What do you do? You work the next day, then you take off three months, to do what? Have a party? 'The baby was born…But I took maternity leave three months later.’ For what? To take pictures? I mean, what would you possibly be doing? That makes no sense. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.” (The full clip is above.)

Hosts of WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” spent their morning show today piling on to the criticism. “To me, and this is just my sensibility: 24 hours,” Craig Carton said. “You stay there, baby’s good, you have a good support system for the mom and the baby. You get your ass back to your team and you play baseball.”

Cohost and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason thought even 24 hours was too much time:“Quite frankly, I would’ve said, 'C-section before the season starts. I need to be at Opening Day.’”

The Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio also devoted tons of airtime to scrutinizing the nondrama. Cohost Mike Golic, a former NFL defensive lineman, weighed in: “If you wanna be there for the birth of your child, I have zero problem with it. That said, when the baby is born…The baby was born on Monday. And he didn’t play in a game [on Wednesday]? This is just me, I would have been back playing.”

Notably, the collective bargaining agreement between MLB and the players association allows for three days of paternity leave. That’s better than most jobs—only about 13 percent of workplaces offer paternity leave at all, and the United States is one of four countries in the world that doesn’t mandate leave for new moms and dads.

For his part, Murphy seems to be shrugging off the criticism: “We had a really cool occasion yesterday morning, about 3 o'clock. We had our first panic session,” Murphy told ESPN. “It was just the three of us at 3 o'clock in the morning, all freaking out. He was the only one screaming. I wanted to. I wanted to scream and cry, but I don’t think that’s publicly acceptable, so I let him do it.”

Why IMO Renly is the King Westeros Deserves..

Okay, so I’m re-watching Game of Thrones with my housemate before Season 4 starts. We’ve just finished 2x05, and the scene right before Renly’s death has really stuck with me. I can’t remember if the same thing happens in the book, but the gist of it was Renly proposing that if Robb swears an oath of fealty to him, he could have control over the North, and Renly and Robb would join forces to defeat the Lannister army. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really do think that if this could have happened, it would have been just what Westeros needed. Here’s why:

So, there are 5 possible contenders for the Iron Thrones as per A Clash of Kings (Season 2): Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister?), Stannis Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy. Balon can be crossed out for starters. He has the least claim of the 5, no-one except the Ironborn would actually want him on the Throne, and I don’t at any point think he was an actual serious contender. Joffrey, clearly, should not be allowed to have rule over anything, and I don’t feel like I really need to go into why.

Then there’s Stannis, who has the rightful claim, and in a world where Ned had been a little bit smarter and chosen not to tell Cersei that he’d discovered the incest, he would be on the Throne. And he’s definitely a better option than Joffrey or Balon. He has military experience and knows how to lead an army, and he’s probably the most just character of the entire series. And I KNOW a lot of people LOVE Stannis, and really want to see him on the Iron Throne, but I really don’t agree. I don’t think he would make a good King. I think he’d make an excellent Hand, but in terms of ruling on a large scale he’s not the right man for the job. My issue with Stannis is that he’s so unwilling to compromise (it sounds ridiculous to say that he’s too just, but that’s pretty much what it is). He judges a man on his actions, and will reward or punish him accordingly (see: Davos), and this in theory is a really good quality to have, but the flip side of this is that he’s completely loath to forgive or pardon. Being unwilling to forgive isn’t a good quality in a King, especially after the desolation that’ll be left behind after The War of the Five Kings. Stannis would execute all of the families that rose up against him – that’s the Lannisters, the Starks, the Tullys, the Greyjoys and the Tyrells for starters, and that’s only the noble families. In Stannis’ eyes, they deserve to be punished, and I can definitely appreciate why, but it would be completely impractical and illogical. Willingness to compromise is such a vital part of ruling and Stannis just doesn’t have that. There’s no way he’d let Robb keep the North, for example. And besides that, the general consensus in Westeros seems to be that he’s a pretty unlikeable guy, and I just don’t think you can be a good King if you don’t have the support of the smallfolk.

Moving onto Robb. Robb has the support of the North, and the Northmen love him. He’s young and inexperienced, but has shown himself to be smart when it comes to strategy and warfare. He’s fair, and likeable, and willing to compromise, yet he’s still strong willed. Robb would make an excellent ruler. Only issue: Robb doesn’t want to rule. All Robb wants is to avenge his Father’s death, rescue his sisters, and return to Winterfell to be left alone. And here’s where Renly comes in.

Renly has no claim to the Throne, that much cannot be disputed, and going against his older brother was a dishonourable thing to do. But Robert had no right to the Throne when he usurped Aerys Targaryen – yet he still did it, because he recognised that Aerys’ rule had descended into madness, and thought that he could do a better job (whether he actually did so is another matter altogether, of course). The same applies to Renly; he looked at Joffrey and Stannis, and thought that he could do better. And I genuinely think he could have! Renly has all the same qualities Robb has that would make a good ruler. He’s willing to compromise and let Robb have rule over the North, because he recognises that the Starks are good people and that there’s no need to go to war against them. The smallfolk love him. The Stormlands and the Reach support his claim, and he was popular in King’s Landing too, because he’s kind. Although we don’t get to see inside his head, I do truly think that he likes to help the smallfolk, and would really work to keep in good favour with them. And he has the ambition and desire to rule that Robb lacks.

There are counterarguments that Renly is all talk and no show. And he is cocky, true, but you need self-confidence if you want to succeed, and just because we never got to see him in action doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have performed if he had the chance. Renly’s army had the numbers, more so than Stannis, and he had the Tyrells and the Tarlys on his side, as well as the knights of the Stormlands. The Tarlys are known for producing good warriors, and the Tyrells are cunning, and have the numbers to match their ambition. Plus, working with Robb would surely tone down Renly’s arrogance and indulgence. Basically, Renly is still young, but could develop into a truly great ruler.

He does have a lot going for him now, though. He’s charismatic, which is one thing Stannis lacks. People listen to him, and want to be around him. He would be a fair ruler. He knows his own mind, and wouldn’t let anyone walk over him, but he’d still be willing to listen to his advisors, and with the Starks and the Tyrells he’d be able to hear completely different perspectives on things, and be able to come to an informed decision. He’s also progressive, which is something Westeros really needs. He lets Brienne into his Kingsguard because she’s the best for the job, regardless of her gender. He’s open minded, and tolerant, and these are all important qualities for a good King to have. He’s smart, and witty, and all of these traits would just improve with age.

And think of Renly’s and Robb’s armies together! They would have flattened the Lannister army! And then Robb could have avenged Ned, gone back to the North, and lived. And Renly could have ruled.

If only, if only..



Oliver meeting, admiring, looking, gazing, wanting, needing, supporting, relying on, falling for and loving Felicity.  When i read those few who say “Oliver loving Felicity came out of nowhere,” I offer proof that this man has wore his emotions on his sleeve and his face for two seasons.  It all started with a random smile for an IT girl he had just met and ended this season with a smile we’ll never forget… 

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(via https://soundcloud.com/andy-bean-7/woy-s2-dominator-theme-original-demo?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=tumblr)

In honor of all the Dominator fan art that’s already appearing, I thought I’d post her theme.  You know, so you have something to listen to while drawing her.

Craig and I started talking about her music well before season 2 began.  Since she’s such a big part of the season, she needed her own sound.  Craig showed me some art, described what she’s all about, and suggested her theme have an industrial feel to match her big scary lava suit and robot army.  And as with everything about Dominator, we wanted her music to be WAY tougher and more menacing than Hater’s music.

Here’s the original theme demo I worked up, which we used pretty much unchanged all over The Greater Hater.  Enjoy!

-Andy Bean

P.S. There is a more playful variation on this that plays when she’s not in her suit.  You’ll be hearing more of that as the season progresses!

My reaction to the Hannibal season finale

The beginning

Hannibal planning to elope with Will:

But then he smelled Freddie:


Then its Alana:

Then Will came to dinner:

Then Hannibal gutted Will and shit just went down hill from there:

This is when the credits started to roll:

And now here I am two days later:

So now fannibals we wait….. for a whole year to see who dies and who survives… 

I need a shirt that says I survived Mizumono