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Things I “need” for YJ S3

These are in no particular order of importance:

  • Tbh the time skip between seasons 2 and 3 of Young Justice better be like two years or less. They’ll all be adults if the show does another five year time skip. As much as I love team 2.0, I won’t be able to handle another drastic team switch. That’s just too much. 
  • Bonding for Tim, Conner, and Bart just because they are the OG YJ team   from the comics. Like have them team up on a mission or something. 
  • Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, and at least one scene with Stephanie Brown as Spoiler. Because Batfam. 
  • Jason Peter Todd. Because you can’t tease him that much in season 2 and then not use him in season 3. 
  • Red Hood needs to be developed throughout the season. Starting off as an antagonist/ anti-hero and work/ be worked back into the team and then in the last episode of the season, he needs to work it out with Bruce ( at least a little bit) 
  • Bluepulse
  • The return of Wally West as the actual “Fastest Man Alive” 
  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy need to be villains together and flirt the whole time they are fighting with the team 
  • Artemis and Bart bonding moments as themselves and as Tigress and Kid Flash
  • When Wally returns, he should let Bart stay as Kid Flash. By this time, Iris will have had the twins and this would give Barry the opportunity to “retire” and formally give Wally the mantle of Flash
  • A young version of Kyle Rayner as the team’s own personal Green Lantern
  • At the end of the season, Damian walks in with Talia and a bunch of ninjas and just says the “Father, I thought you’d be taller” line from Son of Batman. Then all of the Justice League, Team, and Batfam is like “Uh, Bruce?!” 
  • Dick Grayson has to be appropriately distant from the rest of the team at the beginning because he thinks that Wally’s “death” was his fault and that he was a terrible team leader and that everyone hates him (even though no one thinks that)
  • Roy, Cheshire, and Lian moments
  • “Original” Roy and Jason Todd are like besties
  • Tim teaching Cass how to read
  • Donna coming back and Cassie totally freaking out while Diana just smiles in the background
  • Lagoon Boy better either be off the team or have a major attitude adjustment (preferably off the team)
  • Clark and Conner are having family bonding time and then BAM Kara’s pod finally arrives on earth
  • Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg are all on the team. No explanation. They don’t even need to speak. They just need to be there.

They really

Marco having dysphora is something that was planned from at least the beginning of the season & if you look at it chronologically there’s no question

  • Season 2 episode 1A starts in the bathroom. Marco is showering; Star is recording a video in the same room. Marco just says “I don’t want the computer to watch me shower.” Apparently Star being there is okay, because…? It’s not clear at this point. The episode, incidentally, is about Marco being locked in a closet.
  • In episode 2A, Marco includes “You’d never have to bathe alone” as a reason they’d love to be queen, implying bathing is such a stressful experience they need someone there for moral support. Last week’s episode starts to make more sense, but there are still some pieces missing.
  • Someone asks Daron Nefcy why Marco is afraid to bathe alone. She says that’s a good question and the answer will be in season 2.
  • Episode 13A, Naysaya: “Marco covers his mirror in the shower because, because, because he’s afraid of his own body!”

Regardless of other things that may have been unintentional, this is something we know was planned in advance that’s observably been foreshadowed since the very beginning of the season.

At the very least, that definitely raises the question of how and why the idea was brought up. 

New Malec photos from episode 7

1. I was yelling like stupid at whole house.
2. I fell down from chair.
3. I started sobbing.
4. I almost suffocate to death.
5. My sister run into my room to check if I’m okay.
6. I was lying on the floor and needed 30 minutes to calm down (but I will never be okay anymore).

So I just want to say that you all are invited to my funeral.

Actual Mod Convo
  • Viena: I just want them to do couple skating
  • Star: I read that you don't really age out of pair skating like you do solo... it could be a possibility for season 2.
  • Viena: yes.
  • Star: ... if I was able to make "kiss kiss fall on ice" canon, maybe we should start tagging season 2 things.
  • Viena: you think you can do it again, Psychic Star?
  • Star: I dunno but I'm gonna try!

anonymous asked:

The fans kinda ruined yoi for me too :( it's so embarrassing to see yoi fans harass real figure skaters, make fun of their achievements, vandalize their wikis and info, fill their tags with posts about them being so anime, and upsetting figure skating fans. Ever since it started I haven't been able to search for yuzuru hanyu without seeing several posts treating him as some anime joke, not a person who has worked years to become one of the best in the world. I don't hope for season 2 anymore...

Yeah, exactly, it’s extremely disrespectful and it needs to stop. While YOI could help inspire others to learn more about figure skating, etc. it’s still important to separate reality and fiction.

We’re really sorry to hear how it’s been discouraging for you. Although, don’t let those fans get to you! Like stated here and here, there’s a side to this fandom that is also positive where fans are supporting and encouraging each other. We’re here with yall!


So I was watching the space mall episode again, and in the scene where Shiro is fighting Zarkon in the astral plane or the alternate Universe, he starts choking him. 

Then around like 18:40 (watch a bit before so you don’t miss it), he drops Shiro because the Black Lion interferes with their fight to save him, but as he drops Shiro, for a split second you can see this weird purple energy on Shiro’s body. It looks like before the lion came to save him, Zarkon was trying to transfer some of his power/energy into Shiro’s body, I think he was trying to make an imprint on him.

If Zarkon was possibly trying to transfer a part of himself into/onto Shiro; wouldn’t that make sense as to why Shiro disappeared the same time he was defeated, because they both have some sort of direct link now?????

(And to go even further, Zarkon created/manifested that astral plane I’m pretty sure, so he can control what happens inside of it (he brought Shiro and the black lion there), so if he put a mark on Shiro in the astral plane, doesn’t that mean Shiro is probably tied there now too? What if when Zarkon imprinted on him, he also linked his physical body back to the astral plane along with the manifested body that was there fighting before? WHAT IF SHIRO IS TRAPPED THERE, it’s not like his body was in the lion, it completely disappeared, what if his physical body is in the astral plane right now because of Zarkon?)

Questions requiring answers in IMA Season 2

- well obviously Adams didn’t win the 2012 election but what happens afterwards??? And is he ever going to run again??

- Abby and John are a thing??? right??? pls tell me Abby moves in with the Boys

- also, Caroline? she was a bitch but I loved her? I want to see her become some badass ninja spy while they try to rescue Madison

- does Jefferson write more music? and does it still make me cry?

- does Franklin start a blog because he needs to start a blog

- Hamilton????? my boy????? does his depression and guilt worsen??? does he become a terrible person or does he transcend himself?? please I’m so worried about him

- also, mindi?? does she keep playing Alex? does poor boy ham ever work it out with her because they have some serious misunderstandings going on :’(

- has Ben confessed his love for John yet

- has George adopted all of them yet

- is Thomas still doing drugs?!.

- does Thomas become less of a sullen loser?? he and Alex were starting to learn to be team players so I really need to know if it ever worked out!!!

- what is the fishwife’s name?

- is he John Jay?

- where did Madison’s clairvoyance come from?? will it ever be explained??

- where is our entirely Madison’s POV episode?!,,?,?,?.?

- when they find James will he forgive Alex??? will Alex have an – actually yes of course he’ll have an emotional breakdown why am I even asking

- w h y was James kidnapped what is going on??

- is he hurt??

and I can’t believe I forgot the most important question

- WHERE IS JAMES MADISON??’?:?/!?????!,!:?

10 things I need from Yuri!!! On Ice (Seasons 2-100)

- Yuuri and Viktor skating as competitors (!!!!!!!!)

- They continue to do their parental duty and embarrass Yurio at every opportunity, of which there are infinitely more now that they’re all rinkmates.

- Yuuri and Yurio’s grandpa get along really well. Like, they share recipes and talk about how great Yurio is and it creeps him the hell out.

- Similarly, Yuuri becomes friends with the other Russian skaters, who have no problem giving him blackmail material on Viktor. *cough* Mila *cough*

- Viktor’s still technically Yuuri’s coach, but Yakov quietly starts coaching Yuuri too, filling in the gaps while teaching Viktor to be a better coach.

- When they’re in the same events, they’re still fluffy and adorable most of the time, but get SUPER competitive as soon as they’re actually on the ice. It’s such a crowd pleaser that they start getting invited to the same events almost all the time.

- They trade spots on the podium whenever they skate against each other. (Chris jokes that that’s how they decide who gets to top later.)

- They make a tradition of pair skating at exhibitions. At the next GPF, they skate together to “Yuri on Ice.”

- Yuuri wins the GPF by a very narrow margin, and Viktor gets so excited that he proposes again - while they’re standing on the podium. Phichit is Yuuri’s best man, and Chris is Viktor’s.

- Eventually they both retire from competition and become a coaching team.


Headcanon: Yuri does retire after winning gold medal at Grand Prix Finale. Then, Yurio asks Yuri to be his coach and Yuri moves to Russia. He starts living together with Victor, who gets back to his ice skating career. At next year’s Grand Prix Finale, Victor gets the gold, Yurio gets the silver. After his performance, Victor runs to Yuri instead of his own coach and hugs him, as it was what he dreamed of all year.