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I would also like to add that this question of religion was brought up by Clary in the books when she asked Jace if he believed in God because he believed in angels and (Its been so long since I’ve read the books so my apologizes) he basically said what Maia also said that they don’t rely on faith because they know of the existence of angels, they don’t know of the existence of gods. But then again thats only from the perspective of one shadowhunter and not from all

yeah exactly which is why it’s more just the way their society is built and i wouldn’t really count it as religious per se.

but again, the fact that jace in the books implies that you don’t need faith once you know the existence of angels is extremely western-centric bc it doesn’t account for faiths where angels as they exist in the shadowhunter world don’t exist in the same way and don’t carry the same context.

quick psa: i AM taking jonxsansa prompts again. (you can find my finished fics among all the reblogged gifsets here.) if i haven’t responded to your message, please know that your request has been added to my list, and i’ll hit you back when it’s done. 

i’ll do pretty much anything–but please note: while i do take requests set in the book universe, i’ve not actually read the books in full. admittedly, i’ve read all the sansa chapters, so i can write a passable fic. again, i’m totally willing to take such requests, but just a heads-up that it may fall outside the realm of accuracy (although this is fanfiction, after all, so i guess that works).

  • will do: au, smut, songfic, third-person pov, inactive love triangle (e.g.: jealousy, littlefinger lamenting his loss of sansa to jon, ha HA, etc.)
  • please no: non-con, infidelity, sansa or jon death, active love triangles, angst without a happy ending

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I just started reading them again, and I'm falling in love with Damon all over again. Is it bad I like his personality better in the books? Don't get me wrong, Ian is the perfect Damon, I just like book versions kinda better if you know what I mean.

I feel like books are always better than shows/movies. There’s just so much more detail and description rather than in a movie or show that needs to cut things out. So no I don’t blame you!

wow straights don’t know how lucky they are. they are literally represented everywhere. u listen to a song on the radio ??? s t raight. u watch a tv show ??? 3 wild straight couples appear. u watch a movie ??? there is always a straight love plot squeezed into the story. u read a book ??? hello™ there are the straights again. like they don’t even have to search for things ??? while i need to graduate lesbian detective school to be freakin able to find one decent piece of lesbian fiction that i haven’t read 39290480939 times already because there are literally no alternatives ??? straights just need to open any book in the bookstore and there is already a straight romance flourishing on page one. imagine what that must feel like ?? can’t relate

Bunch of white straight dudes mock the need for “safe spaces” but flip their goddamn shit when minorities say stuff like “hey maybe we can be included in stuff like scifi/fantasy stuff”, saying stuff like “I PLAY GAMES/READ COMICS/BOOKS/WATCH MOVIES TO GET AWAY FROM ALL THIS PC CULTURE BULLSHIT, SO INCLUDING WOMEN OR LGBT OR POC IS JUST PUSHING AN AGENDA AND IT’S NOT FAIR TO US”…

… So who exactly is demanding that the entire world be THEIR “safe space” again?

Just some lame theory about Draco

Sometimes when I read the Harry Potter books over again, as I am doing currently, I find myself wondering if maybe all of Draco’s so-called “bragging” couldn’t be interpreted differently. What if all the “my father will hear about this” was Draco’s way of warning Harry and company that this news will inevitably get back to his father and they need to prepare themselves for the incoming storm that was Lucius Malfoy, PTA mom. Because on occasion, the “threat” of his father hearing about some injustice or other is what helped Harry and company avoid a bigger issue, or helped them figure out a problem. And what if all the boasting loudly of his plans, or his father plans, was his way of letting Harry know what obstacles lay ahead and subtly letting him know that he needed to find a new way around things. Like “hey, Potter, you better watch out because *insert bad thing here* is happening!” And people took it as taunting but really Draco was worried and wanted Harry to have more information, so he wouldn’t get hurt. Idk, I could be reaching, but sometimes Draco is so over the top that it is hard for me to believe he wasn’t secretly trying to help Harry without his father realizing he was he’ll Harry.

Don’t Wanna Lose You

This lovely number was requested by a very wonderful anon. I really, really hope you enjoy this!!!

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Pairing: Roman Reigns x Reader


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You sat in the bed of your hotel room, reading a book. Roman was in the shower and you decided that you were gonna wait it out. The way his match went tonight, you had planned to jump him because…just…damn. Then again, it’s not like you need a reason to jump his bones.

You heard the water turn off and the shower curtain open. You felt yourself getting giddy. It had been a little bit since you’ve had him all to yourself and you missed him. But you tried to play it cool, deciding to continue reading as he walked out of the bathroom. You looked up to see that he was dressed to go out.

“Where are you going?” You asked curiously as Roman sat on the edge of the bed, putting on his shoes.

“I was gonna go out with some of the guys for a drink.” Roman asked, never bothering to throw a glance your way.

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“MY VIDEO GAME HOUSE NEEDS TO LOOK PERFECT,” I scream from within the towering piles of clothes, the scattered books still waiting to be read, the mounds of hoarded papers keeping my bedroom in the state of disarray it’s remained in for years. Chaos is the only constant in this realm of darkness. But by the stars in the heavens, I will not rest until I can see the floor again in my house in Animal Crossing.


I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 


“Urgh, Flashcard…” you said…
“I’ve tried it and it didn’t work” you said…

Yes, it is the old, ordinary flashcard, but there’s some bit of detail which will create enormous difference when applied. It’s a psychology thingy,lol…

1. Use your own list of words/phrase you want to memorize.
This will create a good foundation for your brain. Your brain will not memorize something which doesn’t seem useable/relevant. By learning words you saw on your book, your brain thought “Oh, I’ve seen the words in that book before, I didn’t know what it was, i need to memorize it so I’m able to read it later when I see it again”.

If you memorize other people’s list, your brain said “What is this list? Why do I have to memorize it??” and thus will not take it too seriously.

But where could I get the list of the words?? you asked. If you’re trying to get a 70% kanji reading coverage, this is the only book you need to make a list. For complete information , check out this article here.

2. Write more than just the definition of words or the reading
This is the very important key point! Write the conjugated version of the word you found on the book, meaning of each kanji, describe the shape of the kanji, create a weird sentence that can relate to some of each word, etc

Example: 歌手 Kashu: singer.
What you can write beside reading & meaning:
歌 uta: song
手 te: hand
Singer hold mike on hand and then sing a song!
rdashian Sucks as a singer (Kashu) *

*Yes, SU is not SHU, but you don’t need to have a 100% matching words, even 60 - 70% similarity would do great as well to help you with your learning since trying to figure out a 100% matching words will be much harder sometimes!

3. Review your card everyday, and add new cards when you see fit
Key: Review EVERYDAY. Your brain logic: What you don’t use = junk and need to be erased from database.
Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

I needed you to be there, not half way there. I know that we’ve both said some things, we never mean it nowadays. Those painkillers that we were both hooked onto, it had us by the jaw. No, it wasn’t love. No, it wasn’t love. I promised another always that I couldn’t keep. I knew it wouldn’t be forever, I just tried to be there, I just tried to be there. I’m sorry about being half way there too. I realize now that I didn’t need much, I realize now that I needed myself more. I can read a book, but I have a problem. I read the page and nothing is retained. I have to reread it, over and over again. Maybe that’s how it is. Love, maybe it’s like that. You see this person and you just keep looking for more things to fall in love with them, more reasons to stay, more reasons to say, this person? I’m here for this person. That was our problem, wasn’t it? I couldn’t find enough reasons to stay. When you said that I was a piece of shit and a fucking liar, I got upset. I didn’t get mad because you called me those words, I got angry because I already wake up with those two things in my head. I’m flawed, thanks for pointing it out. Someone once told me, if you wear it like clothes, they can’t rip it off of you. You won’t be naked to the truth. So when you said those words– it didn’t hurt.
—  Half way there

When my friend pulled this book off of a shelf in a book store for me (the cover is totally my aesthetic–look at the cute octopus!) I didn’t suspect I’d find a romance between two men within the pages. 

While reading and spotting what I considered hints at a budding romance (and a crush to end all crushes) I kept reminding myself not get my hopes up because this book was found under fiction (not LGBT fiction as a red flag to the type of people who tore the book down on Amazon). 

At one point I was texting my friend, screaming about how much I needed the two main characters to kiss! AND THEN THEY DID. 

since school ended in May I’ve been reading a lot (my preference is historical mystery) and I picked up this book again and remembered how much I enjoyed it. so for the first time on my tumblr I’m recommending a book. 

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street isn’t MM romance (I read a lot of that as well). It’s a regular ol’ historical mystery with magical elements that just so happens to have two men who fall in love. It’s low key compared to mm romance (or hetero romance in this genre) but it is there and it is wonderful. 

I knew what he wanted to hear. He couldn’t stand me being sick. Nobody can. They only want to hear that you’re healing, you’re in recovery, taking it one day at a time. If you’re locked into sick, you should stop wasting their time and just get dead.
—  Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

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ok so im just getting back into the warriors series after reading the first Arc and part of the second Arc before getting fed up with how dumb literally every cat was and I'm going to start reading them again WITH the like special editions? Like Blue and Tall's books. But is there like a specific order I should read them in chronologically? Like do I need to finish the first arc to have no spoilers for Blue's story and Tall's story? Also how many other special editions are there and what order?

here’s the reading order i would recommend - (note this is just my opinion, obviously the best way to read them would be chronologically by release date)

The Prophecies Begin (into the wild - darkest hour)

Tallstar’s Revenge (super edition)

Yellowfang’s Secret (super edition)

Bluestar’s Prophecy (super edition)

The Rise of Scourge manga

Firestar’s Quest (super edition)

Cloudstar’s Journey (novella)

The New Prophecy (midnight - sunset)

Tigerstar & Sasha mangas

The Power of Three (the sight - sunrise)

Graystripe’s mangas

Leafpool’s Wish (novella)

Dawn of the Clans (sun trail - path of stars)

Moth Flights Vision (super edition)

Omen of the Stars (fourth apprentice - last hope)

Dovewing’s Silence (novella)

Hollyleaf’s Story (novella)

Crookedstar’s Promise (super edition)

Mapleshade’s Vengeance (novella)

Tigerclaw’s Fury (novella)

Goosefeather’s Curse (novella)

Bramblestar’s Storm (super edition)

Mistystar’s Omen (novella)

Skyclan’s Destiny (super edition)

A Vision of Shadows (apprentice’s quest - thunder & shadow)

Hawkwing’s Journey (super edition)

I was reading about how Tyrion’s portrayal in ASOIAF is very different from how dwarves historically have been portrayed in the fantasy genre and 

These ‘little men’ with their stunted bodies and their mining occupation – they skillfully penetrate into dark holes – all suggest phallic connotations […] They are free of inner conflicts, and have no desire to move beyond their phallic existence to intimate relations. They are satisfied with an identical round of activities; their life is a never-changing circle of work in the womb of the earth

I’m just reminded once again of what an important, revolutionary character Tyrion is, how Tyrion has such a rich inner life. In Bettelheim’s The Uses of Enchantment: the Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales, he talks about how dwarves “fail to develop into mature humanity” which reminds me of Tywin always treating Tyrion like a child, something the text is critical of. Traditionally dwarves in fantasy are “pre-Oedipal,” denied romance and sex, but GRRM not only makes Tyrion very sexual, but gives him a very complicated relationship with sex, and there isn’t any conclusion I’m coming to in this post, I just want to take this opportunity to say that I really love Tyrion Lannister


You didn’t know how Lydia couldn’t see what a great guy Stiles was. He practically worshiped the ground she walked on, and still she couldn’t give him the time of day. Well enough was enough.

“Lydia I need to talk to you”, she slowly lifted her head from the book she was reading. “Stiles is really trying with you, but for some reason you can’t be bothered to give him a chance. Why is that?”.

“I have my reasons”, was all she said before turning her attention to her book again.

Shutting the book and placing it down on the table, Lydia looked at you in shock. “Well whatever those reasons are, they must be pretty stupid”.

“Excuse me?”, her voice lowered and your stare didn’t waver. By now you were at the stage where you didn’t care. You needed to get this off your chest.

“Stiles is a great guy, his kind, funny, caring. Not to mention he fiercely protects those he loves. I bet you don’t even know how smart he is. You’d be lucky to have a guy like Stiles. Because why his too busy chasing you, a girl that doesn’t even give a damn about him. I’m still waiting for him to notice me and how much I love him”. Brushing the tear that rolled down your cheek..

Taking a breath, you turned around and smacked right into Stiles. It was your turn to be dumbfounded and you were frozen in place. “You love me?”, was all that came from his mouth.

“Yeah I do, ever since we first meet”, you responded back before walking away leaving both him and Lydia struck with silence.