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What are your favourite books💓💗💗

That’s a tough one, I don’t really have favourites specifically, because there’s so many amazing books it’s impossible to name them all. All have taught me something, I cannot put one above the other, especially when they’re of different context.

I have books that I think everybody needs to read, out of intellect and soul growth (not so much for fun) but then again what do I know about what others need other than myself? Anyway I digress, if I had a daughter or son I would make them read: The Lost Teachings of Atlantis, The Shack, The Emerald Tablet of Thoth, The Kybalion, The power of Now, The Interior Castle, Rumi Poetry, She, He, and Carl Jung - past, memories and reflections. That’s off the top of my head. I’d make sure they can quote philosophers (of all cultures) and sacred texts as well. They’re not ‘fun’ books, they take immense concentration and sound intellect to understand fully without misinterpretation.

Sometimes you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelic zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are books which you can’t tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.
—  John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)

“They sat down, looked at each other, smiled and looked away. Robbie and Cecilia had been making love for years-by post. In their coded exchanges they had drawn close, but how artificial that closeness seemed now as they embarked on their small talk, their helpless catechism of polite query and response. As the distance opened up between them, they understood how far they had run ahead of themselves in their letters. This moment had been imagined and desired for too long, and could not measure up. He had been out of the world, and lacked the confidence to step back and reach for the larger thought. I love you, and you saved my life.”

22 YAs That Get it Right: LGBTQA Edition
Welcome to another edition of YAs That Get it Right, which is all about YAs that truly nail an element of the teen experience. In honor of Pride Month, today is all about LGBTQIAP+ YA, brought to you by those who know it best. A few of these were pulled from earlier posts to make sure we've got

Did I already post this? It’s ok, you need to read this list again, so you can read all the books on this list, again.

I haven’t seen you in exactly one whole year. You’d think that it would make it easier, but no. I still think about your crazy laughter and the insightful things you said. I always wonder if maybe you’ve read my blog or thought about something I wrote you. I wonder if you use that book I made you or if you burned it like you burned my heart. I just needed you to believe in yourself. To believe in us. Because I swear I will never stop loving you. I still hope that one day I can see the stars in your eyes again and feel your lips on mine again.
Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

Pema Chödrön

Thank you 2buddhaornot2buddha for this submission. Though I’ve come across a few of her quotes, and posted some, I’ve yet to actually read one of her books. This quote prompts us to look again at what is bothering us to search for the lesson that it contains; life’s lessons aren’t always obvious.

Namaste. Dave.

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Hey do you have some book recommendation or can you tell me some of your fave books? I need it so much to kill my boredom this summer! :D thank you sweetie <3

Hello, anon! This ask was unanswered for a long time because I wasn’t in my computer and I couldn’t do a proper list. But now, I’m back and I’ll mention my favorite books in a top 5. They’ll not be similar themselves, so I hope you find something you like.

  1. Ari and Dante discovering the secrets of the universe: I always reblog this book on my Tumblr, so you’ll probably notice that it’s my favorite. It has a summer feeling, since the story passes during summer time. The characters are amazing and the plot itself it’s around two boys that become friends, even with their different personalities. It seems silly, but it’s amazing. Just give it a shot!;
  2. Escape From Furance: My second favorite book. This is the most underrated book of all history, I need to tell you that. For you to have an idea, in my country they stopped selling the fourth book because people didn’t buy it. I was like, what?!?!?! This is amazing?!?! And it doesn’t have many readers even on Tumblr because the tag is dead all the time. Really, I ask you: WHY???? This book is fucking gold! The story talks about a kind of dystopian world where underage boys can go to Furnace prision; a prision made for young criminals. The main character, Alex, is a 14 year old boy that is framed by a crime that he didn’t commit and ends up there. But no, he’s not that innocent. And he’s not powerful. He’s a realistic 14 year old boy that just wants to leave that hell with his friends. There’s 5 books of this series and each one of them are awesome. Did I tell you about the bromances in there? I need to shut up now before I start to rent about it.;
  3. Vampire Academy: I KNOW that the love for vampires ended a long time ago, but this book is in my heart forever. I love it because it talks not only about romantic relationships, but about friendship and family too. And the main character has a super best friend, so bestie that people think they’re lesbians. And Rose is super badass. And Dimitri. And he’s Russian. And they’re badasses together. And there’s cHRISTIAN OZERA, SUPER SARCASTIC, OMG. But really. There’s six books, but give the three first ones a shot. You’ll probably end reading them in three days, like I did;
  4. The Lying Game (the book, not the series): People don’t understand how nice this book is. I don’t understand either, but I like it a lot. It’s, again, six books of this series and, like the series, the main character ends replacing her twin sister’s place, so she’ll know who killed her. Each one of those books mentions one possible suspect, so it’s kind of paranoic. It seems cliché (and it’s kind of is), but the characters are so nice! I just liked them since the beginning and it made me like the book. The last one destroyed me, even knowing who the killer was. And I got it right!!!!
  5. Parallel, Lauren Miller: That was one of the latest books that I read and that I got hooked. Honestly, I don’t read much books anymore because of my lack of time and because of fanfics but shiu and because some books become too… Repetitive. People ask me if I liked Hunger Games or Divergent series and I answer: yes, but it’s not enough. There’s something missing in those books, probably because I read a lot of them (and because of my personal taste), so they become forgetable? But this is so nice! The characters have a lot of flaws and I like this kind of humanity. And the plot is nice too, because it talks about a girl that has a chance to not do an act and this changes everything in her life. I absolutely love it. It kind of have a love triangle, but you don’t even see it. The book has a focus on friendship too (and choices), so it’s really good!!

Okay, I talked a lot of books and there’s so much more I like, but they’re not made for summer reading (Hamlet, 1984, Cosmopolis…). But, I hope you can find nice books to read! Have a good summer :D

i’m tired

what if Hinata wasn’t the “light to his dark” and he needed to help himself?

Taking a few breaths, she began timidly.



“We need to… Sasuke, look at me, we need to talk.”

Dark eyes lifted from the book he was reading and he noticed the slight tremor in her hands.

They were going to have this talk again.

He sighed, “Hinata we’ve been over thi-”

“I really want you to get help. This isn’t healthy.”

“I don’t need help, I’ve got you.”

Her eyes watered and her resolve started to crumble. “That’s just it, I’m only one person and I can’t take away your self loathing. I can’t take away your depression or how much you hate your family or-”

She took a deep breath, “As much as I want to and as much as I’ve tried, there is no one person that can do all of that for you, Sasuke. You need to do it for yourself.”

He simply stared at her.

“Are you done?”

He was treating her like a child throwing a fit.

She shook her head.

“Whatever this,” she gestured frantically. “Whatever this is, I’m done being a part of it.”

The corners of his mouth twitched down and he had the gall to look mildly inconvenienced.

“No.” He refused to believe this was happening. “Don’t ruin a good thing - we’ve been together for 4 years. Whatever you’re worried about we can work it out.”

“No?” She threw up her hands. “What I want is for you to work on yourself, but y-you’re not even trying.”

The tears fell.

“I’m just… tired. I need to take care of myself right now and maybe we can love each other at another time but this is too much.”

He continued to stare at her; charcoal burning into lilac.

He didn’t know what to say. Silence and regret hung in the air.

Shoulders shaking, she turned away.

Oh god, she was leaving. Without a second thought, he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed the side of her neck.

“Don’t… don’t leave me like everyone else.” His voice was small, pleading.

She leaned back into his warmth.

“T-that’s not fair, Sasuke,” she was openly sobbing now. “I’m so tired.”

He turned her around to clutch her close to his chest and familiar arms immediately snaked around him; it was second nature. Maybe if he hugged her tight enough she would know how much he needed her. She was everything to him.

She already knew.

After a few moments, he walked them to their bed and they just held each other.

“I don’t want to but I need to,” she whispered.

He kissed the top of her head, “I know.”

She couldn’t see that he was crying too.

Exhausted from the day’s events, they drifted off to sleep.

She was alone when she woke up.

As an author, I think it’s more nerve-racking when a friend or coworker tells you they’re reading your books, as compared to random strangers, because you’re afraid they’re not going to like them. You don’t have to see strangers again, but you have to deal with friends and coworkers every day.


This book was exceptional.

This collection of poems was so personal and heart-wrenching that I had to put it down momentarily and collect myself on multiple occasions. Even though it was so personal, it still managed to be very relatable and engaging. I found myself flying through the poems because I NEEDED to know the princess’s story; I NEEDED to know she was okay or at least that she was going to be.

I’ve already read this collection twice and I foresee myself revisiting it’s pages over and over again. Like all collections, there were standouts, but none of them were anything less than excellent.

Preference- They find out you self harm/ have depression

Guys, this is a touchy topic for me because I have had many recent struggles with depression, so if you ever need someone to talk to, just message me. Requested by @rhapsodic-teenager

Dally: Tears streamed down your face. Your dad came home drunk again, and he found you in your room, reading, which was apparently a “waste of time.” You stood, looking at the remains of the book your dad had torn to shreds after he found you reading it. You stood up, and looked into your mirror. I’m so disgusting. Why does Dally even love me? Look at me, he could have any girl he wants. “Now why would I want anyone other that you, doll?” You turned, startled, not realizing you said that out loud, and not realizing your boyfriend was sitting on your bed. “D-Dal, I just… my dad…” he interrupted you. “Doll that worthless piece of shit doesn’t have anything to do with us. You need to realize that. If he doesn’t approve of us, then he can shove it, because you’re my girl. I love you, doll.” He stood, walked over to you, and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. You looked up to him and smiled. “I love you.” He smirked and kissed you again.

Ponyboy: “Hey, bitch, your parents know that you’re sleepin around with that greaser trash?” A soc called out to you while you were walking through the hallways in school. You shook your head and kept your head down. One of the girls walked over to you and yanked your hair. You cried out in pain. “Didn’t you hear me, bitch? Or are you deaf?” You refused to let the tears fall from your eyes. “Aww, is the little skank gonna cry? Go cry to your little boyfriend.” The leader cackled. You hurried into the bathroom and wiped the tears from your eyes. Thank God no one else was there. “Babe?” You heard a familiar voice call out. “Pony?” you croaked. He ran over to you and hugged you. “Doll, what happened?” You shook your head. That’s when he noticed the recent weeks of cuts. “What are these?” He questioned. “I-I’m sorry.” You choked out. Now it was his turn to shake his head. “Don’t apologize to me. I love you, sweetheart.” “I love you too, Pony.”

Sodapop: You were hanging out at the DX with your boyfriend, Soda, and his friend Steve. You were currently discussing the people who came into the DX. One girl in particular came in, looking upset. She had bright red hair, and looked a little younger than the three of you. “She looks like one of those weak girls, one of them teenagers with depression or whatever.” Steve laughed. Soda laughed along with his friend, but little did he know, you struggled with depression. You stiffened and looked down at the floor. “Doll,” Soda said, noticing your mood change. “What’s wrong?” You looked up at him with tears in your eyes. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong The fact that I’m one of those ‘weak girls, one of them depressed teenagers’ and didn’t it ever occur to you that I could deal with that? Huh?” by now you were yelling, but Soda was stunned. “Doll, I-I’m sorry… I didn’t-” you interrupted him. “Save it.” Tears were streaming down your face as you walked away.

Johnny: You walked into the lot, and sat up against your tree. Today was one of those days, one of the days where you felt like you couldn’t do anything right. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you quickly wiped the tears off your face. “Doll?” You turned to see your boyfriend, Johnny standing behind you. “Hey.” you said quietly. “What’s wrong?” He questioned, sitting down and hugging you. “It’s just one of those days, ya know?” He nodded and kissed the top of your head.

Two-Bit: The gang, including your other brother, Steve and your boyfriend Two-Bit were all hanging out at the Curtis house, watching Mickey. You and Two were cuddling on the couch while the rest of the guys were sitting on the floor. “Babe, will you get me a beer?” Two asked you. “I’m comfy, get it yourself.” You joked. “Bitch.” Two muttered, not knowing you heard him. “I’ll be right back.” You said to the guys. You went around the corner and wiped the tears that were streaming down your face. You heard yelling coming from the other room, so you went to listen. No, you’re not being nosy, just caring for your friends. “Dude, what the hell was that?” Your older brother yelled. “What was what?” Two yelled back. “You just called my sister a bitch, you goddamn asshole! You don’t know half the shit she’s been going through, so don’t run your mouth!” Steve shouted. “What are you goin’ on about? (Y/N)’s just fine.” Two said. “No, actually, she’s not. She’s been goin’ through some shit ever since our parents left. So don’t you dare say that she’s not going through shit.” Steve said, surprisingly calmed down. “I… I didn’t know..” Two-Bit said quietly. You walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and try to calm down. You heard footsteps behind you. You stared down at the water in the glass. “(Y/N), Doll?” You heard your boyfriends’ voice say quietly. “What?” You answered shortly. “I’m sorry for calling you that, I… I didn’t know what you were going through. I feel like such a shit boyfriend and I’m so so sorry.” You turned around slowly. “I forgive you, Two. But if it happens again, I’ll make Steve kick your ass.” you smirked. Two-Bit pulled you in for a hug.

Steve: “You no good worthless bitch,” your father yelled at you, huddled in the corner. “You can’t do anything right! I send you out to get me some beers and you come home with nothing! You don’t deserve to live under my roof! Get your shit and get out you bitch.” He screamed. You ran upstairs, with your garbage bag in hand, grabbed some clothes and climbed out your window. Steve Randle, your boyfriend, lived next to you, so all you had to do was knock on his window. He walked over to the window and opened it, since he saw you walking over. “H-He kicked me out.” You said in between sobs. “Babe, come in. You know you can always stay with me.” He pulled you into a hug once you got into the window. “It’s all adding up and I… I just feel done with all this shit. Like I want to leave.” You cried. “Doll, no. You don’t want to do that. I need you here with me. I love you, and you don’t need anything to do with that bastard. He doesn’t need to be in your life. You can stay here as long as you need Doll.” He comforted you, and kissed the top of your head.

Darry: You were helping Ponyboy with his Algebra homework, while Darry was cooking dinner. Ever since you and Dally had been dating, you had become a mother figure to Ponyboy. “So x + 12 + 17 - 5 = 30. What does subs in for x?” You asked Ponyboy. “Um, 13?” Ponyboy guessed. “C'mon Pony, you know this.” you said. “No, I don’t (Y/N)! And I don’t know anything! I’m so stupid!” He yelled, frustrated. “Pony, you know that’s not true.” You said, calmly. That’s when Darry came in. “What’s going on in here?” He asked. “(Y/N) I hate this! I hate you! I wish Darry had never started dating!” He yelled, before running off to his room. “(Y/N)..” Darry said. “It’s fine.” You said, rolling up the sleeves of Darry’s flannel you were wearing. “What are those?” Darry asked, looking at your wrists. You forgot about the scars on your wrists. “Um.. they’re nothing. Forget about it.” You said. “No, met me see your wrist (Y/N).” He said. You reluctantly turned your arm so he could see the marks you had made. “Why would you do this? Did I do something? What… what did I do?” He questioned. “No, Dar, it wasn’t you. It was just, my depression was getting worse and it helped get rid of the emotional pain. I promise, it wasn’t you.” You said. “Promise me you’ll never do it again.” He said. You leaned up and pecked his lips. “I promise.”

a/n wow that sucked