Happy Post-Valentines Day!
  • Will *barges in Hades cabin*:Ohh Niccoo...
  • Nico:Will, what're you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back till summer.
  • Will:What? Can't I see my favorite son of Hades on day to day bases?
  • Nico:Well, considering the fact I'm the only son of Hades...
  • Will:All the more to come by, right? Specially on a day like this...
  • Will *Pulls out a tiny box with heart designs from his pocket*:For you, O' great shadow of dork-ness
  • Nico *takes box, rolling eyes*:Gee, thanks sun-burn...*notices the heart designs over the box, arching an eyebrow* Uh, you do know that Valentines Day was yesterday, right?
  • Will:I know.
  • Nico:Soooo why didn't you come then? *blushes* Not that it matters...
  • Will:Reasons. Now open it!
  • Nico *blinks and does so, pulls out a package of band-aides with skulls on them and smirks*:Nice. Just what I needed. Thanks, Will
  • Will *shrugs*:Ah, it was nothing, read the back though!
  • Nico *turns to back*:'Happy post-Valentines Day'....wait, so you planned not coming here on Valentines Day in the first place? *Will nods* Why?
  • Will:Well...After you told me what happen to you with Cupid...and Valentines is, like, dedicated to him, you know? I just thought, 'hey, why give that guy the last laugh?'...So, that's why I came to give you your present the day after....*blushes* Stupid, isn't it?
  • Nico *tears form as he jumps up and bear-hugged the startle blonde, whispering*:No...no it's perfect. Like us.
  • SOLO Sans gets Drunk - Implied Fontcest

 So, a few weekends ago, I got fucking blasted from downing almost an entire bottle of cherry vodka raw through nothing but shots. My roomie was showing me how to do them properly with her double shot glass and, uh… Practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, she left my drunk ass after I crashed in bed to go visit her bf, thinking I was gonna pass out, but for some reason I thought, “I need to record something rn- It’s been a while”, so I did. I was originally gonna polish this up and make an actual thing out of it but intoxicated-me didn’t make sure the audio was ok in quality/consistency and I don’t like working with shit that ain’t my best, let alone posting it, but HEY FUCK IT HERE YOU GO! (editing my drunk rambling was torture jfc)

Also feel free to imagine Grillby just standing there watching the entire embarrassing exchange in silence.

Script below the cut

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Observations in Inferior Se

So earlier I put up a whole screencap of different posts I was in the process of writing, but then I thought to just screw it all and start on something new. More specifically, I want to focus on an Ni-dom’s perception of the outer environment in the moment. As that Ni is introverted, it is not instant. Rather, it can be quite slow. It needs to gather a bunch of information subconsciously via their Se in order to synthesis an intuition. And much of the time, they’re not even aware of it. That being said, the question arrives of what the experience of Ni is like. Before I start, please take into account that this is all my personal experience. Don’t take everything at face value and expect you’ll match perfectly too.

The best way I can explain the experience of Ni-doms in regards their perception of the outer environment in the moment is the difference between hearing and listening. At face value, these two terms seem like they both mean the same thing. Often times, they’re listed as synonyms of each other. However when you look at the actual definitions, these both have very different connotations. Hearing is defined as the “perception with the ear the sound made by (someone or something).” Listening is defined as the “giving of one’s attention to a sound.” Do you see the difference between the two? There is no thought involved in hearing, yet there is a conscious decision involved in listening. All listening is hearing, but not all hearing is listening. And thus, if I had to apply these two terms to inf-Se and dom-Se, inf-Se hears while dom-Se listens.

As an Ni-dom that is close friends with Se-doms, the differences are huge. It seems like Se-doms have a miraculous awareness of the world around them. My ESFP friend will be driving and then will suddenly start dying laughing at something tiny happening on the side of the road. My ESTP friend will detect the slightest change in behavior of a person at a party by their facial expression. Honestly, they’re so aware of such tiny things that it absolutely amazes me. And it’s not in an Si-sense either. They don’t notice inconsistencies between the present and past. I can’t describe it really. It’s as if they’re able to be aware of many things, but are able to simultaneously prioritize what they want to focus on the most. They “listen” to their surroundings.

My experience in the moment is similar, but quite different. When in the moment, everything is experienced without bias. I see, I hear, I smell, etc. It’s almost exciting in a sense because everything is so stimulating. There are so many things to discover and I want to experience it all. However, while I may be surrounded by external stimulation, I do not absorb it. I am aware without being aware. I hear what’s going on around me, but I do not listen. I’d like to say that the reason being stems from information overload. Unlike an Se-dom that can prioritize external stimulation, I become overwhelmed by it. However, this lack of awareness even shows in dull sensory surroundings. For example, after more than six months of having my glasses, I just realized a few days ago that there are polka-dots on my glasses.

I think I mentioned this before on my older blog, but I find it extremely difficult to pin down Ni in onesself. While all perceiving functions work in a passive way, extraverted perceiving functions always involve action in some way or form. Si is sensory, but compares the present with the past. It feels like the only way to pin down Ni is through the process of elimination and self-searching. You really need to examine from what perceptions your actions are based off of and how you came to that perception. You need to figure out if it stems from sensory or intuitive input. Ni in Ni-doms functions a lot like a background process on a computer. It does not show on the taskbar below, but only can be found while looking at the task manager (at least on a Windows computer).

I feel this becomes extremely evident when I try to review my personal memories. Unlike many Se/Si-doms, there aren’t many things I remember in detail. Hell, I have an extremely difficult time recalling details that have been with me my whole life. For instance, even though I talked to my mother this morning, I can’t conjure up her voice in my head. I can’t tell you what it says on the back of my phone case despite having it since last March (apparently it says “Unicorn Beetle”). My memories are hazy at best. Sometimes all I’m able to recall is a single emotion that summed up the experience. It’s honestly quite depressing how little I can recall, how I literally have to focus all of my attention upon something to retain it in its pure form.

It’s because of this that I feel Ni-doms really have to be careful with what their Ni tells them. Sure, it’s easy to base everything on what Ni says. After all, when is Ni wrong, right? However, when you focus only upon what Ni says, you’re no better than a smartass student that doesn’t feel the need to show their work in math class. Sure, you may be right, but you cannot possibly ever hope to convince other people if you cannot prove that you’re right. And sometimes, it’s in the process of proving ones rightness that they end up discovering they were wrong.

The 100 3x04 - Bellamy Blake is allowed to make mistakes, basically.

Okay, so with every episode so far this season I’ve written my pros and cons of the episode overall, and then I’ve written a separate post focusing in on one topic in particular.

Last week I wrote a post talking about why Clarke’s actions were not OOC. This week I am tackling Bellamy (y u keep making my faves the complex ones?!?)

In summary: My feelings are complicated and I yo-yo over a few things. Overall, I’m okay with it because I think that it CAN be explained. The issue is the pacing of the show has not allowed certain things to breathe. So, here we go.

NOTE: Having now typed up my thoughts, I actually feel 100% better about this episode!

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The Zen of Jett, Week 36

Life is hard. We all know this. Even puppies know this, and their main jobs are to eat and poop. It’s a dark lonely road we walk, with only our wits to guide us. Jett understands, and she’s here to help. Every Friday, Jett will share with you her wisdom in your neverending lifequest for inner peace and fulfillment. This is The Zen of Jett.

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Hiya! I'm looking for a good quality black and white photo of Ellie for reference to do a drawing, but I need help finding/choosing one. Do you have any suggestions? I knew you'd be the best source for what I'm looking for :)

Hey! Here are a few for you that will hopefully work, if not let me know and I can post some more. :)

Oneshot/Fic Masterlist

This will obviously continually update as I keep writing. I know a lot of these don’t actually have warnings, but I’m not always super sure what I should put, so if you read one and think it needs some warnings, let me know! Also I’m very bad at summaries, and genres and such. (And I’m sure there are more oneshots on my blog, that aren’t under here, but I’ll add them later)


Believe That
Thor x Loki (Platonic/Familial)
Summary: My instinct is to be mean to you. Angst.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Health Care Tapper
Tony Stark x Reader
Summary: Tony enlists your help for a new idea he has. Fluff/maybe slight Angst.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

A Merry Little Avengers Christmas
Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x Reader (Platonic)
Summary: Christmas morning with the Avengers. Fluff.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Soaked In
Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You confide in your boyfriend, Pietro, about your shape-shifting powers. Fluff.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Pre-War!Bucky Barnes x POC!Reader
Summary: A teenage Steve introduces his best friend Bucky to his new friend. Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Racial Slurs, Harassment
This is a series. Other parts are linked on the page.

Until Dawn

It’s Okay
Sam x Mike Munroe
Summary: Sam worries if her new relationship with Mike is a good idea. Post-Game. Romance/Comfort
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Your Girl?
Ashley x Mike Munroe
Summary: Ashley and Mike reveal their relationship to their friends. Peri-Game. Romance/Comfort
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Pills N Potions
Josh Washington x Reader
Summary: Josh escapes, but not without a wealth of troubles. Reader is there to help him get through it. Post-Game. Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Spoilers for the game, mentions of torture, blood, trauma.

Jessica x Fem!Reader
Summary: Jess and Reader getting ready for prom together. Pre-Game. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Camping Trip
Josh Washington x Reader
Summary: The gang goes on a camping trip together. You and Josh have to share a tent. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Movie Night 
Josh Washington x Reader
Summary: The gang goes over to your house for movie night. Chris and Ashley love to tease you and Josh about your relationship/feelings for each other. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

So Stupid
Josh Washington x Reader
Summary. Second part to Movie Night. Things between Josh and Reader get a bit awkward when neither want to admit their feelings. Ashley and Sam organize a trip to the Zoo to try to help and patch the damage. Romance/Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Life Is Strange

I Know How You Feel
Warren Graham x Reader
Summary: You’re a new student at Blackwell and Warren decides to show you around. Romance/Fluff/Angst.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

First Time for Everything
Victoria Chase x Fem!Reader
Summary: You can Victoria have been friends for a while. She asks you out on an unexpected date. Romance/Fluff/Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Harry Potter

How Dare You?!
Fred Weasley x Reader
Summary: Fred and George are up to their usual antics of harassing you. Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Um, Thanks.
Draco Malfoy x Reader
Summary: You bump into Draco in the corridor, literally. Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Would You Want to Help?
George Weasley x Reader
Summary: You’ve never talked to him, but you’ve admired George before. Now’s your chance. Fluff.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

No One Else
Neville Longbottom x Christina (OC)
Summary: Draco doesn’t realize she only has eyes for one person. Romance/Angst/Comfort
Warnings: slight, non-sexual, harassment.

Silent Rituals
Neville Longbottom x Reader
Summary: When you first met Neville, you helped him find his toad. You two grew close without the need of constant conversation. You never had to guess what was happening next, you both just knew. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Please Be Okay
Draco Malfoy x Reader
Summary: You and Draco didn’t have much in the way of a relationship, but it was enough. Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Cedric Diggory x Reader
Summary: After the first trial of the Triwizard Tournament, you have some time to sit back and appreciate a moment together. Romance/Fluff/Slight Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

George Weasley x Reader
Summary: Ginny lets slip your feelings for her older brother. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Sinking Feeling
Harry Potter x Reader
Summary: Ginny and Harry are close, and you can’t help the bubbling feeling of jealous in the pit of your stomach. Romance/Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Tricks and Treats
George Weasley x Reader
Summary: George is constantly trying to make you smile. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

I Can’t Help It
Hermione Granger x Fem!Reader
Summary: The Yule Ball is coming up, and the one girl you want to go with already has a date, and no idea about your true feelings. Romance/Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Truth Potion
Hermione Granger x Reader
Summary: Hermione is ordered to tutor you for potions class. But you seriously mess up. Romance/Angst/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Study Date
Cedric Diggory x Reader
Summary: An innocent study date with Cedric. Romance/Fluff
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Sinking Feeling
Harry Potter x Reader
Summary: Ginny and Harry are close, and you can’t help the bubbling feeling of jealous in the pit of your stomach. Romance/Angst
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Limbo is a Legend Chapter One Rewrite Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fanfiction.Net Link Here!

So here we go! First edited chapter! Well actually I have the first three chapters fully edited and I plan on getting the fourth done this weekend. Hopefully.

Anyways, how these are gonna go is that I’ll post a little news right here about future updates on this, then below give more or less info about word count, if the chapter needs to be reread, and also a small list of the edits I did. I’ll also tag all these updates #lial update just in case you guys wanna blacklist it!

Word Count: 2,313 Words

Needs to be reread?: No 

-Fixed order of thought and sentences

-Less telling and more showing of emotions 

-Cut out unneeded sentences and replaced ones with more feeling 

-More emotional overall 

-Fixed typos and grammar mistakes. 

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What do you think of me? ;v;

I think Hux needs to concentrate more on paperwork I sorta destroyed another computer consul thing over here that shit probably adds up I mean who has time for hot alien ladies when there’s book keeping to work on fuck Hux dammit I’m telling Snoke 

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Second Chances pt. 2

So i wrote a bit more, quite a while ago and never posted it up here. this link here is the first part of the story with Zer0/Gaige/Angel in it and WOO! shes not dead and now she is getting a second chance at life.

It took them two days to dig through Hyperion’s data bases to find out where the equipment they would need was being held.
“Time to storm the keep/To train Frankenstein’s monster/Zed better not bail”
“It’s Ned, I think and he won’t. I don’t think at least. Maybe. We should probably have guns with us though.” Gaige smiled at Zer0’s new arm, “That stuff is amazing, I mean I can use magnets to make smooth moving joints, but that stuff is soooo cool.”

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I'm sorry for reblogging so much, but your blog makes me feel more at ease and I feel like I need to "save" all these calming posts somehow. Whenever I feel bad I come to seek peace from you. So much love for you, you're a peach! 🌻

you are such a darling to drop by and shower me with your light! i’m so glad i can provide a safe space for you, lovely, that’s excatly what i want to do! i’m always here if you need anything (: xo

sad-starfruit asked:

Hey I saw your post abt cramps, I always drink really hot mint tea and it settles your tummy. Pretty much anything that's naturally minty will help. You can also take 1 melatonin pill and it helps you take an amazing nap. Feel better bby

thank youu, i don’t have any here so nate went to the store to get me midol usually that does the trick, i love tea though i need to get back in the habit of drinking it more often

camp nano characters..

so uh. update on Camp NaNo since its like a month and a half away!! I have characters!! With actual information and stuff!! Only 3, surprisingly, but that’s bc the story really only has 2 main characters and one less important side character… It really is entirely about the relationship of two characters, no one else needs to exist lol.

anyway if you missed it my first post about it was here!

I really love when people let me know what they think after they read my posts about this stuff. Don’t feel obligated or anything, I just appreciate the feedback and it helps motivate and encourage me, even liking the post if you read it would be appreciated (but not required)!

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See the Unprinted 59-62/365

Today we’ll return to the design skeleton of Vatul, my fist custom plane. If you want to find out more about Vatul, check here (World overview) and here(Essence Mechanic). One of these days I will gather up all the information I posted about Vatul and make a nice and tidy master post.

Long story short, Vatul is a plane with poor mana quality. I came up with what I call spell mastery scale to reinforce the theme in case the essence mechanic was not delivering the message loud and clear. Plus, two out of three mechanics of the spell mastery scale benefit the essence mechanic.

So let’s get started.

Low mastery means that in order to maximize the potential of your spells in Vatul, you need to add mana of an allied color in the mix, much like cooking.

Here, the “earth” color combination makes your spells a little more spicy.

The next step of spell mastery is represented by the Shadowmoor’s two-brid mechanic.

It’s my way of saying that “I’m so good with blue magic that sometimes I don’t even need blue mana to cast it”

Two brid spells have great color weight, and Essence loves color weight :)

And the final step towards spell mastery is “breaking the color pie” by uniting two effects of a split card within your color pie to create an effect your color is not allowed to have using a special “glue”

Perilous//Hunt 1G// G instant

  • Put a 1/1 green Insect creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield.
  • Target creature an opponent controls fights a creature you control.

I had two ideas for the glue that ties these effects together and both involve using something from an enemy color.

The first idea was to allow you cast both halves if you controlled a land of the opposing color, the one closest to the end effect of the card. In our case, that color is black.

So my first take on Merge mechanic looked like this:

Merge (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand if you control a Swamp.)

Although its simple this version of merge looked too strong to me as I kept designing cards for it ( Perilous Hunt isn’t one of those designs.)

The second version had a kicker/ entwine element.

Merge B ( You may cast both halves of this card from your hand as long as you pay B as an additional cost. If you do, draw a card.)

I ended up adding the draw bonus since the combined spell looked too expensive. I mean you expect more from a 1BGG for a “pseudo removal right? There tons of 2 mana black spells that kill creatures in a more efficient way. I’m still not sure which version of merge is better, but the fact that it has multiple colored mana symbols on it mana cost does help Essence.

So that’s it for today. Thanks for reading:)  Individual designs aside, did you like the spell mastery scale? Do you think it makes sense in Vatul?

GUYS, I figured out why it’s called Let’s Play! It’s all the letters of their names!!

Eyy it’s Geoff
Too cool Michael
S’ Jack

Probably Jeremy
Lindsay (again)
A Ryan

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  • Sidekick

Considering the little thing with Chloe last week where she was constantly trying to make Lady feel bad for relying on Chat and Lady just going “lol heck yeah I need him” makes my life, so here!




Original Post:


Hello everyone! This is my first official guide, and I’m very excited to post part 1 of this series! (I devoted a lot of love to this post please help me spread this to a student in need!) I may also make another study post guide as I compile and discover more effective study methods ^^ This is very motivationally dense but I intended for it to be that way and I hope someone out there finds it helpful! 

Read my intro guide to AD/HD here


This post should be helpful if you:

  • have been diagnosed with AD/HD
  • used to be a student who excelled and got away with poor work ethic, but are now academically and emotionally suffering from said work ethic 
  • have absolutely no idea how to organize or discipline yourself
  • are all of the above

Though I am no professional, I speak from both personal experience and from the voices of similar students. You are not alone in the the quest for self improvement, nor are you a helpless case. 

The first thing you must realize:

Everything that is within your power is something that you must try to control. Everything from how you wake up to the way you sleep is an external factor that must be regulated, because if you find it difficult to grapple with inattentiveness or disorganization, then you have to at least keep every other variable in check. 

Just trying is not enough. Blindly working hard is not enough. To eradicate years of poor work ethic means that you must implement deliberate and careful practice into almost every aspect of your life. It’s an intimidating thought, but the reward of it is so great, I promise you! It is so possible, you just have to want it enough.

Not too long ago, I was struggling with the most daunting task of starting to confront my issues. I was the poster child of inattentive AD/HD, struggling with other illnesses and a severe lack of understanding about my purpose in my life. I was a demoralized, depressed individual with no hold on any aspect of my life. Through discovering art and creating my studyblr, I’ve really begun to throw myself into a pendulum of constant work and self improvement! I have off days, obviously, but the fact that not every day is an off day is already miraculous to me! 

And, by no means am I completely perfect now. I’m not even close! But perfection is not the goal, it is continued hard work and perseverance that will get you places.

I won’t ever have a cumulative high school 4.0 GPA. My stress is still monumental even when it deosn’t need to be. I’m still as anxious as ever, and some parts of my life are still horrendously disorganized (I’m getting there, and that concept is diminishing rapidly!)  However, I can physically see the improvement every single day, and that is a feeling that just cannot be beat. 

The little things count, guys; I don’t lose  my headphone twice a day anymore! I don’t forget weekly homework assignments nearly as often as before. I’ve finally begun the process of eliminating every single terrible habit I accumulated, and I’m here, telling you that I am by far not the only one. 

That being said, Here are some study tips specific for the students who lose things twice a day and sometimes forgets to bring their binders to school *guilty.* Shoutout to you guys, we’re not alone. We are every bit as capable and intelligent as anyone else. We are stronger than we realize, but the primary thing obstructing our success is a fundamental trait we sorely lack–


Especially for the kids with AD/HD, the lack of attention regulation makes it nearly impossible to develop these skills as a kid, but I promise that you can. It’s not really your fault; it only becomes your fault when you recognize the issue later and don’t deliberately work toward improving it. 

We must learn how to work hard, because nobody is behind us to cushion our falls anymore. We must grind everyday to reform ourselves. No matter who you are, something will work for you. You just have to want it enough to search for it. 


What it takes to be great


I talk about this more in part two with calendars and apps, but trust me when I say that if you’re a mess, you have to write or type everything down. 

Start a bullet journal, grab an old notebook, do anything, but make sure you write down any valuable semblance of information that ever crosses your mind, or else you will forget. I am a genuine advocate for believing in yourself but believe me when I say that you cannot believe you will remember everything, because you will not. You are a human and you forget things. 

If you’re interested  in starting a bullet journal, here are some posts to refer to :

Bullet journal in-depth guide by @littlestudyspot

Bullet journal official website 

Bullet journal ideas by @liveandstudy

Bullet journal prompts by @kimching232

Remember that a bullet journal does not have to be prompt-heavy or laden with aesthetic typography in order for it to be effective. It can be as straightforward as you need it to be so please do not get caught up in the frills of social media if it does not suit you! Use it as everything and anything you need it to be. 


Buy this.

Or this.

Or this.


If you don’t wish to buy an item finder, that’s fine! 

Whether or not you buy an electronic aid, you must get into the habit of putting things back EXACTLY where you want them to be. Not one meter away, not somewhere in its general vicinity, but exactly where it needs to be. 

I force myself to put my earphones back into my backpack the minute I get home, because I used to have to spend ten minutes to find them,




Practice this and don’t cheat! If you’re tired, too bad–get up and place things back where they belong. You can no longer swim in a litany of excuses. Don’t cheat yourself, or else the only person who is at fault is you.


This is vital. Sleep and wake at about the same time everyday, unless exceptions force you to do otherwise. (Procrastination is not a viable excuse.) 

Do not make it a habit to start homework in the late morning. Do not think that since it’s 2am, you have 4 hours to finish your homework before class starts. This kind of passive thinking will virtually destroy every other hope at reverting your work ethic and discipline. Remember, you have no right to complain about being tired if you’re the one perpetuating this poor lifestyle!  Not only is this making you feel lethargic and unmotivated during the day, but it will sustain that lifelong habit of procrastination.

Try to use sleepyti.me to determine an optimal time to wake up based on the time you go to sleep (natural circadian cycles.) You must force yourself to adopt a healthy sleep cycle if you want to feel physically and mentally better!

Pick out your clothing the night before. Force yourself (key word being force) to print all of the papers you need and put all of your supplies into your backpack before you go to sleep.

Wash your face, drink a lot of water, and make it a habit! 


Purchase a watch that you like, and keep it for as long as it still ticks. Using your phone for the time will often shift from “What time do I need to turn this in?” to “Why hasn’t DiCaprio won an Oscar yet?!!” Don’t be that person. Buy a watch and wear it. put a tiny clock on your table or one on your wall! 


OH MY GOODNESS When I started doing this, my focus sharpened ten fold, I swear to you. I color code every school subject and item on my calendar because if I do not, I get distracted. Determine a color for everything (Red for psych, pink for math, blue for history, etc…) Use that color in your planners and bullet journals and color code your textbook covers if you need to! The less you have to think about menial correspondence, the more mental capacity you have to focus on more important issues (like being on time to class and actually studying.)  For example, if I see a book with a pink sticker and pink text in my bullet journal, I then immediately know it’s for English.  

MEDIATION  (MHK, SMILING MIND) AND EXERCISE (try the 7 minute workout app)

Meditation will not only promote self control and serenity, but it will strengthen your mental health. At first, it will seem nearly impossible to sit through the given time periods, but force yourself to keep doing it for a while, even if you don’t think it’s for you.

If meditation doesn’t work, then congratulations, anyway! You’ve still achieved the practice of disciplining yourself and forcing yourself to sit through something you don’t like (this will be imperative for classes that you don’t like, projects you hate, or boring part time jobs.)

If meditation really doesn’t help, however, even after a month or two of CONSISTENT trial, then turn to exercise.

Exercise never fails. If you’re lazy, fix it. If you’re un-athletic, walk a little bit, do the seven minute exercise, pace around the house 10 times, walk briskly for 30 minutes a day, try some stretching.  Go to the gym or track, or walk two miles around your neighborhood. It is scientifically proven that exercise will promote chemical balance in your brain.

Ever since I quit swim team in freshman year, I’ve been trying to work out consistently. However, I too, am just like you and I’ve failed to make it a habit. For every week I don’t exercise, I feel more and more tired. This is especially helpful if you’re a hyperactive kid; it will make you more mellow!


I am certain that many of us are not living on a very healthy diet right now. if we’re in high school, we’re lazy, and if we’re in college, we’re probably poor. But we have to make both mental and physical health a priority, since they’re so closely interlinked. 

Example:  the Ketogenic diet was designed to aid patients with epilepsy but future studies it effective for other illnesses, AD/HD included. Results show that it works for most patients and poses no short or long term effects.


I’m thinking of going in depth about foods that promote focus and energy in a separate guide. I’ll update you guys when I do that! 


You may have noticed that “friend” is singular. Study groups genuinely do not help everyone, especially if you are extremely disorganized and/or have AD/HD. The reason you’re disorganized is because you’re scatterbrained, and if you’re scatterbrained then groups of people will likely distract you. Study with a friend but find a friend/classmate who will motivate you to work hard and refuse to be distracted by side conversation, but is kind enough to help propel you toward understanding and finishing your work.


Do you feel cramped in your room? Try moving to the living room, or a cafe. What kind of lighting do you prefer? In what clothes do you feel most comfortable studying? These are all external factors that, unsurprisingly, matter a lot when it comes to studying.

Personally, I have to change into baggy clothes the minute I get home because I feel restricted in my day clothes. My room makes me feel claustrophobic so I try to finish the bulk of my work after school in the classroom. Comfort (or lack thereof) and environment matters so much when you’re trying to study.

PRO TIP: Remember to get up every once in a while, stretch and walk so that you don’t feel fatigued while studying.



Use the pomodoro method, or something similar for study sessions.  This is so useful for a lot of disorganized kids and students with AD/HD. Try it out! During the short breaks, make sure you don’t check your phone or look at anything distracting. Again, practice discipline and force yourself to look away. Do some stretches, drink some water, and walk a couple laps around the house! 


You probably don’t have a habit of finishing things. Fix it. Get in the habit of finishing everything you do. Start with a morning routine, try to finish a workout, three bottles of water, etc etc… 

Think of bad habits as a broken leg; even if time and care helps it to heal, you still have a weak leg that you need to put through physical training. You NEED to put in the maximum effort and fight your natural urges to give up halfway through.  Just because your leg has improved doesn’t mean you can walk again. 

Example:  Do you have a lenient teacher who doesn’t check that you’ve completed homework?

Don’t cheat yourself; finish it anyway! If you think you got lucky getting a teacher who doesn’t care, think again. Your careless habits will only then be further perpetuated by you, and that shows that you don’t truly want to get better no matter what type of issue you have.

If you fail to always do this, that’s ok! It’s a learning process. I am still trying to perfect this. If you succeeded Monday through Thursday and mess up on Friday, redeem yourself on Monday. You’re not going to run out of chances anytime soon! Be proactive in your self improvement, don’t wait for someone to give it to you. 

Force yourself to work honestly. Every lazy, dishonest move you make is a step back for routine success. I know that the minute I excuse myself from completing an assignment, I’ll do it again and again and again. However, keep in mind that if you’ve failed to do something right, you are not automatically a failure. You simply have to keep rolling the dice to move forward!


For the disorganized student, TRY NOT TO USE  loose leaf paper. You’re probably going to lose it. Instead,

  1. You can buy two notebooks, one for homework and one for notes
  2. keep one notebook for both
  3. KEEP AN INDEX FOR YOUR NOTES AND HOMEWORK NO MATTER HOW YOU ORGANIZE THEM. Create an actual index, use sticky flags or post its, anything you need! 
  4. If you must turn them in for points, buy folders to store them when you get them back. 

DO NOT LET YOURSELF SLIDE ON THIS ONE. Make sure you do not lose anything.

If you work better with ringed notebooks, buy those. If you like bound notebooks, that’s fine, too! Find out what works the best for you.


  • Buy a hole puncher for home, and optionally, a portable hole puncher. Make sure you don’t give yourself any excuses to shove everything into the left pocket of your binder until it tears (*cries*). Most teachers have hole punchers in their room! Take advantage of that. 
  • Buy a mini stapler
  • Buy three ring hole enforcers  or 5 star paper. 


Keep old (but relevant) work in category specific folders, and refer back to them if you need to review, but whatever you do, do NOT hoard everything in your binder.

About once a month, look through these folders and throw out anything you do not need.

Color code everything if you wish!


Usually, music you cannot sing along to is ideal. However, this is not a steadfast rule. 

Example: I don’t listen to Halsey on a daily basis, but her music is perfect for my study sessions (that and Troye Sivan but I listen to Troye Sivan all of the time).

For me, the lazy alt pop beats of both artists are very effective study songs, but your tastes may vary. 

Look at some of these:

3 Hour Study Music 

exam season playlists by @thestudious

classical music by @violaboss


Sit down and read it aloud, as though you’re trying to teach it to a kid. Talk to yourself, ask yourself questions and answer them as though you’re both student and teacher; strike up conversation with yourself. Have dual personalities. Play devil’s advocate and ask stupid questions until you get to the root of the issue. 

You’re not weird or crazy for doing this! It’s a proven, popular method of proofreading code in the programming world, known as rubber duck debugging. 


Assign weird mental images, acronyms, or pictures to everything you need to remember.

Example:  If you need to memorize a bunch of vocabulary words, look at these. These work really well because your mind won’t easily latch on to boring definitions easily, but they will remember interesting stories! 

Example: For historical figures, I used to create stories for them noting their accomplishments in almost slang-like. humorous language, and that would help me to remember what they did on the test. It works, I swear by it! 

Remember, you’re impulsive and you hate boring things. Stop trying to study like everyone else.


This sounds “counterintuitive,” but a lot of my tips that sound counterintuitive work the best. Please do not think that being a recluse and trying to study all day is going to work.

Establish a routine, and do the routine like clockwork. Don’t sleep in late unless you’ve pulled all nighters for finals and you need sleep. 

Even on weekends? 

Especially on weekends. You must adhere to a schedule constantly! This doesn’t mean you have to study 24/7, but you need to solidify a daily routine. You can certainly wake up later on weekends, but you must wake up around the same time on a consistent basis anyway.

The weekends were a black hole for me. I’d wake up, stay in bed for hours and lounge until 5, and then tell myself “I still have time to do homework” before bed. NO. DON’T DO THIS. YOU WILL FAIL EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

If you have plans at 6pm, then you now have a deadline. Be tough on yourself to continue your daily routine, even if nobody is watching. Wake up at 9 or 10, brush your teeth, eat some breakfast, do homework until whenever, and then be human for a couple hours. If you don’t finish, you’re screwed, simple as that. Don’t give yourself excuses. Stop trying to baby yourself and extend your own deadlines, because you’re only making matters worse, my friends! 

If you don’t go out with friends often, I recommend either pacing or going outside anyway for a short period of time. Try doing this during sunrise/sunset; the serenity and fresh air during these times will provide clarity for your mind and de-stress you! 

HAVING STRUCTURE IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL. If you don’t do anything in this series, DO THIS.

Because you need structure, joining extracurriculars or clubs is also very helpful. Deadlines, outings, and responsibilities will train you immediately to adopt a stricter sense of discipline, especially when you’re afraid of letting other people down.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that successful students who have AD/HD or were horribly disorganized in the past are often some of the most structured individuals you’ll ever meet. 

Trying to improve your lifestyle now will help you ten fold in the future. You will feel stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally by adhering to structure. It will be worth it! 

Don’t get me wrong. This is extremely difficult, and it goes against everything we’ve inadvertently trained our brains to do. If we could have easily done it, we would have been perfect students this entire time. However, it’s nowhere near impossible, and with great effort and deliberate training (Reference the article I asked everyone to read) you will become great. This is not wishful thinking, this is a fact. You must rewire your perception of what “working toward a goal” actually means before you can start to truly make some progress. 

The feeling of self improvement and success is paramount to anything else, especially when you start seeing significant results. You’ll become happier with yourself, and you’ll start to see that your true potential was only muddled by poor work ethic and confusion, not by a lack of ability, because you are capable. 

These are merely suggestions based on my own suggestions and based on other students with nearly identical stories. These have been proven in the past to help tremendously to those who genuinely try to implement and adhere to them. 

I love you guys! Until next time, my loves <3 

LOOK  OUT FOR PART TWO (more tips, apps and technology)  to be updated soon if this post is received well!