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You guys have to calm down. Its just a poll it's not going to make swan queen canon. The shoot fandom took the win and frankly they deserved it. That show gives more support to that fandom then ouat. And it's a lesbian couple we should all be happy


And dear fucking god, I don’t have the energy to explain AGAIN that these wins do nothing for the show and everything for the FANDOM. WE DIDNT WANT TO WIN IT FOR THE SHOW WE WANTED TO WIN IT FOR OUR FUCKING SELVES

Here’s an idea… You have something you wanna say to us? Have some balls and post it on your own blog with your name attached to it, and get out of my inbox.

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Life drawing tips!- checking your accuracy

lemme dump out what i’ve absorbed from my art classes over a couple years with some hastily drawn doodles
If you have any more questions, send me an ask and I’ll be happy to answer! Also please let me know if there’s anything that seems misguiding/misinformed and I’ll change it. I am a dumb art student so don’t trust me too much. ;7;

so here are some tips for drawing things from life (with the goal of maximum accuracy. Don’t reference this for like… expressive gestural drawing or something):

Setting up your workspace: Standing far enough away from both your paper and your subject matter.

  • First and foremost, you need to set yourself far enough away from your subject matter (at least 5 feet is a good amount for drawing a figure). You should be able to see the entire subject without having to move your eye around too much, and you shouldn’t have to move your head at all. 
  • If you do have to move your head up and down to see the entire form, that means that there will be more perspective distortion in the subject. This is fine if you’re going for this, but for something like an anatomical drawing where you are learning placement, it is not ideal. 

  • Ideally, you will have an easel or something that will support your drawing upright if your paper is larger than sketchbook size. If the surface is too flat, then you will have perspective distortion because the back of the paper will appear smaller than when upright.

  •  If you are working on a large surface, stand a little less than one arms-length away from the paper while drawing. 
  • Standing while drawing is good so you can constantly step away to make sure that the distortion caused by looking at the drawing up close is not effecting the drawing too much, and you can constantly make the correct adjustments. (If you need to sit down for the drawing, then just stand up and look at the drawing from a distance once in a while)

  •  Make sure your easel / body is angled so that you do not have to move your head too much from subject to paper side-to-side. Especially when starting/sketching the drawing, you should have your eye as much on the subject matter as you do the paper. Switching back and forth can cause some strain if you have to move your head.

Using a unit of measurement and measuring using the pencil.

  • Find an object or something in the scene that can be used as a consistent unit of measurement. Heads are commonly used as a unit when figure drawing. For faces, many people use eye width as a unit.
  • Use the end of the pencil to find object A’s length in reference to a point on your pencil, and measure how many times object A length fits into object B. Then, based on the size you made object A on your paper, carry out the same process with measurement of the drawn reference object.
  • Also use your unit to measure out individual lengths of parts- check how many heads long the upper leg is, the arm, etc.
  • idk this is really hard to explain eloquently in words LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE FOR REFERENCE

Reference points and angles

  • You can also use the pencil as a way to check your angles. Hold your pencil out straight ahead of your face between the two objects, keeping your arm locked. You may want to stabilize the hand against your drawing board (if possible) to ensure accuracy and consistency. Then, with your arm stable, move the pencil over to your upright paper, and mark the angle. You can also just eyeball the angle, which is easier for me. 
  • If you’re using this as a method to check placement, make sure you compare angles between at least two points, because if the compared object is placed incorrectly then you’ll have a domino effect of incorrectly placed things.

Utilizing negative space to check placement

  • You shouldn’t base your drawing solely off of the negative space because it doesn’t teach you much about proportions (and if the model moves at all the this space can change very easily). However, it’s a good method for quickly checking placement because it’s easy to see the solid shapes in between objects.

 Practice lots!!

  •  Obvious point, but you can’t rely on these things alone to make a stunning rendition of the thing sitting in front of you. The more you draw from life the better you’ll get at it! lalalalalalala

sorry this isn’t succinctly written at all oop

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Dog 101 on specific breeds already exist actually! On YouTube. And they go into depth about their required grooming and how much playtime they need.

those are the videos i was referring to! like most of the media posted on here, i won’t be the source of information. i’m simply trying to make the info available to more people!

a lot of people seem to be for this idea, so i’ll get on it right away :)

sry i didn’t respond sooner to those who replied to my posts 

but thank you guys v much for your words, it helped me ground a little but i basically just slept it away, falling asleep at like 2 pm maybe?? (i dont remember) til like 10 this morning, made a great breakfast then went out to do stuff like getting a needed hair cut!!

my hair is now more easier to maintain again
i dont know if im going 2 jump on skype today so i can give myself some time to recover bc my stomach and chest is still a little tight and heavy feeling 

but i’ll b here and doodling 

Thank you to all of the people who messaged me regarding my post yesterday! It’s nice to know my problem is understandable, and that I am not the only one experiencing this and feeling like this although… it’s sad that any of us are currently in the middle of this. Here’s to hoping it will get better for all of us! 

In other words,

I think I might need to hang out with more people who are single and not willing to mingle. 

Warmachine Factions: New Player Guide

Hello again, friends and followers! As promised, I am continuing my new player guide. If you missed the first part, on the general overview of Warmachine and Hordes, it can be found here.

Today, I will be giving a basic overview of each of the available factions found within Warmachine, with a separate guide for Hordes factions to follow. I will cover the basic theme of the factions, some pros and cons, etc. Some of this will be opinion, as always. More after the jump.

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I swear I’m updating I Don’t, but I Might ASAP, but until then, here’s a preview of Part 3

“Clarke,” he started and she knew him so well she didn’t even need to let him finish to see where the conversation was headed. She could feel it in the way his shoulders had moved forward; the way his back was held taut and his jaw was clenched in a way that made his veins pop and her blood feel like fire. His voice was strained almost- rough and quiet.

“Clarke, why wasn’t I invited,” Bellamy was staring at his hands that were clenched a little too tightly around his glass. Clarke was staring at them, too. It was easier than facing him.

“We’ve been over this, Bellamy. You know that I didn’t have a say in anything. She made the-“

“You’re not answering my question, damnit.” He snapped. “I know who, I just wanna know why. I wanted to be there, even if you were marrying the wrong man. I’ll always want to be there. So why the hell wasn’t I?”

Bellamy was staring intensely at her now and she couldn’t breathe anymore.

“You know why,” and it was a whisper but at this point it was all she could fucking manage.

His gaze still wasn’t wavering. Her own gaze finally met those stupid eyes that gave him away.

“Clarke,” her name a plea now from his lips. She was tired of hearing him say her name because she hated the way it sounded too close to another thing she wasn’t ready to hear. She hated the way that her eyes were betraying her and starting to pool with tears. She hated the way his were close to doing the same.

Clarke hated this.

The conversation, the charged air between them, the way he was looking at her, him.

God, she hated him so much.

No. no you don’t.

But wouldn’t it be so much easier if she did?


random thoughts: (man I used to do so many of these posts) 

  • “selfie” is a legitimately good song 
  • shit wait I started looking up choreography for that song while typing this post please stop me it’s all pretty bad tbh so 
  • dammit I know a few people here that are probably gonna see all my mental health posts and feel bad and I’m sorry I promise it’s ENTIRELY unrelated/coincidental  
  • tbw is dragging me away from tsw-rp dammit 
  • fuck I haven’t taken my weekly painful-as-shit meds 
  • I feel like there’s more week to this week, like, it doesn’t feel like a thursday?