Okay guys, I need your help - my brother, Will, is 10 years old and he LOVES to draw. However, one day, he just quit drawing. He said he didn’t know what to draw anymore.

So tonight, he told me that people on his YouTube channel were mean to him, and said that he should quit drawing and that he sucked at drawing.

I had no idea people were saying these kinds of things to him - and it really pisses me off that there are people out there who get off on discouraging at 10 year old from doing his passion.

He wanted to become an artist for a really long time, but recently stopping talking about it. I should have seen the signs, and asked what’s up. I feel awful now.

I think Will is REALLY good at drawing - here is one of the drawings of the Endoskeleton from Five Night’s at Freddy’s. He didn’t trace it, it’s all free-hand.

But Will thinks that no one likes his drawings, so he quit, even though I told him a lot of people who DO like his drawings - he doesn’t believe me.

PLEASE, if you guys could comment some encouraging words. Every reblog this gets, every comment - I will show him and maybe that will inspire him to draw again!!

Thanks guys!

Tagging some people, just to get his drawing out:

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I don’t know who else to tag - but if you see this PLEASE reblog it. Get the word out that my little brother is a GOOD artist, and if he keeps trying - he’ll become great!



the link will all have all the information you need and if you have any questions you can send it to my email. ONLY 4 SLOTS OPEN!

I will reblog everytime a slot gets taken and write that! I will also make an extra individual post once all the slots get taken!

No waiting list! I’m sorry, that pressures me.

Please read everything!

(If there are any typos let me know so i can fix them!)

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i don't what to do i want to go art school but part of me is like don't go you don't really need it? If i do get in and go to art school I would only be there for a year or two and try to put everything i have into my portfolio for portfolio day and really that's the only real reason i want to go to art school for portfolio day to get my work out there i know i want to be a visual development and concept artist

Art school is good for having a period of time dedicated to learning your craft and creating a portfolio in an atmosphere around other art students. It can get your work in front of recruiters on portfolio day, however it’s not required for getting your work out there. The internet (especially Tumblr) is becoming increasingly useful for recruiters to find artists and can be extremely effective for exposure (that’s how I ended up illustrating a book). I’d say go to art school if you are interested in the atmosphere and experience- everything else is extra frosting on the cake.

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I want to commission some OTP art but I don' t know where to start looking at artists since I'm new to the fandom. Artist suggestions that take commissions?

Um!!! I actually have no clue which artists actively take commissions… I have lots of friends who do art, but I feel like [Kenza] is the only one who takes requests semi-frequently, and I’m sure she’ll reply to this in a couple minutes and give a yay or a nay.

Otherwise, if anyone follows me who has an answer, feel free to tack on~

Just to keep this comic related, Bruce was a pro artist as a kid for anyone who’s interested. It’s really sad since it looks like the death of his parents got him to stop drawing, but I really like the idea of imagining Bruce sketching in his spare time when no one’s around to wind down after fighting crime and being very good at it

(Batman #689)


As you all know during Pledis Week is asking for donations to send gifts to our favorite Pledis idols. However I am sad to announce we have not made a lot of donations so far. We might even have to extend the deadline however it’s is extremely important you donate if you have the means to do so.

We created this portion of the project to 

  1. Show our general appreciation and support for Pledis artists
  2. I much cheaper alternative then buying an album during pledis week. Since there is no limit to how much a fan can donate to the project, they could help with a gift (no matter how small the amount is)  instead of struggling to an buy album they may not be able to afford.

We very much understand not everyone has the means to donate to this project. But for anyone who is capable of sending donations please consider donating.  DO NOT JUST REBLOG THIS POST,  please donate. We honestly need all the help we can get.Don’t you think it would be awesome to send gifts and show everyone we come together to support our favorites artists.

here are a few links about donations ( , X, X). If you have any questions regarding donations please message us. Your questions do matter as well

Thank you

THIS PISSES ME OFF MORE THAN ANYTHINF LIKe I’m sorry but not everyone listens to rap music (I didn’t even realize that there was a rapper named waka flocka until I heard he was running for president), so then yeah, they need to look up stuff to understand the movie And that’s OKAY!!! The world will keep on turning. And it’s not just “white girls” it can be anybody bc like I said maybe instead of rap music you play attention to other old artists like The Monkees or Simon and Garfunkel but that’s OKAY and maybe you really liked straight outta Compton, so you want a hat, it’s OKAY as long as you’re not being rude or pretending to know everything about the movie and who’s lives it revolves around. It’s like saying “If You’ve never read (insert book here), you can never go to see it as a movie” no one says that shit like calm down and get over yourself. You’re not better than someone because you knew about the nwa and for the record I used to get Cuba Gooding Jr and Ice Cube mixed up so get off your high horse

RF chorus project~

So after someone suggested the initial idea, I got a few asks of people that were interested in joining.This extends to the RF fandom in general, not just the you in rf meme people! 

…I haven’t organized a chorus in probably 2 years but I should be able to do it! I’m thinking we could get together and do Kaze no Traveler because I don’t think any other rf songs have an instrumental it seems like a good choice since there’s a low and a high range and lots of harmony opportunities. 

So! If you’re interested in joining, let me know and I’ll add you to my list! Even if you don’t think you’re a good singer, you can still join! Or if you don’t like singing but still want to help, you can be an artist for it too!
All you really need to be a singer in it is a microphone; even if it’s not the best as far as quality goes, I should be able to remove any excess static noise.

Uh. I think that’s it for now. If you’re interested, please let me know and we’ll work out the details soon! I have 3 of us so far, but we need a few more to really make it sound the best. c: Thanks!

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Hi! Hope this is okay to ask here! I'm wanting to get a tattoo on my inner upper arm but am having ~feelings about whether it'll "work" on my squishy flesh - I wondered if you had any info, or could do me a shout out for other awesome fat people that might know if it's okay? (I totally could and should ask a local tattoo artist but I'm still not at the total body acceptance point and am too self-conscious to go bring it up :/ ) Thanks! :)

Oh absolutely!! 

HEY FAT GIRLS We need advice again!! You lovely people are so good at it here’s another round:  WICKED INK!Version.  Help a fellow fat girl out and let her know if you have any sweet upper arm tattoos and what your experiences were like! 

P.S. I have a giant tattoo on my squishy thigh and I super get wondering if it “works” or not…but I’ll let you in on a little secret…tattoos are SOOO much fun on squishy parts because you can squish them and make them look funny and then let go and they look normal again! lol =P  They 100% work! (there are biological things like stretching/fading that can occur in the ink over time, but ultimately that would happen anyway because gravity is a bastard.) 

Good luck on your tattoo journey! And please feel free to share with us fellow Fat Girls when you take the plunge! 

Have a great day! <3<3

Stop Praising Nicki

Don’t get me wrong.

I love Nicki.

I fucking love her so much.

But ya’ll need to stop praising Nicki for being unnecessarily rude and attacking Miley at the VMAs.

Miley did nothing to provoke her and Nicki embarrassed her on live TV. And for what?

Because Miley has “white privilege”

I’m not saying white privilege doesn’t exist because it does, I know it does. But that doesn’t give Nicki the right to attack every artist out there who isn’t a person of color.

Praise Nicki for encouraging young girls to stay in school and take care of themselves.

Praise Nicki for teaching us to be who we wanna be.

Please don’t praise her for being mean to any artists in her “fight for equality.”

That’s not equality.

It’s just being mean.

Hey guys! Our team is in need of help again, and we’re hoping that you’ll help us spread the word! We’re working on getting a schedule ironed out to release updates on a regular basis, but in order for this to be successful we need some serious help! I know we’ve been kind of silent for a while, but we’re still working on our project!

Available positions:

  • 2D “Animal” Turnarounds (Details Upon Request. 1 Position Open.)
  • 2D Map Designer (1-2 Positions Open)
  • 2D Level Designer (Details Upon Request. 1-2 Positions Open.)
  • 3D Animation (2-3 Positions Open)
  • 3D Character/”Animal” Modelers (Details Upon Request. 1-2 Positions Open)
  • 3D Level Design Programming (2-5 Positions Open)
  • Texture Artists (2-3 Positions)
  • CG Generalist (Optional. Details Upon Request.)
  • AI Programming (2-3 Positions Open)

Remember before applying to check out our Application Rules! If you have any additional questions regarding the open positions, just put “__ Question” in the title and send it to our email at marksheroes@gmail.com! Much love friends!

(Note: Some of our pages are a little outdated. These should be revised in the next month or so. For now, this is an up to date list of all the positions, minus our voice applications, which is so littered with possibilities we may not even do such. Details are in our Application Rules.)

This is my first animatic for my animation thesis. For those who don’t know, the final result is often much, much different from the original animatic. I also want it to be different- but I’m a little stuck. I’ve had trouble visualizing this, especially because I changed it from my original idea that I worked on for a semester and I’m trying to catch up. 

So I’m uploading it to ask for thoughts on it so far. I will be reworking many scenes, and as I’ve mentioned before it will look much different, but I would really appreciate some feedback. This is all I will be saying about it, because although I know some parts aren’t clear, I don’t want to influence how people see it or their thought processes. 

You can send me an inbox, fan mail, or simply reblog this with your comments. I appreciate all comments! Also, even if it’s just a minor thing, don’t hold back a comment. I could already be planning to fix it or be very aware of it, but knowing how many other people notice it or suggest it is also incredibly helpful.

And just one note about the song- I put this here as a placeholder, but I actually really like it in the context of the animation so I’m going to try to see if I can get permission to use it officially. 

anonymous asked:

Hey can I ask you idk for a little help, advice? I'm an artist I love to draw but I'm really discourage by digital drawing I don't know what to do so I'm just do nothing and don't draw, I scare of mistakes everything looks crap, ad when I have tons of cool idea every single one looks like shit in reality =_=

If digital art doesn’t suit you, you don’t need to push it yet. Work with your current media strength and see where it takes you. Some people are naturally better at painting or linework or watercolor. Some people are naturally better at making things look hellish and creepy, some are better at making things the cutest thing ever.

Learn to treat your drawings as disposable. Be willing to crumple up and trash old art or be able to shred something that took you 9 hours just because you weren’t feeling it. You can always make more, and that particular piece isn’t wasted because it gave you extra practice.

Your ideas usually won’t live up to your expectations. Learn to live with that. Know that people looking at your art can’t see what your original plan was. All they see is something new.

And remember that you’re always working towards having your art turn out like you wanted. Maybe your skill level isn’t there yet but one day it will, and you’ll be able to draw anything you want. If you want to draw something in particular keep drawing it over and over til it looks nice. Now that you can draw keep drawing it. Meanwhile work at other things you can’t draw.

If you’re afraid of mistakes stop working in pencil, use pen, marker permanent things and speed up. The more you over think, and the slower you go, the more shakey and uncertain the drawing will turn out. Learn to dash your lines out with confidence, even if the line ended up in a different position, work with it. If it’s really wrong, start over.

Most of all draw as much as possible. If you’re afraid of judgement or wasting supplies, use cheap paper or spiral notebooks to scribble out all the doodles you want. Not everything has to be a masterpiece.

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Lark or Kei

Demiboy, agender, the fuck if I know right now

around 5'3"!!!

Where I live:
Portlandish, Oregon

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9:03 pm, August 30th, 2015

Average sleep:
8-12 hours (trust me I need it)

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Mad Max: Fury Road (I’m watching it right now)

Fav bands/artists:
SHINee, BTS, EXO, Nu'est, Mamamoo, and I’m missing a few others

One thing that pisses me off:
When someone automatically assumes another’s gender or tries to prove they’re better in something just because of sex, race, etc.

Meaning of my url:
I’ve done this a few times so I really don’t wanna explain again

Favorite phrase:
“What the actual fuck”

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Saw Angel Haze perform at MalmöLive last night and she was brilliant. https://instagram.com/p/7AeU9iFrkT/

Actually I’m going to post my super long Instagram caption here: 

So now let’s talk about the @angxlhxze show which was a mess that she handled brilliantly. 

 First: the hall was empty. It seats nearly 1600 people but there were only 200 or so in attendance. 

Second: the sound system was not loud and was missing the entire low-mid range that makes her music so fantastic. There were obvious disagreements btw her DJ and Malmo Live’s sound engineers.

Third: this was not a hype audience. The opening act was interesting but did little work to warm up the crowd.

Fourth: this was not a familiar audience. I don’t know how many of them had been to a hip hop show before but they didn’t seem to understand what was expected of them by the artist. They needed to make some noise. They needed to dance. And they needed to stand up instead of sitting down in Malmö Live’s very comfortable acoustically perfect seats. While several Angel Haze superfans would make themselves known by the end of the show, some attendees seemed to be there because they were supporters of the concert hall and not because they were fans of her music.

Given that, Angel Haze came out and put on a great show. She was dynamic and present and emotional. She did what she needed to do to move the crowd. When they weren’t responsive, she prodded them to make some noise. When people didn’t move, she went and performed in the aisles and rows. And for her last song, she invited as many people who could fit on stage to mosh with her. It was deft house management by a pro live performer. 

Aside from getting the crowd up, by blurring the line between stage and spectator, she created moments that would look amazing on Instagram later (the number of camera phones following her as she performed in the rows looked like something out of Black Mirror.) 

When her show ended and the lights went up, she stayed on stage for a good 15 minutes and had an earnest, impromptu meet and greet with a couple dozen fans who were super excited to meet and take selfies with her. 

Malmö Live is run a traditionally old (orchestral) music organization with a new venue looking to serve the city’s rapidly diversifying population, and they have some work to do to find their audiences. 

Their sound system that is so acoustically perfect that it doesn’t need to be at full volume may work great for orchestral and maybe even rock but I wonder if they’ve tested it with bass-heavy genres of younger audiences that actually hear music differently than older ones. I wonder if they’ve tested it with the music of Malmö’s growing ethnic communities. 

These are all the problems of a city learning to adapt to new user types which it maybe hadn’t considered before. It’s Black Twitter “taking over” the trending algorithm in 2009. It’s Facebook opening up to a non .edu audience in 2006. But in this case, it’s the cultural institution of a city.

moltenroses replied to your post “Why I don’t draw Nalu as often as before”

This makes me really sad :( You are an amazing artist, and you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone reposting your artwork without giving credit. It’s honestly unbelievable that people can take someone’s work and pretend it’s their own. :/

of course i won’t be worried about people not knowing that’s my art!

but PLEASE… i don’t want it REPOSTED and people who saw my art should RESPECT my words cuz the art is mine tho it’s a fan art :/

you think i need attention? NO! i just hate seeing it posted by another people while i already wrote that i don’t want it reposted!

it’s like telling people not to grope my ass and they still do that with both of their hands tbh :/ should i be okay with that?


Okay, so… 

Honestly, I can’t decide how I feel about Miley. I really want to like her but some of her comments are simply inappropriate. Though the VMAs are 100% a PG-13 show, I know for a fact that there are tons of younger kids watching who have just been scarred for life. 

On the Nicki/Miley thing: I believe that it was a bad idea to bring that into an acceptance speech. The media, like Miley said, really does manipulate artists and their words, but I guess it made for good TV.

I am still a Justin Bieber fangirl.

They need to make the envelopes easier to open.

On Kanye: Holy shit. I think I need a couple days to marinate my thoughts on his speech because, honestly, it blew my mind. Kanye has this image of being well, sort of an asshole, because, as he said, he stands up for other artists. He puts others above his self image, something that very few people in the pop industry have the guts to do. He brought to light some very important issues in today’s culture. His comments about raising the next generation were just… Perfect. It is our responsibility to change the world. Let’s start with teaching love and acceptance. (Sidenote: I really want to hear what danisnotonfire has to say about the speech- he can articulate his thoughts much better than I can)

Pop culture is not all bad. The world is changing. We are outgrowing the hate and prejudice taught to us by earlier generations. It is our job to create the creative, accepting, free world that we desire to live in and to raise the next generations in. 

I’ll probably download Miley’s album.

Twenty-one pilots did awesome. I’m so happy to see alternative/indie/rock bands being recognized as the great artists/writers that they are. They have been underground for too long, let’s bring them into the spotlight.

I used to love watercolors when I was younger, but hadn’t attempted any paintings in about ten years. Tonight, I painted three different things! This is my interpretation of a watercolor painting that I saw on here a few weeks ago. I do not know who the original artist is and am NOT claiming credit for this adorable little foxy love portrait; I just needed some inspiration. If anybody knows the artist, please fill me in~

ianweston57 asked:

Oi friend, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you know another graphic artist who also crewed the Lady Washington? Her name is Lucy Bellwood and she has a comic on tall ship sailing by the name of Baggywrinkles. I just thought this was an interesting coincidence to bring up. Hope you enjoyed your time on her, she's a gorgeous ship.

I am friends with Lucy!  Actually, she’s the one who introduced me to the Lady Washington, helped me with the application process and packing what I needed, and generally walked me through the whole process.  

And as you know, she’s a pretty great cartoonist, too.

I recorded a chat with her about a year ago, if you want to listen to us talk shop: