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dear natello, i hate asking this but how did you get popular on tumblr? i mean, besides posting mind blowing art, there's something you did that helped? it's not like getting notes and stuff is a priority for me, but i wish i had more followers to have more feedbacks and more interactions based on my art. much love and thank you in advance :)

Am I popular on tumblr? I don’t think so, I see this a little bit different. Also, you don’t have to explain yourself, feedback is important. Followers and notes are nice when you show your own content, it’s normal. But I’m affraid I didn’t do anything besides posting my drawings.
Drawing fanart helps to be noticed, then you can start tormenting people with your original stuff and OCs xD That’s what I do. Idk, it’s hard to say. Some people make giveaways. You can think about some bigger project like a series of drawings (people liked my spell series…) or dunno, something to make people wait for it and be excited about.
Also, give feedback yourself! This is how you make friends. (I’m rather terrible at it. I usually message people who don’t have thousands of notes under their drawings but they deserve it, and then run away so they never see my url again xD) If you’re shy you can always put all the love for the art in tags. (I tend to check blogs whose owners leave long tags with their thoughts about my drawings. And if I see they have an art blog I check it too.) But these are natural interactions on social media. If you give some love it comes back to you, right? :)
Generally, I feel lucky to have my followers (they are pretty good at cheering me on ;D without them I wouldn’t draw as much). So yup, the most important thing! I wish you a lot of luck!

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hello!! im an animation student and i just found your work (its so lovely and serene!) i was wondering if you could give me some advice in regards to backgrounds and layout. for my final project im going to be doing a fullcolor animation (set on a farm) but im primarily a character animator and havent really practiced much with backgrounds and perspectives and i find myself increasingly frustrated trying to deal with the layout. do you have any tips on making simple but succinct backgrounds?

I apologize for answering this super late! I’m not entirely sure whether this post will provide any help at this point; I’m sure you figured everything out okay! But having the backbone of a story to build off of is incredibly helpful in directing layouts/backgrounds. Knowing what you need to convey in a scene at any given point makes it a lot easier to figure out the essentials vs what you can cut out for lack of time, difficulty, or for proving too obfuscating.

Artistic techniques/ fundamentals are all just tools in facilitating communication and there are no set rules in how they can be used. Perspective, when used to frame a shot from below, has been used to convey height, a sense of powerlessness, portray a child’s point of view, what have you. Different context provides different meaning. Distinct choices can be used to bring direct attention and reinforce emotion; it’s when the combination of these choices are used to supplement the creator’s message that a background successful.

Check out this sequence of transitions + accompanying explanation from the Prince of Egypt, for example. http://mmmatchaball.tumblr.com/post/157248936555/espressobuns-prince-of-egypt-directors. With the repeat cutting, you not only get an understanding of the passage of time and distance traveled and the comparative hardship in each environment, but focus on the most significant point of change, which is the diminishing size of character. Moses also travels across the screen at a simple diagonal- using drastically different/dynamic perspectives- although individually visually interesting, would have actually been detrimental in this case. This is just one example- you can read up on a lot of film analysis that consider how directors have used color theory (use of magenta, bright to desaturated in Up), lighting and perspective (Feast), and other deliberate choices to convey emotion subconsciously. There’s no one way to successfully pull it off, which gives you a lot of freedom and pretty large margin for error. Try thumbnailing to quickly explore different ways you can exhibit a scene.

If you’re having trouble with the background design itself, you can think of the environment as a character- the same rules apply. Shape language, scale, color, lighting, etc can be used to build a scene that has a discernable personality.

Barebones, just focus on what emotion/action you want to highlight in a given scene and use whatever techniques to clearly communicate that moment of the story. Establish enough of a scene that your audience will be able to identify where your characters are positioned in space relative to the story, whether it’s changing, and how they’re moving through it. Everything else is extra.

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Might post my own colored version of it soon! But ppl have already made a good job at it ;’)

Okay seriously whoever keeps sending hate to think blogers, writers, and artists in the mystic messenger fandom needs to get the sick out of their ass seriously they are amazing people stop giving them hate because you personally don’t like their art style or you don’t like the way they write or a story they are writing and if you don’t like the speed that they are producing content at just keep it to yourself they are wonderful people and they have talent I have seen so many amazing people get attacked and it’s horrible now I know I’m not a blogger or a writer or an artist I’m non of those things I am just a fan that sits in the background of the blog liking and rebloging shit so I personally don’t know what its like for them but it’s still horrible that you would send hate to them because you personally don’t like something they did, something they do or something they write just keep it to yourself it’s better honestly if you want them to work faster then don’t bother them with stupid anons taking up more of their time if you don’t like their art style let it be because other people do if you don’t like something they are writing then don’t read it if you don’t like the blog then don’t look at it if you seriously have a problem and hate the blogger artist or writer then block them so you don’t have to see them anymore it’s easier then sending hate to them they are good people with a real talent so just back off and don’t look at the blog so please anons that are sending hate take that opinion of yours and stick it up your ass thank you

The Meme Thing

Thank you for the tag, @idrelle-miocovani, you’re awesome <3 

Star sign: Cancer-Leo cusp

Height: 5′6″

Time Right Now: 12.10 am.

Last thing you googled: Hissing Wastes… I needed to do some research for the fanfic I’m working on.

Last book you read: I haven’t read a book in quite a while! The last thing I read was a self-help book. [If you’re curious, it’s called The Anxiety and Phobia Handbook by Edmund Bourne]

Favorite music artists: I don’t have any favorites because I end up listening to pop radio most of the time, but I do have a fondness for Trevor Morris.

Last TV show watched: The Grand Tour.  

What are you wearing right now: A loose blue t-shirt and striped grey PJ’s.

When did you create this blog: October 2016, but I accidentally deleted it in January of this year and then re-made it, heh.

What kind of stuff do you post: D-R-A-G-O-N A-G-E. And fanfiction. And some of my writing. 

Do you have instagram: I do, but I hardly post anything. I use it to look at stuff primarily. 

Do you have snapchat: Nope.

Do u get asks regularly: No, but I wish I did! [don’t we all, though?] I get a few on Fridays for the DWC, but other than that it’s pretty quiet :)

How did you choose your url: I created this tumblr because of AO3, and RogueLioness is my handle over there. 

Gender: Female

Favorite color: Purple and blue. 

Average hours of sleep: I try to get 7 hours, but it varies greatly. 

Favorite characters: Gosh, okay, my brain isn’t working well enough at the moment to list everyone, so I’m just going to do with all the companions in Dragon Age and call it a thing.

How many blankets do you sleep with: A comforter. I’m weird in that I can’t fall asleep unless I have something covering me.  

Dream job: Honestly? I’d love to work as a writer for a video game dealing with science-related stuff. But since that’s never going to happen [unless Bioware hires me] I’ll settle for either a research scientist or a college lecturer.

Random: My shoe size is a 10, but I have the smallest feet in my family.

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Callout Post! (jk)

@mistercrowbar is a fucking wonderful person and I’ll fight anyone who says other wise, you me, streets, fisticuffs, come on! But seriously, I am FOREVER humbled by this person, she knows exactly what needs to be said and is never afraid to call me out on my bullshit, while willing to go out of her way to help me and others both grow as a person and an artist. I mean jesus, you should talk to this girl, her ideas are amazing, there is such great brain trapped in that head of hers.


And not to mention her art work, if you some good, well done art work that’ll put most people to shame, you have no where better to look than this girl, come I mean, I’m gonna do you all a favour and link you guys to her commission info, please go check out her stuff, you’ll do yourself a favour to get something of hers up on your wall!


Cause she really is one of the most under utilised artist out there, and you’d do yourself a big favour, specially if anyone is looking to hire and artist for a big project. Am I over hyping her cause she’s my friend and helped me out in so many ways it’s stupid, MAYBE, but don’t care, love this girl and I’m gonna do it, fight me!

Y’all need to chill with the rings. I know they’re an important statement but just hear me out. First of all, the artists probably forgot to draw them. Ask any artist, they forget shit all the time. Secondly, Victuuri is still canon, and they will probably get married after a suitable time of getting to know each other. That’s probably what season 2 would be about anyway–their domestic relationship as equals. Yuuri only knows Victor the coach, not Victor the boyfriend, and vice versa. So calm down, stop panicking, and enjoy a cookie :)

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I know that like human papyton is your thing, but what about human soriel? Would you ever do any comic for that ship? Love your art I really like papyrus's expression in the phantom of the opera comic where the chick is like do you want me? Mettaton is like no I want your boy friend.

I’m kind of neutral with soriel. I think it’s cute and has a lot of potential for interesting scenarios. But I also know there’s a lot of people who ship sansby or sans x literalityanythingelse. And like many artists who cater to the demands of shippers, I’d prefer not to get caught in the cross hairs of The Discourse™ 

So until further notice, any interactions between Sans and Toriel will just have to be out of friendliness. I know I haven’t touched on them yet but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to. 

Also thanks! Who needs to be a famous opera singer when you could have a cute bae instead~

People need to realise TOP is not the first one to use the no signal stage and he wouldn’t be the last one. I have been to numerous concerts that have used it, I have watched numerous award shows that have used. So many western artists have used it long before he ever did. So if BTS copied him, doesn’t that mean he copied as well? I’m not an army but I think people are overreacting over something like this. And I’ll get hate for this I know but I’m just saying what most people are thinking

Cover artist needed for horror novel!

The manuscript is finished, I’ve sent it to a publisher, I just need a cover artist.

Paid work for artists (please let me know your rates!).

The novel is called the Lights of Lemuria.

Here is a rough version drawn by me:

Super rough right?

Here’s a little more on what I’m looking for, a mood board for the front cover:

Keep reading

Breeding Notes

I really wish I knew how to say “here’s a suggestion because this pair might be hellish and i don’t want you to struggle with it, but ignore it if you’re not having trouble” without it sounding like a veiled request. Because I am honestly not picky at ALL, and always want my artists to do whatever works best for them, but I know I submit some weird pairs.

It doesn’t seem like it would be appropriate if I were to put something like “PM me for ideas if you get stuck” either. So I’m not sure what to do, because I’d love to be able to give guidance if needed but also make it apparent I’m not trying to make it like a commission or anything. 

I’d love to hear from some breeding artists on how they feel about this. Should I just not say anything and just let you guys approach me if need be? Or is there a good way to get my point across in the notes?

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Can I offer an alternative perspective to why I didn't like La La Land? All the racial stuff bothered me too, but I also come from a theater and arts background and I found La La Land extremely depressing. The narrative that you need to make that sacrifice of being happy with a person or being happy with a career in order to succeed and follow your dreams in the arts upset me and rings hollow with me.

Well first of all, this isn’t new. From My Name is Asher Lev, to Song of the Lark, to Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, writers have been exploring the sacrifices that must be made for art for generations. I don’t know how it can ring hollow for you, when this is a question that artists have always wrestled with. Secondly, that’s not what the movie was about for me. Here’s a link to my views on the end. 


civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

Soo-orry. I know, I have messages to respond and in general i’m pretty ghosty at the moment, but really, today I find the time to sit and draw only around midnight, so take your guess.

I’m going to respond (and if you send your message before some of the ones I already reply - well, or I want to draw something in the answer or in general I need more time to reply (there is a brush ask if I remember correctly, stuff like that)) just not very fast, idem for the chat. 

And -ops? The blog is still holidayish?  Well. Uh. Red is … a cute color. Yup. Totally. 

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)