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I didn't feel any emotions the few last days and god I am so fucking done with living. I really want to cut or just die right now. Even my best friend left me now she discovered that I am a fucking monster. I've hurted her so bad and god I fucked things up so much and I just want to die

For some people things like that they just can’t handle, and it doesn’t mean they’ll be out of your life forever but they might just need some time to think about it. Hang in there lovely, things will get better<3

I wanted to make this post because I have now experienced what some people refer to as victim blaming. -content warning for descriptions of sex without consent- (also i apologize to all tumblr mobile users having to scroll past this)

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My thoughts on this broom closet + personal crap

Okay, believe it or not, I’m in both closets for being a witch and a bisexual. I have a major fear of being outed as either of them. Some people stopped hanging out around me when they found out I was witch. Some people gave me disgusted looks when I said i was bi. Some people teased me for my beliefs. Some people spread rumors. Some people think I’m absolutely crazy and confused. It’s why I don’t have many friends (just three and we’re actually splitting up so none). Some people have just decided I don’t exist. Some people think I need to be “fixed”. Being lgbt+ in this world sucks and sometimes so does being a witch. So, yeah I get it @ofearthandtarot ( it won’t tag right) “ broom closet” may be a stupid phrase that makes us all look like jokes and little kids but please don’t say we don’t get treated bad once were outed. It may not be on the lgbt+ scale (which is huge) but it does happen sometimes . I won’t use it anyway so don’t worry. I’ll say shadow witch or lurking in the shadows.

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How can I stop losing myself in relationships?

finding balance between time together and time apart, that whole texting and calling shit becomes consuming so less of that definitely will help, stick to your regular routine (if you used to go out with friends, etc. stick to that, and definitely keep up with your support system because I notice when some of us (ladies) get into relationships we tend to hang out with our friends less & only really speak when spoken to or when we go through some shit/need advice .. so yeah keep up with your friends and family, it definitely helps 💞

now accepting friend applications

i really need new friends that i can text n shit so just send me ur answers to these questions😋

relationship status:
texting speed:

can you keep a conversation going?
will you be willing to talk over skype/facetime/some type of call sometimes?
why do you want to be my friend?
if you had to choose something for us to do (like hang out), what would it be?

• kik/imessage/whatsapp:
i’ll hit u up there :)

Hello guys, if you have time please read this.

Long time no see u ne? Sorry

So babes… I think that I’ll put tG-E on semi-hiatus…
Ok reasons for what I’ll probably do this:

1 - I don’t have time for tumblr, for real. This week I was having like, 3 tests for day. Thanks God that this week is ending but next week come the recovery tests and I’m such a loser that probably will need do ALL recovery tests.

2 - School. I know that I put some reasons on top, but guys its my senior year, and I have so many things to worry about its… tired…
3 - I still need a social life. I need to get some free time, fun know? Hanging out with friends, cinema and so many things to do in so little time

4 - And… I adopted a cat..
Yeah another.. I know that will have peoples saying “you don’t have time for tumblr but have time to take care of a baby cat?”
Listen guys… I found this cat on the street, starving and bruised. He was hit by a car. He doesn’t walk with his hind legs.. I just couldn’t let him alone for die. He is so weak, he have more or less ¾ months old. I’m doing the possible and the impossible for save him.

And I really, really, really hope that yall send him good vibes. Is everything he needs. I hope that yall understand if I disappear.

Thank you guys. Take care 💞🙏

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People freaking out over Niall hanging out with a girl is like when people freak over Harry being seen with a girl. They can have female friends. Im sure the people asking here have friends of the opposite sex and they're not dating.

Yeah, I agree. It’s getting old. Some people need to learn the difference between girlfriend and girl friend. 

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I'm seeing a lot of parallels between Eridan and (Vriska) right now, to be honest. They've both been broken up with by a Piexes (both with the whole "i can't believe you're making fish puns while you're breaking up with me" thing) and they've both been insulted by Vriska (she said Eridan was boring and she said (Vriska) was fat and useless). I might just be grasping at straws but maybe this is a sign that Eridan may get some screen time soon and he and (Vriska) might hang out? Idk

That would be so great anon, ah. Honestly would love her, eridan, and retcon! gam hanging out and slamming retcon!vriska to be honest. she needs a good roast honestly and seeing the three “bad but could get better” characters being friends would please me greatly.

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I was wondering, how active/friendly is the Goon Squad? My guild is dying and I feel like changing but I never know who to. To clarify, this isn't some roundabout way of asking if I can hang out with youtube people, I just really miss the camaraderie of a good guild.

Good Squad is a private guild for members of the Something Awful forums, or limited amount of friends of goons that get vouched by existed goons. (Like Zylus the filthy non-goon.)

Generally this means that to get invited you need to have been a member on Something Awful for at least a couple of months. (And yes, this is the forum that charges :10bux: for a membership.)

It’s a pretty good guild, certainly the best I’ve ever been in.

EDIT: Heh, Good Squad. I’m keeping that typo.


Lesbian, 24, single. looking to meet some new people. make more friends.

i have 2 tattoos and want more, i have my nose pierced and want a coupe more things pierced.

i am sarcastic, funny, smartass, cuddler, kisser, hugger.

i dont mind long distance friends or girlfriend so dont be shy friends can be made all over the world and love has no distance.

i like camping, bonfires, riding quads, horror movies, hanging out with friends, beaches, and more! some of these things i have not done in a while but i still like them! lol 

i would like friends, or even if you need advice or someone to vent to i will listen and try my best to help, even though i am 24 i have been through a lot! 


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My girlfriend dumped me and I don't think I've ever been so upset. Do you have any advice because I could really use it


I don’t care if anyone thinks this is childish but please do it, nothing will kill you more than seeing something you didn’t want to see.

vent to people, I’m here for you if you need me. 

things will suck, I known they will but I promise you in a month or two, you’ll be better than ever. 


god this is so important, go outside, go explore, hang out with some friends, do anything to keep your mind off of this


please go cuddle a puppy 

(Fic) Building Bridges - Chapter One

Title: Building Bridges

Chapter: 1/12

Rating: PG13 (K+)

Spoilers: Alternate universe, so none

Mirrors: AO3 | FF.net | Website

Summary: Yata’s college life was supposed to be all about learning from his awesome welding instructor and hanging with his friends. Fushimi just wanted to get through his year-long contract as a TA without losing his scholarship in the process. As it turns out, life doesn’t always go as planned.

Notes: A million thanks to my lovely beta, who asked not to be directly credited - I still feel the need to give another big thank you because this fanfic probably wouldn’t have been finished without their help! Also thanks to dropletons for the motivation to finish the story within a reasonable amount of time, and some last little corrections. You guys are the best!

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The tall vampiress checks her phone when it buzzes, smiling happily when she sees the text from her dear friend.

[txt: Darling Fox] I am completely free and absolutely delighted to spend the day with you! Shall I drive or would you rather?

Chinatsu chuckles at the message and looks up at Mitch.

“Honey, just double checking, I can spend the day with Marie today, yes?”

She knows Mitch will say yes, that she really does need time to hang out with her friends outside of himself and the pack and the kits, but she’s double checking for good measure. Still she replies,

[text: Marie] I actually cannot drive, so I would appreciate if you could. <3

“Oh! I suppose that means I should pump some milk. You kits get to use bottles today! They’ll be two months old in a few days anyway. No harm in starting early.”

Journal Entry: My recovery

Well on this journey to being mentally healthy I’m going to have to be sober for quite some time. And I’m okay with that now because I know it’s what I need. But I know that I’ll probably lose some friends, or some people will stop hanging out with me because of this. I get it. I understand.

But this is just something I have to do for me.

when the guy you used to like makes a rape joke and you can’t wait to leave this trash heap of a town 😩😩😩

  • Chanyeol:Have you guys seen Kai?
  • Sehun:I'm clearly busy here; go bother someone else *rolls eyes*
  • Kyungsoo:What do you want with my bab-I mean Kai?
  • Baekhyun:I'll tell you if you help me apply my eyeliner
  • Tao:Wait until I get Kris to buy me the new Gucci products!
  • Kris:How am I supposed to know? Tao, that's WAY too expensive
  • Chen:So we can get him and scare the living daylights out of him? *laughs*
  • Lay:Let me ask my friend,Mr.Unicorn
  • Xiumin:After me and Luhan finish our play date
  • Luhan:After me and Xiumin finish the sweet cake I made for him
  • Suho:I saw him by the swings, if you need help I can lend you some money to give to people who can find him for you *rich as fuck mode*
  • *Chanyeol heads over to the swings*
  • Kai:La,la *enjoying not being followed around by Chanyeol*
  • Until.....
  • Chanyeol:Hi Kai!Wanna hang out?
  • Kai:Why Me????????

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You need show your body to feel good . You are a empty girl. And you are not happy inside you.

I don’t 😅
To feel good, I like to hang out with my friends and fur family.
I upload pictures of my body, well because yeah it makes me feel good about myself in SOME WAYS but it’s my body, my life, my blog, I’m sure I can do whatever I want with it.
You’re right though! I’m not a happy person, I’ve come a long fucking way though. And for you to be horrible about it just goes to show how happy you are with yourself, and to me you don’t sound like a very happy person either, bringing yourself up by trying to put others down. I will never understand that concept, if I was to be nasty to someone that doesn’t make me feel good at all, but I guess that’s what makes us all different!

I was hanging out with some of my friends at the cottage this weekend and one girl and I were complaining about having to work full time in the summer and working really long shifts

And this other girl with us was like “I can’t have a job because I need at least 12 hours of sleep on weekends… You guys are so lucky!”

Like yeah I feel so blessed to be able to sacrifice my weekends to work for 8 hours!! And sacrifice my summer to work for 30 hours a week!! Sucks that you have to spend all your time sleeping, right?

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So I was hanging out with some of my Christian friends &amp; we ended up talking about Caitlyn Jenner and they were saying how they call her an "it" and it just made me really sad &amp; they said they don't understand why anyone would do something like that (meaning get a sex change I think). That made me sad and I wanted to explain it's not about someone doing anything, it's about who they actually are but I didn't know how and I just felt the need to talk to someone about it (sorry for botheri

I understand you completely. I tried to straighten people up to the fact too when they were making fun of her, but they just talked over me. People are just ignorant and make fun of everything they can. It’s just human nature. Some people will never accept the fact or open up to the possibilities. You can’t let it bother you. Human beings suck