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Headcanons about Rachel’s Relationships.

1. Rachel and the Delightful Children have been friends for at least a couple years now, starting long before the airing of Operation: F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E. Under the guise of ‘ spying ’ on the DC, she’d simply go to visit and hang out with the children, knowing they could probably stand to have a friend around their age. Although, Rachel’s pretty honest, and admitted she needed some form of information from them to justify her frequent visits. Needless to say, they laugh about all the useless information they tend to give the KND.

2. Due to her ability to adapt, Rachel has found an affinity to each of the five Delightful Children, and despite her incessant need to please everyone, she has become closest to Ashley. Out of all the personalities, the blondes are the most like each other and connect the easiest, content to sit in silence reading or otherwise. Although they do tend to have their falling outs, i.e., Rachel’s want to get Ashley to smile more.

3. When Rachel became Supreme Leader, things became a lot more difficult. She wasn’t able to see the children as frequently as before, and the information she was supposed to be collecting was coming back to haunt her. While she knew she needed to stop treating them as friends and more as rivals, she couldn’t bring herself to do so. After any major battle with the Delightful Children, she tends to take time out of her day to sneak back and help tend to wounds and apologize. That’s really all she can do.

honestly if ur an introvert ur probably better off befriending some extroverts bc having a whole squad of introverts is fine at first but eventually you end up never doing anything with them ever especially after you finish school bc ur all fine being loners and low maintenance friends that just tag each other in memes and snapchat each other which is nice but sometimes i wanna leave my house instead of binge watching spongebob squarepants you need balance in ur squad you need to have people who are gonna motivate the squad to be social 

“I see myself in my son. I know what it’s like to be in that teenage stage when you feel the need to prove yourself. One day when I was about his age, I was hanging out with some friends after school, and they wanted to go to the mall, but I had to go back to school and work on a project. A few hours later, they all ended up getting arrested for shoplifting. When I got home, my father was crying. He’d gotten a call from one of the boy’s fathers, who told him everything that happened. He told my dad: ‘Barak didn’t get arrested because he went to school.’ My dad dropped to his knees and started hugging me, and telling me that I’d made the smart decision, and that night he took me out to dinner. Today, every one of those friends is either dead or locked up.”

I think I should take some time off.

I think people might need a break from me. I’m going to. I don’t know. Hang out with my friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.

I’m in the news every single day for multiple different reasons. And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up - and then you’ll be done.
—  Taylor Swift to NME Magazine on possibly taking a break after The1989 World Tour wraps.

ok but i need a plot where there’s these two idiots who are roommates, and they bicker and act like a married couple constantly, and can hang out like bros but they’re completely platonic, no we’re not in love that’s preposterous!! and it’s so evident that they’re into each other like whenever one goes out on a date, the other is all bitter like ‘no i’m definitely not jealous’. and they like leave bars together at some stupidly early hour and their friends tease them and they just go home and get drunk together instead. and like domestic washing the dishes and fighting over who does what and flinging soap at each other. and then one day it kind of just clicks, you know, like wow you’re my best friend but i think i might love you as more this is so difficult and just, give this to me now.

some low spoons tips for being friends with borderline ppl because i know interacting with us takes spoons but we really need you to do these things:

  • if you have plans without us, especially if theyre with other people we like, please dont talk about them in front of us or tell us about them

    even if theres a good reason we couldnt make it to hang out with you it feels like you didnt want us there because you hate us
  • please just try to acknowledge us a little bit ,especially if you live with us

    i know a lot of people have low spoons for social interaction but if you just ask us how we’re feeling and talk to us for like 5 minutes before retreating ,

    it can mean the difference between a good day and a day where we want ot die because we think no one cares about us (or worse – is intentionally avoiding contact with us because they hate us/want us to feel bad)
  • im sure you picked up from the last two bullets that borderline people often jump to the conclusion that others around us hate us

    in fact we are always looking for the tiniest bit of evidence that you might secretly despise us, because we just cant believe that you dont

    this can include you not responding the way we wanted to a joke, not using a smiley emoticon when saying “ok” so it sounds more apathetic/annoyed than you intended, something really simple like that

    i dont hold you accountable for how i react to something like that because i know you didnt mean anything by it and this sort of subliminal interaction can be really hard to avoid if u are autistic etc

    however something simple you can do to help us is just please dont get upset with us when we react like that. we are really not trying to accuse you of anything if we ask if this small thing means you hate us, we just genuinely believe it

    if i say “are you mad at me” or something pls dont take it as an accusation, just give me a simple yes or no. im really not trying to manipulate you or start a fight i just need a little confirmation
'People might need a break from me' Taylor Swift hints at hiatus after 1989 world tour

The 25-year-old songstress opened up about what the future might hold as she graced the cover of November’s NME.

Taylor will conclude her seven-month global trek in December and she has said she’s unsure of what to do with her new-found freedom, but she might even take a break.

“I think I should take some time off,” Taylor told the music magazine.

“I think people might need a break from me. I’m going to. I don’t know. Hang out with my friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.”

Perhaps the record-breaking pop star is letting her fears get the better of her, as she admitted that she’s paranoid that the world is waiting for her to mess up.

“I’m in the news every single day for multiple different reasons,” she said.

“And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up - and then you’ll be done.”

The Bad Blood hitmaker confessed that she relies on phone calls to her mother Andrea to keep her anxiety under control.

“A lot of the time I need to call my mum and talk for a really long time, just to remind myself of all the things that are great and all the things that matter,” said Taylor.

The former country crooner, who is known for her acts of generosity including a recent £32,650 donation to the nephew of her backing dancer who is suffering from cancer, also said she struggled with her squeaky clean image.

“It’s not about trying to be perfect,” she said.

“Not to try and sound like the good witch in The Wizard Of Oz or something, but I really do want to do good things with what I have, and that’s it.”

“I don’t think my brain could cook up very shocking things for the sake of being shocking,” she added.

To read the full interview with Taylor, NME magazine is available from Friday.



A/N: Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I was at camp. Lame but it was my last year so I kinda felt inclined to go. I was having serious tumblr withdrawal tho. This idea came to me bc everyone always says me and my best friend (who is a guy) would be such a great couple and I’m like “naw bitch”. But anyways here you go, enjoy!

Prompt: Reader and Peter are best friends but a night spent at Peter’s house for some friendly fun causes them to both address their feelings for each other.

Warnings: None (I think)

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When you hang out with the same person, everyday, there are some assumptions. And rumors. Example A: Peter was staying at your house for a few days because Aunt May was taking a long needed vacation. Someone saw Peter going into your apartment those few days he was staying over and not come out so they assumed you two were hooking up. Example B: When Peter had his first girlfriend, who was a friend of yours as well, everyone would come up to you and say how they heard Peter got a girlfriend and how cute of a couple you two were. Which led to an explosion of “WE’RE NOT DATING, IT’S COMPLETELY PLATONIC! WE JUST HANG OUT A LOT,” from you. Example A was taking place again because your parents were going to some conference in Connecticut. You stopped by Peter’s locker before you two would walk home together. 

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aww enjolras phoning grantaire in the middle of the night like ‘i love you. i just had to tell you. alright, goodnight.’ and grantaire is so so pleased 

not because he thinks it was an actual confession but he’s been hanging out with joly or courf before and enjolras has just called with an immediate need to remind them how much he values them and how proud he is of them and they’re like 'yeah u too buddy get some sleep ok i love you bye’

so grantaire thinks he’s just moved up the ranks into one of enjolras’ actual friends as opposed to 'one of the people at the meetings’ and enjolras was just phoning all his best friends and telling them he loves them grantaire is one of his best friends

but then everytime grantaire sees him enjolras is just staring at him all the time bc grantaire never said anything about him calling to tell him he was in love with him in the middle of the night 

he just looks pleased with himself all the time and enjolras isn’t sure what to do with that

Somebody loves you if they don’t mind the quiet. They don’t mind running errands with you or cleaning your apartment while blasting some annoying music. There’s no pressure, no need to fill the silences. You know how with some of your friends there needs to be some sort of activity for you to hang out? You don’t feel uncomfortable just shooting the shit and watching bad reality TV with them. You need something that will keep the both of you busy to ensure there won’t be a void. That’s not love. That’s “hey babe! I like you okay. Do you wanna grab lunch? I think we have enough to talk about to fill two hours!” It’s a damn dream when you find someone you can do nothing with. Whether you’re skydiving together or sitting at home and doing different things, it’s always comfortable. That is fucking love.
—  Thought Catalog, How To Tell If Someone Loves You
TFLN Sentence Meme (Part 1)
  • [TEXT] I shouldn't be drunk at 3 pm but alas, here we are...
  • [TEXT] You owe me beer. On another note, I made out with the ups guy at work today ....
  • [TEXT] You know if we weren't hooking up I think we'd actually be friends
  • [TEXT] Seriously I'm not after your cock. It's a nice bonus, like finding $20 in the dryer, but not the reason I hang out with you.
  • [TEXT] the only thing I remember was some guy took out his fake eye to use it for beer pong
  • [TEXT] You suck. You're fired. I need to find a less reasonable voice-of-reason.
  • [TEXT] Please high five our old drug dealer for me please.
  • [TEXT] I think my teeth are moving, they feel like people.
  • [TEXT] He came inside and met my grandmother after we had sex in the driveway. I love that he has a van.
  • [TEXT] you can now officially say a girl has shaved your initials into her pubes. welcome to the club.
  • [TEXT] Whatever. I just want to indulge in this mcchicken and forget all about his tiny penis.
  • [TEXT] You know i love you, but i just cannot fuck you until your eyebrow grows back. It's too hard not to laugh.
  • [TEXT] She's good at three things and two of them involve dicks. And other one involves her love for arts.
  • [TEXT] I still think it's strange your mom saw me 93% naked with a Santa hat on and a raging boner. Tis the season right?
  • [TEXT] And you said I'm not athletic, I rubbed one out with my sports band on, it's the same as walking 1/4 mile.
  • [TEXT] That sounds worse than that time you thought out an entire story of how big bird would kill you
  • [TEXT] We took vodka shots. You kept saying it was the key to your heart.
  • [TEXT] I'm not sure how long my penis is exactly, but I will tell you it resembles a bendy straw
  • [TEXT] I can now recognize that when my wine bottle reaches a certain point, I probably shouldn't tweet, text or call anyone. RESPONSIBILITY
  • [TEXT] Can we smoke pot out of a menorah?
  • [TEXT] What is my life coming to that I have to cross state lines to get laid?
  • [TEXT] Its official... I need to stop being so slutty.. the guy I had sex with on friday delivered my jimmy johns tonight.
  • [TEXT] Had to drive my booty call home because he had an asthma attack after we had sex .. How was your night?
  • [TEXT] You also spilled beer on my dog and tried to wipe it off with a paper towel but he kept getting away from you.
  • [TEXT] I don't even remember his name...i'm just gonna save it as birthday sex
  • [TEXT] I don't know what's worse the fact that I woke up with a clit piercing or the fact that I didn't pay for it.
  • [TEXT] He fell asleep cradling my ass and every time I moved he adjusted his hand accordingly. I've found the one.
  • [TEXT] I'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life. And yes you can use my mom's printer.
  • [TEXT] Did I send you a drunk selfie with a pine tree last night?
  • [TEXT] I mayyyyy have moaned a name that wasn't his
  • [TEXT] Happy anniversary, did you sign and mail in the divorce papers yet?
  • [TEXT] What wine goes with Cap’n Crunch?
  • [TEXT] So much tequila, so little girl.
Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend? (Frozenlock, Johnlock)
  • Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend? (Frozenlock, Johnlock)
  • Isy

Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend?
(lyrics & vocals by Isy)

*knock knock*
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I’d be glad if you agreed!
I never had a friend before,
come out the door,
‘cause you’re the one I need!
We already are great flatmates, let’s be much more.
I promise I won’t blow you up!
Do you want to be my boyfriend?
You can also be my best friend.

John: I’m with Mary, so go away, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Okay, bye…


*knock knock*

Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I swear this isn’t for a case!
I think some company is overdue,
I’ve started talking to
The skull and all the plates!
(hang in there, Billy!)
It gets a little lonely,
In the Baker Street rooms,
Just watching the hours tick by-
(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)


*knock knock*

Please, I know you’re in there.
I am single once again.
I’ve changed my mind, about me and you,
I’m right out here for you, just let me in.
We always had each other,
Now again it’s you and me,
What are we gonna do?

I really want to be your boyfriend.
I hope you still want to be my boyfriend.

I think I should take some time off. People might need a break from me. I’m going to hang out with friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.
—  Taylor Swift on what she’ll do after wrapping up the 1989 World Tour
Pray You Catch Me (Wilkinson, Lawley)

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  • Request: babe i need you to write a sammy imagine that involves kian for me. please. (For you always babe @silkymaloski.)
  • Disclaimer: Gif creds to owner.
  • A/N: kian is so fucking hot in the gif wtf AND BEYS NEW ALBUM IM FUCKING ALIVE
  • Summary: Best friends y/n and Samm reunite and hang out. Sam invites some new people, one of them being y/n’s celeb crush. Little did she know that Sam likes her.
  • Check out: master list & fan fic

♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢

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hi friends! remember these guys?

well i took some better pictures on a black bg because the first pictures were a little washed out looking. these aren’t that much better, but at least you can tell the dogs from the background. ;)

i’m posting new pictures because i need to sell the blue/cool colors carousel borzoi. i’d love to hang on to the set, but unfortunately i’m in a tough spot at the end of this semester. 

it’s only the blue/grey one that’s for sale, and i’m asking $250 for it. he’s about 6 inches tall and 10 inches long. he’s got a little hang tag with the original concept art on it, which you can easily cut off if you’re not into it. i accept paypal, and would prefer the whole payment up front. email me at cactus.joe@gmail.com if you want to buy him! if you claim him and i don’t get payment for 24 hours, i’ll put him back up for sale (unless you talk to me about it and we work out a later payment. i just don’t want to be left hanging ;) )

Not Broken: Julie Daly talks asexual representation in YA

At some point in high school, I decided to accept I was a broken straight girl.

Where my friends could talk about guys with ease - my high school was open minded, but there weren’t many MOGAI* girls out - and dip in and out of relationships, I couldn’t. The guys I had crushes on were guys I was friends with, and they were the sort of crushes that were more “I could hang out with this guy and see where things go, maybe?” There were no butterflies or fantasies or drawing my name with his last name and hearts.

By the time I reached high school and heard the term “asexual” for the first time, I brushed it off as impossible for me. I wasn’t uninterested in sex. I just didn’t particularly want to have sex with anyone I knew. I loved romance novels and romance in general, had an decent interest in sex, and found people attractive. All the signs pointed against the definition of asexual I was given. Even though calling myself straight chafed, it had to be because so many of my really good friends at this point - almost all of whom I met online - identified as MOGAI. I had to be just some weird, broken straight kid. Maybe I just felt excluded.

Read more of Julie’s essay + read her list of asexual YA recs!