Responsibility **Swazz Imagine**

Trying to balance a relationship,as well as having a child can be hard. You and Swazz have a three year old baby girl,Athena. Lately,all of your attention and focus has been on her. John has been in and out of the studio,but also focusing on Athena.

Currently,you were sitting on the couch waiting for John to get home. Normally you would already be in bed sleeping,but tonight you needed to ask John to watch Athena while you went out for a friends birthday. You hear keys jingling in the door, signaling that John was home.

“Hey babe” he says throwing his coat over the couch.

“Hey boo. Um I was wondering if you would watch Athena tomorrow. Y/f/n’s birthday is tomorrow and we wanna have a girls day before going out?”

“Sure why not” John says slightly dozing off.

“Alright then. Goodnight”

The next morning you wake up to John shuffling around the room.

“Babe what are you looking for?” You say in a groggy morning voice.

“My wallet. I’m late for meeting Nate at the studio.”

“Um what do you mean studio?? You said that you would watch Athena because today is y/f/n’s birthday.?

"I don’t remember agreeing to that, but I you not going to help me go back to sleep.”

“What do you mean you "don’t remember”? This just happened last night.“

At this point you were furious. Before Athena,John would never forget you asking him to do things. He was always there for you, but now he’s not there at all.

"Well y/n whatever. Ask your mom to do it.”

“I’m sorry if this hasn’t occurred to you, but my mother has a life outside of Athena and I. ”


He takes out a wad of cash, and throws it in your direction. You got so mad at him. What type of mother would you be to trust strangers with your childs life? You really wanted to slap him in the face,but you didn’t. Instead, you picked up the closest thing to you, Athena’s red Converse,and threw it at him.

“Momma my chu.” Your three year old daughter comes into the room with tears in her eyes. “Why did you throw it at daddy?”

“Nothing baby. Momma and dada were playing catch.” You say thinking of a decent excuse.

“Athena go to your room.” John says with bass in his voice.

“Okay” she says with a hollow voice.

“Johnathan Robert Swift don’t you EVER yell at my daughter AGAIN.”

“Y/n I’m done. I’ll be home later,maybe.”

After he left the house, all you could do was try to calm down. He had some serious nerve. He had broken his promise,yelled at your child and left you both upset. All throughout the day, you tried to cheer up Athena. Considering the fact that John never yelled at her,she was still upset about it.

Around eight, you and Athena had just finished watching Nemo. She had fallen asleep on your chest. You picked her up and placed her in your bed. You doubted that John would come home, and if he did he was sleeping on the couch.

You were right, John didn’t show up that night. In the morning, you wake up to the smell of bacon. You carefully get out of bed,without waking Athena, and head downstairs. You see John wearing sweatpants that hung off of his waist. He heard you little feet padding across the floor. He looks up at you, and for some reason you began to cry. All emotions you held in last night,for the sake of Athena,began to come out. John runs over to you and hugs you. Even though you needed him to comfort you,you pushed him away.

“John can we talk? Like really talk,I don’t wanna yell and argue.”

“Of course ma.” He says sitting down next to you on the couch.

“Yesterday wasn’t what I expected to happen. You made a promise that I thought you would keep, but you didn’t. You don’t even understand how much it hurt me to see you yell at our daughter like that. Honestly,you’ve changed.” You say the last part looking down at your feet.

“Ma I’m sorry. I should’ve been the man you needed, but because I wasn’t you missed out on some girl time and you were upset. Sometimes I feel like I don’t matter to you anymore. All of your time and attention goes to Athena. I know it sounds really selfish, but I need you too baby.”

You actually began to soften your hard exterior. It was really cute. It was like John was a kid in preschool. When he didn’t get the attention he desired, he began to act up.

“Awe bubba. Why you didn’t tell me anything? I could’ve made time for you.”

“I just felt selfish,and that I would be taking time away from Athena.”

“Never feel like that. I’m yours and if you feel you aren’t getting the attention you want then tell me.”

“I will mama,I promise.”

You straddle John’s legs, and give him a much desired kiss.

“I love you and forgive you,but you need to see if Athena forgives you.”

“Ugh the toughest of them all.” John groans and carries you into Athena’s room. You guys peacefully watch her sleep for a minute,then John places little kisses on her face.

“Mhmm” your babygirl groans, then she looks up at John with the angriest face she could muster.

“No dada. No kisses you were mean to me.” She says with her little pout.

“I know baby and I’m really sorry. How about dada makes it up to you and momma?”

“How?” She says with her face getting brighter.

“We could go shopping,then you and momma could get your nails done and we could end the night with dinner.”

“YAY! I LOVE YOU DADA.” Athena yells hugging John.

“Well we could only go if dada get a big kiss from his little princess.”

“Mwah” Athena says giving John a kiss.

John then picks up Athena, and starts spinning her around. You were still standing by the door. With a smile, you couldn’t help but admire your perfectly imperfect family.

Ricky Horror-I Don’t Think That

Trigger warning: Low self esteem, bullying

(Y/F/S) Your favorite song

*Beep beep beep* your alarm clock went off waking you up. You got up and looked next to you and you saw your sleeping boyfriend of 1 year, You started to shake him “wake up” you said. You needed to wake him up so he could go to band practice. “Morning beautiful” he said as he looked at you “morning” you told him.

You got up and walked into the kitchen. You poured yourself a bowl of cereal. “What are you doing today” Ricky asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “I’m going shopping.” “When” he asked. “While you’re at band practice” you said and sat down at the table.

He started making himself some cereal too. “What are you getting” he asked sitting across from you. “I have to leave here in a little bit” he said and began eating. “I know” you said and put your bowl in the sink. “I have to get ready” you said and pecked Ricky on the lips.

“I love you Ricky” you told him. “I love you too (Y/N)” he said and kissed you and got ready to go practice with his band. He finished up getting ready and walked out the door.

You finished getting dressed and did your makeup. You put your jacket and walked out to your car and drove to the mall. You turned up the radio and (Y/F/S) started to play. You sang along with it and pulled into the mall, and parked your car.

You got out and walked towards the entrance. The wind started blowing harder, you pulled your jacket tighter around your body, and walked faster to the doors. You walked right in and headed to Hot Topic.

You walked past a table of girls. “Hey fatass.” “Hey fatass.” “You’re so fat and ugly” one of them told you. “How can you get through the doors being that big?” ‘You look gross.” “You’re ugly.” They laughed and you walked away.

You tried not to think about what they said. You knew you weren’t skinny, but you didn’t think you were that bad. You walked into Hot Topic and walked to the t’shirts. You looked through them. A worker came over to you. He stared at you for a few seconds before asking “do you need help finding anything?” “No. just looking for a new outfit” you said. “If you need any help just ask” he said and walked away to help another costumer.

You found a cute shirt, and a pair of jeans that would look cute together, You continued to look, and found another outfit. You found a worker. It was the guy from before “can I use a changing room?” “Yea, follow me” he said and took you to the dressing room.

He walked away and you shut the door and started to try on the shirts and the jeans. One of the jeans felt tight around your waist. You felt sad, and thought about the girls who were making fun of you earlier, maybe they were right. You pulled them off and tried on the other pair. They felt better, you tried on the shirts and liked the way they looked.

You put your clothes back on and grabbed the clothes you just tried on and walked to the cashier and payed for your items. You left and grabbed something to eat in the food court before you left. You sat down at a table snd started to eat.

“Do you ever stop eating” someone said to you, you looked and it was one of the girls from earlier. “No she doesn’t, look at her.” You didn’t say anything, you continued to eat your food, and then you didn’t want anymore. You got up and threw your food away and walked outside and went to your car.

You got in and drove back home. You hurried inside and threw your bags down. You went into the bathroom and Ricky was in there taking a shower. “Hey babe” he greeted. “Hey” you said and washed your hands. You walked out and into your room to get undressed. You looked in your full length mirror. You turned to your side and looked at your body.

You hated what you were seeing. You started to cry, and then you felt two arms wrap around your body. “What’s wrong baby?” “Look at me” you said and looked down. “I am, you’re beautiful” he said and kissed you. “No i’m ugly and fat and just look.” you said and cried harder. “Where did you get that” he asked. “These girls at the mall were telling me that, it’s true.” “No it’s not” he said and you looked at him. “I think it is.” “I don’t think that” he said and kissed you. 

He started rubbing circles in your back. He pulled you closer and pushed you down on the bed. “I’m going to show you how beautiful you are.” He trailed kisses down your stomach, and he rubbed your legs. “You’re so beautiful” he said again as he kissed along your neck finding your sweet spot, and biting down on it. He ripped off the towel he had wrapped around his waist, and threw it to the ground.

He cupped your face and he kissed your lips and across your jaw. He lined him self up with you and he slid himself in slowly, watching your face. He let you adjust to his size before he started moving slowly, going in and out of you. He rubbed your sides, and started sucking on your nipple, and massaging your breast.

“I love you so much (Y/N)” he said and kissed you. “I love you too” you told him. He continued telling you sweet things and he kissed across your neck and he finished and pulled out. He pulled you into his side. “You are amazing, and beautiful, and I love you, and I love your body. You’re not fat or ugly” he said and kissed you again, before you both fell asleep.

I’m going to shove an entire loaf of wonderbread down my throat my heart is on the verge of combustion right now I cANT BRE ATH E Hayden Christensen is such an absolute dream, such a stunning lovely human. I would trek through countless myriads of barren deserts, following any striking system of uncharted stars for him!!???!?!!!???!!!?!!

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"Sleeping with another man... I think that would cut Jude more deeply than Zero going for another female." I think exactly the opposite. Right now in this situation Zero sleeping with a woman would confirm Jude's mantra of "You don't do relationships with guys. You only here because you can't be with her." Jude would doubt that he was enough and that he couldn't please Zero's needs. He would think that he was just a f*** along the way. No, with another man he could compete but not with a woman.

I think if Zero was to sleep with anyone else it would hurt Jude - no matter the gender. I don’t believe Zero’s ever had a real relationship with anyone. Yes, Zero doesn’t do relationships publicly with men but he’s never had any feelings for either gender, imo. 

Both Jude and Zero has doubts about each other. Jude, like you said, is unsure if he could be enough for Zero because Jude’s never been with another guy before Zero and Zero’s been with a lot of other people. Zero just doesn’t know how to trust people and let his guard down and that could ruin the best thing that ever happened to him… 

Photoshoot -Lynn Gunn imagine

I was tired and was not in my best mood. You see 2 am is when I need my beauty sleep. A girl can’t look this good without her beauty sleep. I was a well known model around the world. Anyway you might be wonder y/n what the hell are you doing at this hour. Well I was sleeping, until my stupid manager Stacy called me to tell me I was going to model with a girl named Lynn. Who the f*** is she. She’s not even that important. Like the hell she was the reason I woke up at 2.
*next day*
I grumble out of bed. I wear sweats, I mean I’m not here to dress to impress, for all I know she could be stuck up.
As I walk into the building I see a girl. She’s probably 5'7 which was tall compared to me I was only 5'2 . She was the most stunning person Ive ever seen.
“y/n, this is Lynn ”, Dave the photographer said.
We both shared our hi’s.
The shoot was a sexy lovers theme between two girls. I was down for that, Lynn was hot no doubt about that.
I had my bra and panties shown and a shirt on top of it. Lynn had a shirt buttoned up with a tie and panties.
“OK, y/n I want you to pull Lynn’s tie and look fierce”
“excellent, now I want you kiss her and Lynn lift y/n left leg up, like your having a intense kiss”, he said. Lynn obeyed and did exactly what Dave said. Soon as we kissed I felt sparks, it was like it was only us two in this world.
“OK that’s a wrap” Dave said.
“y/n wait up, I was wondering if maybe me and could go out for dinner”, she asked nervously.
“sure,when?”, I smiled bigger than the cat from Alice in wonderland. I couldnt care less of what it’s name was cause all I could think of Lynn.
“now”, she said while scratching her neck.
“it’s a date”, I said with a laugh
“it’s a date” she repeated my words.
“can I do something”, I asked, I knew she liked me and I liked her so no harm in kissing right?
“umm ok” she said unsurly
I lean in and kiss her but I pulled away a few seconds after with a smile on both of our faces. I lean in and whisper “see you at 7”, with that I walked away swaying my hips on purpose.
Hoped you liked it

                 ❝— The feeling of not  belonging  a n y w h e r e  , when 
                words are so MEANINGLESS even if they have the best intention ,
                     when you simply know you won’t ever  go back to those days 
                     you were able to SMILE but you keep  lying  &&. saying everything
                     will be  f i n e  … i know that feeling pretty well.❞  

Looking for other dedicated rpers to do 1x1′s with. I have been rping for about 10 years now and I am dedicated (my longest running 1x1 is 2 years and it’s still going strong). I want to create something amazing where we just keep it going and add to it. I wanna fall in love with our characters and all we do is talk about plots and inspiration for them. I want it to be casual and no pressure to reply since I work full time.

I would love to play some more females in a m/f, the only time I get to play a female is in a f/f and I already have a few of them going. I can do oc, celeb, supernatural, anything. I just wanna rp like it use to be, so if you’re interested let me know. Also ignore my blog right now, I’m still editing it but I need to sleep soon.

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Phoebe, if you don't mind me asking, do you recall any time you may have had an accident with your fire? (Hope you don't mind me asking her over here, Static)

Static: I d-doh’t bide at all, k-krzzt. *snif* Feel f-free to ask by d-deighbors adythigg, adytibe! *snif coughhack* P-p-plus it g-gibes b-be bore t-tibe to rest. So go ahead, Phoe…haa-aA-ATCHOOO!! Ugh, s-sorry. *blows nose* G-go ahead, Phoebe. I’b g-goigg b-back t-to s-sleep.

Phoebe: Thanks Static! And yeah, you need your rest. Get well soon, dude. Anyways, lemme think about this for a second. (thought) Hmm…as a phoenix, i’ve always had my powers from the day i first hatched, unlike Static who developed them at ten, sparky. (Static: L-luckyy…) So you could imagine as a child, i was a rebel, and of course, quite into flaunting my powers. And yes, it actually got me expelled from school on one occasion… Of course nowadays, i hardly use my powers except for menial tasks, like cooking, lighting my fireplace, or de-icing my walkway. But to answer your question, anon, yeah, i accidentally burned down my first house during my rebellious period, sparky. I wasn’t allowed to use my fire indoors until i turned 18 for that. Oh well. Crud happens.

Ugh. I feel like absolute shit right now. Got a sore throat coming on and a massive migraine which doesn’t want to leave me the hell alone despite taking medicine for it. *grumbles unhappily* Doesn’t help I’ve been waking up at like 2 in the morning for the past few days because my body decides it is a good idea to make me go to the bathroom when I need bloody sleep.

Bleh. Anyone got an cute/fluffy Hancock/F!SS stuff to cheer me up? Kinda need something right now.

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for the number thing: april, casey, irma, 3

Hi there Anon!
Number 3: f*ck, take a bullet for, murder

Okay, this gets a little complex…
We’re talking 2012 and assuming they are in their 20s or 30s in this scenario.

But, I would probably murder Irma, simply because she turned out to be Kraang Sub-Prime. She would have ranked differently if she had actually been the friend that April needed and deserved.

The f*ck/take a bullet question is a little tougher. I guess I’ll say I’d go for a roll with Casey (after he took a shower, because we all know that’s not one of his priorities) and I would take a bullet for April.

I can’t say I wouldn’t sleep with an older (and mutually interested0 April or that I wouldn’t take a bullet for Casey, especially since we all know he would do the same for us. But I feel like they would both offer me gratitude fist-bumps for my final choices.

And, let’s face it, if I tried to take a bullet for Casey, Raph would just push me out of the way and take it for himself.

i need to go to sleep . im so fucking tired . im typing with one eye closed b c im so tired. but im feeling so bad. im feeling so fucking bad. i just want everythin to be ok ay but the only way for things to be okay is if i die. i hate this. i hate this. its been three weeks since i was last assaulted. three weeks. three weeks out o f being assaulted by so m any people since i  waas like what ? 4? ????? fuck. i ts all im good for. its all im ever going to be good for. i want to die. i want to die. i want to die. 

Plan for tomorrow, then

See if i wake up before noon, the lazy fuck that I am, unlikely as I sleep like the fucking dead good grief
Washing (get change for machines, f fucks sake)
Make cawl like a proper adult cs real food needs eating for once
Walk in the park for you know actual sunlight maybe and also find where we’re going on a trip on wednesday
Possible writing, more likely swearing at the keyboard
Check out lark lane chippy, see if the gravy is still as good as mum said it was twenty years ago
Actual contact with mother - whatsapp is the bestest you guys
Ignore uni work?
So much knitting yes indeedy

(…Sleep now)

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Aww why was your week so bad?

Well I just found out that my gpa doesn’t meet the requirements needed for me to continue being in the National Honor Society so I’m probably going to get kicked out soon, and I failed a pre calculus test on like Monday so now I have an F in that class along with my environmental science class bc I’m a piece of shit and I haven’t gotten my lab reports done so all that really put a damper on my mood. Plus, for some reason my sleep schedule got completely fucked up so I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been having headaches on and off all week. This week has sucked major ass and I’m sure next week won’t be any better