About time Felicity got some

Finally, after 2,5 season of nothing, Felicity finally get laid! I can not be the one to recommend sleeping with your boss but when you are teaming up with two super heroes there is not really any time to date. Now, to all the Olicity fans out there (me included) just because F and R slept together does not mean that Olicity is never going to happen. Oliver has been in love with Felicity for a long time, even though he has not said the words before now, and he has been with other people. The tension between Oliver and Felicity will build up and it will happen but you just need to give it some time. Right now, Felicity need to figure out if she is going to tell Ray that she is also working with “The Arrow” because it would be kind of hard to help two super heroes at the same time. As for Oliver, he has some shit to go through. Is he going to be the new Ra’s? No matter what his choice is, he still have to get his shit together before he can be in any kind of relationship.


A - Z of IPKKND : D is for Dupatta

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein band kar ke dekhi hai maine subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love…


a: flo?
f: mmm.
a: flo i know this sucks-
f: that is a huge understatement, amelia. how can dean carrigan even do this?
a: because he’s the dean of the school. *silence* look let’s just try it. i’m sure he is-
f: i am not going to sleep with him or whatever else you’re implying. i’m not interested in guys, which i know you are aware of.
a: i didn’t even mean that. i meant that you always want to help people. and he clearly needs your help. you could really make a difference. you’ve always said you want to really have an impact on someone’s life and be remembered by someone for the help you gave them.
f: i didn’t mean him.
a: i don’t think you get to choose who to help, flo.
c: *from inside* mr ravenwood, miss weasley, there will be serious consequences if this tonsil tennis continues. inside, now!
a: come on, we have to go. it’ll be okay, flo.
f: sure.

I am past the point of everything has its season and to the point of this is never going to ever end.

Made in Heaven

A 'Happy 700+ Followers!' fic for ataashe my bae. Luv u bb <333

You seemed to like that disgustingly domestic meme I did, so here’s an entire fic about it. ;D 

Dorian woke up to the smell of burning in the house. He groaned and rolled over, pressing his face into the pillow in some attempt to make the morning go away. Someone must have been trying to make breakfast again. Even with his nose stuffed into the cushions he could still smell the sharp scent of burnt food, so he gave up on staying asleep. 

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i just need a book that is all marasi colms.

marasi sighing bc really, wayne? stick people on my cases again? this looks horribly unprofessional.

marasi frowning over her files late into the night, not getting enough sleep because she needs to find that last connection for her argument and she can feel it she’s so close

marasi going out with the boys the next day anyway because it’s one thing to practice the law in the courtroom, but to be out there, interacting with it, seeing the theories at work… it’s exhilarating

marasi colms laying down the fucking law in the courtroom

marasi at the shooting range with some of her girlfriends, chatting about the next salon in between shots

marasi, despite being a female in a male-dominated field, standing out from her peers not only because she is intelligent and skilled, but because she has been down in the dirt with the people she’s prosecuting, so to speak, and she’s seen all of the theories in action

marasi colms (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


My good friend tinysciencecow​ makes lists of things that she needs to do, and it seems to work well for her. I’m going to start doing it for a little while to see if it works for me, too.


  • Make to-do list
  • Email professor
  • Exercise (walked ~5.2 miles)
  • Emails:
    • L
    • F
    • M
    • N
    • GS
  • Blog post (at least start)
  • Instagram something
  • Tweet something (three things!)
  • Queue 12 Tumblr posts
  • Discuss thesis with Mix
  • Buy groceries
  • Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep

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The lovely blaugranabish tagged me to make my name out of song titles and I have a few minutes before I need to sleep so here we go (thank you btw 😘)

H - Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira)
A - Afire Love (Ed Sheeran)
N - Night Changes (One Direction)
N - No Interruption (Hoodie Allen)
A - Are You Satisfied (Marina And The Diamonds)
H - Heaven (Beyoncé)

I’m going to tag oxchambers, aysenal, daleyxblind, oscareful and itneymarjr :)

lledra replied to your post “It’s amazing how I can go from one panel thinking, ‘I F*CKING LOVE…”

I really needed this today. It’s great to know I’m not alone with having my mood change from panel to panel, LOL. But YOU CAN DO IT!

You are totally not alone!  It’s pretty rare for me to love a page from start to finish.  Sometimes I work on a panel so long that everything starts to look wonky and I start second-guessing myself (I’m really jealous of comickers who post sketchy comics).  That’s why I usually try to “sleep on it” before I post a page, especially when I think something looks off.  I may just be over-scrutinizing it.



replied to your post

“It’s amazing how I can go from one panel thinking, ‘I F*CKING LOVE…”

Every day of my life, you nailed it <xD

We shall flip the table together!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ╯(°□° ╯)

it’s 1am and i’m thinking about f********** i need to be up at 7am to guide a 17 year old around my damn campus i need to find god and go to sleep