I just think it needs to be said, that Neda is not Cassandra number one target. Her main targets are Bruno/Kevin because they literally fucked up her game week one by spreading the rumor that Cass was trying to flip the vote last minute as well as lying to Cass about Neda going after her so Cass in respond said that “she needs to get backdoored” which Bruno/Kevin went and told Gary who then told Neda. Cass also can’t win a comp to save her life which is why you should keep her around because you would have a better shot at beating her in the comps moving forward. Furthermore Cass just lost the one person that was 100% loyal to her so she’s completely alone. I understand that Cass is a threat (she’s one of the best social players to ever be on big brother$) but right now Neda should be focusing on taking out physical threats rather than social threats because it increase her chances of winning comps once she hits jury, which she will need to do if she wants to make it to the end.

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Do you ever think about if anyone in Kings Landing ever noticed Sandor’s interest in Sansa? Like that place was crawling with spies from all sides, and no one noticed? Or maybe it’s a classic case of “everyone knows that those two like each other, except for the two people who in fact like each other.”…….I need to go outside.

I just really love this gif.

It look like Snafu’s going to put his arm around Eugene’s shoulder but then Eugene catches him mid arm-deployment. Snafu just laughs and is like ‘what? totally normal arm movement right here. I wasn’t gonna do shit. laugh it off, Snafu.’ and Eugene just looks really confused for a second like 'was he about to put his arm around me?’

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I just want to say awesome job that you did on Under The Aegis, awesome that it make me want to read your future works. On that point I have 3 questions: 1/ Are you taking a break UTA and the next comic? 2/ What is it named? 3/ When will it appear? Keep on the good work(P.S: Does the picture of Dorian's struggle to wash Matthew reflects an incident that happened to you, you're a dogs lover)

Thank you nonnie!!! I appreciate you <3

To answer your questions:

1) Yes I am taking a break, I’ve forgotten what being human is and what natural light looks like.

2) My next comic is titled The Ocean Soul and here’s a quick peek at the main derp:

And co-main (not a derp)

3) I’m not sure when I’ll be publishing, I have a few life things to take care of in the coming months, plus writing the script, making assets (I learned a huge lesson with UtA and this time I’ll be more prepared). I’ll post updates!

And no, I wash my dog tenderly with warm water and love so he’s never run out on me (though there have been some close calls). Matthew can just be a little sh*t sometimes and Dorian is a big softie.

So, see that handsome fella on the right?! That’s Donald Glover, and I am so INSANELY excited to see him take on the role of a young Lando Calrissian in the young Han Solo Star Wars movie. Like, I cannot explain how excited I am and I am delighted for him to be getting so much attention.

Still… there’s this part of me that harkens back to his infancy in the comedy realms of the internet…. Before Community and his explosion into Stand-Up fame;  when he was making awful, hilarious videos on Youtube with his friends…

Yes… I remember…

Sometimes I wonder if I need to get out more. Especially when I spend 17 hours on a couch reading fanfics I’ve already read before and drinking the same lukewarm cup of tea that I got up to refill approximately two and a half hours ago.

sunny day

Trans guys in need of donations

Hey guys! so i’ve moved my boyfriend in with me to get him out of a bad home, however we didn’t have any money left over to get us things we needed. Summer is hitting hard, so we’d like to get lighter colored binders (and just new ones since the seams of our current ones are coming undone), STP’s, and maybe even a swimming specific binder, and we need clothes as well because all we have are dark clothes and pants. I’d also like to get a shirt meant to swim with, because i’m not comfortable swimming in just my binder in a public setting. 

A single binder from gc2b plus shipping is about $40 or more, but we have two trans guys here to buy them for. One of the lowest quality STP’s i can find are about $20, and again we need two. Basically we just need to raise a metric fuck ton of money to get our necessities. We would have probably been able to get most of these things ourselves, except that when our 18th birthdays rolled around, we literally got no birthday money at all, when we were expecting at least $100. We’re both unemployed, and right now its impossible to get a job since no one around us is hiring, we dont even have shoes to wear to walk since ours have quite literally fallen apart, and we don’t have a car. 

If you could donate, the paypal email is meepingkankri@aol.com, but if not please single boost this! I really hate asking for things, but binders are things that are needed, as well as clothing, and shoes. Any amount of money helps honestly!!!


ISTP: Hey, INTP. You wanna try something new?

INTP: Is it like idea new or go outside and actually do something new.

ISTP: The latter.

INTP: Yeah, I’m going to need to check with my outside manager.

Tertiary Si: No.

INTP: Well, there’s your answer.