Secret fact of the night #33; Disneyland’s Club 33.

Club 33 is an exclusive and extremely secretive club where membership is required to enter at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. While originally intended for exclusive use by Disneyland’s corporate sponsors and other industry VIPs, when Club 33 opened in May 1967 (five months after Disney’s death) individual memberships were also offered.

As of 2011, there is a 13 year wait list for membership. It only allows 487 members. And members pay an initiation fee of either $27,500 (if they are a corporation) or $10,450 (for individuals). On top of that, they pay annual fees of about $6,000 or $3,000.

The club is located in New Orleans Square. Many are lead here after coming off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and never even notice it. Club 33 is the only location in the entire park where any alcohol is served. And at the same time, due to it’s exclusivity for having very high statured people (from CEOs, to Celebrities, to even Presidents and other world leaders.) Club 33 was not designed to stand out or draw attention. To help keep the veil of secrecy, the club door and entryway were painted a very subdued color referred to by Disney designers as ‘noseeum’. According to the engineers, this color is the least recognized in the spectrum when viewed by the human eye.

The Club is passed by thousands of people everyday at the park with little to no knowledge of what it represents.

threat | tommy shelby

Could you do a Thomas Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelbys and during the war was a nurse and being engaged to Tommy (since you were childhood best friends and sweethearts) and you two tell each other everything (business included) and the reader gets a threatening letter from a old solider who she got kicked out for trying to rape a fellow nurse and at first she doesn’t want to tell Tommy since she doesn’t want to further danger him but she gets scared and Tommy comforts her??

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The war had taken it’s toll on everyone. Mothers were now having to raise their children single handily due to having no husband. Young children no longer had no brothers, uncles or fathers. It made you realise how lucky you was to have Tommy still. At first, you didn’t want him going to war. The chances of him never coming back were high. After a while, you let him go. It was the hardest thing you had ever done and most nights, you laid awake thinking he was never going to come back. Tommy had to do his duty for the country, and you respected that. After Tommy left, you trained as a nurse. Two years into the war, you were stationed in Belgium. It wasn’t an easy task, but all you could think about was how your Tommy was out there.  

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Dance With Me - OngNiel

I gave in…. this probably isn’t any good but i just felt the feels and needed to write something. 

Enjoy …

Dance With Me 
Daniel entered the training room quietly. It was late. Not ‘I’m a trainee, this is time to practice late’ but ‘Everyone in their right mind has been asleep for an hour’ late. He was looking for Seongwoo, the other boy slept in the bunk opposite his and Daniel could tell that the bed hadn’t been slept on.
He tried to sleep but something kept him up. It was almost five am and they had group evaluations the next day. All trainees were advised to have an early night, even Hyunbin who arguably needed the most help in their group had gone to bed on the advice of the trainers.
Seongwoo was dancing, Daniel watched him for a moment, an intense look of determination etched on his undeniably handsome face. He didn’t seem to notice the other boy’s entrance, despite standing in front of a wall of mirrors. The loud melody of ‘Sorry, Sorry’ echoed through the room and Daniel almost winced, he was truly sick of the song after hearing it so often over the past couple of days.
“What’re you doing?” He asked, finally making his presence known. He crossed his arms across his chest and leant against the wall. Seongwoo jumped, clutching his chest and swinging around to address him.
“When did you get here?” He quirked an eyebrow.
“Just now, why are you still up? We got told to go to bed hours ago.”
“I need some extra practice; I’ll go back soon.” He shrugged off and turned back to face the mirror, trying to get back into the routine.
“It’s almost five and you know they are going to blare ‘Pick Me’ at the crack of dawn. Come on. You’re good.” Daniel reassured him with a lopsided grin.
“Not good enough,” Seongwoo groaned as he gave up on the dance, letting himself drop to the ground in exhaustion. “I am the centre, I have to do well, for the group.”
“Don’t be stupid, Seongwoo ah, you are obviously going to do okay.” Daniel responded, unable to keep the frustration from his tone. Seongwoo would do brilliantly, he knew it, everyone did. He walked over and dropped himself down, lying beside the older boy.
He felt a weak jab at his side, “Ya, ‘Seongwoo ah’?  I’m older than you, you brat.” Seongwoo jokingly ranted.
Daniel gasped in a fake voice, “Oh, Hyung! I’m so sorry. My humble apologies!”  He grasped the other boy’s arm in faux panic. They both laughed knowing Seongwoo was not serious, he wasn’t one to care about respect or formality.
They fell into a comfortable silence.
Daniel turned his head to the side, to find that Seongwoo was already looking back at him; the others boy’s cheeks were rosy from the extended exercise, fringe dampened, sticking to his forehead in a messy fashion. Daniel tried not to show the way his heart stuttered as they locked eyes.
He was beautiful.
Daniel couldn’t deny it. He also couldn’t break the eye contact. They lay there for a few moments or hours, he couldn’t tell. He knew he had to move though. As he sat back up he was stopped by slender fingers that intertwined with his own.
“Niel ah, do you really think it will be okay?” Seongwoo’s goofy grin couldn’t hide the concern in his voice, or the tremor in his hand.
“Don’t be stupid, you are great and you will do GREAT.” Daniel spoke confidently, as he pulled the two of them to stand. He walked over to the speakers, without releasing the other’s hand for even a second.
“What are yo-” Seongwoo was interrupted by a new song that was blaring through the speakers.
Hey, hey, hey
I got a condo in Manhattan
Baby girl, what’s hatnin’?
You and your ass invited
So gon’ and get to clappin’
Go pop it for a pimp, pop-pop it for me…
Seongwoo groaned at the sound of his audition song, while Daniel made his way back to the centre of the room and began to dance dorkily, pulling cute faces.
“Hyung… Ong shii…. come on pop-pop it for me.” He laughed.
“Niel ah, I’m not in the mood.” Seongwoo replied, only to be ignored by the taller boy who just pulled him in forcing him to dance around.
Daniel knew they probably looked ridiculous, almost flailing around, but it was enough to see that smile work its way back onto Seongwoo’s face. After a short moment of resistance, Seongwoo began to dance on his own, popping and spinning his way around Daniel. They cracked up, dancing through the song, letting the next one play without stopping. Their moves got more and more fluid, getting closer and closer together. At some point, they just began dancing with each other; arm’s winding around necks, hands grasping at hips, bodies rolling against one another.
Daniel came back to his senses first, realising his sudden proximity to the older boy. His sharp intake of breath shattering the moment. They stood frozen; chest to chest. A tense silence enveloped them, Daniel instinctively looked down, he couldn’t take the weight of Seongwoo’s stare.
“Niel ah,” His voice was breathy and tickled Daniel’s cheek. He still couldn’t bring himself to look up. That was when a hand, with slender fingers and soft skin, tilted up his chin.
“Hyung…” He winced at the weakness in his voice, causing Seongwoo to crack a lopsided grin.
“Thank you.” He replied, unable to resist the urge to mimic Daniel’s tone. He then leaned in and brushed his lips against the younger boy’s, before bolting out of the room. Daniel stood there unable to move, certain that his face was an overpowering shade of crimson.
As he lay in his bunk that night, feeling the other boy stir beside him, Daniel couldn’t hide the pounding of his heart in his ears and he decided that he didn’t want to. He turned in the cramped bunk, burying his face into the crook of his Hyung’s neck and letting himself drift off, as the early hours of morning began to surface.


I Hope you liked that, or y’no at least didn’t hate it with a burning passion hahah I may write more, it’s a long wait between each episode and the subs coming out. I suppose if you have a suggestion or criticism, put it in my ask? 

I still can not believe that I was actually there, in Versailles, standing in what was Marie Antoinette’s bedroom. Some one pinch me because I think I am still dreaming!! It’s just also so breath taking, being where she once was… 

I have this headcanon-scene-thing where Onewa would be mostly uninterested in the contents of the Archives, but eventually would jokingly ask Whenua, “You got any rocks?” Then, when the answer turns out to be, “Of course, we have a whole section dedicated to them!”, the rest of that day is spent with Onewa running around that section and just being happy about all the different types of rock in one place and Whenua trailing after him with this really big grin.

“I’ve used this one before in my carving!  But that one, ugh, it’s terrible - crumbles real easy and doesn’t last very long in the elements.  And - hey, pumice!  Did you know it floats?!  Whoever heard of a rock that floats, right, but it does so that means there’s still hope for me to float someday. …stop laughing, it could happen!”

And…and so on.

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Happen to make it out to Reno this year?

Nope, I do need to go back soon. Maybe in 2019. With the Unlimited Gold planes slowly going away, there isn’t much left. Voodoo is quitting after this season leaving Strega the only highly modified P-51 left.

For You ~ pt. 14

| all parts up to date |

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~ Recharging ~

It wasn’t that bad. That is probably because the boys were being dorks most of the time, especially Namjoon, which surprised me because as a leader I thought he would have a no shit policy.

I still am not able handle Jungkook’s charismatic expression whenever he dances and to be honest he was a distraction more than anything.
Jungkook had actually pulled me away and then called for Yoongi for the solo rap part and he had actually it, blowing me away with his strong charisma.

All in all, they are truly amazing and really funny people to be around.

“Wuah, really awesome (jinjja daebak).” Taehyung whirls in my direction while clapping his hands excitedly.

“Really, really amazing.” Hoseok praises me as well with two thumbs up.

Flattered and flustered from all the attention, I bow deeply. “Kamsahamnida (thank you).”

Jungkook having kept his arm around me pats my back encouragingly.

“She’s even better than Jin.” Jimin says making Jin stare at him bewildered.

“But I do agree, I’m speechless. Although, you won’t be able to beat this.” Jin proceeds to throw his arms out straight then diagonal, reminding me of a police officer stepping in for the traffic lights.

“Did you used to have dance lessons when you were younger?” Taehyung asks me.

Before I can answer, Jungkook motions for me to sit back down. “Hm, my mother was my ballet teacher, so I had that for many years, then I switched to dancing classes a few years ago.”
His head snaps to me at the mention of my mother but I give him a reassuring smile.

“No wonder, you posture is great. Namjoon-ah, you should get some ballet lessons.” Tauntingly, Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows.

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Love Call (5)

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       Simon’s eyes widened when he saw you at the same place with him, you were focused on preparing the camera and lenses for today’s photo shoot. You didn’t aware that Simon kept staring at your movement, he carefully observing you even when Myungsoo explained to you how and what kind of photo shoot theme that you were going to do.

       Since the rumors blew up, Simon and you haven’t met each other for more than a month. Not even single message he sent to you and you thought he has never have feeling for you, his happy laughed when he put his arm around that girl earlier when you accidentally saw them, it was showing you the truth, he has no feeling for you. It’s just you and your stupid reverie. His company statement made everything clearer to you, it’s just a friendship between famous celebrity and ordinary people.

       "It’s y/n.“ Gray commented when he spotted you on the set, Simon kept looking at you as he nodded in Gray’s comment.

       “She’s pretty…” Simon murmured but Gray still could hear what he said.

       “Just confess to her.” Gray’s quick reply made Simon thinking hard.        


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btchdykes  asked:

GOOD MORNING QUIM I hope you slept well And that you have an amazing night tonight✨

good morning.. its like.. 2am.. i need to go back to sleep soon so im not a tired bitch all day tomorrow.. thaank you i hopw you have a good night

the hunter and his monster

Bel was a hunter and being a hunter means being on the move constantly, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal but Bel had a boyfriend that he hated being away from. Luckly Max started to come with him. they were in town for a vampire and bel hadn’t been getting any leads.

Bel’s phone rang, “Hello, i’ll be there right away.” Bel said hanging up and kissed Max. “I need to go out i’ll be back soon, stay here.” he said smiling.



Last December I was bored in my New York apartment and decided to write about the best trip I had ever taken. I decided to post it here because I think everyone should go on a trip like this. Its not comedic at all, it’s just about a trip I took. 

Escape from New York

I live in New York City and it’s too much. It’s hard to think here. And this city doesn’t let up when you’re down. I feel like this city knows when you’re not feeling great and becomes tougher. I was bumming on things pretty hard recently and then one day I got hit by a cab riding my bike then later that night the bike got stolen. I was just thought, “Holy shit. Enough is enough.” I had to leave, just get away. I am a comedian and had shows in Utah so I decided to head out there a week early. I flew to Salt Lake City with my girlfriend, rented a car, and drove to Wyoming with no agenda. For the first time in my entire life, I had 6 days with nowhere to be.

We drove to the Grand Tetons first. I’d only seen pictures and had always wanted to see them for myself.  Photos don’t really do them justice; they’re mesmerizing. We hiked into them one day and then spent the next day just staring at them from a distance. The photo above is from when I watched beavers work on a dam in a tributary of the Snake River and laughed like a little kid to strangers about how much excitement I was getting from it.

We drove up into Yellowstone with the idea of just looking around for a day, but immediately realized that was a huge mistake. If we wanted to really see Yellowstone we needed to stay there for a least a week and we couldn’t do that on this trip. My girlfriend had to fly back out of Salt Lake City the next day, so we made a mental note to return to Yellowstone soon to truly see it. We drove out of Yellowstone and back into the Tetons so we could have one last dinner staring at our new favorite thing on planet Earth. After the sunset we took of for Salt Lake City so she could make her flight in the morning. We drove all night, but weren’t tired because we were still high from the whole experience.

After I dropped Joanna off at the airport I decided to drive South to Zion National Park. The drive to Zion took a full day because I tried not to take the major interstates in order to actually see Utah as I drove through it. Taking back roads is how I always want to travel from now on if time allows. The photo above was on a gravel road about 2 hours from Zion in Central Utah. The World Series was on and I just pulled over, listened to it on the radio, and drank beer on the hood of my rental car while the Sun set. I felt so calm, like I had nothing to ever feel sorry about. I was relaxing and being happy. I had just been fired from a job and I had been angry about it for months and it was on this night I finally realized, “Hey man, shit is pretty good for you right now. Get over it.”

After the light disappeared from the sky I took off again for Zion. When I got there I rented cheap motel room a half mile outside of the park entrance so I could wake up and be inside the canyon for sunrise.

I woke up early and hopped on a bus that takes you into the park. I had no plans of what to do and didn’t know much about Zion so I lucked out that the woman I sat next to on the bus was down to chat and fill me in on the things I had to see. Light started entering the valley as the bus took off. The first thing the woman told me I had to do was hike Angels Landing. As with almost every hike I go on, I way underestimated it.  I only had brought 2 liters of water, which I blew through pretty quick, but it was worth it when I got to the top. I crawled up to the very edge and looked over. My stomach went into my mouth and I immediately scrambled backwards and then sat down and read for a few hours until I decided to hike down to check out “The Narrows.”

I remained completely underprepared when I got to The Narrows. You had to wade through water almost the entire way and everyone had on special pants and water shoes they had rented back in town. I had nothing, so I just took off my socks, threw them over my shoulder, rolled up my jeans, and trudged in. Everyone I walked past inside the Narrows was eager to talk about how great it was. Just a bunch of phrases like “can you believe this?” and “really nuts, huh?”

It was the only time I asked someone to take a picture of me since I was alone. It’s tough to be an adult and ask someone, “hey take a picture of just me!”  But I found a really sweet old lady who I didn’t think would judge me and asked her to do it. I went about two miles in to the craziest canyon I have ever seen and realized it was like four more miles to the end and then I’d have to hike back the six miles all over again. I don’t really like retracing my steps so I decided to just head back now and go watch the sun set at The Grand Canyon.

I felt like I was cheating The Grand Canyon by only being here a short time. I think to really even attempt to grasp the landscape I needed to spend at least one week inside the park instead of a gross single sunset. Either way that’s what I did and it was beautiful, but of all the parks I had been so far this was my least favorite. I totally understand that’s my fault. I drove to the spot where they tell you to go, I looked at it, and then I left. I failed the park, it did nothing wrong. I need to go back soon and redeem myself. I left after it was pitch black outside with no moon and drove to within twenty miles of Bryce Canyon so I could be there the full day before I had to drive to Salt Lake City that night to do radio in the next morning for my comedy shows.

 Bryce Canyon blew me the fuck away. I had no idea what I was literally walking into. I got there as the sun came up and trekked down into the canyon and took my time hiking inside of it all day long. If there was any off shoot of the trail, I took it. I laid on the rocks and tried to read, but found myself so distracted by the landscape I kept just staring off into the distance. This was the last day of my adventure, I had to be somewhere for the first time in full week the next morning. I thought a lot and realized this is what’s important in life; finding something you love doing, and allowing yourself to do it. I love seeing nature, I need to make this a top priority in life. Everything’s too short to not at least attempt to do what makes you happy. I climbed out of the canyon and watched the sunset, then bolted for Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City was the first time I had to be brought back to reality in 6 days. I found myself immediately not wanting to be in a city. I went and walked around The Great Salt Lake. It smelled terrible and seemed dead, but at least I was back in nature. The stand up shows I did were great in the city and it was because I was so happy. Excitement translates in stand up comedy, and I was so excited about the rest of my life that my performances were enthusiastic and happy. I am going to continue to do these type of things and hope my friends and family I called and passionately told to make a similar trip take me up on it. Escape from your New York. Get the fuck outta there.

holy-mothballs  asked:

Could you name a book or books that changed the way you see the world?

I’m going to try to go with ones that aren’t as popular to use for this type of book - just to try and think more about! So here are some books that changed how I saw the world in various ways:

1. Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister - I mentioned this the other day so I wanted to include it. Seemingly random, but it really was a great book. It teaches tolerance and being yourself, and then sharing with others. When I was little, it was one of my favorites and I still have fond feelings for it now. 

2. B by Sarah Kay - This is an amazing spoken word poem that was turned into a children’s book. If any of you haven’t seen it, definitely youtube it. I go back to it whenever I need to hear something uplifting, and I hope to be the kind of mother Sarah Kay talks about one day. 

3. Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov- This book showed me that even insane, pedophilic men can be charming, educated and sophisticated. It also taught me what it meant to be an unreliable narrator which was important given my career path. However, the main reason is that charming criminal. He’s sophisticated, handsome (by his own accounts), and loves literature. Annnnnd….is a pedophile and quite depraved. Showed me you really can’t judge people by their appearance and that monsters hide in all forms. 

4. On the Road by Jack Kerouac - I would say this is a book that has to go on this list as I considered getting part of it tattooed on me. It inspired me to want to travel, to live my life as it comes, and to just …well, live. It’s a great book. I need to go back and reread it soon. 

5. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery- Seem to be on a children’s book kick, but I did read quite a bit when I was younger. This book changed the way I looked at reading and being different. I was always known as the girl with her head in the clouds, and Anne showed me that just made you all the more special. I love this book so much! 

Thanks so much for the question! 


Dear Maya
A new film! And set in Paris no less. Our favorite girl in one of my favorite cities. So many memories there. I may just need to go back soon!


K: WTF! with the hot rodding? you SOOO can’t drive!

R: don’t make fun of my driving!

K; seriously could they have not given you another job?

R: like what?

K: I don’t know! PrHamster?

R: what the fuck is that? Making up words again honey?

K: You. Epic performance this past week. Hamming it up dude!

R: oh that

K: when is the last time you took that many fan pics?

R: distractions can be bliss

K: Speaking of distractions! You’re used to cameras flashing but……………OMG! Talk about flashing………….

R: that was a bit…………….unexpected

K: HA! you think???

R: I don’t know what to think anymore. I am fucking exhausted

K: hamster wheel running you ragged?

R: more like a racing with rats……. Just ask twitter. I’m all over it.

K: OK seriously? That “brunch face”? That’s your face when you’ve witnessed a blowout diaper. HAAAAAA

R: that is precisely how I was feeling

K: sorry sweetie :( but hey - rocking your birthday beanie!

R: no such thing as too many beanies! Especially since mine get STOLEN frequently

K: excuuuuse me?? I may borrow one from time to time. Can’t believe you wore that CHA shirt!

R: why not? Because you slept in it the other night? I love wearing things that smell like you.

K: such. a. dork. :) yeah well TWITTER likes you wearing that stuff. OK OK OK so I was lurking…… what would twitter do without you dude?

R: Not just me! they’re talking about your new role. I love the idea of you in a film about seedy fashion underwear

K: DUDE. fashion UNDERWOLRD! not underwear

R: yeah I don’t like you wearing underwear anyway

K: one track. How’s that college fund coming along?

R: I’m exhausted remember? How about giving me a break!!

K: you were thinking it weren’t you? About me in underwear?

R: Actually I was thinking about you without underwear


R: Can’t help it if I have sex with you a lot in my head


R: thank God you can’t read my mind or you would be “charging me” for my thoughts

K: LOL that goes without saying.. I love you and your THOUGHTS

R: good because I can’t wait to show you what I am thinking

K: that will be another dollar. You may rival the rednose funds with your one track jar!

R: you DO know people heard you laughing in the background on my rednose promo

K: I couldn’t help it! You were making someone else laugh too! You are the giggle master.

R: I am master of something else

K: That you are. And that will be another dollar.

R: You are relentless! I love you

K: that I am! And I love you more

So sweet Maya
We have a holiday weekend! I am looking forward to relaxing with the family. Spending time with people who make me laugh and make my heart smile. That’s what it’s all about. It’s going to be OK.