a mix for tadashi: the inventor, the victim & the brother

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summary: Bobby’s been watching Sam and Dean for years. He knows how much they need each other. [a/n: part of the asthma!verse]

It’s not like Bobby hasn’t wondered about them.  Christ, those boys are attached at the damn hip—where one goes, the other goes too, or else there’s going to be a fit from Sam and panicked eyes from Dean.  The way he treats that kid, always before himself, like Sam gets food first, Sam gets the extra pillows, Sam can have Dean’s blanket because Sam gets cold and Dean’s fine.  Sammy needs me, I take care of him, and Jesus, if Bobby and John don’t know that by now they don’t know nothin’.  

If Bobby sets up an air mattress for Dean so the kids can have their own space, Dean just ends up climbing in with Sam, or his brother climbs in with him.  Dean has to watch Bobby cook, peering anxiously into the pot, so that Sam doesn’t eat anything bad.  Bobby tries to explain to Dean once that he knows what Sam can’t have (and he’d never hurt the kid), but Dean just stares at him and shakes his head, like Bobby doesn’t get it.  Bobby wonders if John ever accidently fed Sam something bad.  Or maybe Dean just needs to be sure, because he only trusts himself with Sam. 

Dean treats Sam too much like his own baby. 

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Shadows in the Light

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Deepest Darkest Desire

Imagine finding out Dean’s deepest darkest desire.

– Requested by @irishxgem

So, as of the moment, I’ll be doing imagines just until I get the ‘will’ to write my long ass one shot requests so I am deeply sorry if I’m letting down the people who sent me one shot requests. I promise to write them/finish them when I have the inspiration. I just want to give you guys well written fics instead of crappy ones when I write them without passion. 

Don’t forget to send questions or talk to Dean for this Thursday and Friday! (3000?!?!??!!)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“Dean, I am not leaving you when the Qareen will most likely turn up here!” You screamed at your best friend. He groaned and sighed, nodding. “You may be one of the best damn hunter out there but we both know you need help sometimes especially when this creature is out looking for you nonetheless, you stupid prick.” You said. “I know, (y/n).” He said, walking around to get ready whenever the Qareen will turn up.

He hated it when he makes irrational choices that he thinks are for the good and you tend to call him out for but in the end, you’d always find a way to get him out of trouble, that’s what best friends do right? But to Dean, it’s more than that.

You both heard a noise and then the the Qareen entered. The fact that it was suddenly there was not the reason you gasped out loud. The one reason was that the Qareen was taking your form. Your eyes shifted to Dean and shock filled his eyes. After glancing at your way, he kept a direct look at the Qareen and to make sure, you, the real you is behind him to not confuse him.

You didn’t want to argue now but you were sure you were going to question Dean about the whole a Qareen takes the form of the person’s deepest darkest desire. You fought along side Dean as you both avoided the rough punches of the Qareen and ran around the basement. Finally, after countless amounts of holes in walls, boards, tables, and everything, the Qareen was dispatched.

You and Dean heaved as you stopped running and then Sam came back down to check on you two, seeing the multiple punches. He stayed quiet as he noticed the awkward silence engulfing you and Dean.

Back in the motel, where Sam was getting the car ready, you and Dean were left in the room. “So… want to tell me something?” You started, looking up at Dean, who’s back was turned to you. You saw his shoulder drop and he sighed. “Actually, yeah.” He said. He turned around and in three strides, he was in front of you, cupping your cheek and kissing you with so much passion, it cut you out of breath.

You kissed him back, obviously, but the moment was cut short when Sam entered the room. “(Y/n), Dean,” He looked up and his eyes widened. “Okaaay…” He trailed awkwardly. You and Dean jumped off of each other and blushed. “I assume the Qareen took your form?” Sam asked you. You and Dean blushed darker. “This changes a lot of things from now on.” Sam muttered, walking out to the car, leaving you and Dean again.

He looked up at you, a small smile etched in his face. You turned to him and saw him ask you with his eyes, a clear evident desire for you this time. You nodded your head and smiled. He held out his hand and you took it, walking out of the room with him.

salvatoreshadow  asked:

hi, me again because I need a kandreil one (obvs) so plss 75 with these cuties

fic meme 1-100: kandreil + 75. “I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

Happy Kandreil Week, @theperfectcourt ! This one’s for all of you ❤️

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So the story is, basically lemonorangelime was mad at herself for not drawing sexy time faces. So I told her to practice drawing LL!Marco with a sexy face… in a Christmas hat.

Then I started one cause damn I need to practice too… and it started out as Marco… and then she told me to draw Eren… and I could never say no to my waifu. 

So here you have it. My very first LL fanart at my waifu’s request.

You’re welcome.

This gif represents how you will feel once you finish the following trifecta of emotional RinHaru fics.

They are poignant and beautiful and heartbreaking. And while I normally go for lighter and smuttier stories, these three are almost required reading for RinHaru shippers. So if you want to feel emotional and raw, may I recommend:

  • A Drop in the Ocean by pennyofthewild - RinHaru (T+) (AO3); You probably want at least one tissue.

  • Sight Unseen by fencer-x - HaruRin (M) (AO3); You’ll probably need a tissue. Or ten.

  • but alas we cannot swim by pyropanic/ shootthewendybird - RinHaru (T+) (AO3); You’re going to go through the whole damn box of tissues. And then cry some more when you tell people about it.

Fanfic Writers Are Not Paid to Write

Michelle, I am so so sorry for your anons. They obviously don’t write, because if they did, they wouldn’t be harassing you. Do you know how many fics I’ve started and never finished? Like twenty. Easy. I have fics on my ao3 that I’m still updating, and will probably make me a while to finish because I’m just not feeling it like I used to. 

Your anons need to realize a couple of things:

1. Why post something if you never intend to finish it? Because we do, anon. When we start, we’re totally gonna finish that fic. But guess what? The Creative Genius is extremely fucking fickle. I started a one-shot last week and lost steam because it was taking me too long to get out. It’s been scrapped. Things get scrapped and put on hold or go on hiatus for writers all the damn time. Writing is hard and anybody who says otherwise is either a liar, or they’re not doing it properly. You have no control over when you’ll get inspiration for a fic, or when you’ll lose it. (I’ve been writing Under the Arches for a year now… it’s barely halfway done.)

2. On the coattails of the first point: WE ARE NOT PAID. Fic writers do so because they love writing. It’s a hobby, not a job. Want to know a really great way for awesome fic authors to stop posting altogether? Stressing them out because everyone wants the new part of the fic and they have such high expectations and oh god how will this ever be good enough I’ll never get it done in time I should just give up. Readership is amazing, and getting messages asking for updates can be amazing ego-boosters… but if they sound aggressive it can totally destroy you. You’re not getting paid for this, you don’t have any real deadlines. It’s supposed to be fun. The day it stops being fun is the day you stop because it’s hurting rather than helping you.

Michelle, you are doing nothing wrong, and your anons are being rude. You are well-known in the fandom and people love your stuff. That’s why they’re messaging you. All of that being said, theses people could seriously afford to take some writing lessons of their own in order to not sound like entitled jerks. You write and update tons of things people like, and it’s not your job to make everyone happy. Keep doing what you’re doing, doll, because you’re doing great <3

@mirandatam dude you would not believe how long that prompt you gave me is becoming (you know, the Satine having to deal with Obi-Wan and Serenus). I might have to actually put it up on AO3 because geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

I kinda combined it with the first prompt. Let’s just have the whole fam there it’ll be fun.

(Here’s sneaky peaky. I’ll gift it to you on Ao3 when I finish. That okay?)

(God, writing actual fic for this Verse instead of just snippets is so damn fulfilling. I love it. I feel like I could write a million words for this damn thing, 90K of which would just be Obi-Wan bantering with Sith Qui-Gon. Screw plot.)

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Because Every Ship Needs a Damn Coffee AU 3

This is dedicated to Kudakano, even if she never reads this. It’s not fun or fair to be hated on for your ship and I’m so very happy she had decided to continue Street Love and she’s decided to not fully give up on Hidashi.

Part 3

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So someone rec’d this fic for me and I had to share…I. AM. DYING.  I’ve finished 11 out of 14 chapters (there’s a WIP sequel I hope she updates SOON!) and am drooling thru the entire damn thing.  Like…this is one of the hottest, most interesting, well written stories I’ve ever read.  And ya’ll know just how many fics I read…

Check it out:

His Wicked Games   Rated M - Complete

Kurt needs more money to keep his boss’ art center alive. When the funds the Anderson family pledged were pulled, Kurt tries anything to convince the Anderson’s heir to give back the money. What happens is what neither had expected.

slams fists on the table


I need to finish too many things before I start writing the fic for it and it’s killing me inside. There’s A SONG and Junkrat as a smug arse in a suit and lots of tension and turmoil I’M DYING I NEED TO WRITE IT

I feel like I’m bloody haunted by this thing and it’s lighting my fingers on fire with how much it hurts to not write oh my god

Berena Fanfic

Okay, so I’ve finally finished my fic and what started as an intention just to flesh out one of my (fluffy!) headcanons, evolved into a 10500 word monster. It’s going to need one HELL of a proof-read and I’m torn between excitement at having finished and the prospect of finally sharing it and the feeling it is utter shite and I’m duping you all and you’re all going be secretly disappointed. I love love love reading fic for this fandom, but every time I do its so damn good and I just look at my own writing and want to cry. But hey ho!

Have another teaser.

“Looking for round two?”

“So you thought you’d bring it to my doorstep and have it out in hand-to-hand to combat instead?”

“Why are you offering?” Great, Bernie chides herself. Use flirting to paper over the cracks in her voice. In their friendship.