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Done with the klamille, klayley and haylijah bullshit in the klaroline tag and anti the originals tag.  I don’t watch the show. I read kalijah/kennett/mabeckah/klaroline/finnxsage fanfiction. To me those are the original family. NOT YOUR MYSTICAL SNOWFLAKE QUEEN HAYLEY. Lovely how they blame klaroliners for PT, yes there are bad apples in the fandom but most of us aren’t hate filled and genuinely aren’t obsessed with the originals tv show. I loved Phoebe in H2o, Cleo was my favourite and I loved Faye in the SC. So no I don’t hate Phoebe Tonkin. I hate Hayley Marshall and I blame Julie Plec for writing her like that as she is only a vessel for this demon spawn and for a future love triangle which will ruin Klaus & Elijah’s relationship. They just another defan ppl!

Don’t like = Don’t watch/Don’t come in tag.

Whether you a klaroline, klayley, kalijah, kennett - everyone needs to learn this. If you don’t ship it. Don’t go into the fucking tag.

P.S By the way did you klayley/to stans forget that you send the klaroliners hate? Yeah I remember shelovedtooeasily getting attacked personally for her appearance for example and none of you do shit. Hypocrites everywhere.

do you love hayley kiyoko? have you been listening to her ep citrine nonstop? do you accept hayley kiyoko as the Savior and Queen of the Gays™? if so, the citrine network is for you!

how to get in 

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anyways i think that’s it, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and thanks for reading!!

"How the hell did you break a toilet?!" "In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Prompt: “How the hell did you break a toilet.”
“In my defense, I was left unsupervised.”

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none, maybe swearing?

A weekend alone in the tower was exactly what you needed. Tony had taken Pepper away for their anniversary. Clint had gone back to be with his family and Natasha had tagged along to see her surrogate children. Wanda and Vision volunteered to fill in for a trainer at the SHIELD facility in California. Steve, Sam, and Bucky were having a ‘boy’s weekend’ somewhere, whatever that meant.

As much as you loved being Bucky’s girlfriend, you had to practically shove him out the door to have a weekend away. You needed the peace and quiet.

With everyone gone, you had the entire place to yourself, just you and FRIDAY, and you were loving each and every second of it. Currently you were sliding across the floor in a pair of spandex shorts and one of Bucky’s t-shirts, while jamming across to your favorite tunes. You were looking through the cabinets of the kitchen trying to find something to eat. You had ordered takeout the past two days already, and since the boys would be coming back from their weekend soon, you figured it would be best to go shopping.

Two hours later you returned with all the groceries. Getting enough food for all of the team was a mission in itself. You finally finished unpacking everything in the kitchen when you heard a noise coming from down the hall. You paused and listened, hearing something crash in one of the rooms.

You walked silently out of the kitchen, pulling the spare knife from inside your jacket, in case whatever was in the tower decided to come after you. The noise got louder as you made your way past the bedrooms of your teammates, until you reached yours and Bucky’s room at the end of the hall. A crash sounded and you pushed the door open. The room looked fine, but the bathroom light was on.

Just then you heard a crash followed by a very long string on curse words. You knew the voice, Bucky was back, but from the sound of it, he had just fucked up. You pushed open the door to the bathroom and were shocked and confused as what you say.

The toilet, or rather where the toilet should have been was gone. The only sign that it had been there was the porcelain pieces on the floor. You looked at Bucky, shock evident in your eyes. He looked back you, like a kid who just got caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

“How the hell did you break a toilet?!” you finally shouted at him.

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised,” he replied holding his hands out in his defense. He was soaked in what you knew was toilet water.

“You’re a 100 year old ex-assassin! You don’t need assistance Barnes,” you yelled at him again.

You saw the fear grow in his widening eyes. He knew that you only called him Barnes when you were mad at him. Although this wasn’t as bad as when he had eaten the last container of your thin mints. That was the one and only time you had called him by his entire name, and he was not about to make that happen again.

“I can explain,” he said getting up off the floor hastily.

You crossed your arms over your chest, and waited. He, luckily, took it as a sign to keep talking.

“Okay, so me, Steve and Sam got back like an hour ago, but Steve got called on a mission and Sam wanted to go with him. I wanted to stay here, because I wanted to hang out with you and tell you about our boy’s weekend, well at least the stuff they said I could tell you. So I jumped in the shower, changed but left my phone, but when I went to grab it, it fell in the toilet, and I reached into get it, but my arm got stuck and I pulled, and then it broke,” he finished his crazy story.

You couldn’t help but start to smile and then finally just burst out laughing. Your crazy super soldier boyfriend was an absolute goof sometimes. This was definitely something you would have to tell Nat and Wanda about when they got home.

“Okay well get changed and clean this up,” you finally said with a smile and began to walk out.

“Not even kiss after a long weekend?” he asked leaning against the door way.

“I’m not kissing you until you are no longer covered in toilet water,” you sang as you walked out the door. “Oh and you’re telling Tony that you broke his toilet.”


N O S H I K O  A P P R E C I A T I O N  W E E K 
1st September - 7th September 
↳ Run by argenterykirayukiruma

Seeing as Noshiko needs more love in this fandom, this week is dedicated to uplift and celebrate her. Come on guys, let’s fill her tag! 

There is no sign-up for this event, it’s open for everyone and all fanworks are accepted. So bring forth your graphics, fanmixes and even fanfiction depending on the relevant day. 

DAY ONE (1st September) 
↳ Favourite badass moment 

DAY TWO (2nd September) 
↳ Favourite relationship 

DAY THREE (3rd September) 
Young Noshiko 

DAY FOUR (4th September) 
Favourite quote 

DAY FIVE (5th September) 
Colour porn 

DAY SIX (6th September) 

DAY SEVEN (7th September) 
Free choice! 

Please tag all your creations with #noshikoweek and make sure it’s in the first five tags of your post so it appears in the tag. Also tag with ‘noshiko yukimura’ or 'noshikoedit' so everyone will be able to view positive, lovely things in her tag. 

Please follow noshikoweek for further updates and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Thank you and please reblog this post to get it across! Looking forward to an amazing week. 

I blame avelera for this lovely little distraction from working on prompts (and because I NEED more bigspoon!Bilbo cuddling his littlespoon!Thorin dammit!)

Her tags from this post just filled me with a burning need for schmoop, so here we are <3

“Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you there`s no one else above you?
You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness.” ()

Ok, this needs to stop now. Sanja is a beautiful person, probably the best one in this fandom, and there are assholes - worse, Caryler assholes - who have driven her off with disgusting hate. 

But we can’t let them do this. 

Assholes like these are the poison of the fandom and they need to be brought down. So I say that we, the GOOD part of the Caryl Family (and I know that is a lot of us) work together and make this place as beautiful and asshole-free as possible so that our lovely Sanja can return. If we work together, we can fill the tag with levity, positivity, and as much love as we possibly can! We could make Sanja want to come back, if we try our hardest to repel these assholes. 

I love you guys, and I know that A LOT of us are better than the cowards that hide behind anon. And if we band together, I’m sure we can stop this. 


look @ this crappy banner smh ok lets do this

what is it?

the halseynet is us ppl who love halsey and a place for us all to cry abt her and stuff 


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ends 28/08 but i might extend it idk school

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halsey trash (multifandom is fine)

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you’ll get a msg from me looking for ur email to add u to the net chat, and ur gonna need to submit a short desc and a 180 x 180 icon

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a place 2 talk abt halsey

put a link to the net on ur blog


Wonder Woman already owns our hearts and her movie it’s not even out yet! I thought making a network to share our love and thoughts about this amazing character was fair.

♥ Rules

  • Must be following Diana Prince (i wish i was her bye)
  • Fill out this form (it’s really quick, i promise)
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  • Must reach 50 notes
  • Ends on April 28th

♥ What I’m looking for

  • Active, nice and friendly blogs
  • You don’t have to be 100% DC Comics (meaning multifandom is cool)
  • A tagging system is important

♥ What you get

  • New friends to share your love for Wonder Woman!
  • A place to share your thoughts and creations without hate
  • A spot on the network page and access to a chat for the members

♥ More info

  • Track #iheartdianaprince for news and updates
  • Please have your ask box open if i need to ask extra questions
  • I will be beginning with 15 members, if this has success i will add more later
  • If accepted your email will be needed in order to add you to the chat, so you must be comfortable with sharing it

If you have any questions don’t hesitate and come to my ask :) Thank you so much if you get in! <3

Quick Things
  • I am only half sorry for flooding your dash with message responses. You guys know that at first Antonio and I weren’t met with a whole hell of a lot of positivity, so this news not being the bane that I expected is just remarkable and fills me with joy I really need. Thank you all so damn much.
  • I have not announced it on Facebook yet. Antonio did, with a very quick, less than ten word tag that I did not accept onto my own feed. I love him and all, but this is a big deal, I need more than seven words and an emoticon, dude. 
  • All of the kids know. {I wanted to wait to tell them, but they’re all going to be here before second trimester hits anyway, and Samara knew about the transfer thanks to her father - don’t get me started.} And I take a tremendous amount of offense to anyone insinuating that we *owe* our exes a direct phone call - I fail to understand how any of them are privy to the contents of my uterus by default. We told everyone important; the kids. They HAVE to know, they are impacted directly, they gain a sibling. Telling an ex is a courtesy, not an obligation.
  • For the record though, because I frequently have to speak to both of mine, they do know. It was still a courtesy.
  • EDD is July 29th, putting me at 4 weeks, 2 days pregnant. As soon as I knew this, I looked into the hCG levels and they’re really not *that* high? So, I’m not betting on twins, but I’m very anxious for our first ultrasound anyway.

The Jane Foster network is going to be a grouping of people who love Jane and want to share their love of her and meet other people who also love Jane :) so to start out

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If you get accepted 
  • I’ll message you letting you know!
  • but since the messaging system here sucks you can track the tag “janenetwork” and I’ll release the urls of everyone who gets accepted there.
Other Info
  • you can share edits, fanfic, or anything you want
  • you can ask for promos or help in polls ect
  • you can ask me questions here
  • I might need some help along the way, so I will accept other people who want to be admins 
for there is danger in loving fiercely

for obbsessedturtle, a follow-up to this prompt, because contrary to what I fear is becoming popular belief I do have a heart. Butterfly Bog.  

She wakes to sunlight.

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The darling @shoedonym challenged me in the 5 minute writing thing. 

I have to admit I lost track of time. But I tried my best. :) 

tagging to play: @thesassywitchofthenortheast, @tersaseda, @imhookedonadarkswan and @potentialheartofdarkness

She’s filing papers when a pair of arms wraps around her waist tightly. Killian’s warm lips trail up her neck.

Her body tingles and buzzes with every touch. 

“You are distracting me,” she replies. 

“I brought you lunch, love.”

She turns and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. “Thanks.”

“Granny says hello.”

She pokes her head into the take out bag and grins when she sees a grilled cheese. “How do you always know what I’m craving?”

He sits down on her desk. His eyes are sparkling and his lips are upturned in a smart smirk. She’s instantly flooded with a powerful desire to rip off all that stupid leather. 

“Fantasizing about me again, Swan?” He teases.

“Shut up.”

“I’m not complaining,” he wiggles his eyebrows. “You know, love, your father isn’t here..”

“Killian, really.” But he stands, takes the grilled cheese and sets it on the desk. “Hey, I was eating that.”

He responds by attacking her lips with his. The kiss is hungry and passionate. It’s a flurry of lips, hands and quick breaths. He moans her name and she takes him by the hand and drags him to the bathroom. 

The grilled cheese goes cold. 


anonymous asked:

You are actually one of the most judgemental people I've ever seen online. Every other post is slating either males, white or straight people. Equality is for everyone and I will continue to fight for it alongside others who feel the same. Hope you enjoy your life filled with hate #keyboardwarrior #unfollowed

k bye

anonymous asked:

Junko x Reader? Like the reader helps Junko during the Killing games and stuff (and Junko being manipulative ofc Cause shes a LIL shit but i love her)

I hope this fits what you had in mind,anon!
-Mod Naegi 🍳

Also if anyone needs me to tag this a specific tag for them lemme know. Just lemme know.

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