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Last night’s ONE PUUUUNNCCHHH stream doodles. And Eeeyyyyy threw in some Samurai Jack at the last minute.

Seriously, I do need to do some proper fanart for One Punch Man, cuz Saitama is one of my favorite heroes. Hell! I still have yet to touch “My Hero Academia” and that’s an anime I love just as much.

When I first saw “Speed of Sound Sonic” ninja, my first thought gravitated towards Sonic the Hedgehog haha. Man Sonic can’t get a break. It’s one fast hedgehog after another, and now there’s a ninja speedster with his name.

The crossover with Genji was my brother’s idea. Offense VS Defense. 

And the final bit with Samurai Jack? I don’t need to explain much.

Welp, that’s it. Thanx every1 who came to the stream, despite how early I ended it. Dunno what I’ll draw next week. Maybe it will be Samurai Jack, dunno. I think I might work on something for my comic “Blue Fire.” Cya next week.