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So yeah! Here’s another update after my last post!

after checking both my paypal and bank account, I realize that i’m much closer to having enough for a laptop than I thought! 

I’m about $150 CDN away from having enough to buy a laptop with the specs that I need for school AND for digital art! Not only can my parents prioritize paying off their outstanding debt, but they don’t have to worry about using up what little spending money they have on purchasing me a new laptop! So i think now, its more imperative than ever that I’m able to get business!

Pencil Sketches (flat or with colour) - $7.50 CDN - $9.00 CDN
Line Art (with or without colour) - $12.50 CDN - $14.00 CDN

*~one extra character is $3.00 CDN per character. Three is the MAX*

most fandoms, characters and ships are fair-game! however, my limits include:

  • complex backgrounds
  • certain su ships (polygems, #japis,)
  • mecha/complex robots
  • #anti-sj content
  • #mlp (humanizations are fine, though)
  • #sexual content / #nsfw
  • #csa or adult/child pairings
  • #incest
  • #gore

Please askbox/IM me if interested and please make sure to pass this around or donate to the youcaring link above!

Becca just released a new Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Rose Quartz. 

COME ON, it’s like the makeup goddesses just worked together to find the one product that would combine my loves to make my break my no buy. 

I ordered it, naturally. No regrets.