I am so proud to be a Black man. No real analogy will capture that. My defense of Black men in the presence of the knives that hunger for us daily is sound and hardened. It is why I can’t support Parker’s ambitious art, even when he needs the voice of people like me the most to support and sustain the intent of it. If you don’t believe in the ways that patriarchy governs the air we breathe, then there is absolutely nothing you’ll agree with in my following words. The violence of men against women and femmes is as pervasive and consistent as the rising sun. Mostly, because we have normalized it, explained it away. Blamed the victim, developed the boys will be boys mantra and installed fellow men as the gatekeepers of any justice that would be served for such violent actions. And while it is a problem of men, it is also a problem of Black men, who sit at the intersection of being a victim of violence in this country and permeating it themselves. Which makes its more frustrating frankly, to see so many take the pain we endure and sharpen it into a weapon against the women that watch over us, comfort us, protect us. At the very least, it is about accountability.

So y’all know that I’m never a believer.

But it seems pretty clear that MMB and NR are both on set today, filming together.

Do you know what that means, regardless of what else it means?

It means we get the real Carol. 

Omg, I’m tearing up just thinking about having the real Carol back. For over three effing years, she’s only really been herself around Daryl. And yes I know it’s all shippy and wonderful and I’ll get to that eventually in my heart. But right now what I know is that they’re each other’s person and she’s the real Carol when Daryl’s there and I just AM GOING TO GO PUKE SOME FUCKING RAINBOWS OKAY?


elluts replied to your post “I had a dream that I was living in a house with four other people and…”

This is the cutest concept I’ve ever heard of, I thought Jongin was gonna be the person who the puppy ran to, imagine how cute

I thought that too as soon as I woke up I was like that’s what he needs rn. A happiness puppy. SCENARIO TIME: 

Jongin is alone and all cooped up in the dorm while the other members are out filming for a music show. He’s been sitting on his bed trying to read for hours but his eyes can’t seem to focus on the words at all. And so he shuffles out of his room and looks around the empty apartment. He knows he has to get out of there because he’s starting to feel like the walls are caving in on him and some fresh air could do him some good.. So Jongin throws on a beat up hoodie and hat and some sweatpants and slowly (and carefully) makes his way down to the closest park. Since the sun has already set most people are going to bed at this hour the park is fairly empty aside from a few kids still playing basketball and a younger couple that are too busy looking at each other to notice the limping man in sweats. He finds the nearest bench right by a streetlamp and settles down and just stares off into space not really thinking of anything other than the fact that he should have brought his earphones with him so he could listen to some music. I didn’t know there would be a full moon tonight, he thinks as he snaps a picture of the city and the water with the moon hanging over it. He saves it, thinking maybe he’ll send it to someone later…but honestly it will probably just get lost with all the other pictures on his phone that he takes in the spur of the moment.

 When there is nobody else walking past and it looks like the kids playing basketball are starting to pack up he leans his head back and closes his eyes and basks in the silence. Then softly from somewhere in the back of his head a song he has heard a thousand times on his iphone starts to play and he envisions himself dancing along. He doesn’t realize that his hands were actually following along with every move he was building up in his mind until he hears a little bark and peeks one eye open to look at who interrupted him mid performance. A small brown puppy looks up at the hand that was raised up in the air and it jumps up and tries to sniff at it. Jongin smiles, he probably thinks I’m going to throw something. Sure enough when he lowers his hand the puppy leaps off the bench and runs off trying to find whatever he threw. And after a couple seconds of sniffing around and finding nothing it lifts it’s head up and barks again as if it was frustrated that this human would lie to it. Jongin laughs, “Okay you want to play? We’re gonna have to go a little bit old school here I don’t have a ball to throw,” Jongin gets up and picks up a small stick and throws it. They play like this for awhile before Jongin suddenly realizes that almost no cars are even on the streets anymore. He checks his phone and gasps because how did he manage to spend this much time with the puppy. “I have to go home soon but if you want I can take you home for the night until we find your owner?” 

The puppy who had worn itself out settled down comfortably at his feet. “Would you like that? We could watch movies in my room until we fall asleep, I have some chicken we could share and Kyungsoo is a really good cook he could make you something else if you don’t like chicken..but I mean I just figured you’re a dog and dogs like meat right? Oh my god I’m talking to a dog…Thank goodness nobody is around or else they’ll think I’m crazy…” (little did he know an older couple just rushed by because they thought they saw a homeless man talking to the grass). The puppy rolls over on his stomach and wags his tail, and Jongin smiles “I’m guessing that’s a yes?” The puppy barks, and Jongin chuckles picking him up and scratching him behind his soft ears, “Okay, let’s go home.”

“I’m sure the other members will like you…Just you know.. make sure they know you were my friend first” 


“Okay good…and also what should I call you?”

woof woof

“I already have a dog named Monggu though… What about Teddy?” 


“Well you kind of look like a teddy bear so I just thought-”

woof woof woof 

“Cool, Teddy it is.”

Anna Kendrick: ‘I like letting men think they’re in control’
Frank, fiercely feminist and very, very funny –

Frank, fiercely feminist and very, very funny – Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is taking on Hollywood, one ego at a time. Well, when she’s not making faux pas in front of Colin Firth, that is… As her new film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates airs at the cinema, Scarlett Russell meets her​.

If you’ve found yourself wondering why the beautiful, well-paid actresses of Hollywood talk so much about sexism, Anna Kendrick has an example she casually mentions when we meet to talk about her latest film, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Unsolved Mysteries, BB...

Conspiracy theories, assumptions, please help me clear the air with fact based answers. I keep reading certain narratives on here that are not the reality in live feeds or the shows, or at least I don’t have the receipts, and would like them.

1. Why do people think Paulie and Z are still on the outs? That last jury segment was filmed only 4 days into Paulie’s stay there. Since then, we’ve seen Julie post a pic where Z and Paulie are cuddled up before buyback (Z from the jury clips wouldn’t even look at him), Day and Z both confirming to Paulie to go after James (as if they were working with him now…), Paulie telling Z to keep his/their bed for him, saying the beds were banging in jury, and then tripping all over himself when Day/Z gave him a look over the comment. Like he really seemed to be towing the line hard with Z, working for it, etc. And the biggest thing of all is that I don’t think Paulie tried his hardest. He was barely up there. I think he got comfy at jury, and thought fuck it he would go back too since he could not beat Vic.

2. Z and Day jumped off after confirming with Bridgette that James was the target for all of them. Z told Day she couldn’t do it, and Day nodded, they held hands and jumped off. Bridgette was clearly shaken, and shouted that was not in the plan, definitely not in any plan. So, clearly it was something Day/Z decided in their own sisterhood, jury was nice, no more emotional messes in the game, and they likely knew they weren’t beating Vic. We’re they working with Paulie though? He did not seem shocked at all that they went off, and it looked like they confirmed James again with him before going.

3. We’re Bridgette and Paulie working together? I feel like she hates him, but some kind of jury pact was definitely going on, regarding the target. Why was it James? What tea have they figured out? I guess James had some super secret alliance with Bridgette? Something like that was relayed to Victor. Why does Bridgette want her bestie Natalie’s core support out? Does she know James/Nicole had some type of deal?

4. WHAT KIND OF DEAL DO JAMES AND NICOLE HAVE? Honestly, it sometimes seems like they absolutely have an outside deal, and are riding it until the end, but if they were that close and had that locked up so tightly, why are they so distrustful of one another. Nicole does not trust James or she would have gotten off that wall to keep her hands bloodless, and James likewise. He “threw” the comp, because he knew he was going down before her, wanted to save face, and guilt her with the Mom thing. For a while I thought Nicole and James might even be playing Corey and Natalie, but now I don’t know. I think Nic might ride to the end with the other side of the house.

5. Is Natalie using/manipulating James? This is such a tough one for me. I do think Natalie is a nice girl, but I think she’s also very clever, and knows how to manipulate men well. I don’t mean by using her body, but rather by figuring them out and playing to their different personalities. I honestly think she went in there deciding she was going to choose one guy to be her ride or die until the end. She initially chose Vic, because he was a competitor, but when he proved too unruly, she moved swiftly onto James. She has a lock on James, and uses similar techniques to get what she wants. She repeats “I trust you.” all the time. She makes James think her issues with Nicole are jealousy, and not game related. When they argue she goes into meek agreement, plays to his ego, he knows the game, she trusts him, let me cuddle you a little. It is a strong game, but I think it’s starting to show more and more. (btw I think James is somewhat aware, but enjoys it and knows it is somewhat real as well)

6. Why did Corey get cast?

7. Has Nicole been playing some secret game of strategy that no one knows about or can see, or has she only really woken up since zingbot and decided to play hard?

8. Will anyone be friends outside of this show???

I’m sure there are tons more, but these are the only ones I can think of right now. Someone help me?

Calling Washington, DC MFMM fans

Did anyone else get this announcement from our favorite PBS Station today?  Looks like I need to open up my pocketbook and make another donation.  Sorry that it didn’t cut and paste very well  I suck at Tumblr:

WETA Highlights: Look at what’s new on-air and online Donate
August 29 - September 5, 2016
Go Behind the Scenes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

A special takes a look behind the scenes of the acclaimed, beautifully costumed and evocatively filmed Australian series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Essie Davis stars as the glamorous detective Miss Phyrne Fisher, a thoroughly modern woman of the 1920s who investigates crimes in Melbourne.

Miss Fisher Uncovered airs Thursday, September 1 at 8pm on WETA TV 26 and WETA HD.
See all broadcast times →http://www.weta.org/tv/program/miss-fishers-murder-mysteries
Watch preview →http://watch.weta.org/video/2365769840/

I was tagged by the lovelies @auderyjensen ♡

Countries I’ve lived in: Nowhere cool :-(
Favorite Fandom: S C R E A M, one tree hill, and teen wolf
Languages you speak: English and I can speak a little bit of Spanish ((it’s not that impressive))
Favourite film of 2015: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Last article you read: something about the Air Force!
Shuffle your music library and put your first 3 songs here: right back at it again; a day to remember, nothing left to lose; kari kimmel, & time machine; marcus alexander
last thing you bought online: a phone case that I now hate. it is what I get for being cheap
Any phobias or fears? clowns ((they give me the heebie jeebies)), being in small spaces, and heights.
How would your friends describe you? awkward, funny sometimes???, foodie, nice, loyal, caring, too obsessive over tv shows/movies, gay, and open minded.
How would your enemies describe you? I don’t know?
Who would you take a bullet for? my best friends and family
If you had money to spare what would you buy first? a plane ticket for @carlson-maddox to come visit me in florida / honestly I would also try and organize some meet & greet with the scream fandom and the cast of scream


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Oh shit my dudes i was tagged by the wonderful @all-alone-in-the-moonlight to do my toooop fiiiiive faaaavourite mooviiiiieeees! Fuck! No particular order here, and I’ll probably think of one i forgot on my deathbed and be like ‘shit, that whole post was a lie’ but the gift of hindsight is not something i have for this situation because it hasn’t- LETS DO THE FUCKIN LIST LADS

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, in which Roxy Richter is not given good representation but is still cool

2. Heathers, the perfect boyfriend simulator movie

3. High Fidelity aka John Cusack is good in one film and it isn’t Con Air, it’s High Fidelity 

4. Howl’s Moving Castle, no comment needed

5. I guess either Akira or Kill Bill. Or Shaun Of the Dead… So many cliche favourite movies, so little time! Also the Cowboy Bebop movie is fucking rad as all hell on 666 motorbikes doing a skid in space even though everyone knows you can’t skid in space, only slide

i tag, and oh boy do i tag them, @anarchypancake @jsbuckley @the-glamour-cat @dreams-in-the-ashes aaaaaand @jamsieboi-prongsie

Have a nice day and ignore my bullshit pls 

“Rucas don’t act like a couple throughout the rest of season 3.”

Half the episodes that are starting to air, were filmed waaaay before Ski lodge part 2 aired. They needed to keep it lowkey or there would be no point to ski lodge. If this were a show that didn’t film in front of a live audience they would have interacted but people who spoil things exist so there wasn’t much room for cute rucas.

(I have no problem with people who spoil things btw.)