there are no words which would accurately describe how much… how DESPERATELY i want to see the perks of being a wallflower right now

that’s what’s happens when you spend 2 hours watching interviews with the cast and rewatching the homecoming clip and the tunnel clip

just kill me now please

actually no. give me the film. then kill me.

i just… ugh. i can’t wait godknowshowlong for it. it’s probably never gonna be in cinemas in this shithole of a country i live in

List top ten characters (1 per series) + tag 10 people

Tagged by theravenofwynter​…. Only film (TV, Movies) series, right??? What if a genre has multiple shows, like Star Trek, can I pick my favorites from each show I watched???  Are they in order of favorites or random? I’m putting them in order. $&%@ I NEED MORE RULES IN MY MEMES.

Tony Stark - Marvel (MCU)
Captain Janeway - Star Trek: Voyager
Kara Thrace “Starbuck” - Battlestar Galactica (the reboot)
John Sheridan - Babylon 5
Hawkeye Pierce - M.A.S.H. (TV Series)
Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke
Howl - Howl’s Moving Castle (animation, not the book)
Captain Malcom “Mal” Reynolds - Firefly
Xena - Xena: Warrior Princess
Jared - The Pretender

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Aphrodite's Quest Ch 1

Les amis in the pjo universe. Enjolras, a son of Aphrodite, is given a quest by Aphrodite to find a precious stolen possession of hers. However, he is forced by the oracle to bring along his least favorite children of his least favorite gods, Marius and Grantaire.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2253069/chapters/4945296


Grantaire and Combeferre came back from watching the film and Mr. D looked at Grantaire. “Well?”

“You’re Dionysus.”

“Whatever you say next, don’t let it include the phrase ‘wine dude’.”

“You’re my favorite god.” Mr. D raised his eyebrows and Grantaire continued, “Well, my family runs a vineyard in California. In my eyes, being the god of wine and parties is like being the god of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Damn good thing you feel that way, since I’m your father.”

Grabtaire felt his knees go weak. He thought he could handle the news until a little girl around ten years old ran onto the patio.

“He’s here! He’s here! My bed turned into a bunk bed!” She had wild black hair and she let out a shout of joy when she saw Grantaire. “Big brother, you’re here!” She tacked hugged him and Grantaire had had enough life altering news for the hour.

“Oh my dad,” said Grantaire before passing out on top of Combeferre.

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Oh man i really haven't been in the best place lately, i don't know if i am depressed or not cause i've never been through something like that before, but i gotta say that the season finale sure as hell didn't help...

:( *hugs* Take a break. Go watch one of your favorite childhood films, grab a milkshake and sit on the beach or in a park? Get some fresh air.

Sometimes our greatest joys can accumulate our greatest blows, and sometimes we need to put them aside in order to enjoy ourselves or feel brighter. I know Supernatural has been a devil on my shoulder these last fews months which is why I still haven’t seen a number of episodes (oops), but what I learnt is sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you.

On the bright side now you don’t have to watch a new episode for a few months. You should use this time to focus on yourself and getting better :) Xx

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wong kar wai

Unfortunately I’ve only seen in the Mood for Love but that film to me is so good it’s almost offensive. I need that bluray like I need air. I have been wanting to see his other works for the longest time, because that was some beautiful direction.

Busyish week ahead so here’s a few updates for anyone reading.pt 1

The Real Vampire Diaries
Episode 16
I Know Where You Are
Interior:Dawn’s Room.Carmilla is sitting infront of the camera.It’s daytime outside.Shadow is laying on Dawn’s bed offscreen.Dawn is not around.
Carmilla:Hey guys.So Dawn’s (air quotes)at work.(beat)Look guys,I know she’s avoiding me.I don’t need to watch her videos to know that.(beat)I mean,she’s found someone who sounds like the perfect guy.(holds up Dawn’s phone)You guys can’t see it but,these texts are so sweet.(reading off phone)“I enjoyed your company last night and eagerly await for our next meeting.”“I have begun to watch the videos you told me you were filming.They are an interesting way for me to get to know my fiancee better.Thank you for tellling me about them.”“I just watched the video about your friend Carmilla.I can see why you have chosen her friendship.I’m eager to meet your friends when you will let me.”(puts phone back on table)And they just go on and on like that.(beat,the phone buzzes on the table.Carmilla picks it up and types something out before replacing the phone)Don’t judge me.If I didn’t do this,Dawn would probably never text him back.Besides,all I’m doing is some harmless flirting.(phone buzzes.Carmilla picks up and gushes)See,it’s texts like this that make me think Dawn is crazy for not getting to know him better.(looks at phone and types out text)Send.(puts phone on table and looks up at the camera)If I had someone sending me sweet nothings like he is to her,I would-well I don’t know what I would do but I know I wouldn’t be leaving them out in the cold like this.I mean,it’s not like it’s his fault Dawn is forced into this arranged marriage.She could atleast cut him a little break,am I right?(phone buzzes again.Carmilla picks it up and her smile grows very mischiveious)He wants to get together with Dawn again.Hm…(texts and says outloud)“How about you come over for dinner tonight?Carmilla is cooking so it should be pretty good.”(smirks at the last comment)And send.(looks at camera)If he says no then no harm done.And if he says yes,Dawn is to lazy to look at these to know ahead of time so it’ll be a surprise.(phone buzzes,Carmilla picks it up and smiles)Well,I’ve gotta end this now guys.I’ve got a dinner to prepare before Dawn gets home.Wish me luck guys.
Carmilla blows the camera a kiss before turning it off.

Mini Review: Mad Max-Fury Road (2015)

By Trey Smith

George Miller still got it. As someone who loves action movies, but has hated most modern action movies, this was more than a breath of fresh air, it felt like coming home after a long, dark exile in the wasteland. The action means something, not just because it is super cool, but because I care about the characters. The human element is never lost in the chaos. Miller understands that film is a visual medium, that you don’t need a mountain of expository dialog to build your world or develop the characters who live in it. Max, Furiosa and Nux all evolve as they speed and crash through the wasteland, but Miller never tells us they are, you understand it through what they experience and how those experiences change them. Everything in this film works together in harmony: the epic score by Junkie XL, the precise cinematography that immerses you in the action without losing you in it, the exhilarating practical effects and stunts; it’s a symphony of madness. One that I can’t stop thinking about.

What a great song. My favourite lines are: 

Well I woke up in mid afternoon cause that’s when it all hurts the most
I dream I never know anyone at the party and I’m always the host
If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts

If you’ve never stared off into the distance then your life is a shame

Well all the blue light reflections that color my mind when I sleep
And the lovesick rejections that accompany the company I keep
All the razor perceptions that cut just a little too deep
Hey, I can bleed as well as anyone but I need someone to help me sleep
So I throw my hand into the air and it swims in the beams
It’s just a brief interruption of the swirling dust sparkle jet stream
Well I know I don’t know you and you’re probably not what you seem
Aw, but I’d sure like to find out

I am so disappointed and annoyed.  I was watching StarTalk, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s new show, and the episode was him and Richard Dawkins and science and religion, and it was so not the discussion I wanted to hear.

(I was getting extremely annoyed, btw, in part because I have things I can say in this discussion and I can’t contribute!  Mostly because it was filmed ages ago and aired last week, but I digress.)

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Grave of the Fireflies Movie Reccomendation

Grave of the Fireflies is a move about two children losing their place in the world, accurately portrays the human costs of war. They lose their parents during an air raid and have no place longer in any family.
I would also like to add in the disclaimer that this is about World War Two meaning you need to handle this with maturity as the movie does not take sides about whether the war was bad or not but does say that war in general is a bad thing

-beautiful, moving story that causes you to cry.
- uses great tracks to set the mood
- Studio Ghibli film (for the Ghibli fans)
- character development is nice and steady
- Deep theme portrayed excellently
- how great the sibling bond is portrayed

- As a 1988 film the animation does not hold today
- Setsuko, the main female character and a little girl is not the most endearing character right of the bat if you really don’t know what small children are like. (However this does not mean she is not likable and you will not grow attachment to her.)
- I did not find a problem with the dub but nitty gritty people may think Setsuko’s voice is annoying for reason being she is a 6 yr old and will be very high (I doubt anyone would find a problem though)

Overall: great movie I think you need to watch right now with a rewarding 8/10 something that needs to be seen. I cried and I can assure you that you will too with such great characters.

Succinct Truths

I need to quote this to all those #wanderlust folk. 

“ Gilbratar, like the Costa del Sol, was off my beat. I prefer the long-haul flights to Jakarta and Papeete, those hours of club-class air-time that still give me the sense of having a real destination, the great undying illusion of air travel. In fact we sit in a small cinema, watching films as blurred as our hopes of discovering somewhere new. We arrive at an airport identical to the one we left, with the same car-rental agencies and hotel rooms with their adult movie channels and deodorized bathrooms, side-chapels of that lay religion, mass tourism. There are the same bored bar-girls waiting in the restaurant vestibules who later giggle as they play solitaire with our credit cards, tolerant eyes exploring those lines of fatigue in our faces that have nothing to do with age or tiredness. “ 

- J G Ballard, Cocaine Nights 

Why are all the disaster/end of the world movies centered around America? It’s always like “Quick Mr President we have to get you to Air Force One.” But what about us in the UK. What about Kate and Will? What about Nandos?

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I was 100% with until you decided to shit on Theon. He has been abused since the third season. He's has his fingers cut off he's been flayed alive and he's in such a broken state right now that even hearing his own name makes him go crazy. You didn't need to put him down to make your point. Especially since people have been doing that since the episode aired. It's not like it's his fault.

Dont misunderstand me! I don’t have anything against Theon. My meaning was that a lot of people are understandably focussing on the pain of Theon whilst Sansa is the one being raped. Although my post was just about the name of the episode, I also have an issue with the way that they filmed the scene. It all contributes to the idea that her rape is a plot device being used to forward Theons story. Which is a horrible and frankly unimaginative thing to do. I’m not denying Theons suffering. I get it. We’ve been watching it for 2 and a half seasons now. But I feel that he was coming back to himself before this episode. He could very well have ‘woken up’ from his Reek state without having to watch Sansa being raped. 

The focus of my post was entirely on Sansa and still it turns around to Theon! The irony! The only reason I mentioned his name was to emphasise the disconnection between whats happening to Sansa on screen and the response and focus of the audience being on Theon… aaaand you kinda just proved my point.