OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG!!!! The company I applied for, like, about a month ago, finally FINALLY called me!! I was already losing hope when they didn’t call me within the week I applied, but I still WAITED. And after all these weeks, it finally happened today! TvT Also, this might sound strange but I’ve been getting this feeling since last night as if something were about to happen. I’m glad something did happen, that something GOOD did happen! Now I’m up for the final interview (the third one to be exact) this coming Tuesday, AND I SWEAR I’M GONNA GET THIS ONE!

it’s tempting to say “screw it” and take pictures now because I’m so excited BUT I haven’t been allowed to shower since the surgery and I badly need to haha. Dirty boy

I can write about sadness as there’s a heavy boulder inside my chest and i actually feel something strong enough to describe it. But then there’s numbness. I’m neither sad nor happy and i don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know how to describe nothingness. There’s a gaping hole under my rib cages and that’s where i used to keep all my sadness but now it’s empty and i can’t fill it with something else. Happiness doesn’t exactly fit in there as i mold it just small enough for crumbles of despair to sit there over time. I need to feel something so badly, or i need to make good use of this numbness. I can’t. I don’t know how to describe nothingness.
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Top 5 interactions you wish would happen?

Oooooh well. This gonna be a good (and probably very obvious) one.

1. BOKUTO AND OIKAWA. LISTEN. L I S T E N. I live and breath Bokuoi, they are the shape of my soul, my sun and stars, the light of my life, my one true guilty pleasure, my ultimate rare pair, I’ll give up everything for them ok???? #1 is not even enough, they’re in a league of their own and honestly this top 5 should be only Bokuto and Oikawa in all the 5 places because I’ll legit pay money to see them interact I just…need this so badly, it’s my only wish. No one could ever compare to them ok I love them so much !!!!!!!!!

2. Kuroo and Oikawa. This could be the greatest power friendship that world has ever seen or a complete train wreck. I honestly have a weakness for the first, let the Tokyo-Miyagi axis rise! They would simply JUDGE EXTRA HARD everyone, have a shit ton of inside jokes, pull the lamest pranks and talk about hair products 24/7. Salty, sassy, snaky, together they are just PERFECT

3. Bokuto and Kenma. Oh, I have a huge soft spot for this one. I’m genuinely curious of what they think of each other, if they enjoy each other company, if they ever talk to each other. I feel like they could get along really well, even surprisingly so. Bokuto is surely loud, but I think that Kenma would find his built quite comforting, almost a safe place to hide. Also whenever Kuroo and Kenma fight, I’m sure that Bokuto ALWAYS takes Kenma’s side. Idk I’m so weak for Bokuto being all protective with him and Kenma letting himself be protected by him <3 

4. The captain squad. OF COURSE. We all read national hod dad alliance (if you haven’t please do, it’s a fandom classic) and seeing Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo, Daichi and Ushijima interacting all together would be the ultimate blessing. @Furudate….please….I’m begging you. But, in the meantime…COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU!!!!!! 

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5. The next gen captain squad. Have you ever read fresh or something? Well, DO. Ennoshita, Yahaba, Akaashi, Shirabu, Terushima, Futakichi…all together are an explosive match. In the fic they organize a little day of tournament together and, honestly??? YES PLEASE ???? This is the most competitive and sassiest generation of captains ever, I’m sure their interactions would be LIT AF (also I low key ship some of them but that’s another story)

Thank you for your messages!

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Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

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I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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"Girl Problems"

Inspired by that wonderful time of the month all girls know. Because I’ve had it bad DX

Warnings: none; I’d say mentions of periods, but they’re a part of life, we should all be used to them haha

“Lin! Please explain to me why your book is on the floor!” You were yelling from the kitchen at the moment, hopping up and down stupidly and holding your foot. You had been rounding the kitchen island and hadn’t expected a certain boyfriend’s book to be left on the floor. In short, you stubbed your toe, swore like a sailor, and were now trying not to fall over.

“What? Why is it on the floor?” Lin’s answer came from the living room a moment before he poked his head around the doorway. Deep brown eyes flicked curiously from you to the book lying a foot away from you.

You gingerly set your foot back down, wincing. “I don’t know,” you replied. “I thought you left it there.”

Placing a hand at his chest, he fixed you with a wounded look. “You think that I leave my stuff lying around on the FLOOR?” he asked, and you took one look at his wide, innocent eyes and snorted. Walking across the room, he bent and scooped up the book in one motion. “I think I’m a much better boyfriend than that.”
“Yeah, you think,” you teased. You leaned an arm against the island and rested a hand above your hip. You were starting to get a little pain there, but you brushed it off. Your period was supposed to come this week, after all, it was probably just a little side effect; your cramps could get a lot worse, so you figured this was a beginning one.

“Are you suggesting I’m not a great boyfriend?” he asked in mock offense.

“Mmm, you could work at it a little.”

“Wow. That’s harsh.”

“You knew what you were getting into when you started dating me.”

“I dunno, I think you held this back.”

You gave a little burst of laughter, adjusting your grip on your side. Yeah, that was starting to hurt a bit more, but you could still ignore it. “Held it back?” you echoed.

“Oh yeah.” Resting an elbow against the kitchen island, Lin grinned at you. “You used to be sweet.”


“Now you’re not.”

You stuck your tongue out at him and he laughed, the sound warm and light in the empty room. When it faded, it left his smile glowing, those coffee-dark eyes glimmering affectionately. You couldn’t help but blush under that lovestruck gaze and he must’ve noticed, because he stepped closer to you. Abandoning the book on the countertop, he reached up to touch your cheek. You released a breath at his fingertips ghosting across your skin and your eyelids fluttered when he grazed his forehead against yours. Your head tipped invitingly and you felt rather than saw him lean in to kiss you.

The pain in your abdomen abruptly flared and you couldn’t bite back your gasp.

Lin blinked and pulled back. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, instantly shifting into concern.

You pressed your hand to your lower stomach and tightened your jaw. “It’s nothing,” you managed. Trying for a convincing smile, you tapped your stomach. “Just…girl stuff.”

“Can I do anything?” He was studying you like you needed to be taken care of, and you felt a flash of stubborn denial. It was just a period. You could handle that on your own, you had been for years.

“I’m fine,” you insisted. “It’s really not that bad.” Then you tried to step past him to get to the couch and, like the “perfectly fine” girl you were, you squeaked at a new burst of pain. It was enough to leave you stumbling, caught off-guard by the sudden intensity.

“(Y/N),” Lin protested, catching hold of your upper arms to keep you from tripping over yourself. “I don’t think you should try to ignore this if you’re hurting.” His brow furrowed worriedly and you ducked your head to hide an embarrassed flush. God, you couldn’t even take care of yourself.

“I’m fine, really, Lin,” you tried again. “I don’t think I need…” The next throb in your abdomen didn’t leave and you were embarrassed to hear the whimper that escaped you.

“That’s it.” Bending down, Lin hooked an arm under your legs and the other under your back, scooping you up. You gave a tiny yelp of surprise, instinctively grabbing hold of his shoulder. “You’re not going to move until you stop hurting,” he announced. He was already starting to carry you to the doorway.

Sighing in defeat, you decided that there was nothing to do but listen to him. He wasn’t about to let this go anytime soon. And honestly, it was kind of endearing, how caring he was. You leaned gratefully against him and nuzzled into his chest. The soft fabric of his sweater tickled your nose and when you inhaled, you could smell his cologne and something sweet underneath that was just Lin. Maybe letting him take care of you wasn’t as bad as you’d thought. “You gonna just carry me everywhere then?” you asked drily.

“Absolutely.” He bent to press his lips to the top of your head.
“Anything to make you feel better, cariña,” he murmured into your hair and you smiled goofily. “I’m gonna put you in bed, okay? And get that heating pad you like and some chocolate, so you can have something to do while I get your bath ready.”

Emotion welled up in your chest and you pressed yourself farther into his embrace. God, you were so lucky to have someone like him. You’d had boyfriends before who found anything remotely related to periods gross and untouchable, but not Lin. Slow and soft, you traced your nose up to his collar and gently kissed his neck. “Thank you,” you whispered, loving the way he shivered, the way he smiled at your affection.

Yeah, okay, maybe he was right about being a great boyfriend after all.

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