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Just want to tell you I think you are a remarkable person: intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, talented. Your poetry is so uniquely lovely in its use of language, which is why it touches so many people so deeply, myself included.

Ahhhh. Thank you so much. I do not know what to say or how to express my gratitude for your consistent support and kindness. Just know I badly needed it today, and most days, and I am so honored. Thank you, my love. 

I mean I can get how someone seeking attention could be annoying especially if they go about it in manipulative ways or otherwise do it in ways that cross a boundary.

But people need to understand when I say I need attention and validation to live… I’m not exaggerating. I have bpd and honestly I’m still pretty seriously questioning npd traits and those are both disorders where lack of attention can literally plunge a person into suicidal ideation. I know it’s not an excuse to cross boundaries but as long as my attention seeking is harmless it’s not a bad thing and I’m not a bad person for needing that attention to survive.

Everyone needs attention and validation to a certain degree and trust me I don’t want to need it this badly but I can’t exactly just like return my bpd. Need for attention is one of my symptoms and it’s probably not going anywhere.

whining about fanfic

listen, I understand that fanfic is escapist, but if I read one more careful conversation in therapeutic language that doesn’t at the very least acknowledge how hard it is to detach from an emotional moment and practice mindful communication I’m gonna have a very quiet temper tantrum right here on this train

where is all the human messiness I love so well and need so badly? why are all these characters satisfactorily finding social labels for themselves, communicating effectively, loving themselves and each other with only minimal struggle??

     My main is fine since it follows canon (though it needs some editing and expansion badly), but I really do need to set up a verse post death where Father uses another philosophers stone to create another Lust. I mean there’s really two ways I could set that up, one where she’s restored to the form she had previously sans memories and with slight personality differences. Then there’s the pain in my ass route where she could be shoved into a living host, though figuring out the dynamics of how that would play out given who I want to use would make that…difficult to say the least. 

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i wish i could trade 6 gwendolyns 5 donnels and 6 corrins for oNE PERI I HATE THIS GAME

I’ve got a 4 star Peri whoops. I’ll gladly take any F!Corrins you got, though

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I need a Hinoka so badly she’s the only hero with Hone Fliers and I need it for my Flier Emblem

“Flier Emblem” is an amazing name, props