Takeru (Yaku)
Ok, let’s go to bed.
Good nya-ight!

Shouri (Kuroo)
A black cat!

Takeru (Yaku)
My black cat’s name is Moko, you can meet him later!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Yes, he said ‘oyasumi nya-sai’ so… cat pun.

Imagine one day during lunch tsukishima bursts into hinata’s classroom–where yamaguchi, hinata, yachi, and kageyama were studying–and screams “YAMAGUCHI I SWEAR TO GOD IF U DON’T STOP SENDING ME PICTURES OF THAT FUCKING FROG ON ITS FUCKING FROG UNICYCLE I’LL END YOUR LIFE. WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEEDED TO SEND ME 40 OF THESE TO GET ME HERE?” Yamaguchi looks up all wide eyed and innocent and goes “we didn’t know the answer to number 5.” When tsukishima turns to leave yamaguchi takes a pic of his back and sends it to him along with the caption “there go dat boi”. When tsukishima turns to throw his phone at them yamaguchi dodges easily, smiles, and in the fakest stage whisper ever goes “oh shit waddup”. And that is how karasuno discovers yamaguchi is a) a meme lord and b) literally willing to risk his life in order to meme



So.. I do not own a bangtan blog or anything, so tbh, I don’t really know how to post things here properly (like srly, i’m struggling to make this post right now) but I needed to figure this thing out and I thought here was the best place.
The thing is, I found this HQ pics of their eyes, and after looking at all the pictures, I realized that literally all of them have the same mole in their waterlines? It’s definitely placed in the same spot in all of them. Does someone have any idea of what could It be? Its that a freaking coincidence? GUYS I NEED ANSWERS (btw, sorry about my bad english?)


Top 10 Posts of 2016

Thank you @inferxa for tagging me (*us. Wow, I can be a true idiot sometimes)! 

These are my fave ten shots (please click for HQ) I have posted on my blog so far. It was hard choosing them and damn they are annoyingly different, but it worked out in the end; pictures are roughly ordered from least to most favourite ^__^ I had to include the pic of Vixen although it isn’t well edited, because she’s probably my most accurate celeb simmie~ 

I tag the amazing @simsered | @something-wicked-sims | @pottery-sims | @raymondsanti | @nisukiye | @similiciousims | @electrapixels | @lilyshadowwriter | @fyachii | @preferatajaferoj | @igotsims

so I know a lot of people got excited about the ‘official art’ in the kurohina tag and bc of that I need to speak up on this. I’m talking about this post

I understand your excitement bc I love kurohina just as much, but because of the love and respect I have for the ship I need to ask you all: DO NOT REBLOG IT. IT’S A REPOST. IT’S NOT ORIGINAL ART. IT’S A FANART AND THIS IS NOT THE CREATOR. (it’s not even the full picture)

the original fanart belogs to @K0muuuug1xxx on twitter who has an amazingly similar style to hq official style but nonetheless this is a fanart. and the full credit belongs to them. so please just stop rebloging the repost and go support the real artist!

the link to the full picture is here


manip tutorial.

hey guys so i’ve gotten a couple of messages about how i make my manips. the process is fairly simple but basic photoshop skills are required. i hope i did well in explaining how i do this. if not, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. also, don’t expect to be a master at manips at your first shot of doing them. it takes time to really get a hang of it. heck, it took me a long while to get used to it. so, anyway, let’s get to it.

here’s an example:

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anonymous asked:

hello idk if you know about this new fansite but they are capricornming_ on twitter and have this site with their deleted HQs on twitter but i cant seem to open them bc you need to sign up and i dont understand chinese, can you post them please? capricornming(.)lofter(.)com

I looked into it, and you actually do have to sign up to view their HQ pictures. The easiest way to sign up is to link your weibo account, that will automatically sign you up and you’ll only have to add a username and security code. Since the fansite seems to only started posting in December and they don’t have much data uploaded we will be uploading all of their HQ pictures this week. (: 

But I will still teach you a simple way to get past this if you ever have problems with it again. (:

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anonymous asked:

hi! would you please tell me where did you find the high quality pictures you used for this edit /post/139352217912/ ?

the blog danandphilhq has a bunch of hq pictures (god bless), including ones from tabinof. they have it password protected and you need something from the book to unlock the page and pictures. but the link is here!


Spring days without practice 

Will be sold at as a print at AX 2015!