• Feyre: *takes book of shelf* Throne of Glass...I've never read this before.
  • Feyre: WHAT. *Reads Crown of Midnight*
  • Feyre: SHE'S FAE. WHAT THE HELL. *reads Heir of Fire*
  • Feyre: RHYS HELP
  • Rhysand: *comes running in* WHAT IS IT--there's nothing here
  • Rhysand: Feyre...that's a book. It can't hurt you.
  • Rhysand: Give it to me. *gets ToG* I'll read it and let's see what happens.
  • Feyre: See... what did I tell you
  • Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Amren: What's wrong with him?
  • Feyre: a book. *throws ToG* READ IT.

When they haven’t published all the books in the series yet and the fandom is just stuck waiting salty af like…

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I am probably the only one who thinks this but…I feel like…when the book was talking to Feyre…it was talking through Feyre. Feyre said “A jolt passed through me as if I were no more than a lightning rod” I feel like..it was using her as a conduit/ dousing rod. And that Mor could hear the Cauldron speaking. 

Mor is constantly warning Feyre in this part. And…I feel like Mor is the “Princess of Carrion” and not Feyre. Mainly because The Morrigan’s symbol is a crow or raven or Carrion bird and..maybe I’m just seeing too much and thinking too much into it.

Dedication Part 4: Coda - A Moriel Fic

At long, long, long last the final part of this moriel pre series monster is finished! yay! thank you so much @widowshulk for looking through this for me! 

Part 1: Shadow Song 

Part 2: Dawn Chorus 

Part 3: Concerto 

Title: Dedication Part 4: Coda 

Summary: Rhys leaves Azriel and Mor alone, returning to the Night Court. Both of them find themselves torn from sleep by ragged nightmares as their pasts return to haunt them. Together, they work through some of the horrors in their past and find themselves drawn closer together as a result. 

Teaser:  ‘“Morrigan, Morrigan,” she looks at him without really seeing him. “It’s not real,” he whispers softly, knowing that those words are thin and empty as what she witnessed in that dream had been real. But not now, not anymore, he found her, brought her here, saved her. “I’m here,” he breathes quietly, wondering if that can possibly calm her, “I’m here with you, Morrigan. I’m here, it’s all right now.”’

Link: AO3 

Familiar silence once again folds Azriel into its waiting arms. The cabin around him is quiet. Rhys left a few hours before, taking the healer with him; Mor, thankfully, still sleeps soundly in the other room. No-one has intruded upon their peace since Rhys left. Azriel hasn’t budged from the chair he obstinately settled himself in after his talk with Rhys. He had promised her that he would stay close; that he wouldn’t leave her, and he has no intention of breaking that promise.

The domestic magic of the cabin urges him to look after himself, offering food and drink in abundance and providing pillows and blankets. He ignores it all. But even his iron cast will isn’t enough to stop him from dozing. Using his power to jump between the Night Court and Autumn, his frantic, terrified searching in the snow and then the hundreds of miles he flew at breakneck speed to get Mor to safety all without pausing or resting have taken their toll on him. His eyes are heavy and, in spite of himself, he eventually sinks into sleep, reluctant but irresistible, like drowning in thick quicksand.

His dreams are twisted and dark. The faces of his brothers, horribly contorted, spring up all around him, pressing in, getting closer and closer and closer all the time, the way the walls in his cell had done when he had been a child. Blackness, deep and complete, obscures his vision as they swarm over him, blotting out the world once more.

Flame blazes, a horrifying light in the darkness that he wishes to extinguish. His relief that his brothers do not once more turn that wild, roaring hunger upon him again is short-lived. A moment later he notices Morrigan curled, helpless, on the floor of his cell. Her body is covered in blood and bruises as it had been when he had found her only hours before in the Autumn Court. His brothers are advancing on her. Azriel cries out in panicked desperation, fighting to get to her, but his wings are pinned once more, staked to the wall behind him and he is as helpless as he was all those years ago. His brothers reach her, pulling her up from the floor and bearing down upon her with the sick smiles he came to know so well. Her eyes go wide and she stares at him, pleading, terrified, as their hands leave more marks upon her delicate skin, they douse her in the same oil that had once covered his hands, the scent making him convulse and strain, trashing to get to her, to stop them but then they-

Her scream pierces his soul and tears him from the nightmare.

Azriel jerks awake, covered in sweat and panting. The echo of that cry is piercing and so full of terror it cuts straight through his ribs, jarring his bones, and strikes directly at his heart. It takes him several pounding heartbeats to realise that it does not exist only in his dreams.

Azriel is on his feet in seconds, diving for the door of Mor’s bedroom. The cabin was impossible to find, impossible to enter, how could they have gotten to her? How could he have let them?

Drawing the sword in a single fluid motion from where it’s sheathed at his spine Azriel bursts through the door to her room, sinking into a stance ready to attack in order to defend on instinct. He quickly realises however that the room is empty but for the two of them.

Sheathing his sword Az berates himself for not having seen this coming. Of course she would have nightmares following what she’d been through. Shaking off the memories of his own he crosses the room to her, swift and silent and kneels down beside her.

She’s thrashing so wildly on the bed, clearly petrified, that she’s tangled herself badly in the sheets which have wrapped around her body and pinned her like twisting ropes. This restraint only terrifies her further, no doubt reminding her of her ordeal and she fights even harder to escape, her eyes wide and horrified as they had been in his dreams.

Afraid that she’s going to hurt herself Azriel catches her wrists gently but firmly in his hands, stopping her struggling so wildly, making her notice his presence. “Morrigan, Morrigan,” she looks at him without really seeing him. “It’s not real,” he whispers softly, knowing that those words are thin and empty as what she witnessed in that dream had been real. But not now, not anymore, he found her, brought her here, saved her. “I’m here,” he breathes quietly, wondering if that can possibly calm her, “I’m here with you, Morrigan. I’m here, it’s all right now.”

He murmurs softly to her, repeating her name and soft, vague comforts until her great, brown eyes manage to focus on him. The moment he sees her take him in and understand her situation he releases her wrists, severing the contact between them. Shifting in a little closer Az works to quickly and deftly untangle her. The entire time he works on her she sits unnaturally still save for her uncontrollable, violent trembling.

As soon as he frees her, dropping the blankets to the floor to reinforce that, her whole body becomes boneless and she folds in on herself, sobbing, knees drawn up to her chest, slender body shaking with the force of her convulsions.

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Chance-Part 1

*credit to gifs owner,I found it on google*

A/N:Thank you so much for liking this mini-series,your love encourages me to write more!

Word Count:618

Pairings:Liam Dunbar x Reader,Theo Raeken x Reader

Part 2  , Part 3  , Part 4,   Part 5  , Part 6

I sighed and watched Liam and Hayden laughing in front of Hayden’s locker.I proceeded towards my locker and grabbed the books I needed for the next class.

Liam and I’ve been best friends since he came to Beacon Hills High School.During our friendship I gradually started to develop feelings for him,but I was too late and Hayden came along.At first they hated each other’s guts,but deep down in my heart I knew they were just hiding their real feelings.As expected they started dating.

“Hey Y/N”,said Liam as I passed them.

“What’s up guys?”,I fake smiled at the duo.

“Nothing much”,he smiled.

“So,tonight’s movie night still on?It’s Mason’s turn to choose a movie”,I chuckled.

“Actual-”,Liam began

“We’ve got plans of our own,sorry he can’t go”,Hayden said bitterly.

“Yea I was about to so that”,Liam smiled at Hayden,then looked at me,“sorry Y/N”.

“It’s okay,you’ve been canceling every plans so I’m used to it”,I mumbled the last part,but of course he heard.

“Listen Y/N-”,he began.

“Forget it,I’m late for my class”,I said and started heading towards my class.

*Lunch Time*
I went towards the pack table and sat down beside Malia.

“I can’t believe Liam ditched us”,Stiles said eyeing Liam,who sat at the corner of the cafeteria,with Hayden and her best friends.

“He’s been doing that a lot lately”,I mumbled.

“Yes I noticed that too”,Lydia pointed out.

At that moment Theo walked in the room.

“Hey guys,mind if I join you?”,he said.

“Uh sure”,Scott smiled.

I rolled my eyes at him,I still didn’t forgive him for betraying the pack and killing Scott.But Scott said he deserves a chance,he went astray because the Dread Doctors threatened and controlled him since he was a child.So,the rest of the pack are trying to give him a chance.I’m getting there too.

“There’s a new restaurant,I want to try the food there.Do y'all wanna go too?”,Malia began.

“Sounds great!”,we all said except Theo.

“Ah,Theo,I was asking you too”,Malia shrugged.

Theo looked taken aback,then he smiled,“I will go,definitely”.

“So around 5-ish?”,Kira asked.

“Perfect,“Lydia stated.

After a long day I finally reached home and slumped into the bed.I took a shower and ate something.I checked the clock and saw we still have a couple of hours before we meet at that restaurant,I sighed and watched tv.

Suddenly my phone beeped,signaling a text.I checked and almost fell off my sofa when I saw it was from Theo freaking Raken.

:Hey,Y/N.If you want I can pick you up,your house comes in my way anyway.:

I figured he knows my house because once my car broke down so he gave me a lift.

:It’s okay,I’ll manage.:,I replied

:Please,I insist:,he texted.

:Lol okay:

:So see ya soon:

Okayyy,I texted back.

I got ready and put some light makeup.Once I was done,I heard the doorbell ring.

I rushed downstairs and fixed my hair before opening the door,I saw Theo smiling at me.

"Hey,you ready?”,he asked.

“Yea,just lemme get my phone and we’ll go”,I replied.

“Sure thing”.

Maybe he’s not that bad,maybe Scott was right.

He opened the door of the car for me,
“Woah,gentleman Raeken,you have that side too?"I joked.

"Haha very funny”,he rolled his eyes but I caught him smiling briefly afterwards.

“Would you like to hear some music?”,he asked turning the radio on.

“Okay”,I said.

Cheap thrills came on the radio.

“Man,this is my jam!"I said excitedly.

"This song sure is catchy”,Theo replied.

I sang loudly and he chuckled but joined singing afterwards.

The song finished and we both laughed.

“You know your lyrics”,he said.

“You know high notes”,I chuckled.

Then we arrived at the restaurant.

||January BPC: Just One More Page|| 30. Stunning. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers.


I have this terrible friend (the same one who got me into pjo) who bought me the first ranger’s apprentice book bc I never read it when I was younger and I hate her

I’m up to Icebound land and erak fucked up and now will is a drugged up and dying slave and this is my first ra fan art apparently 

Things that I need in next TOA’s books

Please, uncle Rick. My English sucks, I know.

  • Apollo and Hermes bromance. 
  • Why is communication dead or so hard? Seriously fandom, WHAT HAPPENED TO HERMES AND IRIS?
  • Meg McCaffrey being safe.
  • Dakota and Jason and Bobby friendship. 
  • Will Solace development.
  • Austin Lake and Kayla Knowles development too. 
  • Where the Tartarus are Lou Ellen and Mitchell and Pollux and Chris Rodriguez and Butch and Katie and the others? Are they alive? 
  • Flower boyfriend Hyacinthus.
  • New cute gender neutral things to call ur partner.
  • TEAM ONAGER. I missed the team onager so much, I need team onager and you need it and everyone need it.
  • S o l a n g e l o   t i m e.
  • Cecil Makowitz being a pain in the ass! All complain about Cecil and the dude didn’t do nothing really annoying in the book.
  • Ellis Wakefield as nerd son. Protect the lil shit and the other nerd Ares’s children! They are in extinction, call Greenpeace.
  • Mr D bitching about campers and now about Apollo.
  • Platonic Pipeyna.
  • Apollo gave birth to Kayla? Or was she born like Atenea’s children? How the tartarus happened?
  • Zephyros’s emotions about Apollo’s apology.
  • Cosplayer Apollo Y.M.C.A. construction worker costume
  • Roman Apollo’s children and legacies. Just imagine the possibilities!
  • Leo being more closer to his siblings and being a good big bro with Harley. Maybe they can play with the flamethrower together. I regret nothing!!
  • D a m i e n   W h i t e.
  • Alicia and Julia as pranking queens in CHB. 
  • Connor as mister lonely
  • Nico and Chiara complain talking in italian a lot between them.
  • Tyson and Ella.
  • What the tartarus happened in Albania? 
  • Why Nico feels jealous by Paolo? I mean, looks like he’s the jealous type lol
  • Mercury’s children.
  • Miranda and Billy being supportive big sisters with Meg if she returns. 
  • Apollo on a quest with his three children and Nico. He has a doctor’s note!
  • The hidden Mpreg.
  • Paolo Montes’s crush on Apollo. Oh dude, I see what you did.
  • Happy Reyna. Without a boyfriend, a boyfriend don’t resolve problems and she knows.
  • Mitchell and Mike Kahale befriended.
  • Queer/Non binary/Trans/Agender demigod please. We need representation too.
  • Austin’s youtuber name.
  • Jason keep his promise to Kymopoleia, he promised. 
  • Hazel spending a lot of time with her brother, she need it and Nico will love it. Nico cuddling Hazel. Hazel kissing Nico in his forehead too.
  • Cecil and Ellis. I feel the love I feel the lo–ve!
  • Billie Ng and K–Pop!
  • Nyssa talking in Spanish a lot with Valentina Díaz and Leo and the others latinos. Cotilleando como unas cotorras, baby.
  • Apollo and Frey dating in a nordic bar.
  • Diocletian as a member of Triumvirate Holdings. Reyna and Jason in shock when they notices it. 
  • Percy’s sister name.
  • Chris Rodriguez and Clarisse la Rue attending to University of Arizona together, pwease. Tell me they are together yet.
  • Frank playing Mythomagic with Nico and roman demigods LMAO. I can’t with that moment when my smol son was a nerd lil shit with Frank LOL Africanus Extreme expansion deck, bitch. Malcolm playing Mythomagic with Nico will be the death of me.
  • Malcolm Pace and his forgotten pants.
  • #PaoloProtectionSquadFromAmputations2k17 and #LaurelandHollyUsingNIKEshoes
  • Grover Underwood missing his girlfriend Juniper and his friends. We need more Percy and Grover friendship too.
  • New roman demigods! 

The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.

I see each season of a show that I’m watching like a book in a series, each episode: a chapter. when I’m reading a book, there’s often chapters that leave me frustrated when I get to the end because of the events that occurred within that chapter, but I can move right onto the next chapter(s) and find out why the author chose to do those certain things with the characters/story immediately. the author wants me to need to keep reading, by making me a little uncomfortable with some of the things that happened so that I’ll need to know what happens next. 

television shows are so much like books except that they require a little more patience.

with books, there’s no need to stew and meta for an entire week (or hiatus) over the things that left me feeling a little what?!  about the chapter because I can figure out how they fit into the author’s vision for the overall story as quickly as I can continue on with reading the book. just like with a season finale, I can expect some things to be resolved, to make sense by the end of the book, and some things left wide open to make me count down the days until the next book in the series releases.

we’re not going to like everything that happened in an episode of television because we’re not supposed to. it’s not the end of the story, just the end of the chapter and we have to be unsatisfied enough to have a need to keep watching, a need to find out what the writer’s plans are. but unlike with a book we can’t get that immediate gratification of turning the page right to the next chapter. I think that people sometimes spend too much of that time in between episodes picking apart the previous episode and calling it a mess without realizing that it’s supposed to be messy because it’s not a complete story. no single chapter in a book focuses proportionately on every character, ties up every loose end, leaves you happy and satisfied with everything that occurred and neither will every episode of a tv show. a book isn’t defined by it’s individual chapters but by the way they work together to create the story and so is a television show defined by the way each episode works together to tell a story. 

one last note: just like with a book, if the chapters are unsatisfying to you in a way that’s making you not care about what happens next, you don’t have to continue with the story. you can stop watching as easily as putting the book down. and maybe consider watching the season when it goes on netflix and you can devour it like a book :)