Alright...ready for the next one

*Waits obsessively for a year for QoS*

*QoS comes out*

Me: *obsesses over it for hours, reblogs every post, every fanfic, every fanart, gets into long debates about it, rereads entire series*

Me: *a week after it came out* alright cool, where’s book 5? I’m ready for it

SJM publicist: It doesn’t come out for like another year

Me: Uh…that’s not going to work

Publicist: Sorry, you’re just going to have to wait

Me: *crawls into the corner of the room sobbing and cursing, pauses…starts QoS again*

Magnus Chase Spoilers!

Just finished Magnus Chase and the Sword Of Summer.

Oh my gods it was amazing <333

I ship Blitz x Hearthstone so much like their so cute!

Magnus is so snarky I love it. (And when he hugged Frey I was so emotional) Hearth is too precious for this world, with his candy can scarf <33 Four empty cup family gave me feels.

Also the ending with Annabeth, I really want to read that conversation. He’s gonna be so shocked that she’s a greek demigod.

I love that in QoS Rowan and Aelin were all like “what if we met when we were seventeen” but in actuality, it was her and Dorian who met at that age. And when they were little children. And in my fanfiction. And in my dreams every night while I wait for this ship to be cannon. 

Ally Carter: See How They Run


Okay, I finished SHTR and this is what I’m thinking…

-If Gralexei is not a thing I’ll pull a. Misery on Ally Carter.
-Love Noah… FOREVER.
-If Jamie dies, I die.
-Dominic is the BEST.
-Gracie is a friggin’ LOST PRINCESS.
-Megan and Noah needs to be a thing.
-Like, right now.
-Lila, love you but, STAY AWAY FROM ALEXEI.
-I need more Rosie.
-Like, right now.
-Dominic, I need you to STAY ALIVE.
-Gracie, fall in love with Alexei harder. -Like, right now.
-I just need the next book.
-Like, right NOW.
-Ally Carter.

Later, bruhs.