So I had a request awhile back to compile a list of some books someone might like if they enjoyed Harry Potter, and I had time, so why not? 

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the above books, but I highly recommend reading the Percy Jackson, or the Lockwood and Co. series to start if you haven’t already! 



For an instant she looked up; and then sought to veil her luminous eyes by dropping her forehead on her hands. Again, stepping nearer, he besought her with another tremulous eager call upon her name.


Still lower went the head; more closely hidden was the face, almost resting on the table before her. He came close to her. He knelt by her side, to bring his face to a level with her ear; and whispered-panted out the words:

“Take care. — If you do not speak — I shall claim you as my own in some strange presumptuous way. — Send me away at once, if I must go. — Margaret! — ”

At that third call she turned her face, still covered with her small white hands, towards him, and laid it on his shoulder, hiding it even there; and it was too delicious to feel her soft cheek against his, for him to wish to see either deep blushes or loving eyes. He clasped her close. But they both kept silence. At length she murmured in a broken voice:

“Oh, Mr. Thornton, I am not good enough!”

Not good enough! Don’t mock my own deep feeling of unworthiness.

Alright...ready for the next one

*Waits obsessively for a year for QoS*

*QoS comes out*

Me: *obsesses over it for hours, reblogs every post, every fanfic, every fanart, gets into long debates about it, rereads entire series*

Me: *a week after it came out* alright cool, where’s book 5? I’m ready for it

SJM publicist: It doesn’t come out for like another year

Me: Uh…that’s not going to work

Publicist: Sorry, you’re just going to have to wait

Me: *crawls into the corner of the room sobbing and cursing, pauses…starts QoS again*

When You Binge Read A FanFiction & Realize the Author Doesn't Plan to Ever Finish Writing It

Starting the New FanFiction:


Realizing the Last Update Was Months Ago:

Becoming Highly Frustrated at Never Knowing the Ending of the Story:

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The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.