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Writing fanfics is my odd way of coping with my daily struggles, but I was wondering if anyone (anyone at all) would be interested in reading a fanfic that is a form of… activism?

You see, I have a condition that affects me everyday and it’s called ARFID or sometimes S.E.D. And I really want to get more awareness out there for it because pretty much no one knows what it is, but I want to do it in a way that no one else (at least to my knowledge) is doing it. I want to take the creative route, because I’ve asked some friends, and they’re more inclined to take interest in something that’s informative but in an artistic format rather than reading a long tumblr post or a news article. You could read the few articles out there on the internet about this disorder in order to understand what it is, but in my travels on the internet, the resources that actually explain what it’s like to have it are scarce. And in all honesty, who googles what it’s like to have ARFID in their free time? Not me, and I have it. But people love to read fanfiction, and I love to write it!

So, what do you think? I’d like to write a fic (ereri/riren) that portrays either Eren or Levi with this disorder to show you how people who have this condition live. I want to find a happy medium between writing an entertaining fanfic with all the fanfiction-y goodness we all love, and writing something that’s educational. Nobody would want to hear me ramble about what I have to live with and how nobody gets it because this condition isn’t talked about, but would you like to read a fic that simultaneously is based on a cute ship and shows you how we live and how we struggle, only through our beloved SNK characters? Please let me know!!! I’m not sure when I’d get to writing this, but I need thoughts first. You can simply like/reblog this, reply, message me or leave an ask, on or off anon! I would appreciate this so much, I know I’m not the most popular fic writer, but I’d love to give this a shot. But I’ll only write this if somebody is interested and is willing to give this a chance!

the most fun part of lavi torture/angst would be if road came back and needed to Relieve Some Stress and decided to give him a dream as though he was back home at the order, as though allen and everyone had saved him, as though they were all safe and happy again, only for road to bring him back to reality and for him to realize it was all fake

some jumbled update thoughts

Okay so, I need to get this out here and look at it. How I interpreted everyone’s reaction to Jack and Bitty was that no one was surprised. Like, not even Shitty. I know he looks surprised tho whereas the others look decidedly not. But Shitty apparently is owed some money so that would mean he was right about something? I dunno, maybe I’m missing a thing.

This may stray into Discourse, but here’s where I’m at. I was not really ready to drag Shitty thru the mud for the girlfriend thing. Yeah, it was uncool and made Bitty sad and probably Jack uncomfortable. And I think we were very eager as a fandom to have a go at Shitty because he’s the one always going on about social justice (and is a white dude, like, I do get it). But Ransom and Holster made the very same heteronormative assumptions about Jack. About Bitty too. Bitty made the same assumption about Jack! And while no heteronormative assumption is okay, I don’t see near the amount of dragging going on for those three as I did for Shitty. Aaaaaaanyway. I had seen some speculation that Shitty was feeling shut out by Jack/lonely and wanted to call him out but defaulted to girlfriend because he was like, helping to preserve the fallacy for Jack? I dunno. I guess what I’m saying is I really am curious exactly where Shitty is for all of this. 

I’ve seen lots of people sharing stories about close friends already knowing when they came out. And I’m in a similar camp there too. People that knew me really well were not surprised. (Not at all saying that those of you who are not okay with this update are not valid! I definitely see where that’s coming from too.) So my thoughts are like, Shitty and Jack are really close so. I find it difficult to believe that Shitty would be the only one out of the four that just totally was blindsided. Plus the betting thing seems to throw that out, but I’m seeing it interpreted very differently so I’m wondering if I missed something.  

So am I missing something? 

kuroken fic: a shot of espresso (ch. 1)

title: a shot of espresso
pairing: kuroo/kenma (side pairings: iwaoi, bokuaka, kagehina)
chapter word count: 4,019
total word count: 4,019
summary: [modern!au] “you couldn’t be a normal person and just fall in love with kenma in a coffee shop, could you?! you just had to go and be a goddamn drug mule for some yakuza!”

kuroo cleared his throat. “…i prefer the term courier.”

[ ao3 ]

Coworker: You seem to be in a good mood today

*in my head*: Even if the ritual succeeded, Percy’s soul could have chosen to move on. But Vox Machina is his family and they poured everything they had into bringing him back, from Keyleth’s speech to Vex’s actual True Love Kiss of Resurrection. These people know him and love him and asked him to stay, and he did because they all need each other and this was honestly the best case scenario of what could have happened in this episode.

*out loud*: haha well yeah, you know. It’s Friday.

Okay but honestly what if i DID transcribe that interview??

Finding Serenity (3/?)

Summary:  It’s been six years since the final battle in the Unification War, only some wars are never really over, and some soldiers never really know how to come home.

*****Dedicated to all the Browncoats out there, who never stopped flying.  No power in the ‘verse can stop us.*****

Beta and Banner:   Life’s been acting up a little extra hard lately, so I apologise for not having this out as fast as I wanted. I have to thank everyone who’s still reading this little crossover adventure, but especially @icecubelotr44, who’s pushing, cajoling, bribing, dragging, excitedly encouraging me to continue writing this at every step of the way. She’s awesome and I don’t deserve her help getting back in the groove.  All final mistakes and extraneous commas are my own.

Rating:  T for now, eventual M, for violence, romance, and dark themes

Word count: ~4,700 (14,300 total)

Tumblr:  Chapter One  Chapter Two


Chapter Three – Never As Simple

He brings in the heavy crates one at a time, scraping them against the floor of the Firefly as he drags them up the ramp.  He’s sweating, the muscles in his arms tired and sore from a long day’s work, but he says nothing, doesn’t make a sound as he wipes an arm across his forehead.  He’d learned long ago not to complain.

He drops one of them heavily on a section of the floor just inside the cargo bay doors.  He cringes at the noise, hopes nobody inside the ship hears, hopes nobody comes to check on him.  He can’t afford another stretch in the hold, can’t risk seeing more disappointment in his brother’s eyes at the failure he’s become.

The crate stowed, he heads back down the ramp to get the remaining boxes and packages that need to be brought on board before they depart.  His brother’s in town with the other crew members, pulling in extra shifts to save as much of their meager payment as he can, hoping to buy their freedom one day, maybe even purchase a commission in the Alliance Navy.

Talk of war breaking out is at every port.  There’s need for men, soldiers, officers to crew the ships that will be deployed.  His brother wants to join the cause, and so does he.  He needs to join.  More than anything, he needs to help fight the lawlessness that’s rampant on the border worlds - planets and moons he knows only too well.  If only the Alliance had been there when he and his brother were sold, if only someone would learn about the child servants that are traded in every dark corner of the ‘verse, if only someone could prevent it from happening to others.

He sighs quietly and bends to lift another box when a man walks past the loading dock, dark eyes fixed on him as he straightens.  He looks away quickly, focuses his attention on the crate in his hands, the metal cuff at his wrist rubbing painfully against the wooden slats.  He steps closer to the ship, lifts one foot to climb the ramp, when a hand touches his arm and he nearly drops the box in alarm.

He turns to look, the man now beside him.  A young man, looks almost younger than he is, but there’s a cunning glint in his eyes, a dark light that speaks of plans and power and worlds of adventure.

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