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Hey, my dash is really dead and I need more people to follow from different countries. Who would you recommend to follow from different countries? Also have to be nice people, I would want to make friends with them

Crap, sorry, I saw this just now!
Okay so here are a few active blogs that I know from different countries (they post a lot of fandom stuff [and others]):
stupidunitato Spain. Literally the nicest human on earth. Might be a little shy but she’s so worth it (knows both spanish and english).
dearestbrothers Australia. Really active. Lots of SPN. A really loving & caring person. 10/10 would recommend.
energeticnerd USA. Idk which country ur from, anon, but I’m asumming not this one? She’s funny, nice & very smart.
legolazy Norway (I think but if I’m wrong I’M SORRY). Really, really funny. Wonderful blog. Awesome URL.
being-crazy-is-cool Poland. Never talked to her but seems really nice (and wants to make friends).
fcrelsket USA. Taylor’s blog is the only blog I follow that posts band stuff, and it’s awesome! Very nice & caring too.
dat-asstiell USA (I know you asked for different countries forgive me) her blog is great!! And she seems really nice too, from what I’ve seen, she likes to chat with people.

I’m sorry but I don’t follow many people more (only 50) and I haven’t found any other blogs from other countries (either they are all USA or they don’t say). However, I hope I was still able to help! Have a great day

Gratitude Thursday!

Is it Thursday already? I’m doomed, DOOMED.

But grateful for:
1. Darling son Jonathan who works in a grocery store and has been supplying me with an almost infinite number of banana boxes for packing. Also grateful to the people of Red Deer who apparently REALLY like bananas.
2. My Tumblr dash, which keeps reminding me that there will be a life after moving that needs to entail a bit more (okay a LOT more) attention paid to healthy eating and exercise. Thank you for keepin’ on keepin’ on. I’ll catch up witchu all soon.
3. The abundance I dwell in, both material (though that part is driving me nuts and is changing!) and of affection.
4. Jeez, five of these? OK, well, I’m still grateful that we’re moving to the country. Cannot stress that enough.
5. But I’m also grateful for the opportunity to have lived in Red Deer for 25 years. It’s a lovely city full of trees and green space and smart generous people. I’ll miss it.


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Listen. If I was ignorant, I'd post a comment insulting the intelligence of an entire country. Only ignorant people condemn the brains of several hundred million people. Your gross arrogance and pretentiousness is trash, and a negativity I don't need on my dash. I deleted my other comment because I realized what I needed to say could be summed up quicker, and here I'll say it again. Grow up.

and ill add my comment to this because i cant on my actual post because you deleted it: okay thank you for this unnecessary addition to my post, big thanks. also calling me jackass will not make rebuttal any more intelligent. to answer your question, we do indeed learn about our countries history as america does, but as you can see by my original post, i was asking if they learn about any other countries history. i made this post because i have had few encounters with americans that have made ignorant comments about my countries history, obviously they wouldnt have if they had learnt about it in their schools. ‘i guess in other countries you only learn about how others fucked up’ how in the world?? do you know how ignorant you sound? we learn others history to make sure we dont make the same mistakes? if you’re going to comment on my posts dont be so ignorant to the topic, it isnt cute xx

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Can you tell me bout your Inquisitor/s?

YES I CAN there’s currently 4 of them that r pretty fleshed out but i want to make evn more bc i need more qunari in my life 

i’ve only finished the game twice so the other two dont have any screenshots and stuff yet

(putting it under a read mroe to not spam people’s dashes yes okay)

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ive unfollowed a lot of people in the past few weeks and now my dashboard feels slow

i have no idea what kinds of blogs i want to follow next

i have plenty of Les Miserables on my dash, and an okay amount of Homestuck

i just need more stuff to look at


Hum… It is difficult for me to say this, but I’m not taking new threads for now, okay??
No more plotting stuff, either. And what I mean by ‘threads’ is anything that
more than one line, that NEEDS a mood set(and a Muse that cooperates). Next week I got
so many tests and presentations and reports and essays… My Draft count is only
I’m seriously getting overwhelmed.

On the same note: I’ll be dropping threads and unfollowingsome people.
I want to clean up my Dash some. Same with drafts and inbox.
So I’m sorry in
for unfollowing you if it happens to be the case, or dropping any threads
(you can tell me if you want to continue our thread, though).

And… I think that’s it?? In sum:I’m taking a break from new stuff.

                          - Bee.

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lighttningpanther :^)


        I challenge all of you to send me URLs! Send me URLs of your Tumblr crushes, your best friends, strangers you like to see on your dash. Send me any URL you want, and I’ll talk about the things I like about them and their blog. You can do this on or off anon, it makes no difference, just send me URLs you want me to praise. just put ‘positivity’ in the beginning of the ask and I’ll know what to do.


      okay if i’m being totally honest here i am absolutely enamored by their darui, by them!!! i see them being an awesome person on my dash all the time, taking a stand, sprinkling a little kindness here and there to people who need it. vannie is a really strong advocate and i want to see more of her like—-EVERYWHERE! honestly, i’m a little disappointed by how we haven’t interacted yet but!! it’s okay. vannie touches really well on darui’s thoughts and movements; really the writing’s impeccable. it’s eligible and understand while maintaining a sense of elegance and kinda…elevated-ness. it’s got this really clean and down to earth vibe that’s darui while sounding like you’re not just limited to a couple of words. i think they’re an exquisite writer and WHILE I’M ON THAT, incredible characterization, really wonderful stuff on dialogue. i mean, darui’s real, slightly mopish, dragging himself here and there not really interested in anything. he’s a chill guy basically, but vannie makes it CLEAR that he’s been through some stuff too, he’s a little broken here and there. he’s got tons of experience under his belt. 

   p.s A+++ theme love the colors and font :^)))

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twiddles thumbs mine maybe?

                            POSITIVITY MEME|  ACCEPTING !

     ashdjsdh OKAY. FIRST OF ALL. you are so !!! SO sweet i cannot even put it into words how welcomed i feel whenever we talk/have threads together which is Crazy bc i am so hella timid… but Also your gwen is so on point and amazing. you make me feel So Many Feelings and bc of you i’ve gotten gwen’s death in my dash at least ten thousand times THANK YOU FOR THAT. i’m so glad you joined the tasm community bc it’s always lacking nice people and u are just. a cup of rainbows. i’d love to talk to u more/have more threads with you okay !!! i think (???) we have each other added on skype but idrk IF WE DON’T THEN WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT AHHH. basically i love u. u ar emy path

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-slides my url in here- say nice things about me


Okay but only under the promise that we’ll interact together soon!! 

Honestly your Hinata is on point man. I love seeing you on my dash, watching you interact with other people and honestly, it’s such a pleasure! You seem super radical ooc as well and chill. We need more people like that. 

Lucky Number 499:

Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.

Mun: First off, I want to say that you play your character on point, and I absolutely love seeing you on my dash all day everyday. It’s like seeing the real deal interacting with other people and I admit to admiring you from afar for your perfection. <3 Never stop being amazing, okay? I always want to try and rp with you, but I end up feeling like a potato that won’t be able to keep up with you. ;w;))

Muse: “All ya need ta know is that I respect ya…a lot. Despite the…rather repetitive things we’ve been through, I can say that we definitely should hang out more often. And find new words to use, yeah?”